Jack's Workout

By Bobaroo

It was Sunday, the day after I had moved. I was still surrounded by boxes as I unpacked my belongings. The phone rang, and I answered.

"Hello, Bob? This is Jack."

Immediately a picture of this mountain-sized man appeared in my mind and my cock stiffened. It was like a Pavlovian reflex.

"I'm gonna start a workout in a little while and I thought you might like to come over and watch."

"You bet!" I couldn't believe my luck at having connected with Jack. He gave me his address, which wasn't too far away. He told me to come now, since his workout partners were on the way to his house. I dropped what I was doing and raced out the door.

Jack answered the door when I rang the bell. It looked like he was already dressed for his workout. He had on a skimpy tanktop that barely covered his huge hairy chest. The thin straps of the shirt allowed his broad deltoids to be visible to my lusting gaze. He was wearing tight spandex shorts that clung tightly to the big basket of his balls and cock. The edges of the legs actually dug in a little around his monster quads.

"Come on in, Bob. Dave and Steve just got here themselves." He turned from the door and I saw that the spandex sculpted his hard glutes into two globes of liquid muscle.

We went down into the basement and there were two guys standing near a bench. Up until yesterday they would have been the biggest musclemen that I ever saw in person. They were 6'2" or 6'3" and must have weighed close to 270 pounds. They were also dressed in tanktops and shorts, though theirs were tight grey cotton shorts. Then I noticed that they were identical twins! Two behemoths of identical muscle and brawn! They were in their mid 20's and blond. They had thick, neatly trimmed beards and one wore his long hair in a pony tail. I noticed that the other guy also had long hair, but that it was tied up in a knot near his head. Like Jack they also sported plenty of hair on their manly chests. Their arms didn't lay straight down at their sides because of the breadth of their lats. The thickly muscled arms were pushed out at an angle from their bodies in that sexy bodybuilder look.

"This is Steve, and this is Dave," Jack said. "Guys, this is Bob, the guy I told you I met at work yesterday." We shook hands and I tried to remember that Steve was the one with the ponytail and green shirt. Otherwise, it was tough to tell them apart. I felt as if I was standing in a hole, since I was surrounded by these tall guys, especially Jack who loomed over me at 6'8".

"I met Steve and Dave when I still worked out at a gym," JAck said. "I took an interest in them and started coaching them. I gave up on the gym though because I just couldn't get a good workout there anymore. Steve and Dave happened to own an iron-working shop, so they were able to make some special equipment for my home gym, since standard equipment just won't cut it anymore. They also signed on as workout spotters, since I need some help getting bigger. They've been a big help."

"Not as much as you've helped us," Steve said. Turning to me his said, "When we first met Jack, we were probably proprotionately the same size as you, just taller. Jack got us working out hard - he's a real slavedriver. He gave us a great program to follow, and we started making incredible gains. Just two and a half years later and look at the results."

With that he flexed his arm and the biceps blew up to 21 inches. "Yeah, pretty good, huh," Dave said and puffed his chest out in a side pose. The gigantic muscles would probably stretch the tape to near 60 inches.

"OK boys, hold on," Jack said. "There'll be plenty of time for strutting our stuff later. Right now I've got work to do!"

He walked over to the bench which was supported by multiple legs and had weight supports that looked twice as thick as a normal benchpress station. A thick rod lay on the supports with some plates already on it. They looked odd to me. Then I realized that they were about 50% larger in diameter than regular 45 pound plates and about twice as thick.

"This is just the light warm up - 600 pounds. Bob, why don't you straddle my crotch so you can get a nice view?" Jack said as he lay down. I dashed over and sat on the big bulge under the spandex, my legs dangling over the sides of the bench.

Dave and STeve positioned themselves behind Jack, just in case he slipped, and Jack grabbed the bar. Even though it was twice as thick as a normal bar, his bearpaws easily wrapped around it. He took in a breath then let it out as he pushed the bar up from the supports. Jack bounced the weight up and down over and over. This was 600 pounds and he considered it a warm up! I watched his furry pecs contract each time the weight was thrust overhead, forming pure humps of power. After about 20 reps I lost count as I sat, mesmerized by the rising and falling of Jack's chest.

Finally Jack put the bar back and sat up. He wrapped his arms around me and said, "That's just the beginning. Better get off now while I go for the heavy stuff." My cock was already hard in my pants as I climbed off and stood to the side, positioning for a good view.

Steve and Dave put some more plates on and Steve said, "850. OK?"

"Perfect," Jack replied. He pumped out the set with hardly any more effort than the one before. When he stopped Dave and Steve started to put on some smaller plates but he stopped him.

"Put on some more big ones, guys. I told Bob I was getting ready to up it to 1000 pounds, so we might as well go for it right away."

The twins both grinned. "All right!" Dave said. They put on the weights and Jack got ready. He pushed the bar off easily, and did 10 reps with no trouble whatsoever. "Yeah!!!" he said when he was done. "Should have upped it long ago."

Soon he was ready for the second set. He started grinding out the reps as Dave counted them out loud. "One, two, three - half a ton man -four, five, - yeah, big man pushing big weights - six, seven - come on strong man -," Jack was slowing a little, but seemed in no need of help. "Eight, nine, - ten reps man, give me some more - eleven, twelve," and Jack put the bar back with a grunt.

I had been massaging my crotch during this, turned on by the unbelievable spectacle of raw power. Jack rested a little and then said, "Last set boys. Let's make it a good one." This time Steve called out the reps. "One, two, three, four - half a ton no problem for this stud - five, six - come on build that chest up - seven, eight - superman working out here." Jack was slowing down. Even his herculean power was being worn down by the heavy weight and high number of reps. "Nine - come on muscleman, gotta do it on your own to get big - ten - push, it's all you - eleven - yeah strong man getting stronger! TWELVE! - FUCKIN' POWERFUL MAN! - THIRTEEN - YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!" Jack screamed as he forced the overloaded bar up one last time, then maneuvered it back so it came crashing onto the supports.

Jack leaped up and said "The pump feels fuckin' incredible! Yeah. Come here, feel this power!" I quickly obliged, running my hands all over his heaving chest. "Yeah, gonna get really pumped up for you before I'm done!" Jack turned to the twins and said, "Get the 250's for some flyes."

Steve and Dave each grabbed one end of a massive dumbbell and brought it over to Jack, who took it in one hand. Then they retrieved the other weight and handed it over to Jack. Immediately the weights started flying through the air as Jack himself called out the reps. "Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen - these are too light," and he brought them back to his chest and sat up. "Let me get some real weights."

Jack got off the bench and put the dumbbells back. He grabbed two others from off the rack and lumbered back to the bench. He fixed me with his eyes and said, "Four hundred pounds in each hand. These pecs will be smoking before I'm done."

Steve and Dave positioned themselves again at each elbow in case the titan should need some help. Jack hoisted the dumbbells up and brought them down to the side. "One, two, three, four - looking really strong today -" Steve said. "Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven - slow down man! - twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen." Jack finally brought the weights down. I saw that he had started to break a sweat. The hair on his chest was starting to get matted down by the moisture.

After a minute's rest Jack raised the weights up again with a grunt and Dave called out the reps. " One, two, three, four - shit, incredible, man - five, six, seven, eight - big man doesn't need any help - nine, ten, eleven - don't let it up - twelve, thirteen!"

My knees were trembling at this point. Each dumbbell represented more than three times my normal benchpress, and Jack was waving each one through the air with one hand! In fact, he was doing over ten times as much weight as I did when I did flyes!

Jack kept it up for almost an hour more, working only his chest. Incline presses and decline flyes were done to give extra shape to the edges of his pecs. The poundages he used for incline presses would have won him first prize at most powerlifting events if he pressed it just once as a benchpress. And here he was on the incline bench which made it tougher, pressing the barbell up over and over! A special cable station allowed him to work his pecs from different angles. He rested only briefly in between sets, and the two spotters urged him on whenever he showed any hint of slowing down, which was rarely. Finally he stood up and walked over to me. His shirt was soaked with sweat by now and clung to his body like a second skin. Jack's chest was swollen to incredible size by the pump he had gotten from his workout.

"I blast each body part so hard that I only work one part per day, and that lasts for the whole week."

"Can I watch you work out the others?" I pleaded.

"Yeah, I knew you'd want to. You're like Steve and Dave when I met them, riveted by the sight of a big man. Here, take a look at this!" Jack took a deep breath and flexed his awesome chest. The material of his shirt, already stretched paper thin, couldn't take the strain anymore and ripped at the seams, falling off his massive body.

"That's what happens when you have an 85 inch chest. You can feel this fucking muscle now. But if you want to keep on, you're gonna have to start workin' out hard like Steve and Dave did. Think you're up to it?"

I had my doubts if I had what it takes to work out like these guys did. But I was so turned on by the thought of watching Jack, let alone Dave and Steve, as their muscles pumped and swelled, gleaming with sweat, that I said, "Yeah, I want to be a big muscleman too."

"All right!" the three of them cried out together. Dave and Steve each grabbed hold under my arms and lifted me up.

Jack said that I should stay at my regular gym for a while longer because they had few light weights here that would be appropriate for my current strength level. Then Dave and Steve did their workout while Jack oversaw them. He corrected movements every now and then, and pushed them almost mercilessly. But he was lavish with praise after every set that they completed. I knew that I was in for a rough ride, but I was psyched.

After the twins were done, I asked, "You guys are big, but I don't guess you'll ever get nearly as big as Jack here."

"Nah, no way," Dave said. "This guy is an utter fuckin' freak."

Jack smiled, his thick moustache bristling a little. "Yeah, I don't think anyone's ever been as big and strong as me. To tell you the truth, sometimes I wonder if I'm the next step in the evolutionary ladder - Homo musculus." You know, I've only been involved with a woman once, when I lived out west. She was a bodybuilder in San Diego, and she was awesome. Gave these two guys here a run for their money in terms of size! Stronger than three men, and muscles to match. Getting it on with her was almost as good as getting it on with a guy. But I figured I owed it to the world to spread my genes around, so I've been going to sperm banks. They only let you donate once a month, so I've been shooting a load a week at four or five different ones. I started when I was a trucker out west, about nine years ago. So if you hear about some eight year old kid in Portland, Seattle, or L.A. who's 5' tall with 14" arms and a 35" chest, you'll know who papa is! That's how big I was at that age."

Arms my size at 8 years old. This guy was a superman as far as I was concerned!

Jack continued. "And look at me now, 30 years later." Once again he thrust his massive chest forward. The cleft between his pecs was deep enough to hide a dollar bill in - lengthwise. Up came his arms and my cock sprang to attention as once again I saw his fantastic 30 inch arms blast into a double biceps. Veins encircled his upper arms and forearms, thick ropes visible beneath the dark hair on his forearms.

"Show Bob what he has to look forward to if he works out as faithfully and hard as you guys," he said. Dave and Steve ripped their shirts off their gigantic torsos and started posing in tandem. Side triceps poses revealed mirrored horseshoes of power in their upper arms. Crunching their abs made twin six packs ripple on their hard midsections. They whirled around and spread their lats wide, followed by a flexing that caused a display of brutal back muscles twisting and bulging across their lats and traps. Steve took off the string holding his ponytail, and blonde hair draped down around his thick neck. Dave followed suit, taking off the rubberband that held his hair up. Long blonde tresses cascaded down to the tops of his broad deltoids. They resumed their posing, flexing their quads which erupted into striations and sinews. Standing on their toes, they proudly showed me their hard calves.

I was so mesmerized by this display that I had not noticed that Jack had come up behind me until I felt his erection pressing against my butt. He reached around me and unbuttoned the top of my jeans. Slowly he opened each lower button, as Steve and Dave continued their posing. Jack slowly pulled down my jeans, and I could feel his prong pushing through the spandex and against my asscrack, pushing the cotton of my briefs between my ass cheeks. Then I felt his warm breath on my neck as he bent down so his lips ran along my neck, to my collarbone. Gently he turned me around, so that I was facing him, his beautiful body before me. His cock was stretching the spandex of his shorts so tightly that his mushroom-shaped head was clearly traced, down to the indentation of the piss-slit.

I stepped out of my pants and pulled my underwear off. Steve and Dave had stopped their posing and had walked over to us, so that I was surrounded by three pillars of muscle. I felt the twins start to run their hands over my body as I felt the rock hard perfection of Jack's ridged stomach. I worked up toward his chest, hairy muscle twitching with little flexes. Dave and Steve took the hand closest to Jack and felt along his arms.

Suddenly Jack bellowed, "YEAH!!!" and his arms rocketed up into a double biceps pose. At the same time, there was a tearing noise as his superman's cock ripped through his shorts. The big red head was revealed before me, pre-cum oozing from the tip. Steve and Dave grabbed onto Jack's arms and hung suspended from his boulder biceps. Such a display of animal strength made me fall immediately to my knees and I took Jack's horse-sized dick into my mouth.

"Suck this strong man's dick," Jack said. "Strongest man on the planet," Steve said, pulling himself up so that he was seated on Jack's right bicep. He began groping the deltoid muscle closest to him. "Most muscular man in history," Dave moaned and then shifted his grip so he could get closer to Jack's left nipple, which he took in his mouth and started sucking. Meanwhile I had been taking Jack's huge shaft down my throat. I was wrong yesterday - his dick was at least a foot or more long, not 11 inches as I had thought.

Jack gave no sign of tiring with the two big men hanging onto him. I saw their cocks waving near my face, but I wasn't tempted to leave the meaty rod that was practically gagging me. Dave and Steve's cocks were about as long as mine, but their balls were large and heavy. I bet that they were full of spunk.

Jack lowered his left arm so that Dave slid onto the floor. "Go get the lube. You know where it is," he told Dave. Dave rushed over and back with it as Jack lowered Steve to the floor as well. Then he raised me up and said, "Bob, as the newest member of our gang, I hope you don't mind not always being the focus of my attention. But I've got an idea for something I think you'll like just fine."

I was a little disappointed, but I was also curious what he meant. And Steve and Dave were humpy enough as it was!

"Dave, Steve, grease your dicks. Steve, you lie on that bench there. Dave, you sit on the edge of this bench here." Then he picked me up and said, "We're gonna send you flying Bob. Before we're done you'll swear you're flying in heaven."

I had complete trust in him. Besides, there was no way I could break free from his iron grip. He lifted me higher and placed me so that I was over Dave's lap. Then, he lowered me down as Dave, getting the idea, guided his cock into my asshole. Dave wrapped his powerful arms around me and started me riding on his cock as Jack let me go. The feeling was sensational, and I certainly did not mind that I was running my hands through the thick fur of this young blond god with muscles like someone featured on a magazine cover. His blond hair brushed along my face as he kissed me. After a few moments, Jack walked around, reached behind Dave, and picked him up, so that both he and I were in the air. He carried us both over to the bench where Steve was waiting, his dick straight up in the air. Jack positioned Dave so that his ass took his brother's prick. Dave gasped from the sensation of having a cock up his ass while he started pumping me on his once again.

But Jack wasn't done. He placed one broad hand beneath Steve's back and placed the other one on my back. Then he lifted all three of us up in the air! Then I finally understood his plan. Steve grabbed around Dave's back as Jack started feeding his long tool into Steve's ass. He soon had it in all the way to the hilt. We could see all this in the mirrors that lined the workout room. Jack began moving his arms so that the whole assemblage of Steve, Dave, and I were moving up and down his long cock. Dave was able to get me moving on his own joystick, and I helped drive his cock into me as deeply as possible by bucking my hips. Steve managed to move his dick somewhat in and out of Dave's ass, but even his strength had trouble with the combined weight of Dave and me. But Jack had no such trouble. Rather than pushing his hips in and out, he was actually standing still and moving all of us back and forth on his massive prick. I was flying, and I loved it! Dave and I were moaning, but Steve was giving strangled screams because the sensation of Jack's hammer rod slamming into his prostrate as he fucked Steve was so intense.

"Yeah, I knew you guys would like this little idea of mine," Jack said. "I knew you'd enjoy being able to say you all got fucked by me at the same time. Fucked by the stongest man that ever lived. FUCKED BY THE BIGEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED. LOOK AT ME!!!"

Jack leaned back a little at the waist, then let go of us. He flexed his arms again to show us not only the brutal, dense muscle of his biceps, but the impossible strength of his cock. The three of us were spiked on his dick, hanging in mid air like we weighed no more than a condom!!

I started jerking off on my dick fast and furiously, unable to stand the excitement any longer. Jack took hold of us again and really started to ram Steve's ass. Dave was grinding his hips, and from the grimace on his face I knew it was only a matter of seconds. Then I felt the powerful spasms as he let his load loose into my ass. Steve started screaming, and I knew that he had succumbed to Jack's pounding. Now it was my turn. I clutched a handful of Dave's chest fur in my left hand as I beat my cock. I looked at Jack as I came. His dark smoldering eyes, his thick masculine moustache, that's what I was looking at as I drenched the three of us in cum. As the three of us were still moaning Jack pulled his swollen cock from Steve's ass and laid us on the ground at his feet. Then he took the monster dick in both hands and started jerking off, looking like he was about to pull it out by the roots. His huge balls tightened up as loud animal noises came from deep in his throat, "AAAH AAAAAAH ARRRGHHH!!!"

The cum shot out of his cock and flew ten feet across the room. The first load slammed into a mirror and cracked it. The second load stopped just short of the mirror. Spasm after spasm racked Jack's body. He had gotten off on his size, strength, and sexiness and now he was cumming over and over again. By the fifth load the cum started dropping on Dave, Steve, and me. After about ten more shots, Jack finally stopped, as we lay there, covered in his spunk, in complete awe of him.

Eventually, we got ready to leave. Jack gave me a routine that I was to follow for the next three weeks, and a diet and supplement regimen as well. I knew that it would be tough, but I was desperate to be a part of his workout gang eventually. Jack said that I could come by any time they were working out, and stay for the party afterwards. I could hardly wait for the day he did arms! •

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