Jacket, The

By Polodude

“Hey, Darren’s dick is almost as skinny as the rest of him!” “Ha ha!” The senior jock basketball players tumbled out of the locker room onto the court, leaving Darren alone. He looked in the mirror and saw himself. 5’11, he was tall enough to play ball, but he was inordinately skinny, 140lbs, and didn’t have any muscle tone or bulk like the other teenage boys on the team.

Darren got home from school after practice and his mom was waiting for him. “You’re late!” She had made a dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. “Eat more, you’re all skin and bones!” she said to him.

Later that night, Darren went online. He saw the jacket he wanted—it was a North Face down jacket, or “puffy jacket.” He though the style was cool, but more, he knew it would make him look bigger—at least during the cold weather. Then maybe some of the kids would leave him alone.


Darren had been saving his pennies from his after-school job and clicked on the jacket. It would arrive in a few weeks.

The next day, after basketball practice, Darren watched the bigger boys working out on the weights through the plate glass window. In the window, Darren saw his own tall, slim reflection staring back at him, mixed with the view of the boys pumping weights and flexing their muscles, and fell into a sort of trance.

“Come on in, scarecrow!”

Darren was jolted out of his daydream.

“Come on in and let us teach you how to work out!”

He came in, excited that maybe they would teach him how to put on muscle and work out.

“Why not try lifting this!” one of the biggest jocks said, handing him a paperclip. “Don’t strain yourself!”

For the next few weeks, Darren missed several practices, pretending to be injured. He buried himself in his studies to try to numb the pain of being teased by the other boys. Even the coach blew him off, instead of being supportive like a coach should. When Darren told his mom about it, she quipped, “Don’t pay attention to that asshole.”

* * *

Winter was coming and the days grew shorter. Then one day, the jacket arrived.

“Darren, what’s this package?” Darren’s mom said.

“Oh, I got a new jacket from my afterschool savings.”

“You already have a jacket.”

“Well, this one’s a lot warmer.”

He didn’t know just how warm.

Darren was trembling with anticipation when he opened the package. And there it was—black and shiny. It was stuffed into the box and when the box opened, it expanded as if growing on its own. Darren quickly went up to his room and shut the door. He went to the mirror, put on the jacket, and zipped it up.

Immediately he felt hot—not just warm, but like he was burning. He gasped in shock, but his feet were frozen to the floor. He looked in the mirror and saw the new bulk the puffy jacket had given him, and he got an erection. The stitching around the midsection looked like thick, muscular abs with deep cuts, and the bulk of the material around the shoulders made him look like a linebacker.

Darren started sweating, and was breathing deeply, and he felt fixed to the floor. His skin was itching and he started to get scared. Maybe he was having an allergic reaction to the goose feathers or the nylon.

“What’s happening to me?”

His upper body seemed to expand in the jacket, and he felt an indescribable heat that was like a burning, but it felt good—it surprised him because it felt really sexual. His dick got harder and harder, and he moaned as he stared at his new bulk in the mirror which the jacket had given him. Hotter and hotter, bulging, Darren shot a huge load of cum in his underwear, and as he gazed at his awesome new size, he kept cumming for a full minute. The look of shock and amazement on his face stared back at him from the mirror.

When it finally finished, Darren’s cock was still hard. He could now move his legs, and walked to the bathroom to clean himself off. The heat from the jacket was unbearable!

In the bathroom, he unzipped the jacket. As if on fire, he threw it to the floor, where it dropped in a tiny heap. Somehow the down filling was gone from the jacket—it was just a nylon shell. Darren picked up the hot nylon, which was steaming. It looked like a black skin, shed by a mambo which had outgrown it.

“What the…”

Then Darren turned to the bathroom mirror.

He was huge.

Darren’s pecs jutted out like the two giant breastplates of an ancient warrior. His wide shoulders were rounded like softballs--they were bigger than softballs. A thick vein snaked down each of his biceps and he could see the veins popping out of the front of his shoulders. His neck was no longer skinny, but thick like a football player's.

And the abs. Darren’s abs were a thick 8-pack, the skin stretched tightly over them the way the nylon had been stretched over the down jacket. But this was paper-thin skin on pure, bulging muscle. He was ripped!

The sight of his new body was too much. Darren couldn’t control himself—Flexing, he let out a roar and shouted, “Fuck yeah! MUSCLE!” as he shot his load again, a hot spray of white spunk that splashed across the entire mirror.

Darren couldn’t wait to show off his new jacket the next day at school. •

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