Natural Selection


By John

Our story of this strange and exotic place where nature has had a hand in creating a unique muscle society continues. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it – otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

My name was (is) Mortumee. It means "tall hanger'. As I lay here bound in this small boat bouncing in the ocean currents with my pain- throbbing head covered by a damp cloth, I can now recall my naming ceremony as clearly as if it were yesterday –though I don't believe that I can now recall yesterday. It had been very similar to the huge, village-side celebration for the ten new Pickings though certainly much smaller.

Samut and Fon had escorted me to the larger receiving hall of the Priests just two weeks after the big naming ceremony of the ten other new arrivals to the village. In just those two short weeks we had already become good friends. Both of them had accepted me immediately and as soon as Akar informed them that we had consumed the "life milk" of matching partners. They embraced me fully as one of their small circle of friends. There were six others that were close to Akar and Samut waiting for us at the hall. Akar, of course, waited in the hall to greet me as my matching partner and mentor.

A Priest, dressed in his traditional non-revealing grass gown took me with him to prepare me for my naming. He never spoke directly to me and, as I had been informed by Akar, I did not address him directly either. Priests here served a function similar to Judges in my world but used spiritual guidance and generations of tradition as their rules or laws. The decision of a Priest was final. Not even an Elder could overturn a Priest's ruling. Their scope of power was confined to matters of "balance", "perpetuity" and "communal welfare". The Priests seemed to draw their decisions for spiritual guidance from past generations of "Supreme Pickings".

Priests did not commingle with others but were available when individual counseling was deemed necessary. I knew that Akar was currently having regular "balance" sessions with a Priest or Priests. I did not know the purpose of Akar's meetings and it was improper for me to ask. Priests, in another coincidence of cultures, were celibate. Akar's explanation that, in order to ensure communal balance, Priests needed to be above the need for mortal associations seemed to make sense for their culture. How else, he asked, could they be expected to rule over and counsel others?

On that memorable day, the Priests had given me my formal waist weaving or "Kee" to wear. They washed every inch of my entire body. Fortunately, embarrassment and an earlier personal masturbation kept me from sprouting an erection in their presence. The last thing they did was to apply oils to my body. I wished I had had a mirror so that I could have seen my now-growing and much sharper muscles polished like those of a great bodybuilder for a posing competition.

I remember being led into the hall flanked by four Priests and my surprise when I saw Darat standing in the middle with Akar. My being a special guest of the tribe, Darat had felt it was only appropriate to help with the naming ceremony. The event itself was not much by our standards. There was some chanting by the Priests and then they fired a series of questions at Akar (and Darat in this case) who had to respond with the first thing that came into their minds. The questions were all related to things they had observed or believed to be true about me and my way of being.

Probably from his years of experience, Darat was very precise in his answers. He told the Priests that I was calm, curious and, as he put it, "small but acceptably hard". It was Akar's answers that surprised me about how much attention he had been giving me during our first four weeks together. It seems that all the general banter and even his observations of my sleeping habits were fair game in the naming considerations. He told them that I was an "uncomfortable" sleeper. He also said that my body was too long for the sleeping mats. Any possible thoughts that Akar might be gay dissipated with his matter- of-fact details on our two matching partner cock/cum sharings. He even asked if they wished to see me hang from his hardened cock! When one Priest pursued this embarrassing item, Akar responded without any hesitation and said that the most difficult part was how hard it was to get my feet from the floor because of the length of my body.

The Priests conferred with one another for a much shorter time than they had for the ten gorgeous young men who had been named two weeks prior to me. With them, the ceremony lasted all day. Of course they were younger and standing and waiting was less of burden on their stupendous bodies. They were all 20 years old by our calendar and would spend the next five years under the tutelage of their respective matching partner. Only then would they be full Pickings and permitted to go into the thing they simply called the "Picking of the Four" ceremony. I had no idea what that was then and Akar said that I would be long gone before another one of those events came around. I can still remember the sharp pain in my head as it hit me that there would be a day, all too soon, when I would have to leave this island of beautiful men … and Akar.

In only minutes, my new name "Mortumee" was pronounced upon me. Darat and Akar both smiled approvingly at the selection. I did not know whether to be embarrassed or honored. In the end I decided that my name was my name; so it was best just to accept it. I also didn't think it would be appropriate to let them in of the irony of my new name and it's play on words in my own language. Darat stayed with us until mid-afternoon and then needed to leave because they said travel should be done with daylight as a guide. He wished me well and then turned and bid Akar a "filling partnering".

After Darat left, Samut and Fon came to our hut to share the early evening meal and some conversation time. Fon was almost 21 and was full of life. He was very outgoing and never seemed to be anything less than joyfully happy especially when Samut was nearby (which was almost always). Fon, like all the Pickings, had a phenomenal body. His bronze skin was stretched across his supple young skin like the glowing peel of a fine, ripe pear. He was a bit smaller in build than Akar but possessed the most amazing back-to-waist taper I had or have ever seen. Plus the huge capping width of his insanely muscled shoulders added to the grand illusion of his delicious body.

Knowing my own waist to be a fat-free 32", I could only estimate Fon's to be a mere 28" or 29" of strikingly tight muscularity. Just looking at it flex with the slightest of movements stirred my cock and balls to want to fill the tiny interior cavity it surrounded with all the cum I could inject into his equally provocative ass. How some 400-plus pounds of prime muscle could be so beautifully balanced around the fulcrum of Fon's minuscule waist was hard to fathom yet indescribably exciting to see.

When I first saw Fon's soft cock I guessed that it would prove to be one of the smaller ones attached to a Picking. Later I was to find out the fallacy of my original conclusion. At 17" of concrete-hard erection, it was not the smallest by far. It was also as fat around as the much-loved cock that belonged to Akar.

The biggest cock, and the biggest body belonged to Samut. The man was beyond a God in muscle development. Prepping me for our first meeting, Akar told me that Samut was the most sought after training partner in the village and that even the Elders admitted not knowing of any man who had been bred with more muscle than him. In my mind, Samut was not as handsome in face Akar. I do not mean to imply that he was ugly – not by any stretch of the imagination. His face was much more angular and sharp than Akar's and his brow was much higher and, to my way of thinking, his ears seemed to stick out a bit to far though it could have been the sheer thickness of his neck muscle that caused that to happen.

If Akar weighted about 450 pounds, then Samut had to be 480 or 490 pounds. Both Akar and Samut were at the upper end of height for the tribe at about 5'-8" so the application of almost 500 pounds of Grade A beef bordered on unbelievable. Samut could not move without setting off a series of muscle-sharpening movements flowing through his massive body. His muscle appeared so dense that it seemed to carry a hard workout-pump with it all the time. Even to see him in a crowd of 400 to 450 pound musclemen, Samut stood out as the most stunning creature present.

The instant I saw Samut I knew that I would need to find a way to measure, test and feel all his stupendous muscles. I didn't even want to guess at the size of his perpetually flexed arms or the girth of his consistently striated torso. What I could tell is that, like all the others, his waist was still no bigger than mine. His muscles were so massive that the bottoms of the crevasses between each adjacent muscle group were always buried deep in the shadows of the voluminous muscles. Veins formed great river systems over his constantly flexing meat; pumping huge quantities of feeding blood into the rich, hard muscle fibers.

I was beginning to get to the point now where I could start to see the various key assets and differences between all of these spectacular Pickings. On Samut, in addition to the overall massive scale of meat and his cock, he had the single most spectacular set of ass muscles in the world. Whether he was walking, sitting, stretching or bending, every striated cord and cable of glute meat became a chiseled symphony of interactive muscle motion. As a healthy gay male, I found Samut's always-naked ass to be one never-ending invitation to the ultimate erotic reward. If I were to die with my cock buried up to my balls deep inside his ass and my abs pressed onto their undulating surface, then I would be in heaven before I died.

The only thing that could have made that dream of death more perfect would be to have my hands locked onto Samut's cock and forcing it to unload its endless river of hot cum at the same time I was in his ass. Samut was nothing short of a professional quality muscleman's muscleman.

By the day of my naming, I found that Akar and I were spending almost as much of our waking hours with Fon and Samut as we did with each other. Fon's youthful energy seemed boundless. He was extremely inquisitive and, of all of them, was the one I would have to keep my guard up against insofar as giving corrupting information about my people and our ways of living. We hit it off beautifully and were soon comparing education notes about learnings from our matching partners/mentors. Because of their long-standing friendship, Akar and Samut not only encouraged the kinship between Fon and me, but also were delighted that it had happened. This let them spend more time together.

All in all, the time the four of us spent together was probably the happiest and best time of my life – until that one fateful day…but I don't want to think of that hear and now in this boat almost five months later.

In the early days of our fun-foursome, I was so into learning, meeting and understanding that I barely noticed how close Fon and Samut seemed to be. Never once did they actually spring to full erection but several times our workouts seemed to trigger some penile expansion in them. Akar never got aroused when he was concentrating on studies, teaching or mentoring. The same, however, did not hold true when we were engaged in physical activity or exercise. Erections happened all the time then. In fact, you would see this as a normal part of everyone's workouts. The process of growing a raging hard-on during physical exertion somehow even seemed important to them. We would just work or exercise through them. Only much later would I learn just how important this inbred reaction was.

Samut and Fon left right after sunset on my naming day. When they were gone, Akar sat me down to give me some other information on just how important the naming day had been for me. According to their tradition, I was now a man in all senses of the word with the exception of the right to inseminate a Soft One. That, he said, could only happen after the conclusion of the five year apprenticeship and the amount of opportunity one got to be with a Soft One depended greatly on their growth, both physically and spiritually during that training period.

Akar beamed proudly as he let me know that both he and Samut had completed their training much more greatly advanced than many and had been honored with insemination visits on what worked out to about once every 16 months. When I asked how many visit they had been able to make, Akar smiled again about his seven times. Some quick math led me to finally figure out that Akar was now about 34 or 35. That meant that he had five or six years to go until he was moved to the Instructor level for his last five years in the Village of the Pickings.

Akar was even more proud of his friend, Samut, whose muscle and seminal powers were reported to be s great that he had been granted the maximum visitation rights equal to twice a year within two years of his first insemination. Samut's next visit would be his 17th. Hating the discussion but needing to gain as much knowledge as possible for my research, I pushed the issue and asked Akar if he had any children. He gave me a very curious look and then it occurred to him that I had no real knowledge of how their system worked.

Over the next hour Akar explained that all upbringing responsibility belonged to the collective of the Soft Ones until a child turned about 13 or 14. Girls remained in the Village of the Soft and Small to be readied and assessed for birthing value while boys were transferred to the Learning Village where a mix of differently skilled men educated and evaluated them; leading to their ultimate assignment. Only those most physically and sexually gifted would become Pickings or Guardians. Others were sorted by their lesser physical and/or greater mental characteristics for other life tasks. Also, only the most physically appropriate and sexually capable young Soft Ones were trained in the art of giving birth.

In answer to my original question, Akar said that he had heard that five of his seven conjugal visits had resulted in a birth with four of them being the prized male-child. Samut was estimated at successfully inseminating Soft Ones twelve times and believed that eight of the children were male. All the records were kept strictly confidential but sharply accurate by the Priests and Elders so that appropriate pairings could be set up for insemination.

As I listened to more and more of Akar's explanation I came to understand two things much more clearly. The first was that there huge size and extraordinary sexual equipment was being promoted by the way breeding was programmed. I was sure that there had been a reason for this process to start many, many generations ago but Akar either didn't know it or wasn't ready to share it with me. What I now knew is that the countless generations of planned selection had created a nation of male beings that seemed virtually invincibly strong and whose bodies carried two to three times the muscle mass of ours and over six times the cock mass.

Secondly, (and personally more devastating) this was no "gay oriented" society. Still, I was curious about one more thing and, in view of the depth of conversation now opened, I broached the subject. While the structured sex program would produce only the best and most desired strains of male and female children, I could already tell that the men here had the same and probably more sex drive than men in my world. That could lead to an awful lot of sexual tension. I asked Akar, as sensitively as I could, how men relieved their more common sexual "pressures". I was sure that Akar's responding laugh could be heard well beyond the screening boundary of our private yard. When he realized that I was somewhat embarrassed by my own question, he turned more serious than I was used to seeing him.

"You mean this." Akar confirmed pointing to his dangling cock.

I nodded with the heat of a blush on my face.

"The power of the hardness is both a natural and a desired thing." Akar answered beginning to play with his large, soft cock. "It is not only appropriate to seek release, it is necessary so that it will be ready for the meetings with the Soft Ones and for the "Choosing of the Four."

"What is the Choosing of the Four? I asked automatically.

Akar hesitated and then answered. "That is something that you do not need to know the details of as that will not happen again until after you have gone. In general, that is the time when the luckiest ones among us may be picked to be elevated to Supreme Picking."

"Have you ever been chosen to be elevated?" I pushed forward.

Akar's face turned solemn. Obviously I had hit a poor choice of subject. Before I could redirect our conversation Akar shrugged his massive shoulders and answered.

"No, I have been chosen three times to be one of the ten candidates, but I have not yet been given the honor to be one of the Four." He spoke with sullen truth.

I knew that he did not want to go any further. Apparently he felt bad that he had not been chosen and, based on the massive muscle carved onto his body and the prodigious size and power of his astounding cock, I was surprised and suspected that there was probably a lot more to the selection process than even Akar knew.

I remember now, here in the small boat, hoping for him that he might be selected on the next round and that he might be able to join the ranks of the Supreme Pickings with his former matching partner. Had I known then what I know now about that process, I never would have made such a wish. Wanting to divert the conversation, I moved it back to my original subject that Akar seemed more willing to discuss.

"But there is so much time between those events and between chances to be with the Soft Ones. Since I am ignorant in your ways and, without knowing them, I may make some serious mistake or insult but, can you tell me some of what is appropriate for these "releases"? I inquired.

"As I said, it is very important that all parts of the body be as strong, hard and ready as possible." Akar moved with the change in subject.

"Our body muscles are easy." He continued flexing one of his phenomenal arms for the first time at me. "Our man-organ demands conscious effort to make it and keep it performing as powerfully as the rest of our body."

As he flexed his one arm, Akar simultaneously massaged his cock leading it to begin to swell toward erection. As it began to grow, I noticed that he began to run his hands over his flexing body muscles as if using the feel of their immense size and fantastic density and shape to push his rising cock further. I wanted to reach out and grab any one of Akar's brilliant muscles and he must have seen that desire in my face (or perhaps in my own growing cock). Suddenly and unexpectedly he reached across the short distance between our seated figures and began to massage my left bicep and directing me to flex it for him.

"We will make your muscle fit to be a Picking." He continued matter- of-factly. "You have already made more progress than you know. I have been watching it. Now that you are named, we can take you to our training fields starting tomorrow. Soon you will be as big and hard as me!"

Excitement flowed through every vein and muscle in my body. My cock continued to rise as he applied more stimulating pressure to my own well-formed bicep. So did Akar's. He flexed his bicep again. This time it was placed closer to my face. As the monstrously beautiful, multi-split rocky sphere of meat formed into its huge, dense bundle, I gathered that he wanted me to feel just how big and hard it actually was. I reached slowly watching Akar's face and eyes to ensure that I was reading his invitation correctly.

Apparently I was as indicted by his handsome smile as my grasping palm came in contact with the gargantuan bicep wonder. His muscle felt hot to the touch and burningly hard. Akar tightened his fist to force the flexed spectacle to sculptural perfection. My lusting hand tried to grasp as much of the inflexible meat as possible but was only able to palm a very small serving of the molten meat-marble that had grown to a peak almost as high as the bottom of his fist. The rope-thick veining felt almost as hard as the muscle itself and was so pressurized by its trapping between the virtually invisible bronze skin and steel fibers of muscle that I could feel every anxious heart beat pumping through it.

By now both of our cocks were fully erect. My 10" shaft was so hard it carried a reddish blush all the way from the aching root anchorage to the glowing crown. Akar's cock was a veritable monument of power. After the two preceding encounters with it, I knew just how strong and invincible it was when this hard. Akar did not invite me to join in any new explorations of its strength this time. Then I was in for one more new surprising "right".

"As a named adult and my matching partner," Akar announced "It is now permissible for us to assist in each others release."

"What!" I blurted.

Apparently Akar took my exclamation as one of distaste or disgust for that new "right".

"I am sorry!" He apologized. "I do not mean to force you to do dishonor to yourself or you beliefs. Of course we may continue to relieve ourselves individually if that is best for you. I tell you this only because you asked of our traditions. As I had said before, we believe that matching partners need to know as much about each other as possible so that we can assist one anther with the best knowledge possible."

"Oh, no!" I retorted quickly trying to cover my unwanted blunder. "It is OK! Please feel free to assist me at any time and, with your permission, I will feel free to assist you whenever you request. I am proud t be named and to be your matching partner and it is as important to me that I honor the traditions of your world."

"Are you sure?" Akar searched for reassurance.

"Yes, absolutely!" I said taking his writhing forearm in my shaking hand and leading his hand to the throbbing surface of my cock.

Akar's fingers curled away just as I got his hand to the top of my wanting cock shaft. I patted it with as comforting a touch as I could and smiled my most sincere approval. Slowly his hand began to wrap its strong fingers around my cock not far behind the flaring collar of my sensitive cock head. As he started to slide his clasping hand up and down my hot, hard cock shaft, I could tell that he had done this many times before – certainly on a cock significantly bigger than mine.

Gingerly, I returned the favor. It had been one thing to feel Akar's weapon-hard cock during our little power contests. It was quite another to feel it's heated passion surging inside the rock-hard tubing of man meat. I knew at once that I had my work cut out for me. Sure, I had been involved in plenty of mutual masturbations before, but never on a cock that was longer and larger than most men's forearm and hand combined. I grabbed as much of the heated shaft as its huge diameter would allow. Working fairly close to the base of Akar's cock head, I figured that I would have the most chance of success at this more sensitive section.

Akar seemed focused on exciting my cock to cum as if it were an assigned task rather than a raw, sexual action. His clasp bordered on hurt and he seemed to be trying to read the reactions of my face and body to his actions. It was, indeed, very much a learning responsibility for him. I wanted to give Akar pleasure. Soon I, too, was trying to ready every subtle muscle flex and twinge rippling through his voluminous musculature and listening for knowing groans or whispers of enjoyment as I put both hands into the frictional action along the endless length of his throbbing organ.

The sullen groans soon started sounding from both of our mouths. I wanted to spread my contact to other parts of his staggering body and to smother his moist lips with my kisses but even in my tremendously passion-filled state, I knew much better than to destroy a very, very good thing. Akar's hand had picked up speed trying to mimic the pace that he had observed me using on myself. Likewise, I pushed my grappling hands hard and fast along the great shaft tickling the back of his flared crown collar with each thrust. Akar was responding very well to my maneuvers. I felt his cock jump once and then a second time signaling its movement toward orgasmic response. The feel of his cock getting ready to explode was all mine needed to react similarly.

Nodding our mutual state of arousal, we stopped and secured the needed drinking cup. Akar indicated that he was prepared to finish off his own cock and that I should do the same with mine. Only seconds later Akar's entire body fissured every massive muscle to anatomically perfect display as the inevitable gush of cum spilled into the waiting vessel. I tried to hold back my cum until he was done but I could not. Soon cum from both of our hosing cocks poured into the cup from opposite sides. The power of our mutual ejaculations stirred and mixed our hot cum together until the bowl was filled to the brim. Akar forced the last of his cum into the cup and gave it to me first.

"May Mortumee become a name of renown for many generations to come." He toasted.

I drank a deep mouthful of our churning cum from the cup and, when I was full, I handed it to Akar. Opening his mouth wide, Akar consumed the rest in one continuous ingestion.

Later, as we settled down to sleep that night, I asked Akar if I had filled him as much as Darat had hoped for Akar as he left. Akar looked confused for a moment until he recalled what Darat had said about a "filling partnering".

"Oh, no!" Akar laughed innocently. "He came to tell me that my request to be moved onto the twice-yearly "Soft Ones" impregnating routine ha d been accepted. This will permit me to fill one of the Soft Ones with my life milk at the maximum opportunity permitted. It is a glorious honor to be permitted to do so! Most can only fill a Soft One ½ or ¼ as many times during their prime period of life."

"And" He added not pausing in his apparent glee "I am permitted to go to the Village of the Soft Ones to fill one of them with the coming of the third full moon."

Swallowing hard, I congratulated Akar on this great honor doing my best to keep from him sensing just how shattering that news was to me. I barely slept that night; tossing and turning through most of it. I also noticed that Akar slept restlessly, too. His anxiety was probably from excitement, mine was more of despondence. Akar kept rolling and shifting on the mat. One time during the night I was awaken by the feel of his heavy forearm and hand draped across my exposed lower back. It felt good and I certainly didn't want to remove it. Even if all I could dream to get from Akar was accidental contact, at least it was something. After that, I slept much easier. •

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