Natural Selection


By John

Genetics and life-style have blended to build a perfect society filled with perfect men and perfect muscle…or so it seems on the surface. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it – otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

The small boat I was in rocked violently as wave after wave seemed to signal a stormy sea. Yet, I could not feel the wetness of rain hitting my tied-down body. Pain still burned in my blindfolded eyes. No one seemed to be paying any attention to me at the moment. I yearned for Akar's touch of reassurance. Drifting wildly in black darkness on the open ocean can be very frightening. As my fear rose, I needed to change my focus so I forced my mind to try and remember more of my recent past on the island of wondrously beautiful men.

Late in the third month of my visit, both Akar and I sprung from our mats in the predawn hours of morning. I was certain that his hand had been laying atop my bared left ass cheek but, by now, I had become used to his tossing and turning and the times an arm or leg would cross over onto me. I loved the feeling of his heavy, warm muscle at rest upon any part of my body. I doubted that Akar was aware of his sleeping habits and I had no intention of disturbing them.

On that morning it was something much different that disturbed us and every one else in the village. Akar and I rushed out into the yard as the rumbling of the ground began to subside. We looked at each other with confused fear until the grumble of the earth ceased. We heard other voices so we went out into the public pathway to find a number of our fellow Pickings talking about the event. Akar and a few of the more senior men were with a couple of the nearby trainers when one of the Priests came down the pathway. He went directly to the group that included Akar. After a few minutes, they all seemed to be in some kind of agreement and they dispersed.

Akar led me back into our hut area. Then he told me that the Priests had concluded that it was a natural rumbling from one of the three volcanoes that rose high into the skies above the island. Two of them were known to release pressures from time to time. The third one, the one in the north, had been dormant for many, many generations. The Priest said that this was a good sign because they only needed to worry when the volcanoes did not rebalance themselves now and again. In fact, the Priest was quite relieved because it had been several years since the last small quake.

I had been making excellent progress and was still working a lot with Fon. Akar, now that he had to drink more of the prescribed cum/coconut mixture and spent more time with Samut, had also grown larger and more defined. His always-wonderful body was getting nearer and nearer to the size of Samut's. There was still a good 20 or 25 pounds of differential but, when you compared a man that might weigh 470 pound to one about 490 to 500 pounds, the difference soon didn't seem to matter much. All I knew was that I had the privilege and honor to be rooming and working with the man who now possessed the second most developed body of beefy muscle in the entire world.

I could tell from our morning and evening ritual that Akar's cock was slightly bigger and, if possible, stronger than before. As I helped drive it to an eruption of cum twice daily, I wanted more and more to know what something that fantastic would feel like as it tried to work its way into me. I could feel my ass muscles and sphincter clenching for a taste of Akar's deadly cock. I knew that the pain would be almost unbearable and that just trying to fit it into me could be a dangerous proposition, but I wanted it none-the-less.

More than half of my scheduled stay was over. I had learned a great deal about the basic cultural structure and a lot about the ways of the Pickings. The day after the rumble of the ground, Akar informed me that it was time to visit the other villages. He said that it was wise to take a break from training every two or three moons so that the body could repair any minor damage that could otherwise stand the way of ongoing improvement.

It had been arranged for us to spend one day and one night in each of four different compounds. The first one, that of The Providers, was just to the north and only about two hours walk away. We left at dawn the next day right after finishing our breakfast meal and cum cocktails. It was just the two of us. The thought of spending four full days with Akar totally to myself filled me with joy. As soon as we left the barricade walls of our village, Akar slipped his strong hand into mine just as Darat had done on my first journey. When Akar sensed my hand freeze up slightly at first contact he took his away and began to apologize again for invading my privacy.

I had to learn to stop letting my surprise and shock at some of their customs that triggered thoughts of homosexual conduct out of my mind. It took several reassurances to Akar on my part before he felt comfortable enough to proceed. I actually had to take his hand in mine to finally convince him that it was OK. After about half an hour, all seemed to have been forgotten and forgiven.

For the most part we wandered along the inner edge of the outer open space. As we got further and further from The Pickings village, the boulders became sparser until, not long before getting to the Providers town, they ceased to exist all together. I also noticed that we had been climbing up a bit in the hills and the cultivated stand of trees was also much more open with many more bushes hiding the trunks of the trees. I could hear the echo of several mountain streams as we walked. We crossed one large stream near the end of our first journey via a log bridge strong enough to support the weight of several Pickings at one time.

Our stay was brief and informative. The Providers were basically responsible for finding, tracking and capturing meat for the tribe. Some was killed in the hunt. Some was trapped live so that it could be delivered fresh to villages that were further away. They also were the chief fishermen. When I had first heard about the Providers, I assumed that they went down to the shores and into the ocean waters where fish would certainly be abundant. It seemed that the distance to the sea was far too great and, they believed, could be potentially too dangerous to traverse every day. Since they had not developed any methods for meat preservation, fishing from the streams worked best.

I was right that the main meat was a form of wild turkey. They showed me several of the flightless birds. They were huge compared to ours. I took it as another example of the growth difference that seemed to apply to creatures here on this island. They also told me of great eagles or vultures that lived high in the mountains and sometimes could be seen at dawn hunting the huge snakes that prowled the lower forests. I imagined birds and snakes maybe twice the size of ours from their description. I found out later how much I had underestimated them.

All the men, and there were only men, here were big but not as big as the Pickings. In my three months here, I was as big as some of the Providers so I drew very few stares. Akar's giant muscle, however, made many heads turn. I guessed that there was not a lot of inter- travel between villages. I learned that, in addition to those who hunted or fished, there were a few assigned to conveying the food to other villages.

The visit to The Fields was next. This group of men proved to be the shortest in stature. Their bodies were stockier and more columnar in build. These men serviced the soils. It was also the largest village by land area since much of the land they cultivated lay within their barricade wall. Mostly they cultivated the carrot-like potato vegetable and various delicious fruits.

The coconut like thing that Akar and I used to make our cum drink grew outside of the village and down further toward the lowland plains. I learned that this was only harvested seasonally for about half a year at a time. Based on how important this had become to Akar and me four times daily, I was so happy that my trip had coincided with their ability to harvest it. When I learned that it grew year round and asked why they didn't gather it all year, they simply said that they couldn't because the Pack of Travelers needed to have their turn with the lowlands. I asked where they were now and the Sustainers laughed and pointed to the high mountains.

For the first time I was beginning to understand that there must be another more nomadic tribe that shared the island.

On the way to the third village which was almost a full day south of the village of the Fields, Akar took me down into the lower lands to cross over the island quicker. As we left the wide-open space of the cleared area, Akar warned me not to let go of him and never to wander from the cleared pathway. We traveled slowly as Akar kept listening and watching for ant apparent danger. As I looked at Akar from time to time, I could not fathom any creature that could possibly be of concern to his mountainous muscularity.

It was early afternoon when we came across one of the large trees that formed the barricade wall of the villages lying across the path. It had pulled down a number of smaller saplings and shrubs with it so that passing on the path was impossible. The woods were very dense at this location and Akar felt that it was important to clear the blockage away. We began immediately to remove the smaller stuff. It was hard work but my increased size seemed to have brought a corresponding increase in strength. When we got to the bigger pieces, both Akar and I worked together with him doing the bulk of the lifting.

The harder we worked, the more etched the muscle covering our bodies became. Akar's enhanced muscularity looked so good after about an hour that I wanted to stop and ravish his muscles with my kisses and my cum. I knew better so, instead, we kept working. Finally it all came down to the great tree trunk itself. I tried once to get my hands beneath it and to lift it but the trunk was much too heavy to budge. Akar directed me to go sit in the middle of the clear path, to rest, and not to move. I objected but his direction became a clear insistence.

As I sat, I watched Akar size up the situation. His body was a vision of perfection. His muscles were larger and harder than I had ever seen them. The definition on his body rivaled that of Samut. The hard work had stimulated both of us just like a good training session. My cock kept pounding to be released as Akar's phenomenal efforts kept pushing his muscle and cock harder and harder to the point that I swore any more size would make the thin sheathing of his skin explode.

Finding the approximate midpoint of the big trunk, Akar began to dig the soft dirt from beneath it. It only took a few minutes for him to remove enough of the path soil to force his hands under the center of the trunk. Squatting close to the ground his huge globes of gluteal mass spread apart some to prepare for the challenge and I got my first good look at the moist invitation of Akar's budding sphincter. Over these few months of progressive growth, Akar's ass was looking more and more like the god-like creation with which Samut had been blessed.

If there were any lines of fissured fibers that had not been on display over Akar's ass, legs, back and shoulders before, as he growled into action against the impossible weight of the tree trunk, they certainly exploded into full view then. I had no way of telling just how heavy that 24" diameter by 18-foot long section of tree might weigh but it had to be significantly over a ton. Akar's monstrously huge leg muscles and spectacular ass muscles began to force the entire trunk up form the ground. Then his back and shoulders joined in as they rolled the tree over his curving front thighs and toward the massive swell of his solidified pecs.

Sweat poured from Akar's handsome forehead. His body wobbled once as the weight of the tree tried to defeat the efforts of his incalculable muscle power. As he stood, Akar's poled cock slid under the trunk helping to pin it between its mammoth shaft and the cantilever of his voluminous pec meat. The shifting trunk slammed into the peaked ball of his petrified biceps meat.

Fully upright with the tree completely in hand, Akar slowly turned so that the trunk was parallel to the edge of the path and began to step cautiously toward it. My mouth hung open and speechless as this monument to living muscle edged the tree he carried to the side of the pathway. From my perspective, it looked like the trunk was being held aloft by the sheer strength of Akar's arms and the power of his staggeringly rigid cock shaft.

My own cock could not handle this most-stupefying cock and muscle image. Cum arced out from my overawed cock. I ejaculated so much hot cum with so much stimulated power that it formed a small pool on the ground several feet in front of me. I was still dribbling cum when Akar leaned forward and let the great log roll over the top of his stupendous forearms and unyielding cock and onto the ground beside the path.

Sweat poured from his glowing body as he turned his dazzling display of pumped muscle and fortified cock toward me. He wiped his forehead with the back of one hand shooting one last numbing biceps flex in my direction. The sight forced one more jolt of spitting cum from my cock. I sat there in the pool of my own cum not know what Akar would do or how he would react.

He looked at me and then at my spent cum. Then he looked back at me again. I tried to force an apologetic smile but he beat me to it with his own broadly handsome smile.

"I think I could use help with my own release." He stated pointedly. "It is good to know that your cock is finally learning to respond to the power of a good workout. Now if only we could teach you the ways of sustaining your arousal … then even you could qualify for consideration to become a Supreme Picking."

Standing over me, Akar helped hoist me to my feet. He was breathing hard from his efforts. His chest heaved up and down several inches with thick, blood-infested muscle meat, as did the rest of his glistening body. He was tired and led my hands to his throbbing cock so that I could do the relieving work for him. The few months of training paid off as I worked the insane hardness of his cock; finding all the most sensitive points and forcing my clasping hands to trigger their inner responses.

This time Akar wanted me to do it all for him as he tried to control his breathing. I wanted to do it for him, too. He had never let me bring him completely to orgasm before. I knew what his stunning cock felt like as it drifted closer and closer to the point of eruption but I had had no idea just how phenomenally hard it got just before erupting with its rivers of cum. The monstrous meat turned from hot rock to pure diamond as his balls launched the cum down its cannon- like shaft.

I knew that I should have moved out of the way but, this one time, I simply wanted to feel the heat and power of Akar's cum against my intervening body. Acting as if I was somewhat surprised, I let his cum sail into my flexed abs and up onto my waiting pecs. It felt better than I could have wished it to feel. There was no way I was going to be able to excuse a second explosion onto my torso so I stepped aside as quickly as I could letting the rest of his wild release spill heavily onto the ground near my own cooling pool of cum.

Akar took control of his magnificent cock. As he worked to withdraw the last amounts of cum from within him, Akar looked toward me and apologized for his lack of control. Then seeming surprised, he asked why I was not filling myself with the cum I was wearing. It was my turn to be surprised but I did not want him to think that he had somehow offended me again – especially for something that I had purposely wanted. Immediately I smiled and scooped a handful of Akar's cum from my abs. I sucked the warm liquid from my hand and proceeded to gather as much of his cream as I could from my chest and stomach.

Soon it was all gone. Akar offered me some leaves and I finished cleaning myself as best as I could before we resumed our journey. Now that I knew that Fon and Samut were gay, I remember wondering for the first time that day how they shared the passions of their love with each other or if they, like Akar, lived a sex life of stayed tradition.

We still managed to arrive at the village of the Sustainers. Akar told them of the downed tree. Since these men worked at the various crafts and on village maintenance and construction, They wanted to go collect the tree to use for furniture or, more probably based on Akar's description, to make one of the small canoes that were used sometimes in fishing some of the small lakes.

These men were as big as the smaller of the Pickings. They were also the tallest of them all with a few as tall as my 6' height. Their size was somewhat important because of the heavy work they did. Their height helped a bit, too with lifting and carrying. They were much quieter and less communicative than the other villages. Later Akar told me that these men tended to be a bit slower at learning but were good with their hands. As it turned out they were also the ones who kept the intervening woodland clearer and, in fact, that land was rotationally harvested for the tall, straight trees that they could grow there. It was their own version of recycling materials. They made sure that there was a new tree for every one harvested.

The last village Akar had outlined to me was that of The Fortress. My first sighting of groups of men here reminded me of my first public viewing at The Pickings. These men were just as large as those at the Pickings and their cocks were equally prodigious. Then I recalled that, in addition to the Pickings, Guardians were also permitted insemination privileges with the Soft Ones. Even Akar said that they were not much different. It was just that some were needed to maintain balance and to serve the Priests. Those became Pickings. Some were needed to maintain order and to protect the Elders and those became Guardians.

I did not see why they couldn't all be one group. But, then again, I was still unaware of the full charge of the Pickings.

On the morning of the fifth day I was excited and ready to leave for our home. I looked forward to resuming our workouts, body building and daily cum sharings. I knew that the village lay due north, so when we headed northwest instead I got curious. It was then that Akar told me that he had been summoned to the village of the Elders and, as matching partners, we needed to go together.

We were there by midday. When Darat saw Akar's newly expanded muscle, he seemed truly pleased and even suggested to Akar that this more richly muscled body would certainly help him in improving his chances to be selected as one of The Four soon. Akar expressed pleasure and honor at Darat's confidence in him. When Darat saw me, he exploded with joy. Grabbing hold of my arm as he did those few months ago on the beach, he pushed me to flex my bicep for him again. This time he looked me approvingly in the eye and his hands traced the new scale of my meat upper arm. "Now you are finally becoming a man of scale and value here." Darat applauded me and squeezed my bicep to measure its greater density. "Whatever Akar is doing with you, Mortumee, have him continue doing it."

I nodded my agreement as I smiled inside about how much neither Darat nor Akar knew of my desires to have Akar continue to do the same things with me. Darat asked that he and Akar be able to spend some time together so he had one of the local Guardians show me to our hut for the night. I wasn't certain, but I believed it to be the same one where I was lodged on my very first day on the island.

Akar came to join me near sunset. He was very happy. He told me just how pleased Darat and the other members of the Elder Council were with my progress and my assimilation. They also seemed happy with the way I was honoring the arrangement between my people and the Elders. Akar acknowledged that he didn't quite know what that meant but, after all, not everything is everybody's business.

In the morning, Akar was still seemed filled with happiness though I had noticed that he had slept much less comfortably than even on a typical night. Twice I had awakened with his arm resting across my chest. Twice I had let it stay there.

As I lay awake enjoying the sensations of Akar's tender arm meat pressing against my stiffened pecs and tickling the nearer nipple of my hard man-tit, my cock rose to full mast hoping that his hand would spill across it's poled tower when he finally shifted position again.

While my body pleasured itself with Akar's unknowing touch, I wondered how and if Fon and Samut touched in the privacy of the night. I wondered if they slept with their immense bodies interlocked in some form of perfect muscle embrace and, if so, just how to giant masses of pure muscle such as them did that. Different visions of them engaged at various levels of shared passion filled my wild imagination.

Did Fon and Samut fuck? Considering the scale of their cocks, could they fuck? Did they take turns smothering each other's massively flexed muscles with tongued appreciation? Imagine how long it would take to cover just one of Samut's ass cheeks with wetting kisses of adoration or to traverse the expanse of Fon's unfurled upper back and thick lats with a soothing tonguing?

Thoughts of the fingers of these two phenomenal muscle machines exploring the continental surfaces of each others quaking muscles stirred my cock to wave rigidly close to Akar's sliding arm on my abs. I dreamed of Fon's young hands searching Samut's endless biceps; counting the various splits and coils of the larger man's diamond, hard flexed arm meat. Learning the power of Samut's invincible muscle shield through touch and playful pressure. I could see Samut tightening his flexes so that Fon was forced to work harder and harder to enjoy the sensations of his boiling muscles and pressurized ropes of veining.

I could see images of Samut nibbling at Fon's parade of shoulder muscle twitching and coiling with each bite. If they couldn't fuck, then perhaps they took turns shoving their stunning cock posts in between the flexing inner thigh meat of their partner until cum burst out from behind the squeezing rear leg biceps and splattered the hot cream on the lower reaches of their striated ass muscles. Maybe the best that they could do was to straddle one another's impossibly small waists and force their steely cocks into the walled valley between the clenched mountains of pec meat using their breasts as massive cock-massage devices until cum covered their nodding and approving chins.

I could imagine Fon atop the small of Samut's back pistoning his beautiful cock between Samut's writhing mounds of gluteal muscle as the capturing ass muscles threatened to crush Fon's embedded concrete- like column. Then Samut would lay his most special cock in the crook between Fon's extended arm and Fon would envelope part of the 20" sausage shaft into his flexed bicep and thundering forearm muscles. Samut would power the full length of his unparalleled meat through the armed muscle trap as Fon added and reduced the pressure on Samut's cock by turning his wrist and flexing his arm over and over again.

If they could and did fuck, who fucked whom? Was there enough natural lubricant available to permit an easier entry of either staggering cock into the warm, moist cavity of the partner? My guess was that, in a fucking situation, it had to be Fon entering Samut. At least, that's how I wanted it to be. Fon, with his gorgeous 18" meat would patiently drive the head and then the shaft into Samut's superlative ass as the huge bottom man offer the primed beef of his butt for Fon's wanting hands to enjoy. Inch by fabulous inch, Samut would swallow Fon's solid cock until the younger man's balls rung out against the base of Samut's ass. Samut would have to be laid spread- eagle over the edge of a table so that his gargantuan organ would have space to react to Fon's internalized stuffing.

The pain of Fon's initial insertion would soon make Samut's lusting mind swoon with pleasure. Their balls would kiss each other with every throttled thrust of Fon's cock into Samut. Fon's body would turn into a rigid statue of perfect muscle just as he got ready to erupt. His young cum would soon fill Samut's sucking intestine only adding to the filling sensation. Fon would continue to gush out cum and pump with unbridled passion until every ounce of hot cream had been forced out. Using their amazing ability to remain hard, Fon would slide his piped cock out of Samut. Then the massive cum- receiver would turn over onto his back with his still aching meat- monster begging to be pleasured.

Now it would be Fon's turn. Climbing up high over his colossal lover, Fon would position his tender sphincter opening so that it was just touching the dripping lips of Samut's cock head. Samut would wait patiently as Fon let his anal opening stretch carefully until it could absorb the full scale of Samut's 3" cock cap. Only a few inches of Samut's majestic cock shaft would be entombed in Fon before the cobra flair would push against the ring of over-stimulated sphincter muscle. Fon would not want to let his lover down and would cautiously settle onto more and more of the widening shaft. Groans of love-pain would escape from Fon as the attacking cock threatened to destroy the very trove of pleasure into which it was trying to get.

In my imaginary love life between Fon and Samut, of course Fon would be able to ingest all of Samut's towering cock. Forcing the great shaft in and out using the power of his squatting legs, Fon would work Samut into a frenzy of explosive lust. Heat and friction would combine inside of Fon's ass to trigger the ultimate orgasm. For every ounce of cum that Fon had placed into Samut, the larger cock would inject two into Fon. The volume of cum filling Fon would become so great that it would be forced along the sides of Samut's pumping cock shaft and slither out from Fon's sucking sphincter.

Suddenly, Akar turned; snapping me back to reality. Sweat covered my excited body but, as luck would have it, Akar's swinging arm missed the power of my waving cock.

In the waking hours of the morning, Akar still spoke of great happiness. I assured him that I was equally pleased that I could perform honorably for him in the eyes of the Elders. Akar was grateful for that too, plus, it seemed that the Elders had summoned him not just to check up on my status, but also to let him know of his assignment for a Soft One mating session that would happen in just two weeks.

Akar was pleased because the one assigned to him had already given birth to three of his children – and they were all boys. The Council liked the results of their breeding and believed the Soft One to be primed for one more male birthing. Akar said that she was good because she knew how to handle him and could, as he put it, "contain much of me within her".

Once again the truth of my imaginary dreams about Akar and me were left in shattered, unspoken pieces deep within my devastated heart and mind. •

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