Natural Selection


By John

We continue our tale of place where nature has had a hand in creating a unique muscle-based society. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it – otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

I remember now, laying blindfolded in the rocking boat, that I was kept pretty much in isolation for my first two weeks at the village of "The Pickings". All the men from here were simply referred to as "Pickings" Everyone in every village shared space with another member of the tribe. Pairings were assigned at first but, after a while, you could, with approval of the Elders, agree to different pairings. I came to understand that most pairings tended to stay the same as long as a person was located within a village. Living in this society was a very stable proposition.

Akar's previous matching partner had been a relatively new arrival and, when Samut, Akar's closest friend's matching partner was "elevated" to the level of Supreme Picking the younger man who had just been partnered with Akar, Fon, asked to be moved in with Samut. It seemed that they had a better "balance" (as Akar put it) than he and Fon did. When my arrival came into the equation, the request was approved.

When I asked Akar about his previous matching partner, he smiled and said that he, too, had been elevated to Supreme Picking not too long ago. Akar did not add very much more than that but assured me that he was excited to be honored with my presence. He felt that this was a unique and special tribute to him since there was no record of any other similar visitor within the memory of their history.

From my point of view, I was the one who was honored. Other than his scheduled training and practice sessions and some required time spent with one priest or another, Akar was always with me. We had been given a hut that had been specially constructed for us with a privately enclosed small "yard" area outside and even its own surprisingly sophisticated toilet facilities. For a long-lost tribe, they were very, very advanced in the area of water supply and waste removal.

Most the first few days we spent with Akar grilling language and its nuances into me. He seemed truly pleased at how fast I caught on to things. Rarely did he have to repeat an earlier lesson. Languages came to me almost as easily as it seemed that muscle came to Akar. I had so many questions about not only his colossal physical development but also, about the whole culture. He insisted that we would need to take cultural and historical things slowly and that many things would best be explained over time by others more gifted and better trained in the art of education.

Perhaps some were more gifted in explaining their culture, but I could not image any man more gifted in the arena of muscle development than Akar. It turned out that I was not far from wrong. For generation after countless generation, his people had bred themselves through a combination of natural selection and selective insemination so that each succeeding generation would consist of the next level of physically perfect specimens. Only the "Pickings" and the "Guardians" were permitted to impregnate the "Soft Ones". This process was very, very programmed and specifically timed to maintain the total number of living tribesmen as well as to ensure ongoing physical improvement.

When I asked why this was necessary, Akar was less informative. He spoke of how legend said it started so that bigger and stronger men existed to help protect the tribe. Now it seemed much more regimented and, as he said, "responsive" to the need to keep "The Pack of Travelers" in check. When I asked who these "Travelers" were, all Akar would tell me was that they were "those I needed to fear and respect". I did not press him for any more information than what he was willing to give at any time. To do so could have interfered in the order of their culture and I was sworn not to do that. Similarly, Akar was curious about me and the peoples from which I came. I gave him what I could about myself but he accepted my reluctance to tell him things about how our society was structured or about technology and, even, about simple things like paper and pens. After a few days of getting to understand our conversational limits, we settled into a joyful period of my learning their ways.

The most joyful thing going for me, of course, was being in the presence of Akar himself. He told me very early on of his assignment to help build up my physical stature so that I would blend in better with the tribe. I let him know that, since they had hundreds, if not thousands, of years of selective breeding on me, I harbored no illusions that I could ever become nearly as big as Akar, but I sure was going to enjoy trying. Akar laughed at this and assured me that he could make me into a man worthy of living here with the other Pickings.

We lived naked, as they all did. Seeing Akar lying nearby me in the first light of each morning was a vision beyond my wildest dreams. Every morning began the same way for him. Their sexual powers were so developed that Akar sported a raging erection when he woke. This was very natural to him and he thought nothing of it. The fact that he found me in the same condition each morning made him believe that our cultures shared this trait. I let him think this rather than to have to explain that it was the sight of his phenomenally muscled body and towering cock that caused my condition.

Akar was even so kind as to comment on how much he liked that my hardened 10" cock was "playfully sized". It was hard for me to imagine how a man with an 18" cock that was a full 3 ½" wide at its vein-reinforced root could consider mine so positively. On the fourth morning, I awoke after Akar to find him lying on his side next to me staring at my then-soft cock. When I awoke with a start at the sight of the most gorgeous muscle-creature imaginable looking curiously at my body and cock I gasped.

Akar immediately slid away with a voiced apology for his rudeness. I assured him that he had not been rude but that I was just a bit surprised. I explained how I lived alone (which surprised him). When he asked if wanted to have him gone so that I could live in a way that was comfortable for me, I told him how much better this arrangement seemed to me than that which I was used to. This seemed to comfort him somewhat. Then, being a little bolder, he asked if it was not proper to touch one another in my culture. Shocked as I was at the question, I did not want to put unknown thoughts in his mind so I asked if touching was normal among them. He nodded in the affirmative.

"How do you touch?" I asked.

Without a word, Akar pulled his phenomenal body back up next to mine. Even in its un-pumped morning state his body was simply astounding. His upper torso loomed over my 50" inch chest. Flows of silky, voluminous muscle spilled out from his massive man-breasts and arms. The hemispheres of pec meat were so huge that I could not see his finger-thick, pointing nipples that so aroused my passions and lust. Nor could I see much of his ever-inscribed abdominals or obliques. His chiseled waist occupied no more space than mine. Then, of course, there was his monumental 18" morning hard-on cock cantilevering stiffly forward toward my aching groin.

Akar took my swelling cock in his hand with a surprising gentleness for his massive size. His warm touch accelerated the speed of my sexual arousal. He seemed to be very much enjoying the hardening of my cock. He looked me in the face for some kind of reassurance. I smiled softly and nodded. Akar smiled back with his perfect teeth showing between his full, wet lips. He turned his attention back to my almost fully hardened erection. My cock turned stone solid from his touching manipulations. When he sensed that it was as powerfully charged as it could possibly get, Akar moved his hips forward so that our two cocks laid side by side pointing toward each others groins.

In my gay life at home, my 10" cock usually drew gasps of pleasured disbelief when I chose to share it with someone special. Next to Akar's world-class erection it seemed almost insignificant. His stunning organ had to contain 5 or 6 times the meat volume of my pounding cock. His erection glowed like a great flexing muscle etched with the power of a network of beautiful veining and glimmered with the fired hardness of finely forged steel.

Akar pushed down on the shaft against the top of my maddened meat just behind the collar of my crimsoned cock head. Pain shot through my loins as he forced its stiff anchoring down in his exploration of its rigidity. I groaned lightly and he lessened the pressure and smiled his approval at me. Then he took one of my hands and led me to do the same on his cock.

I pushed. Other than my hand sensing the heat of his staggeringly hard tube of primed meat, nothing happened. I pushed harder. Akar's cock held fast. He grunted for me to apply more pressure. I did! At first I thought I might be making the slightest amount of progress. Then I could actually feel him concentrating on the power within his beating cock shaft and the massive pole froze solidly in place as if he had injected concrete beams into its hot tubing.

Before I could even react, Akar stood up with his massive organ projecting precipitously above me. His fist-sized balls were as full, round and inviting as his cock. Pulling me part way up by my hands, he directed me to interlock my fingers so that they straddled the top of his unbelievable erection with my fingers about a foot away from his groin. The head-thick cantilever of his pectoral planets hid his face and head completely from my view. It didn't take much for me to realize what he wanted me to do.

I forced my legs between his splayed feet so that my body was parallel to the pole of his throbbing cock and I began to pull down on the great organ using all my strength and a great percentage of my body weight. The colossal shaft still refused to bend or to be ripped from its horizontal anchorage to his tightly flexed loins. This is probably the most stunning demonstration of inhuman muscle power I have ever, or will ever, experience in my life. There I was, virtually hanging from Akar's phenomenal erection and, from the sight of his flexing muscle view from below, he appeared to be enjoying every moment of it as much or more than I was. Constricting his abdominals and hip flexors, Akar began to force his unbelievable cock to shift higher carrying my suspended body with it until his cock shaft stood a solid 30 degrees above the horizontal. He held me and it in this raised position for several seconds and then, was astounding control, let his cock drift down slowly back to it's original position. Akar repeated this several times while my erotically charged cock ached for a demanded release.

After one last cock pull-up with me as the weight, Akar squatted letting the tree-trunk thick muscle of his thighs gently deliver me to the floor on my back. With great distain I released my hold of his wonder-cock and pushed my body out from between his legs. Lowering one monstrous arm and hand, he effortlessly helped me up to my feet. Akar stood beaming at me with a huge smile covering his handsome face. Trickles of sweat running down the lined beauty of his pecs and dripping onto his abs were the only sign that he had exerted any significant effort. Akar patted his own cock almost lovingly and then flexed it up and down several more times to show me its immense strength from head on.

Grasping his massive hard-on with both hands, Akar began to masturbate the steely organ nodding for me to do the same. When I reached out to take his cock in my hands, he suddenly and forcefully jumped back with a staunch "No!" I had no idea what I had done wrong. I apologized immediately begging his understanding at whatever mistake I had made. His face turned red and then a polite calmness settled over his expression. With his huge erection still pulsing at his groin, Akar told me in a soft but matter-of-fact fashion that shared release could only be done between two pledged partners or with a "Soft One".

Now it was my turn to be deeply embarrassed. I had broken a cardinal rule of interference simply by assuming that because only gay men interacted in this way in my world that Akar must be gay in this world. I didn't want to share these things with him and open up a whole line of inappropriate questioning about my society so I simply offered my apology again and pleaded supreme ignorance.

Akar smiled again and, maybe to soften the obvious embarrassment that I know he saw in me, he went on to say that, in private social situations here, it was not improper for two "Matching Partners" to relieve themselves in conjunction with the other. I signaled my understanding as Akar took a renewed firm grasp of his phenomenal cock and began to massage the iron-hard length of amazing tubing project from his stupendous body. I clutched my own steaming cock in response and began to do the same.

Just watching as Akar's monstrously beautiful and gargantuanly scaled muscles hardened and flexed as they became more and more engaged in his self-passioning made my cock and balls scream with desire. Watching the Elders masturbate and then drinking the combined cum had been a memorable experience. Now, here I was observing the most amazingly muscled man with the most enormous and powerful cock I had ever seen beating his weapon of manhood to heated orgasm. I was ready to shoot on the spot but I wanted my exhilaration to last as long as Akar's. Whenever I felt my cock ready to launch its creamy reward, I forced myself to stop just long enough to get past the pending point of no return.

Akar pummeled his meaty piston for several minutes. His face and body became completely immersed in the process causing every muscle cascading from his body to sharpen to a petrified hardness comparable to that of the cock he was working. Arms, forearms, legs, chest, shoulders, neck, abs and groin became so defined that I could have traced every fiber of every surface muscle cell of covering him from head to toe. Then the entire pile of god-like muscle began to quake all over his massive body. I knew he was ready to erupt. This time I did not stop when my aching cock signaled its readiness.

The first stream of cum exited Akar's fisted cock head just a split second before I launched the leading shot of my hot man juice. From the way we were standing and the power of Akar's explosion it was impossible for his line of flowing cum to miss my upper torso. The thick cream drew a hot line across my left pec and half way down across my left abs. His second jolt covered most of my left abs with gobs of additional warm cum. With his third expulsion of rich liquid Akar had deposited more cum onto my torso than any five of my complete ejaculations.

My arcing cum fell onto the back of his flailing hands as they kept squeezing more and more creamy fluid from his hosing cock. Akar's cock was still spitting cum at me after I was completely spent. I stood letting the hot juice splatter onto my lower abs and thighs, not quite knowing what to do next, until he was done. Then, Akar took his hands and swiped my cum from them and onto a clay plate left over from our evening meal from the night before. Carrying the plate to me, he next palmed his running cum from my pecs and abs and stirred it into my cum on the plate. Just as Darat had done a few days before, Akar held the plate up to my pursed lips. Leaning over, I licked up a healthy offering of the mixed cum. Smiling, Akar brought the plate to his mouth and did the same. We took turns until the plate was shined clean.

"Now we are real "Matching Partners". Akar concluded.

Without any further ceremony or comment, Akar turned and walked into our private yard space to bath his stunning body in the water that had been provided for us. When he came back through, he said nothing and left as if nothing had happened. I stood for several moments with my anxious breathing and beating heart already questioning if that had been a dream or if it had really happened. The drying cum stains on my groin, cock and legs kept trying to convince me that it had been real. Finally, I too went outside to wash and ready myself for another day of cultural lessons.

The next several days were spent preparing me for what I called "my coming out party". Akar made no more mention of our cum-sharing experience. Nor did he offer to repeat the exercise again. A couple of times I pretended to still be asleep when he got up. On both occasions I was already wearing my aroused cock and I know he spent several minutes eying my body and watching my cock. It was very hard to fain sleep and, before too long, I would turn onto my side with my back to him. Right after that Akar would get up and go outside to relieve his own massive erection. I wanted so much to tell him about homosexuality and the such, but I dared not to interfere in his culture and, if he ever got mad at me, I didn't even want to imagine what his muscles were capable of doing to me.

Akar did, however, insist that we begin some rudimentary physical training to start building up my body. He forced me through endless sit-ups, push-ups and, using a wooden pole in our yard, chin-ups. I was fascinated by the fact that these exercises were so common to two such uncommon civilizations. I must admit that before the second week ended I could already see a difference in my body. I wasn't any bigger. Maybe I was even a little smaller in some areas. But I was considerably leaner and noticeably more defined.

I was as sure that our diet had a lot to do with the changes to my body as I was that it helped the men here stay so fit. The meat that we ate once a day tasted and looked a lot like some form of wild turkey. There was fresh boiled fish daily. There were no breads but the carrot/potato sure seemed to have its share of carbs, vitamins and minerals. Sometimes there were fruits that ranged from banana- like to sweeter ones that tasted more like pears. Water was plentiful and, occasionally, Akar would bring a semi-sweet whitish drink that reminded me remotely of coconut. This drink seemed to add a lot of energy to my body.

I learned about how to greet; how to respond to greetings; and how to appropriately say goodbye or end a conversation. Akar taught me the way to show respect to an Elder and how no one, regardless of their assigned life-task or home village, was considered to be any more or less important than anyone else. One of the very basic principles at work here was that of balance and harmony. As Akar had put it, the strongest guardian is nothing without someone who can keep him fed. Only the Elders deserved special consideration because they carried one thing that no one else could – wisdom.

I learned that the village to which I was assigned was the smallest and had almost exactly 400 "Pickings" and 100 Priests. All the other villages had varying but stable numbers ranging from about 1,000 to several thousand. The total number of all tribesmen had been at about 18,000 for as long as anyone could remember. Balance meant everything. It didn't take long for me to figure out that this had to be the way it was. The island didn't get any bigger and to overpopulate it would be to deplete the resources. I asked how they maintained the population. Akar laughed at my apparent ignorance and simply said "by Soft One birthings". Then I remembered that only Guardians and Pickings were permitted to have sex with the women. That way, I am sure it was very easy to control population. You simply replaced people at the same approximate rate they died.

When I ask about death and mortality, Akar was either being evasive or simply did not want to go there yet. The best I could get out of him was that "People live, then people die. Some die with the wisdom of an Elder, some die because nature demands it." I didn't press the issue. Mostly, I was getting anxious to see other people. It wasn't as if being with Akar and his stupendous body wasn't enough. I knew I only had a limited time and each passing day left me less time to understand the everyday workings of their society better. When I explained this to Akar, he laughed even harder advising me that patience was a great provider of comfort.

Then, at the end of two weeks, he informed me that he was taking me to the "Celebration of the Naming" the next day. He told me that this was one of the biggest days in the life of a young man as it was the day that he left his child's name behind and was awarded his adult name. This was done two weeks after arriving at your assigned life village and 10 new Pickings were being named. I said that that meant that they must have arrived about the same time I did. Akar admitted honestly that my arrival had been scheduled to coincide with theirs. That was why he was able to bring me into the village unseen because all the others were at the ceremony to honor the new Supreme Pickings. This was where the new arrivals were first greeted and assigned to Matching Partners. Now that their traits and skills were better known, they could be named.

I slept restlessly that night. In the morning Akar surprised me with a second offer to share our seminal juices. Before I could ask why, he satisfied my curiosity by simply saying that it would be inappropriate for me to display an erection at this function as it was only for the new men and their partners. Based on how easily I seemed to get aroused, Akar felt it best to drain ourselves before we went and, since we were already Matching Partners by decree of the Elders and our previous sharing, it would be OK to do it again for this special purpose.

The chance to see Akar's body and cock in stimulated action again was all I needed. We worked our cocks to hardness. I still could not come to grips with just how monstrously hard and powerful his 18" cock could get. This time he bid me to hang from his steeled cock with my feet and body raised completely from the ground. Awe was an insufficient word for the feeling of hot strength pounding in his unmoving cock. My swinging 220 pounds seemed like nothing as Akar's miraculous cock rose up and down as he flexed it and his groin, pulling my entire body weight with it. Just as soon as Akar was satisfied that he his cock was as strong as it was going to get, we were no longer permitted to share touching. I stood or a few minutes just staring at Akar going through his act of muscle-masturbation. The sight was so breathtaking that I started to cum without ever handling my own longing cock.

Akar seemed impressed at my apparent "spontaneous" orgasm. This time he was more prepared and had me direct my hot cream into a waiting cup. My early eruption allowed me more time to just soak up the image of Akar's perfect body and superlative cock in self-stimulating action. Akar's balls looked to be almost bursting with waiting cream to be released.

When he shot his first load of thick cum soon afterward, the massive ejaculation brought the level of our combined cum-juice near to the rim of the cup. I took my time drinking my share of our man-protein drink. Akar's cock remained stunningly hard for several minutes following orgasm as if holding the pump of a good workout. Akar did not seem to care about my unblinking staring at his fantastic body or unwavering, spent cock. There was no question left in my mind that I wanted to share all of my body with Akar, not just this wonderful cum ritual. But, again, as soon as we were done, Akar directed that we clean what we needed to and get on our way immediately.

We cleaned up quickly and then, for the first time since I got to his village, I was escorted out of our hut and through the restricting gate of our yard enclosure. The short pathway to the open square used for ceremonies was filed with other men going to the august event. Many of them stopped to get a good look at me –this stranger who had come in among them from outside the world. They eyed me carefully but, always, politely. Akar stayed close with his strong hand in mine.

As soon as I saw the first of the many Pickings, I knew Akar had been right to have me drain my cock first. They were all copies of Akar. It soon became clear that Akar was one of the biggest of them but, to a man, not one appeared to weigh less than 400 pounds. Some must have been over 450 pounds like Akar; and every pound of flesh on their staggering bodies was pure, infinite muscle. The number of men kept swelling until we reached the square. Suddenly, there in the center of the village, I found myself standing at the edge of a ring of the most perfectly developed men in the universe. I did not need to count to know that I was in the midst of 400 perfect specimens carrying over 80 tons of sculpted muscle on their combined, naked bodies. As I first gazed over this extraordinary collection of huge, beefy muscle, the thought came over me briefly that, since the Pickings were already so fabulously muscled, just how much bigger and more spectacular could one elevated to the level of Supreme Picking be?

Akar led me to a shaded area off to one side. The square teemed with gargantuan slabs of thick, hard meat. Muscle was everywhere! Massive pecs, mind-boggling biceps and triceps, pillared legs, thickly slabbed backs, layered glutes and, yards and yards of swinging cock meat. My eyes wanted to swallow up all this fantastic muscle one man at a time but drums cut short my chance as two lines of strangely dressed men soon entered the square. They wore the same strange- looking reed gowns that I had seen on the one non-Elder at the beach on my first day here. Now I understood that these were the Priests. Between the Priests marched ten more of the exemplary monuments to muscular manhood all of whom wore the short formal kilt-like weavings of formal attire. Ten other similarly clad muscle behemoths stood in a line near the middle of the square.

"Watch and learn." Akar whispered. "It will be your turn to be named soon." •

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