Natural Selection


By John

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet and great muscle by any other name is still great muscle. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

My training in among the other Pickings began immediately following my naming day. Akar proved to be a driven, focused and compassionate mentor. The first time I expressed a desire to take a breathing break after a grueling set of rustic chin-ups, Akar forced me to keep going. Grabbing a hunk of my tortured lat meat, he asked me stoically if I was satisfied with the "meager offering" that my outer back muscle presented. I shook my sweat-dripping head and Akar grabbed me around my waist with his beefy hands and simply lifted me back up to grasp the horizontal wood beam used for the pull-ups. He cheered me through another lat-ripping set of ten chin-ups assisting only when my body threatened to fail.

All the Pickings took turns and rotated their training between several courtyards within the village; each planned to work different body and mental attributes. Once a week we would also go outside the village, past the cultivated wooded area dividing the two rings of open space, and go through a series of actions and activities that were almost warlike in their nature. As with the village of the Elders, the opening immediately surrounding the great log wall of our village was completely devoid of any obstacles. The outer open ring was strewn with boulders of various sizes large to extremely large. These workouts in the opening were the most impressive for me to watch as these giants of muscle would hoist and toss the scattered rocks and boulders as far through the air as they could. They also spent time there with two-pronged fork-like spears made of some extremely hard, dense wood. They always worked in teams; taking turns between being the boulder thrower and the one being aimed at. With the spears, one partner maneuvered to jab and stab at a large sphere of tightly rolled grasses held and waived in front of him by his partner.

I asked Akar if this was not a bit dangerous and could lead to serious injury or even death. Akar sort of shrugged and indicated that they believed that there was no substitute for reality in training and, as such, accidents sometimes happened. He intimated that those who suffered these accidents either needed to learn from them or probably would have difficulty at becoming a valued Picking.

Akar appeared to be one of the fastest, strongest and most agile of the Pickings out in the field. Watching his massive body darting, flexing, rolling, side-stepping and jabbing was like witnessing an amazing muscle-dance fashioned by a Broadway choreographer to demonstrate the beauty of the perfect human form seething with raw power and skill. It was amazing how Akar's rock hard muscle could shift and flow from one mind-blowing flex of readiness and strength to the next. He seemed to truly relish this exercise more than any other and never seemed to tire. I know I never tired over watching him in action.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the field training battles was that these stunningly huge mountains of muscle meat usually went through their practice routines with raging erections. In fact, in addition to some bending and stretching exercises, they would work their cocks until they were as rock-hard as their monstrous muscles. As bizarre as this first seemed to me, it soon became apparent that the Pickings not only possessed the most amazing cocks I had ever seen, but, somehow, they were able to sustain erections for endless lengths of time.

When I questioned Akar about the erection issue one evening he replied that it was important and necessary that every muscle be charged and ready. Training with all the other muscles flushed and hardened still left the cock soft and, he seemed to believe, vulnerable. Plus, he said, it stimulated the body to be sharper and more committed to the fight. Somehow that made some sense, when a man was sexually aroused, his passions drove him to perform.

When I asked what it was we planned to fight, Akar just said "Those that we have to."

Akar pushed me tremendously hard to get stronger and bigger so that I could partner with him out on the practice field. I guess he felt a little embarrassed that he could not work out with his assigned matching partner because I was so small. He and the trainers put me on an accelerated diet of their staples to add mass to my body. It was hard to add any fat because their diet was so naturally lean and high in rich protein.

One day I was surprised and (unknown to them) richly rewarded by a trainer when he actually directed Akar to increase the amount of "life milk" sharing between us and to add the coconut-like milk to our cum mixture.

That very night I learned a lot more about the sexual arousal prowess of the Pickings. After our evening meal (where I was pushed to eat twice as much as Akar) Akar immediately began to bring his cock to a towering erection. When my inevitable hard-on swelled in instantaneous response, he asked if all of my people were able to grow their cock without the need to manipulate it. Forming my answer carefully I told him that it was a common trait among the younger ones and that, for some, this ability remained into mature adulthood.

There was much less ceremony and "play" this time. We were getting to know how to trigger each other's cocks better and better. We took turns moving our knowing hands back and forth between our own raging erections and that of the other. I had learned that I could, and should, be pretty rough with Akar's steel-reinforced cock piston. It's sheer strength made it want for harder stimulation and more aggressive action. I loved masturbating his loaded weapon of manhood. Akar was much more knowingly gentle with my "weaker" cock.

This time we emptied our steaming cum into a larger bowl and Akar added about three times the amount of the coconut fluid to the mixture. It took several minutes for me to ingest the bulk of the warm, thick drink. As I had seen on so many other occasion by now, Akar's cock seemed to stay hard through the entire time I was working to consume the bowl of coconut-cum. When I finally finished, Akar said I should rest for a few minutes and then he would prepare another cup for me to consume.

I was astounded! I asked if he meant the coconut juice alone. He laughed and said that, while that would certainly help some, for it's greatest value to my body it needed to include the "life milk" from his body. I noticed that his cock was still deadly hard and that his testicles appeared as rounded and full as ever.

"You can do that again?" I blurted out.

"Yes, of course." Akar answered in a very straightforward fashion looking down at my softened cock. "Can you not?"

"Oh, yes, but it will be a little while for me." I responded honestly.

"Then I will fill the cup for you." Akar added as if attempting to make it sound that my apparent failing was not a big deal.

"Would you care to help even though I cannot return the favor?" He asked offering his staggering, unaffected erection to me.

I reached out with the best and most polite smile I could muster. Together we worked his cock just as we had done only moments before. His marvelous body seemed as desiring this time as it did the first time. Akar's gargantuan muscles undulated and waved with etched beauty as his groin sent renewed signals of want through them. By now I also knew the signals his muscles sent as they petrified to anatomical perfection just before Akar's cock launched its heavenly load of gooey cum.

The volume of ejected cream was no less prolific than that of the first serving. Akar spilled his boiling cum into the remains of that in the bowl from our first batch. He added the other fluid and swirled it all together. I was still pretty full so it took a few minutes longer this time to get it all in me. Akar pointed to the remarkable spectacle of his still-hard 18" cock-hose and asked if I could handle a third cup. For the first time in my life I heard myself decline the privilege. Then, as if controlling the entire process, Akar let his huge cock return to its softened swoop over his still-bulbous balls.

We continued this sharing practice with taking a double dose of coconut-cum twice every morning and again each evening. In no time Akar and I became veritable experts at the manipulation of each other's cocks. Only Akar's endless volume of cum was used in the second cup each time and he never made me feel insecure about my limited ability to produce cum only once each time.

Within only about a month the results of the new diet already showed significant results. Apparently there was something in the mixture that naturally stimulated growth opportunities in my body. I had no scale but just the increase in size of the feeling of enhanced muscle density told me that I had added significant weight to my frame in the form of solid muscle. My arms were pushing toward the size that I had seen on Darat and some of the other Elders. My legs were raw pillars of swelling muscle. The ballooning swell of my developing pec meat now hid my pointing nipples from my view unless I leaned my head over them while hoisting the sensitive tips upward. Akar had even stopped making fun about the amount of meat filling my thickening lats. Now when he grabbed them, his hands encountered a volume of muscle far to voluminous to reach around with the ease they had experienced in the beginning of our training.

All this time, we continued to train and interact with Samut and Fon. Like me, Fon was growing in leaps and bounds. I was told that this was not unusual as they could only be developed so far with the limited training opportunities in the Learning village. Akar even suggested that several of the newer apprentices, Fon included, held promise to become as big as he was and a few would probably become as big as Samut. I figured that this all made sense since, once a certain level of breeding had been achieved, it would become more and more commonplace with time.

Fon was huge fun to train with. Since we were both relatively new to the Pickings village, we sometimes worked out together permitting Akar and Samut a chance to push their own stunning development by being able to pit their bodies together in practice. Fon's endless energy was a great inspiration to and for me. I was especially fond of helping him with his back training. Seeing the vast flare of his distended upper back and colossal shoulders being pulled and forced to greater and greater levels of development while his miniature waist band just became more and more etched without getting any bigger made my cock get and stay hard.

Fon liked it when he could help me "become fully realized". Once he instinctively caught on that certain activities between us led to my attaining an erection, he would often suggest that we trade partnering for those programs. Fon and I were also a perfect match for practice learning in the field activities. I may have been much smaller, but I had always been exceptionally quick and flexible. Fon learned from watching how I moved and I learned how to handle some of the slightly larger boulders from him. Both of us were a bit timid with the spears but, as time passed, we kept improving.

The affinity for Fon and me to work out together in the field freed Akar of his disappointment about my limited value to him there. Now he had the chance to work out with his old friend and equal in skill, Samut.

It was on this field early in my training that I got my first look at Fon and Samut's cocks in an aroused state. I learned my mistake about the assumption of the probable scale of Fon's erect cock in one startling instant of an early morning in the field. Samut and Fon were warming up when Akar asked me if it would be all right if he and Samut practiced together that day. I recognized the many values of this right away and agree immediately. Akar was pleased and happy. He crossed the short distance to where they were stretching behind some very large boulders. A few seconds later, Fon came around and headed toward me.

His cock was brilliantly hard. It was also remarkably proportioned. It turned out that Fon had one of those great organs that could expand many times beyond its softened state. The cock coming at me was as long as Akar's and a good two-fingers wider at the base. It didn't budge even a fraction of an inch from its mounting as he came forward as if it had been welded to his groin. The massive weapon shaft arced gently upward as it extended from Fon's loins, which added to the vision of its obvious strength. How the thickness of his shaft could be wedged in between the crisply lined muscles of his upper thighs still perplexes me to this day. There was a slow, continuous taper in the curved shaft pipe as it glided sweetly to the back of a brilliantly mushroomed cock head. The crowning glory of his cock was already shined with the wiped drippings of precum. Fon's cock never seemed to run out of the clear, lubricating fluid.

Looking into his sea-blue eyes, I had to admit that his young face was even more handsome than Akar's. Fon was far and away the most sensational wet dream that any healthy gay man would dare to fantasize into existence and, yet, he did truly exist. Even as he walked, the vast difference between his shoulders and hips was almost too much to believe. By now I had seen most of the newer men here in the village and not one held a candle to the glorious compilation of desirable traits that was Fon. In our world, this young man would have been a multi-millionaire muscle model and competition winner of stellar proportions. His face and body was one that would have been lusted after by countless women and men (gay or straight) alike.

When I could not have Akar by my side, Fon was always my first choice as a temporary replacement. Akar was honestly happy to spend as much time as he could with his friend Samut. For everything that Fon represented in my mind about the culmination of masculine beauty, Samut represented as the ultimate in invincible muscle development stature.

The breeding process that had been explained to me by Akar on the day of my naming certainly helped to explain the phenomenon that was Samut. The man WAS muscle. As I figured, it had been only a matter of time before the selected traits of his parenting would have led to a the combined creation of a man possessing such a wealth of power- dripping meat clinging to a bone structure that had to also be superiorly dense and wearing a cock that, itself, was a marvel of the selective development. Seeing Samut and with the methods of breeding used here, I could scarcely image the scope of immeasurably great muscle and cock development that might exist in another ten or fifteen generations.

As I had noted before, Samut's body was so covered with volumes of muscle on volumes of muscle that his body constantly looked as if it had just been pumped up for a professional bodybuilding competition posing round. He could not move without activating a series of muscle- sheering flexes. From our physical closeness, I knew that Akar's biceps were larger than my own waist. The first time I saw Samut's flexed arm I nearly fainted with disbelief. Gargantuan balls of shredded meat boiled ever upward filling the entire distance from arm to his clasped fist. A great, rich vein rode atop the uppermost peak that had to be as thick as my index finger. Obviously it took a lot of enriching blood to feed and service Samut's colossal muscle and, with nowhere else to go, the veins had to ride the surface of the unforgiving meat in the vacuumed space of this tautly stretched skin.

His chest was so big and thick that when Samut did push-ups, he had to place two tables side by side so that he could force his torso down between them in order to get a deep workout stretch. By the time he finished, Samut's pecs were larger than two halves of giant watermelons slabbed onto his chest. His flared lats were even bigger than those of his matching partner and chiseled their way down into each side where fingers of serratus and obliques were permanently drawn onto the sides of his individually domed abdominals.

Samut's legs were bigger around than the tree trunks used to form the walls that protected the village. Watching him in the field was nothing short of awesome. His vast muscles enveloped the largest of the boulders in the field. The one-ton or more three-foot diameter monster rocks stood no chance against Samut's limitless muscle strength. He would put the whole of his body into the effort to tear these biggest of rocks from the ground and, like a great, beautifully cut power lifter, would hoist the full weight of the boulder pressed over his head. Every muscle glowed rigidly solid looking more like stone than the real thing hanging above. I saw him throw one of the largest rocks almost two body lengths. It hit the ground with such force that it split in half on impact.

Then, of course, there was his ass! It was as staggeringly beautiful as Fon's face or Akar's overall body. In spite of the fantastic quantities of meat packed into the twin conch shell shaped globes, Samut's ass was a vision of sculptural magnificence. I was sure that he could easily crush any hand or cock that invaded the staggering closed canyon of walled meat between the great meaty rounds with a simple flex. Yet, these massive marvels, when they moved, were so intoxicating that it took every effort in my body to keep from wanting to reach into their ever-present invitation. To say that every cabled cord of muscle was in constant display did not do Samut's glutes justice especially when he used them fully in helping to lift the biggest of the field boulders.

As I had indicated earlier, Samut's signature body also possessed the largest and most imposing cock among the entire tribe and therefore, by definition, in the entire world. There was no doubt in my mind that Samut held the global record for both sheer muscle mass and for colossal cock meat and power.

It wasn't more than 15 minutes after first seeing Fon's hard cock that I was treated to the sight of Samut's magnificent maleness. The thing was a monster of inhuman proportions. It radiated with vein- shrouded strength. Like Fon's it had a gentle upturn along the 20" length of petrified shaft meat. The crimsoned cock head made it another 3" longer. How could I possibly describe a 500-pound mountain of perfectly formed muscle with almost two feet of tensile steel cock meat? I guessed that Samut's cock was so dense with meat that it had to weight 15 to 20 pounds on its own, How it was possible for that deadly weapon to impregnate any of the Soft One's still perplexes me. That he could almost ensure insemination every time was no wonder at all when you got a look at a pair of heavy testicles each as large as a luscious, ripe pear.

To me, what made this unmatchable cock even more unbelievable was how the 3 " wide shaft that cantilevered from Samut's groin narrowed slightly and then grew significantly wider just before it reached the collar of cock-crown meat. The shape reminded me of a giant cobra getting ready to unfurl its deadly flare of warning just before striking. If Akar's cock contained five to six times the amount of man-meat than my 10" member, then Samut's had to have at least eight times the amount of meaty mass.

By the end of the second month of training, I was getting huge (by our scale) and Akar continued to promise me even bigger advances. As an added benefit, I found that I could now contribute to our daily liquid supplements all four times. Akar did not seem surprised in the least as he pointed out one night how my cock never really went completely soft between servings. It was like finally noticing one to those things that you never quite realized because it had been undergone a very slight change every day. Suddenly I had to agree that, not only was my cock more excitable and sustainable, it was bigger and harder, too.

I wanted so much to measure it and to measure the rest of my body. I had brought a tape but I needed enough private time to use it. That came later in the week when Akar went off to one of his sessions with the Priests. As soon as he left, I dug out the tape and began to pump my muscles, all my muscles, hard. My cock felt so good in my hands that I dallied over it to make sure it was as rigidly formed as possible.

Taking the tape, I measured my cock first. It was almost 11" now! How and why the damned thing was growing I had no idea. I had thought that their development here was strictly and matter of genetic selection but, apparently, diet and exercise played a role. Quickly I began to flex each body part and wrap the tape around them. My former 21" arms that I already knew were bigger had swelled to 24" of rock- hard muscle. My thighs taped in at 32" and my calves were a full 21" around. Excited, I inhaled deeply and pulled the tape around my chest. I had been working for years to try to get past 47". To my great excitement, I had not only passed it, but I had broken the 50" mark.

My cock jumped with tingling excitement. I began to record the numbers in my journal as I stroked my anxious cock meat.

"What is that?" Fon's innocent curiosity shattered the silence of the moment.

I jumped; my cock slipping out of my shaking hand as I dropped my pen onto the ground. I had been so self-involved that I hadn't herd Fon come into the yard or into the hut.

"What it that?" He repeated as I swooped up the pen and slammed the journal shut.

"And that?" Fon added pointing to the measuring tape.

"These are things we do in my culture, Fon." I answered honestly trying to regain my composure. "And these are things that it is not proper for me to share with you. I am sorry."

"Oh, that's OK." He smiled handsomely at me. " I know that we are not supposed to interfere in your personal ways. They told us that many times and I am sorry for being so curious."

I smiled back and nodded. Fon continued to look curiously at the tape that I had not been able to put away fast enough. He also kept staring down at my throbbing cock.

"It is coming along nicely." Fon went on reaching out and placing his fingers on the very end of my cock. "So is the rest of you, Mortumee."

"Thank you." I said with a flush in my face. "You seem to be doing well, too."

"Samut is pleased and so are the trainers." Fon beamed. "Some day I will be as big as Samut and make him proud of me as a Supreme Picking."

"You like Samut, don't you, Fon?" I pressed hiding the curiosity in my question as much as possible.

"Oh, yes." Fon agreed quickly. "He is the biggest and strongest among us. What is there not to admire?"

Then Fon added with a more somber look crossing his beautiful face. "It is certain that he will become a Supreme Picking some time soon."

"And then you have to be separated." I finished the statement for in on hopes that I was right with my premise.

"Yes, but he will be with the true greats, then." Fon replied. "But I will see him again when I become one too."

"Will you miss Samut?" I pressed.

"More than I think I should." Fon affirmed looking directly into my eyes.

I could see that there was so much more that he wasn't saying. I found myself torn in several directions. Here I had a chance to explore more about their society than anyone else had chosen to share. But to do so meant pushing the friendship Fon and I were forming. I chose not to threaten our relationship and simply put a reassuring hand on one of Fon's stupendous shoulders. It was he who chose to go on.

"I feel for Samut as one should feel with a Soft One." He confessed. "I am sorry to tell you this but the hurt of not saying it is sometimes too much to carry. You will not be here long so maybe telling you is safer. I hope you will not share this with others."

"I won't. I promise." I assured Fon. "Does Samut know of this feeling?"

"Yes, and I know he feels the same." Fon almost whispered. "But we cannot tell or Samut will certainly not be chosen to be elevated."

"Then it will remain just between us." I promised sealing that promise with a traditional hug around the neck.

Fon's head fell full onto my shoulder as he whispered a soft "Thank you" through his sudden tears. At least I knew now that there were still gay men even in this most-perfect society. Now that I knew that, I didn't know what to do about it or about my own feelings for Akar. •

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