Brandon's Bro


By FanTCMan

Drew's first day was beyond anything he could have fantasized about. He woke up, to start, with his incredibly handsome, beautifully hairy, and hugely muscular roommate, an eighteen year old guy like he was, six months older and six months into the program, kneeling next to his bed rubbing his chest and stomach. At first Drew thought it was his dream, hands rubbing his pecs, so much bigger already, and feeling so much hotter, and he realized their mass under the strong hands that were feeling their size, their contours. But it was no dream, and the erotic excitement of slowly waking to that feeling had him completely hard.

He looked up into the gorgeous face, thick with heavy blond stubble on the square jaw with its deep dimple and all around the full, sensual lips just as those lips parted to say, "Mornin' stud," and then plant themselves firmly over his mouth. His response was immediate and intense. Never had a kiss been so erotic, so fulfilling, and he was flooded with an awakening of his own masculinity to a level he'd never felt, coupled with this stud whose name he couldn't even remember. He reached for the stud's own massive muscles, and the two made passionate love to their bodies before Drew even got up to piss.

There was only one bathroom, which all four guys shared, and now, as of this first morning, his brother, Brandon, was another hunk to be savored, devoured, and given over to completely. They soaped each other up in the shower, and penetration took various combinations of coupling, and Drew quickly realized that the growth of his cock had been for this purpose. The bigger they were, the hotter they felt, in the hand, in the mouth, or up the butt, and Brandon's roommate, Mike, who was a good fifty pounds heavier with muscle than Brandon, and still only nineteen with a nineteen year old's face, had a cock that had to be fully sixteen or seventeen inches of uncut manhood, as thick as Drew's wrist. Drew couldn't wait to feel that kind of meat hangin from his own bush.

For breakfast, they went to the communal dining room in the main house. There were thirty-eight of them, four in each of ten casitas around the pool, which meant there were still two vacant spots. Drew was already excited to know that two guys newer to the process than he would be joining them. Already he could feel the excitement of seeing another brother join the ranks to grow huge and totally, uncontrollably, undeniably, powerfully sexual along with them. They all drank their morning protein shakes together, and then went to the gym, by the pool, for their morning workouts.

By the time he was on his back, five minutes later, pressing 400 pounds, he felt the dose hit. Much stronger than the ones he'd been getting at home from Brandon. A glance around the room at thirty-seven other naked muscle dudes boning up at the same time told him he wasn't alone, and the casual, natural way they just went on with their workouts, but in an unabashedly erotic way convinced him he was in a paradise of male sexuality. His cock was one of the smallest, at about ten inches now. A few guys seemed more about their massive muscles, and some more about their outlandish cocks and balls, but each was pure masculine sex in his own way. Many times during the workout, he had to cum, but whenever the need was too great to ignore, there was another guy to help him with it, to straddle him, or suck him off, or just stroke it for him, and many times he found himself stroking it himself while they watched, loving being watched. It was that morning he learned he could cum just by flexing and feeling how turned on he was by what was happening to him. He saw other guys doing it. Flexing, becoming so turned on by the show and feel of their hairy muscle that they would spontaneously erupt in full ejaculation. He'd only imagined being able to do something so hot, but now, encouraged by what he saw, and how hot that dose made him feel, he tried it himself, and his own gorgeous, thick muscle was so hot, the feeling that it was growing bigger and thicker and heavier, that his ejaculation came as naturally as taking a piss, but much, much more incredible.

Brandon stayed neared him, encouraging him, and Drew saw Brandon for the stud he was becoming. He was beautiful, and Drew would have done anything for him, and seeing him so sexual with these guys thrilled him deeply. He didn't know if it excited him more to see Brandon fuck some huge stud or get fucked himself. He also noticed for the first time that it looked like Brandon had a bit of extra skin growing around his dick just below the head where his foreskin had been cut away as a baby. Both of them were circumcised. It looked odd, and at lunch, which was another protein shake filling enough for a Thanksgiving dinner, he asked him.

"Yeah, little bro," Brandon said, "I got chosen when they decided to take you in. It was going to be you, but they needed a guy sooner, so I took your place."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, dude. See, their clients like as many of us uncut as cut. As long as that's what they get, an equal number of each, it's all cool, but if the numbers get unequal, like more cut guys, which is often the case, then one of us gets chosen to be made uncut."

"What?" Drew was shocked. "They can do that?"

"Bro, they can do whatever they want. If they wanted to make your dick twenty inches by next week, they could. Or add forty pounds just to your arms, or your pecs, or your legs. Whatever. They could make you go blond, and I don't mean bleach, or make a blond guy go dark. They make a lot of guy's nips bigger. So, yeah, they can do it."

"But what do they do, did they do?"

"Just gave me a shot, bro. Right in my dick. Didn't hurt or anything. Feels kinda weird, just getting this loose skin, but by the end of the week, I'm gonna be like one of those totally uncut guys, man. Watch my dickhead disappear," he laughed.

"Wow. Are you okay with that?"

"I kind of freaked when they told me, but, hey, we're their guys, you know. And it's starting to feel kind of hot in a way. I mean, check out those dudes, man."

"Yeah, whatever," Drew sighed. He suddenly realized he was more in their control than he'd thought, and, even stranger to realize was that he didn't really mind. "You're still so hot, man. It can only make you hotter."

They were relaxing by the pool, now. All the guys were having their after-lunch break to swim and lounge in the spas that were at each corner of the huge lagoon like pool. Relaxing, of course, took the form of more flexing, showing off for each other, casual jacking, sucking, and fucking going on all around. And Brandon rolled over on top of his brother and kissed him as he forced his huge cock between his legs.

Drew's job was to help with grounds maintenance. After their break, they all divided up into their various groups, and Drew was under the direction of the groundskeeper, an incredible stud who was a permanent member of the staff and lived in the main house. He bore the unmistakable attributes of the others, but more fully developed. Drew fell easily under his command, and so the day wore on, cleaning up the grounds, trimming shrubbery, mowing, tending and watering.

Then there was the evening workout. And then dinner, all the guys sitting around the tables in the dining room nude, erect, a having a great time. Getting to know each other seemed to consist of little more than discussing how they were growing, developing, the size of particular muscles, the pattern of a guy's body hair as it grew in, the size a guy's dick and balls were becoming, or how fast, that sort of thing. Nothing much else seemed to be of interest, and Drew didn't really care about much else. He wanted to talk about his muscles, how thick his new trail was getting, how thick and wide his pecs felt today. Their napkins were used for more than wiping their mouths. After dinner, there were going to be a few guests, and they were bringing with them a kid who would probably be the newest addition. The men who were bringing him--his uncle and his father, brothers who'd been coming around since the guys had opened the compound a year before--had requested that the newest member entertain him, give him a taste of life at the compound. That was okay with Drew.

They arrived, several guys together with a kid who, as soon as he saw him, Drew recognized. It was a kid he'd known at school. One of the smart kids, played in the marching band. He was kind of cute, in a very ordinary way. But the idea that he was here made him suddenly exciting. Was it because he wanted to do this, or did his dad or uncle want him to? The kid's mother was dead, so his dad called the shots. Drew knew that he would have felt self-conscious, being the guy to entertain this kid, Scott, his name was. He would have, but he didn't.

He saw his brother go up to one of the men and just casually help him undress. Brandon was completely comfortable with his huge boner just flopping around in front of the guy. So were the other guys who attended to the other men. Everyone else, the other guys, just hung out watching videos in the main lounge, or by the pool, flexing or jacking off. Drew realized, watching, that everyone was always in some stage of sexual activity, and that it had already become both normal and necessary, both common and exciting. His own level of horniness had just continued to get stronger, so no matter how often he came, he was immediately back in turn-on mode, excited by every erotic thought. And so he looked over at the eighteen year old kid with glasses and dirty blond hair, standing awkwardly by his father's side, even as one of the guys was taking off his father's shirt, revealing a nicely muscled torso, and he felt himself boning.

"Hey, Scott," he said, walking up to the kid as his cock got harder thinking about bringing him in, making him change.

"Oh my God! Drew???" Scott recognized Drew's face.

"Yeah, buddy. Didn't you hear about me at school? I thought fuckin' Tyler Thompson told everyone."

"Well, I heard something, but I guess I just didn't . . . holy crap, man. You're huge!"

"Just getting started, really. So, this your idea, or your dad's?" Drew reached up to unbutton Scott's button down shirt.

"My dad wanted me to come see what it's all about. I guess he and uncle Joe have been coming to parties here, taking some stuff, and it's getting them all buff and stuff. When I asked him, he said I should see for myself. What are you doing?"

"Just helping you get comfortable, man. We don't wear clothes around here."

"I can see that," Scott said, grabbing his shirt to stop Drew from unbuttoning it. Just then, one of the "masters" came around with a tray of shot glasses for all the guests. When they came to Scott, he hesitated, but his father told him to take it and not act like a dope.

"It won't hurt you," he said. "In fact, it might put some hair on your chest." He and uncle Joe laughed.

So Scott reluctantly took the shot, drank it, wincing at the horrible taste. Drew watched his face, waiting for the look he knew would soon appear in his eyes. Scott was still holding onto his shirt, but in about a minute, he let his hand drop and just looked at Drew. His face first had a question on it. What was it he was feeling? Then the question melted away, and Scott's eyes drifted down to Drew's chest.

Drew reached for the shirt again, and this time, Scott didn't resist. By the time Drew pulled the tail out of his jeans, the bulge of Scott's erection was obvious. But Drew didn't pull his pants off right away, or touch that bulge. Instead he flexed his 19 inch arms for Scott. Scott looked at them and, as if unable to resist, reached out to feel Drew's swollen, hard muscle. But Drew pulled his arms away, grinning. "Not yet," he said. "First, let's see you chuck the rest of those clothes."

Now Scott just undid his jeans and let them drop, kicked off his flips, pulled down his briefs, and stood there naked, almost trancelike behind his glasses.

"So, what you think, Scott? Feel hot, don't you? Not much muscle on you now," Drew felt Scott's flat chest, "but there could be, and soon. You like that, man?"

"Look like you, Drew? Really? Your muscles look really good, man."

"Oh, yeah, Scott, and a lot more, too. You want to feel 'em?"


"You want to feel them all the time, man?"


So another of the vacant beds was filled that night, and before the evening was over, Drew talked Brandon into talking to the masters. There was only one vacancy left, and he remembered his buddy Kyle. Could they keep it open for him?

They said they'd consider it, but Drew knew that Kyle would be his next best bud, next to Brandon, his eternal best bud.

And as for Brandon, as he watched his bro work the new guy into a frenzy of male flesh and muscle, he knew he'd done the right thing for his little bro. •

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