Jack's Story


By johnd7102000

Well, I’m writing this on September 7, exactly 3 months after my 14th birthday. I don’t even remotely resemble the puny little kid who wandered into Pete’s garage and lifted his first weights. I now weigh 175 pounds at about 5’ 7-1/2” tall. It’s all fucking muscle. I have absolutely no fat on my ripped body. Because I’m still kinda short, that 175 pounds of muscle looks huge on my body. Fuck, it IS huge. My arms are 17 inches and my chest is 47 inches. My thighs have grown all way up to 25 inches and my shredded waist is still only 27-1/2 inches. Just think, my thighs are only 2-1/2 inches smaller than my waist! My calves are 18 inches, my forearms 14 inches and my neck is a thick 17-1/2 inches around. I’ve added 6 inches of muscle to my neck. My forearms are 5 inches bigger than my upper arms used to be. No, I sure don’t look like the same puny kid.

And I’m fuckin’ strong too. I laugh when I think about lifting 30 pounds in the bench press in Pete’s garage that day. I felt so good when I lifted that puny little weight. Well, now I can bench 375 pounds for reps! Do the math, fuckhead. I’m more than 10 times stronger than I used to be. I can squat with 450 and leg press 750 fucking pounds. My legs are like oak trees, only stronger. I can military press with 265 pounds. That’s 90 pounds more than I weigh! And I can curl 200 pounds for reps. My biceps are huge and strong. I am one strong motherfucker. You don’t want to fuck around with me. I could snap your arm like it was a fuckin’ twig.

Well, a couple of days ago I heard that Pete was back from tennis camp. Summer was almost over and we were getting ready to start school. I wanted to thank Pete for turning me onto the weights. But I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to blow him away.

So I put on the big sweatshirt and sweatpants I had used at the beginning of the summer to hide my body. Except they weren’t big anymore. They were fuckin’ tight! My chest was 17 inches bigger and my arms were 8 inches bigger than just 3 months before. It was kinda hard to pack my huge body inside that little sweatshirt, but I did it. I mean, I had 80 more pounds of muscle on my body than I had three months ago. Shit, I had almost doubled my bodyweight! My muscles kinda bulged out of the sweatshirt, but there was nothing I could do about it. Pete was gonna be suspicious when he saw those bulges. The sweatpants were just as hard to put on. I had added 10 inches of rippling muscle to my thighs, and those big quads were practically busting out of the sweatpants. Plus I had added over 5 inches to my height in 3 months. My thick neck and bulging traps were impossible to hide under the sweatshirt. I was a totally different kid. I was gonna have to use all my acting skills to fool Pete, even for an instant.

I went over to Pete’s house and saw him in the garage working out. He was using the same amount of weight for bench presses as he used at the beginning of the summer — 125 pounds. That weight looked so huge to me then, but now it looked like a little toy. He wasn’t wearing any shirt. Just some shorts. He looked tan and ripped. Pete pumped out about 10 reps and then stood up. I kinda hunched over in my sweatshirt and walked into the garage. “Hi, Pete,” I said. “Still liftin’ those weights, I see.” Pete looked me up and down but I think it was so long since he had seen me that he was having a hard time putting the picture together. “Hi, Jack,” he said. “Hey, my mom said you brought back the weights after only two weeks. I was sorry to hear that. I had big hopes for you. I guess they weren’t working for you, huh? Well, some guys can put on muscle and some guys can’t.” He flexed his little 13 inch arm and smiled as he looked at the muscle.

“Yeah, they weren’t workin’ for me,” I said, as I casually walked over to the bench where Pete’s 125 pound barbell was sitting on the rack. Then I picked up the barbell and started doing curls. I cranked out the curls so fast it was like I was lifting a broomstick. Pete’s jaw dropped open. “What the fuck?” he yelled. “Yeah, your weights weren’t workin’ for me, Pete. They were too fuckin’ light!” At that, I dropped the barbell back onto the rack and ripped off my sweatshirt and sweatpants. “Holy shit!” yelled Pete. He was in a state of shock. I flexed my biceps for Pete and he just stood there looked at the huge balls of bulging muscle. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His little 14 year old neighbor was now 35 pounds heavier and three times stronger than he was. It was hard for him to adjust to the new reality.

I said, “Pete, my muscles took to those weights so fast it was unbelievable. My legs could squat with your whole set after about a week. I could bench your whole set after two weeks. Now I can squat with 450 and bench 375. And I can curl 200 pounds easy. That’s about 150 pounds more than you can do, right? Pretty good for a little 14 year old 95 pound shrimp, huh. Remember when you said someday I might be half as strong as you? Well, now you’re not even half as strong as me! Like you just said, some guys can just build muscle. Well, you little weakling, I’m one of ’em! I’ve been buildin’ muscle real fast all summer, and I’m not done yet. I’m just gonna keep on gettin’ bigger and stronger. I bet by the time I turn 15 I’ll be 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 250 pounds of solid rock. The way I’m goin’, that should be no sweat.” Pete just kept staring at my body. Then he came over to me and wrapped his hands around my huge flexing biceps and triceps. “Oh… my… God,” was all he could say.

I thanked Pete for loaning me his weights. Obviously it had totally changed my life. Pete kept looking at me with a look of complete awe. I don’t think he had ever seen a kid with as much muscle as I had. I toyed with his little weights, showing him how strong I was, like doing one hand overhead presses with the bar loaded with every one of his plates. Then I showed him something else. I pulled down my shorts and showed him my big cock. I stroked it a couple of times and it immediately got hard. It was 9 inches long and very thick. “This thing grew too,” I said. Pete’s eyes bulged out when he saw my cock. “Oh… my… God,” was all he could say. He looked paralyzed as his eyes took in the enormity of my body and cock. He took off his shorts and started to run his hands over my big muscles. His cock wasn’t anywhere near as big as mine, but it started to get hard. I was really getting turned on too, having this tall, hot 17 year old jock admiring my body. I looked at his tight, hard muscles. They were puny compared to mine, but they were buff and hard. And Pete’s whole body, except for his lily white crotch and ass, was very tan from playing tennis all summer at camp. He really looked hot. Before I knew what was happening, he pulled off my shorts.

We were standing there facing each other totally nude. Pete was looking at me in total awe — kind of like a little kid would look at his sports idol. He was completely overwhelmed by my body. His mouth was still open and his eyes went up and down looking at my muscles. He looked at my sun-bleached blond hair, my blue-green eyes, my tan face and my sparkling white teeth, all sitting on my thick, muscular neck, and said “Oh… my… God.” I think that was all he could say, he was so stunned.

Without saying another word, he started feeling my muscles. To my surprise, he started with my calves. He felt those huge, bulging 18 inch monsters and I did a few toe raises just so he could feel how big and hard they were. All he said was “Oh… my… God.” Then he raised his hands up to my thighs. I relaxed my quads for a moment and he massaged the firm, warm flesh with his hands. Then I flexed, and that warm flesh instantly turned into rock. The huge slabs of muscle were striated with fibers and covered with veins. He pressed as hard as he could with his fingers, but all he could feel was rock. My thighs were so huge he kept pressing his hands around them to try to take in their enormous size. “Oh… my… God,” was all he could say.

Then he fondled my cock and balls. My cock was now as hard as a steel pipe and stood straight up against my rippling abs. My big balls were hangin’ in their sac, ready to spurt huge amounts of cum at a moment’s notice. Pete fondled my big weapon and those huge balls tenderly. I felt like such a stud next to him. Three months ago he was the man and I was the boy. Now I was the man and he was the boy. As he felt my huge cock, all he said was “Oh… my… God.” Then he reached around and felt my hard, round, tan ass. He moved his hands up and down, feeling the firm roundness of those two globes of muscle. Then I flexed my glutes and he felt just how hard and strong those muscles really were. Strong enough to leg press 750 pounds. I relaxed for a moment and he jammed his fingers into my ass crack. I flexed again and I could feel my glutes crushing his fingers like they were crackers. With great effort he pulled his fingers out of my crack and said, “Oh… my… God.”

Then he moved his hands to the front again and ran them over my abs. I wasn’t even flexing and I still had an incredible six pack. He ran his fingers up and down the corrugations of my ab muscles, feeling the bulges and crevices that formed a rock hard washboard. He pushed in with his fingers, but even unflexed my abs felt like a brick wall. Then I flexed, and those muscles got even harder and more shredded. Pete was starting to breathe hard as he felt the rippling muscle. “Oh… my… God,” was all he could say.

By this time Pete was in a total frenzy. Every time he touched my muscles, he said “Oh my God,” really slow. It was almost like he was worshipping my body, like this was some kind of religious experience for him. I couldn’t believe how much he was into my muscles. He moved his hands up to my lats and I flexed for him. My lats flared out to the sides, huge slabs of beef tapering from my broad shoulders down to my narrow hips. Pete grabbed my lats and I could tell he was shocked at how thick and hard the muscle was. All he said was “Oh… my… God.” He held onto my lats and buried his face between my pecs. He pushed his nose as far as he could into the cleavage between my two huge pecs. I flexed one pec and then the other, bouncing his face from side to side. Then I put my hand on the back of his head and jammed his face between the two huge mounds of muscle. My cleavage is really deep and his face went way inside. Then I flexed the muscles and when they bulged they crushed Pete’s face between ’em. Pete seemed to be liking it because I could hear him murmur “Oh my God,” as my huge muscles crushed his face. I relaxed and Pete started licking my pecs and sucking on my big erect nipples. All the while he was feeling my lats, delts and arms as I flexed my big muscles for him. “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh My God,” he kept saying as he felt my huge 14 year old muscles.

Then he started rubbing his stiff cock against my washboard abs. “Oh my God,” he said as his cock felt the corrugated muscle of my flexing abs. He thrust his hips up and down, and the head of his cock ratcheted up and down on the bricks of muscle. My abs were all sweaty, so his cock went up and down easily on my sweaty, tan skin. He started panting harder and murmuring “Oh my God. Oh my God,” over and over. Then he wrapped his arms around my huge chest and squeezed. Our bodies were now pressing against each other. His cock was pressed up against my brick-wall abs and it was getting crushed by the hard muscle. My cock was up against his abs, but my cock wasn’t getting crushed. It was the crusher, not the crushee. My cock was harder than Pete’s abs. It made a big dent in his abs as it pressed against him. Pete squeezed my chest as hard as he could. I laughed, ’cause I could hardly feel his squeeze. I kinda relaxed, letting him squeeze as hard as he wanted. I still couldn’t feel much of anything. My muscles were just too big and hard, even when they were relaxed. Then I took a deep breath and flexed my lats and pecs. Without even trying, I busted his arms away from my body. My flexing muscles were just too much for him.

Then I wrapped my arms around his chest and slowly started squeezing. Pete’s eyes started bulging as he felt the tremendous power of my muscles contracting like a huge snake around his chest. My lats flared out to the sides and my biceps looked like huge balls of throbbing muscle. He tried to flex just like I did, but I hardly felt anything. My lats and arms were so strong his flexing did absolutely nothing. I just kept squeezing harder, putting more pressure on his chest and ribs. Pete was panting and sweating. He was looking at my huge muscles crushing his little tennis player body.

Then he yelled “Oh my God,” and I felt spurts of warm cum bursting out of his cock, which was being crushed between our bodies by my squeeze. His hips moved back and forth as he came over and over again. His warm jism was all over our abs. When I felt Pete’s warm cum hit my abs, my own cock started twitching uncontrollably. I rammed my cock into Pete’s abs, lifting him off the floor with the forward motion of my thrusting hips as I continued to squeeze his chest. I pumped my cock into his abs over and over, lifting him off the floor like a rag doll with each pump. Then my cock exploded in a fury of spasms. Spurt after spurt of creamy white cum gushed out of my huge cock onto our abs. I must have spurted more than ten times. It was an incredible orgasm. All the while Pete was saying, “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

When I was done, I rubbed my abs into Pete’s. The combination of Pete’s cum and my cum made our abs real wet and lubricated. I moved my hands down to his back and pushed his waist into mine. Our two cocks kinda mingled with each other as we felt each others’ abs flex and relax with our still-hard cocks. It was really cool feelin’ Pete’s tight little tennis-boy abs flexin’. I’m sure he liked feeling my rock-hard muscleman abs flexin’. Our cocks kept twitchin’ as they felt the muscle flexing. I had a lot of fun at Pete’s. He said he wanted me to come back and show him how I got so big. Yeah, I’ll show him all right. I’ll show him good. And he’ll cum so hard he’ll never forget it. I have that effect on people.

Well, the first day of school was yesterday. I had a blast. I knew I was gonna be the biggest and strongest kid in the whole school. And I was just a 9th grader! I put on some blue denim shorts. My mom had to alter the shorts to fit my huge legs and small waist. In order to fit over my thighs I had to buy shorts with a 38 inch waist. Then my mom cut out some of the fabric and sewed ’em up so the waist was just 27-1/2 inches. She had to leave in enough fabric in back to fit over my firm, round muscle butt and enough fabric in front to leave space for my huge cock and balls. My mom did a great job and the shorts looked fantastic. Even though they were size 38’s, my tree trunk thighs completely filled up the leg holes.

I wore a white tee shirt which was probably two sizes too small for me. But it really showed off my muscles and that’s what I wanted. I wanted to blow those kids away with my new body. The shirt clung to my torso, showing every bulge of my pecs and abs. My lats flared out to the sides, straining the white cotton cloth. I could hardly fit my arms through the sleeves. The sleeves definitely wouldn’t fit over my biceps, so I rolled ’em up so they were above my biceps. I flexed my biceps and smiled as I watched those huge balls of muscle jump to attention. My delts looked huge underneath the straining white fabric. I looked like a total stud. Well, shit, I am a total stud. I put on some black sneakers without socks and headed off to school.

When I got to school, the kids just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. At first they thought I was some new kid who had transferred from another city. Some city where they grow huge musclekids. When they realized it was actually me, Jack, the puny little 95 pounder in 8th grade, they were totally blown away. They all came up and asked me to flex, which I happily did. The girls were all over me, as usual, wanting to feel my muscles and wanting to get fucked. The guys sort of stood back and looked at me with a look of total awe in their eyes. But a couple of ’em got up the nerve to feel my muscles too and their eyes bulged out just as much as the girls when they felt just how big and hard my muscles really were. I felt like a king. Fuck, I owned all those kids now. I could do whatever I fuckin’ wanted. I ruled.

In English class I sat behind a kid named Simon. Simon was one of those teacher’s pet types. He was always raising his hand and trying to brown nose the teacher. The rest of us thought he was a real dork. Charlie was sitting next to me. The class was real boring. Then I got an idea. Little Simon was gonna help me get a pump. I leaned over to Charlie and said “Watch this. Keep track of my sets.”

I put my feet under the seat of Simon’s desk and raised ’em up. It was just like doing leg extensions, only Simon and his desk were the weight. I lifted Simon and his desk up about a foot until my legs were completely straight. Then I lowered him and did another rep. I figured Simon and his desk only weighed about 150 pounds, which was nothing for my huge quads. Simon turned around and said “Cut it out, Jack.” I just smiled and said, “You gonna make me, dork?” Then I rolled up the sleeve on my right arm all the way and flexed my bicep. Simon’s eyes bulged out of his head when he saw that huge monster ball of muscle in my arm. “I’m gonna get a good pump outta you,” I said. “You’re gonna make yourself useful to these big muscles. I don’t care if you like it or not.” I flexed my quads and Simon looked down at the huge slabs of muscle almost bursting out of my shorts. He gulped and turned around.

I finished 8 more reps and Charlie made a pencil mark on his paper, recording the first set. I rested about a minute and then did another set of 10 reps. Simon was beside himself, but fuck what could he do about it? Nothin’, that’s what. When I was doin’ my leg extensions, he couldn’t take notes or anything. He was just bouncin’ up and down. Charlie was laughing out loud. The teacher was so blind she couldn’t see what was happening. Well, during the class Charlie made 25 little marks on his paper, meaning I did 25 sets of 10 reps each. When the bell rang, I stood up and dragged Simon out into the hall. Then I flexed my huge quads right in front of him. The muscles were bulging and shredded. My skin was red from all the blood surging into the muscles. Fibers and veins were everywhere. The muscles had pumped up so much that they were straining the fabric of my denim shorts. Those shorts were soon gonna be too small for those huge quads. “See, dork, you made yourself very useful. Look at the great pump I got.” Simon reached down and touched my quad. He pushed his fingers in as hard as he could but he couldn’t make even a tiny dent in the muscle. It was like rock. He started shaking a little as he realized just how big and hard and strong those muscles were. “I’m gonna turn you into the Principal,” he said.

“Oh, I’m really scared,” I said. I walked over to a locker, made my right hand into a fist and smashed my fist into the locker. “CRASH!” There was a loud smashing sound as my fist hit the steel. I pulled back my arm and saw I had made a huge dent in the sheet of steel, probably about a half an inch deep. I looked at my big fist and my bulging forearm. Even I couldn’t believe how much power I had in that punch. I had just pulverized the locker door. That punch would have smashed a kid’s gut into smithereens. Simon looked at the smashed locker door and then looked at my rippling arm. He gulped.

I walked over and picked him up by the armpit and leg. Then I started curling him up and down. He looked at my huge biceps curling him like he was a broomstick. I know he had never seen muscle like that before. I could feel him shaking in my arms. Several girls came over and felt my biceps bulge as they curled the little dork up and down with ease. They also felt my huge thighs, which were pumped and shredded from the 250 reps of leg extensions with Simon and his desk as the weight. They had all been watching in class and couldn’t believe how strong my muscles were as I lifted the little dweeb up and down with ease. Now they were watching my biceps do the same thing. “Oh, Jack, your muscles are so big and so strong,” one of them said. They were completely ignoring Simon. All they could think about was me.

After I had done about 10 reps I held Simon so his face was right next to mine. “You still gonna turn me in, dork-boy?” I said. Simon looked at my huge biceps and delts. “Uh, no, I guess not,” he said. I smiled. Then I turned my hands around and pressed him up and down about 10 times. The kids couldn’t believe how big my shoulders were as they pressed the little dork so easily. The girls were all over my body as the big muscles worked. Then I threw Simon on top of the lockers. I just threw him in the air and he landed on top of the lockers, which were about 10 feet high. “That’s just a little sample of what might happen to you if you change your mind. Sometimes I don’t know my own strength,” I said, looking at the smashed locker. Simon looked down and gulped. Charlie and I gave each other high fives and walked down the hall. Fuck, I hadn’t hurt the little dweeb or anything. I was just havin’ some fun with him and getting a pump. No harm in that. And those lockers get damaged all the time. Hey, it wasn’t my fault the locker got smashed. I didn’t know that was gonna happen. I didn’t know I was so strong I could just bash in a locker door like that. Fuck, I could do anything I wanted, but I wasn’t gonna hurt anyone unless they asked for it. Oh, except for the assholes who used me as a punching bag last year. I can hardly wait. I’m gonna smash their little bodies so hard they’ll beg for mercy. Then I’ll spit in their faces and smash them some more. Maybe I’ll even break some bones, just for fun. Those fuckheads will wish they never laid a hand on my puny little body. I’m gonna fuck ’em up real bad. I’m gonna love it.

I heard they had to get a janitor with a ladder to help Simon down from the lockers. When they asked him how he got up there, he said he didn’t remember. And he had no idea how that locker got smashed up.

My last class of the day was gym class. I used to hate gym class, but now I love it. I’m the biggest and strongest kid in the class — by far. No one else even comes close. I wore just a jock strap and my gym shorts in the gym. All the guys kept coming up to me and asking how I got so big and buff so fast. I said, “Lots of big weights and lots of food and supplements. Oh yeah, and lots of good genes!” Then I’d flex and the kids would be blown away. Yeah, I’ve got great genes. I mean, my body was hard-wired to get big and strong after I hit puberty and those weights made it explode. None of those kids have the ability to build the kind of muscle I have no matter how hard they work out or how much they eat. Like, I’m one in a million. I’m one of those rare guys who nature just blessed with awesome muscle building ability. A kid who can build super big and super strong muscles real fast and real easy. Fuck, I love being me.

At the beginning of the year the gym teacher always had a little contest to see who could do the most pushups, pullups and situps. Shit, it wasn’t even a contest. First I pumped out 375 pushups. The next best guy could only do 80. Fuck, I could only do 5 last year. That was so easy that I showed off to the other guys by doing 20 one handed push ups with each arm. That was still easy so I asked one of the guys to lie on my back so I could do some pushups with extra weight. About five guys fought with each other for the honor of being the guy who could lie on my back. The strongest guy won out — he probably weighed about 140 pounds. By now, I was so sweaty that drips of sweat were all over my glistening body. He got on my back with his semi-hard cock pushing into my firm round ass. He grabbed hold of my delts and squeezed the bulging muscles. I could tell he was liking what he was feeling. He rubbed his pecs on my back for a few seconds. I could feel his erect nipples pushing in on my sweaty skin. I knew his pecs and nipples could feel my back muscles bulge as I got ready to do the pushups.

Well, I pumped out 25 reps with the kid on my back. He reached around and felt my pecs bulging and pumping up as they pushed both our bodies up and down. He also felt my huge, striated triceps and delts as the muscles worked. I could feel his cock getting stiffer as he pushed it into my hard butt. After I finished the pushups, I bucked the kid off my back, jumped up to my feet, and flexed for the other kids. My pecs were pumped to the max, with fibers and veins everywhere. They must have bulged out about 3 inches. Three inches of solid muscle. The kid who was on my back just sat on the floor looking up at my huge flexing muscles. I looked down at his cock and bulging under his shorts and smiled.

Another kid came up to me and said, “Jesus, Jackie, that was amazing.” I looked at my right hand and made it into a fist. Then I punched the kid right in his gut. After my experience smashing the locker in the morning, I really held back on my power. I didn’t want to kill the little fucker. But my fist still drove deep into his gut and he buckled over in pain. “My name’s Jack, not Jackie, asshole. Jackie’s a fuckin’ girl’s name. Anybody who calls me Jackie again is gonna get this big fist pounded into his gut so hard, it’ll hit his fuckin’ spine. It’ll rearrange his fuckin’ intestines. You understand, fuckheads?” The guys all looked at my muscles and at the kid buckling over in pain. They all nodded their heads. Hey, I haven’t been called Jackie again. My muscles rule those fuckin’ guys.

Next we did pullups. Fuck, last year I couldn’t even do one pullup and now these were so easy for me. I’m doin’ lat pulldowns with 250 pounds for reps, so pulling my own 175 pounds up and down is nothin’. I did 85 pullups no sweat. There were about 20 guys standing in front of me as I did the pullups, watching my big lats flare out and my biceps bulge with each rep. I had fibers and veins showing all over my lats and arms as those strong muscles pulled my body up and down. My shredded little waist looked like a washboard just hangin’ there. And my legs looked huge. Those kids thought it was amazing how easy it was for my lats and arms to pull up those huge legs that were packed with hard muscle. After I finished the 85 reps, I wanted to show those guys how strong I really was. So I asked for a guy to grab on to my waist and get lifted with me. Well, there was another fight over who would get the free ride and another strong kid won out. All the weak kids just stood there lookin’ at the strong guy getting ready to jump up on my body. There was a look of total defeat in their eyes. I know one of those little weaklings would have given almost anything to hold on to my shredded waist and feel my hard round butt in his chest as I pulled him up and down. But the strong guy won. The strong guys always win over the weak guys. I guess that’s just the natural order of things. And now I was the strongest of all. I loved it.

Then I got an idea. I was a little a weakling just three months ago. I knew what it felt like to always lose out to the strong kids. It felt like shit. I decided to give one of those little guys a thrill. “I don’t give a fuck you won the fight, Josh,” I said to the strong kid. “I’m choosin’ little Paul there.” Josh looked mad but there was nothin’ he could do about it. I was the boss. Paul’s eyes lit up. He was in heaven. I grabbed the bar and Paul jumped up and held onto my waist. I could tell he was shocked at how ripped and hard my abs were. And my muscle butt hit him right in the chest. I pulled Paul and me up and down 10 times. The kids were gasping as they watched my huge muscles pull up over 290 pounds. My lats and arms were gorged with blood and pumped to the max. Paul was rubbing his face on my muscles, feeling them flex as I pulled both of us up and down. Fibers and veins were everywhere. I felt like a stud.

After the 10 reps, I dropped down and let Paul be the first one to feel my rippling muscles. He practically devoured my body, running his little hands all over my lats, my delts, my pecs, my abs, my butt, my legs and my arms. Within seconds all the other kids were doing the same thing. My cock started to get hard with all these kids admiring my muscles. I like being big and strong.

The final contest was situps. Well, I did 750 of ’em and then the gym teacher made me stop. I was so far in front it wasn’t even funny. The next best kid did 85. The kids were all watching as my shredded abs pulled my big upper body up and down like it was nothin’. I could do the situps so fast I was doin’ more that 60 per minute at first. There is absolutely no fat under my tan skin, so all the striations of my abs were clearly visible. Veins throbbed over the muscle. Sweat was pouring out of my skin, covering my whole body. When I finished, I stood up and didn’t even flex my abs. I didn’t need to. They were so ripped and shredded they looked like they had been cut with a knife. Every ridge and crevice stood out. And my abs were as hard as bricks. The kids reached out and ran their fingers over my sweaty skin. “Fuckin’-A,” said one of them in a state of disbelief. I don’t think he had ever felt muscle like mine before. Shit, none of them had. I felt great.

Then the gym teacher, Mr. Boggs, walked over and looked at me standin’ there. He looked at my body for a long time. Then he said “Boys, I want you to come over here and look at Jack’s body. In 20 years of teaching phys ed, I’ve never seen a young man with muscles that were so well developed and so clearly defined. Jack’s like a living anatomy chart. This will be a good lesson for you today. I’m going to point out the muscles of the human body, using Jack here as the model. You’ll probably never again see such a perfect specimen.”

I was a little taken aback by Mr. Boggs’ statement, but I wasn’t embarrassed. I was proud of my body, and I was glad Mr. Boggs liked it. I smiled and just stood there like a statue as Mr. Boggs started to point out all my muscles to the kids in the class. He began at my thick neck, showing the strong strands of muscle. When he pointed out a muscle, he ran his fingers over my skin. I know he could feel the hard fibers under my paper-thin skin. Then he pointed to my big traps and I flexed the muscles when he touched them. He went over to my delts and showed the kids how there were three heads of muscle, in the front, the middle and the back. Every head was clearly visible, and when I moved my arms slightly the fibers of muscle in my delts flexed and relaxed gracefully under the skin. I flexed my delts and the muscles bulged.

Then Mr. Boggs went down to my lats. At first I didn’t flex them. I just stood there naturally, letting the big slabs of muscle just hang there, forming a terrific V shape as they tapered down from my wide shoulders to my narrow hips. Then I flexed and my lats literally jumped out to the sides, flaring out like huge muscular wings. I think even Mr. Boggs was surprised at how big and wide my lats were. He grabbed the big slabs of muscle with his hands and squeezed. Fuck, he couldn’t make a dent in those mothers. Next he checked out my pecs. Even when they were relaxed, the muscles bulged and fibers were showing. Then I flexed ’em and they turned into rocks. “How much can you bench?” asked Mr. Boggs. “375 for reps,” I said. Mr. Boggs’ mouth dropped open. “Holy shit,” he said. “That’s more than any kid on the football team can do. You’re the strongest guy in this whole school, including all the Seniors.” I smiled and did a most muscular pose. Yeah, I felt like a stud.

Next Mr. Boggs demonstrated all the muscles in my arms to the kids. And there are lots of muscles there. I flexed my huge biceps and he pointed out that there were two heads to that muscle. Both of them showed clearly in my bulging arm. Veins were crisscrossing everywhere. Mr. Boggs showed the kids how much mass there was in my triceps. Yeah, those mothers are huge! He said that most people think the biceps are the biggest muscles in the arms but actually the triceps are. I straightened my arm and he pointed out the three heads of the triceps muscle, all bulging under my skin. Then he showed off all the muscles in my forearm. They looked like writhing snakes, and when I made a fist and flexed, my forearm looked like a bowling pin covered with veins.

Next he showed off my six pack abs. The muscle was so shredded that every fiber was visible. Mr. Boggs said that most guys never show any abs because they either can’t build the hard muscle or they have fat under their skin so the muscle doesn’t show. Even 1/16th of an inch of fat is enough to keep the muscle from showing. Well, I have absolutely zero fat under my skin, so all the muscles show perfectly. And they’re hard as bricks. Looking at my body, Mr. Boggs guessed that I had only about 3% bodyfat, which is about as low as you can go and still be healthy. And I’m really healthy!

Then he pointed out some little muscles I had hardly noticed before. I think they’re called the serratus muscles and they look like little bricks on the sides of my torso above my abs. Mr. Boggs said that very few guys actually show their serratus muscles and this was one of the reasons he thought I was such a perfect specimen. He also showed off my oblique muscles, which slash from the sides of my hips down to my crotch. Along with my abs, they really make my waist look sexy. Just so buff and shredded.

Next, he had me turn around and pointed out the big ridges of muscle in my lower back. He said that the back is the seat of power for the whole body and that a strong back was very important. He could see that I had a very strong back. I can deadlift 450 pounds for reps, so those muscles are fuckin’ strong as shit! He rubbed his hands on my lower back muscles, feeling just how big and hard they were.

He had me turn back around facing him and he started going down to my legs. But then I grabbed his hand and said, “Hey, Mr. Boggs, you’re missing some muscles. Some really important muscles.” In a flash, I grabbed my shorts and jock strap and ripped them off my body. I was standing in front of Mr. Boggs and all the kids totally nude. I had gotten sort of aroused from Mr. Boggs touching my muscles and his descriptions of how perfect my body was. So my thick, 9 inch cock was already hard. “Lookit these muscles, Mr. Boggs. They’re big and buff too.” I twitched my cock and the big weapon jumped up and down at my command. Then I turned around and flexed my tan muscle butt. My glutes got real hard and formed dimples on the sides of my ass. I could see striations of muscle in my butt as those muscles flexed. I could tell that Mr. Boggs and all the kids were shocked, both by the size of my cock and the firmness and deep brown tan of my round butt. They all just stared at my cock and ass with their mouths open. Finally Mr. Boggs said, “Actually, Jack, the penis is not really a muscle. But your penis is about as well-developed as I’ve ever seen on a young teen. Looks like you’ve got really big balls too.” The kids giggled and Mr. Boggs kind of blushed at what he had just said. I put my hand under my ball sac and pushed it out so everyone could see the size of my golf-ball sized balls. “Yeah, they’re huge, aren’t they,” I said. “And they’re really power-charged. I can cum 8 or 10 times a day if I want to. And these big mothers can crank out gobs and gobs of cum every time.” Mr. Boggs blushed some more, but I didn’t care. Fuck, I’m proud of my cock and balls and I’ll brag about ’em any time I fucking want.

“Check out my butt, Mr. B,” I said. “It’s solid muscle.” Mr. Boggs ran his fingers over my glutes. He explained to the kids how important the butt muscles were for things like squatting and running. And he said he had never seen such well-developed butt muscles in his life. Like he said before, I’m a living anatomy chart.

Then he went down to my legs and pointed out the quads, the hamstrings and the leg biceps. I flexed and relaxed several times. It was amazing how those huge masses of muscle sprang to attention at my command. The big slabs of my quads were striated with fibers and covered with veins. Fuck, I have more muscle in one of my legs than most of the kids watching me have in their whole body. When I told Mr. Boggs I could squat with 450 and leg press 750 for reps, he practically fainted. He was very red in the face and was starting to breathe hard. He said he couldn’t believe how strong I was. I felt like a total stud.

Mr. Boggs finished up the anatomy lesson with my calves. He pointed out the different heads of muscle and the strong tendons that connected that bulging muscle to my feet. I did a few toe raises to flex my calves. The huge muscles flexed under my thin, tan skin showing all the fibers and veins like they weren’t even covered with skin. When Mr. Boggs finished he and the other kids just stood there looking at my big, buff, nude body. I did a little posing session for them, showing off all my muscles. I felt like a king. Fuck I was the king of all those kids.

After I finished posing, I strutted around the gym in the nude, letting the guys walk up to me and feel my muscles. A couple of them were feeling my abs and then let their hands go down to feel my cock. Fuck, I didn’t care. It felt good. It’s one of my best muscles, even if it isn’t really a muscle, and it likes the attention. Mr. Boggs went into his office and locked the door.

Well, gym class was almost over so we all headed to the locker room to take a shower. I kind of hung around the lockers for awhile, shooting the shit with the guys and showing off my buff, nude body. By the time I went into the showers, there were only a couple of guys there. I went to one of the shower heads in the back and turned it on. The water felt great, streaming down on my hot, sweaty body. I started lathering up with soap, feeling the hardness of my muscles as they bulged under my skin. Then I looked over to the entrance of the showers and saw Paul, the little dweeb I chose to hang onto me for pull-ups, coming into the showers. He glanced at me and then looked away, as if he was afraid I might do something to him if he stared at my body. He kept his back towards me as he took his shower. Once in awhile when he thought I wasn’t looking, he would look over at my body and then look away. I thought it was funny the way he was lookin’ at me thinking I didn’t notice. After about a minute of this I yelled over to the other guys in the showers, “Hey you! Get outta here. I’m tired of seeing your fuckin’ bodies. Get outta here right now.” They looked over at me and knew I was serious. Shit, I could fuck up any one of ’em with just one smash to their gut. They all turned off their showers and headed out. Paul turned off his shower and started heading out too. But then I yelled at him, “Not you, dweeb. You get over here. I wanna talk to you.” Paul froze and started trembling. I’m sure he thought I was gonna beat his ass for lookin’ at my body.

Slowly he turned around and faced me. He had a raging hard-on, just like I had suspected. His little 4 inch cock was standing straight up. Still trembling, he walked over to me. He grit his teeth and closed his eyes. He thought the next thing that was gonna happen was me smashing my fist into his gut. He was gonna take it like a man. I waited a few seconds. I could see the tension building in his body. Then, instead of punching him out, I grabbed his hands and put ’em right on my pecs. I flexed those huge mounds of muscle while still holding his hands tight against my pecs. He opened his eyes in shock. He was looking directly into my blue-green eyes. We were both the same height but I weighed 70 pounds more than him, 70 pounds of solid muscle. I looked him in the eyes and said, “You like my muscles, don’t you dweeb? I saw you lookin’ at my body over there. I see your raging hard-on. I know you wanna feel these huge muscles. Well, go ahead and do it. I want you to wash my body. I wanna feel your little hands rubbing all over my skin. My big muscles like to be rubbed.”

Paul’s eyes lit up and his cock twitched with excitement. I knew he felt like he had died and gone to heaven. So he got the soap and started rubbing. He rubbed my pecs and pressed in on the solid flesh with his fingers. “Rub hard, dweeb,” I ordered. “I wanna massage too.” Paul pressed in harder. The firm flesh gave way a little, letting Paul dig his little fingers deep into the fibers. It felt really good having my muscles massaged like that. I groaned with pleasure as Paul massaged the thick muscle. Then without warning I flexed my pecs and the huge muscles bulged up into solid rocks. Paul’s little fingers couldn’t make the slightest dent. I laughed and relaxed again, letting him feel the entire contour of my big, thick pecs. He did the same thing all over my body, first rubbing the soap all over my skin and then massaging the muscles with his fingers. I had fun flexing for him every so often. Every time I did, his fingers would get pushed to the surface by the rock-like muscle and he would have to wait until I relaxed before he could massage any more. But he didn’t waste any time when I flexed. He touched and squeezed the hard muscle and felt the tremendous power my body possessed. He massaged my neck, my traps, my delts, my lats, my arms and my back. I was really feeling good and my cock was as hard as a steel pipe. I really liked having my muscles caressed and massaged by this little wimp. I felt like such a stud. My cock was so big and hard. Paul’s little cock was hard too.

Paul got on his knees and started rubbing my abs. I relaxed the muscles and let him dig into the firm flesh. Even relaxed, it was difficult for Paul to make even a slight dent in my abs. Those fuckin’ muscles were just hard all the time. Then I flexed and made my abs into a brick wall. Paul pushed in as hard as he could with his fingers, but all he could feel was rock. My skin was so thin that it rubbed over the corrugated muscle like cellophane. Paul pinched a little skin in his fingers and it was only about as thick as paper. He moved his hands around to the back and massaged my butt. My butt is solid muscle and it really felt good having Paul dig his fingers into those fibers. He put his fingers into my crack and I flexed a couple of times, almost crushing his fingers like a little grape. He moaned as he felt the power of my butt muscles.

He pulled me towards him as he pushed harder and harder into my glutes. My hard cock was now right next to his face. Suddenly he pulled me into him and sucked one of my balls into his mouth. Wow! That felt fantastic. Paul rolled my big ball around in his mouth, caressing it with his tongue. Then he took my other ball into his mouth and did the same thing. I had never felt so good in my life. My whole body was on fire. “I wanna massage these muscles too,” said Paul as he licked my big balls and started to lick my thick hard cock. “Oh yeah,” I moaned as I twisted my hips in total pleasure. Paul licked my cock up and down. Every little lick felt like a sensation of ecstasy. My cock was throbbing with pleasure and my hips were thrusting back and forth. I was losing control. I felt like a total stud.

Paul put my cock in his mouth and started sucking. I had never had a blow job before. I was a virgin. I think this was Paul’s first blow job too, but he was so into my body and my cock he didn’t hold back a thing. He put my whole 9 inch cock into his mouth and went wild. He felt my ass and leg muscles with his hands as he sucked my huge cock in a frenzy. He sucked like a vacuum cleaner and at the same time he caressed with his tongue. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed the back of his head and jammed my big weapon far down into his throat. He kind of gagged, but I didn’t fuckin’ care. I was so aroused I wasn’t thinkin’ of anything but my big cock fucking the shit out of this little dweeb’s mouth. In about a second I started cumming, blasting load after load of hot jism down his throat. I pulled his head back and forth over my cock, stroking the sensitive membrane with his mouth and his throat. I felt like a total king, blasting my muscleman sperm down the nerd’s little throat. After I was finished, I held my still-hard cock in his mouth and looked down. He was stroking his cock with one hand, spurting load after load of cum, while grabbing onto my bulging calf muscles with his other hand. We both had one of the most incredible orgasms in our lives.

Finally, Paul got up from his knees and we both got under the shower. “I’ll see ya here after gym class tomorrow,” I said as I flexed my bicep in his face. Paul grabbed my huge bicep and nodded his head. He still couldn’t believe this fantasy was actually happening to him. •

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