At Will

By Musclebuff

*This story is dedicated with reverence to FanTCdude and Absman*

*An affidavit from the Company's records.*

Well it's finally happened. If you're rich, as rich as I am through no fault of my own, you can now buy your perfect domestic humanoid replica in any sex or shape you desire. You can have it have it programmed for any activity from housework and cooking to sex, active or passive. And it will be indistinguishable from the real thing.

I have a financial interest in the Company so it was inevitable that they would keep me abreast of such developments, When I received the conclusive e-mail I made a swift assessment of my current liquid assets,then made an appointment to meet the Programmers.

He would of course be male and, as I am an advanced bodybuilder myself,he would have to have a very superior set of muscles. Superior to any known pro bodybuilder.

First we discussed his duties.

"We have several pre-programmed schemes on which we can base your domestic requirements, sir, kitchen, secretarial, mechanical and household maintenance, chauffeur....... etcetera etcetera - if you would just run your eye down the options..."

That was soon over. Now, to the important things. First of all, appearance. I'd given a lot of thought to this over the months and I was ready for the sketch artist to prepare a build-up on the computer screen. Six foot six tall, chest sixty inches, shoulder width three foot six, bicep 23, waist 32, thigh 32, calf and neck same as the biceps.

I was then directed to a full-height screen on which the outline of the image was projected from the front, feet apart, and in profile.. I was asked to compare the size with myself. The screen also carried my mirror image super-imposed on the outline.

"A little more quad, I think - the neck should be slightly wider than the jaw but not too much ........... yes, that's most satisfactory."

Now we had the outline it was time to fill in the musculature. This was done in record time by the computer who already had the data of the desired dimensions. Only the face was a blank. First I chose shortish, straight blonde hair. Then I handed the artist four photographs Gunther Schlierkamp, Brad Pitt, Bruce Patterson and Jay Cutler - and asked him to make a meld of them. The result was immediately devastating.

"A little more jaw - eyes a slightly darker blue and slightly larger - more cleft to the chin - slightly fuller lips - no, that's too much, looks like botox, yes, better, full and inviting but not pouty nose very slightly longer. Let's make the hair a little thicker keep it short, though! Oh, yes! Nearly there... Now give him a really golden tan all over - no tan lines..."

As he worked on the tan the full body began to fill out in color and shape. Quite remarkable.

"You need to thicken the upper pecs and round out the lower ones a bit - slightly fuller - that's it. More definition to the delts and traps. Pull the lateral delts out an inch. More thickness to the six-pack and make it an eight - yeah - emphasize the gracilis more - still more - whoa! Back a notch. Yes. Oh, and balance the outer calf better with the inner."

I finally had a picture of my ideal musclegod on the screen.

"If you would turn round sir, you can see him full-size in the mirror."

I gasped. The likeness was so amazing, I felt I could reach out and touch him. As I did so I felt an embarrassing eruption in my pants and had to sit down rather suddenly. Not, however, unnoticed.

"Not to worry, sir - I am sure that will be the general course of these interviews. Now," a slight deprecating cough here, " the er, sexual proclivities. First of all, how would you want to program his active/passive proportions?"

"Oh, 60-40, I should think."

A raised eyebrow.

"That's to say, 60 active, 40 passive."

"I would suggest you might be happier with 80-20?"

I shrugged. If he thought so........

"Yes, in the long run, much happier." He opined.

He went on to explain that there would be no inhibitions, that the muscle-god would be available at any time of day or night, that there would be a remote that determined, depth, speed, violence level, front or back, suck reaction etc. Those matters were quickly settled to my satisfaction (by now I was gasping in anticipation of delivery) when the Programer surprised me with a couple of other facts.

"He will come to you provided with all the synthesized nutrients he needs and I am happy to tell you that, when you receive these as a result of - ah -being fucked or of blowing his load, you yourself will benefit from them extremely, aiding you with an increased and speedier muscle growth. Also, you will find that his mammary arteries (not usually used by men) will enable you to suck the muscle-milk from his nipples, should you so desire and, believe me, that is some very powerful stuff!"

Should I so desire.........

"Should he run out of these supplies or manifest any irregularity, our hotline is at your disposal 24/7/365 and a mechanic will be at your door within a half-hour. No charge of course, except for the supply of nutrients."

Financial matters being concluded, papers of ownership signed and all that, I raced home to get out of my cum-sodden pants and to throw myself with crazy abandon into a workout in my private gym.. Soon my own personal muscle-god would be here to work out with me - or to work me out!

The only glitch in the entire proceedings, at least to begin with, was that they failed to warn me of the exact day of delivery. When the doorbell rang some weeks before I expected it, I almost fainted on the spot at what was waiting outside for me. Here was the living, breathing image of the god I had only seen frozen on the screen. Only now did I realize just how magnificent a thing had been created for my personal benefit.

He stood there, smiling rather seriously, in all his semi-naked glory. Eight inches taller than me, so I had to get rather, no very close to be able to look up at his face. He was wearing, only, a purple and black striped helanca one-piece wrestling singlet and black wrestling boots.

Human or humanoid, he was not impervious to the heat and his golden muscles were shining gloriously with sweat. The shoulder straps emphasized the magnitude of his delts which were wider than the doorframe; his biceps bunched up breathtakingly as he shook my hand; the quads swept wide out of the short tight legs of the suit which barely contained a thick nine inches (soft) and the tennis-ball sized nuts. Tearing my glance upwards to his amused smile I noticed, on the way, that his nips were steel hard, probably the length of my thumbs, and about to rip holes in the helanca.

MY libido raged and it was all I could do to prevent myself from throwing my body against his before the door was even closed. However, he was carrying two brushed steel suitcases and lugging a huge trunk of the same material. He politely moved past me and installed all the metal-ware in my lobby, closed the door and faced me. Towered over me. Proudly, he showed me his credentials: a small silver disc set in the nape of his neck, with an Omega and the number 969. Then he waved an apologetic hand at the cases.

"My things. Sir, I am very happy to be here at your service. I hope I will never disappoint you."

"Er - I'm sure you won't!" Gulp. "Let me show you to your quarters." He hefted the two cases and followed my down the passage tp the rooms that had been prepared for him to the specifications of the Company. It was pretty Spartan, but the bed was huge - mattress made of a special NASA-formed tempurpedic stuff that would give sufficiently when he laid his full weight on top of me. Otherwise I might be crushed. He lay down on it for a moment to test it, gave me a rather roguish smile, and went to collect the huge trunk which I guessed contained "supplies" of one kind or another.

I swiftly showed him the gym, the pool, the kitchen and gave him a brief tour of the rest of the house. He looked at the space-age watch on his wrist and announced "I will prepare your lunch. Please be ready in a half-hour. Then we will have a short rest together before your first fuck, followed by today's workout."

"Yes, sir!" I found myself intoning in bemused fashion.

"No, thank you, sir!"

He departed kitchen-wards. I collapsed on the nearest armchair and took several very deep breaths to control my shaking self. "Your first fuck rest together - today's workout........"

Almost immediately a delicious light and healthful lunch was delivered, then it was time for "our" nap.

"Never work out nor have sex immediately after a meal," he intoned. (They had given him Gunther's voice, the seductive bastards ! ) 'Blood is needed for digestion. On this occasion, while we are resting together, I suggest you insert this - it may help to accustom you to my size."

He held out a gleaming metal butt-plug and a bottle of lube.

"Insert kit, I will activate it, and we will lie down together - on my bed - for a while."

"He led me courteously to his bedroom and sat on the bed while he politely pulled off my tee and removed my shorts."

"Ah - good cock! I can see we will enjoy each other."

I blushed as he turned me around and proceeded to lube my ass-hole, then bent me over to insert the sizeable plug."

"Now, you may lie down while I connect this."

Bemused, I did as I was told while he connected the cable running from the plug into the back of his metal trunk. I could see a very thick cable running from the latter into the wall-receptacle. He stripped naked, leaving me gasping again, then returned to the bed and lay beside me, first clicking on some kind of remote which immediately activated a pleasant hum against my prostate.

"You should take this opportunity to acquaint yourself with my muscles while the plug converts your interior to the necessary size. I suggest you do not attempt to lick, suck or kiss at this time - nor jack my dick nor yours - until our rest period is over. At that time I will activate proceedings."

He lay back and closed his eyes. Now I could assess his giant magnitude, if from a rather unfavorable angle. His dick lay dormant across one huge quad, even thicker than it had seemed under the helanca, The huge pecs rose and fell in profile and the noble head seemed to be asleep.

He had told me to "acquaint myself" with his muscles, so I sat up to do just that. As soon as my hands made contact with his cool, satin flesh, the plug started to hum more insistently and grew slowly to some large size, forcing more gasps from me. Then it would subside, then swell again, clearly working to some program.

I stroked the swelling pecs, the bunched biceps (his hand were behind his head), the great traps curving down from the monumental delts to the armor-plated eight-pack. I ran my greedy palms across the alpine ridges and on to those impossibly divided and vascular quads. Even though he was not human, it seemed as if the blood was in fact coursing through those muscles at high speed.

Only when I dared to caress the inside of his thighs near his crotch did a hand come down to push me gently flat. "Sleep now!" My libido was playing such hell with my emotions, I dropped off almost immediately, even though I was conscious of that plug expanding and contracting in my fuck-path.

I woke to feel a large cool hand gently squeezing my dick. My eyes opened to see this golden giant leaning over me.

"A few things we must discuss before we start to fuck. First of all, you should know that while I am programmed to suggest workouts, meals, and sex at given times of day, I am sure you understand I am at your command at any time of day or night and that you may override the program with the simple command "Later!" or "Sex, or fuck, or lunch, or workout NOW." This will re-set my program accordingly so as not to inconvenience you in any way. Please turn over."

He extracted the plug and I missed the hum more than I expected.

"Now we will fuck - but we will start slowly so as to accustom you to my techniques and to give you the opportunity to suggest alterations which will then be programmed immediately.

"Please examine the remote carefully. You should get your fingers accustomed to knowing exactly where each button lies without looking. It is not activated at the moment so you may experiment."

As the Programer had promised there were buttons for speed, depth, degree of violence, fore, aft, suck and fuck, many of which could be pressed in combinations. And, of course, START and STOP. And END.

"Of course you can also prompt me verbally but it may not always be convenient - perhaps you will be shouting other things in your , your ecstacy. Or maybe you will have asked me to gag you - perhaps with my fat cock?"

"And what does AT WILL mean?"

"Ah. That is when you want me to control the situation as I wish. Or as I have been programmed to do without your commands. At my will, in fact. That will ensure the most intense sessions you could possibly enjoy -without any interruption by your will."

"But isn't that a bit - ?"

"Dangerous? Perhaps. It is something you might not wish to use until we are much better acquainted. Eventually we may be so well attuned that the remote will not be necessary - when our brain-waves will also have become very well acquainted."

Before I could quite digest this he laid a paw on my dick and put one of mine on his.

"All you have to do now is say ACTIVATE and things will begin at once. Do not worry if this session a short one. Just enjoy me!"

I certainly will! The moment is here at last.


Under my hand his dick swelled and stretched to enormous proportions, The growth was so powerful that it pushed my hand upward toward his pecs where its tip reached his impossibly deep cleavage.

Mine had shot up to its full nine inches and was throbbing at an insane rate. My head was now propelled towards his dick-head and my lips greedily opened to encompass as much of it as I could. I lifted the remote, still in my hand, and looked for FUCK+FORE. He started to force his dick into my throat but, on this first "acquaintance" it couldn't get very far.

When I finally let it go, I pulled myself up to the level of his head.

"On top of me!" I hissed, and he rolled his bulk over, pec to pec, mouth to mouth. He almost drove the wind out of me with his weight, but I was so involved with sucking his tongue into my throat that I failed to notice for some time that his dick was still dry-fucking FORE on my abs. I wrapped my legs around that armor-plated waist and pressed FUCK+AFT.

I lay back as he hoisted my legs still higher over his shoulders and expertly positioned his huge fuck-rod in between my glutes.

"FUCK ME!" I commanded verbally and pressed SLOW. At once he drove into me and I understood at once why the plug had been "converting" me. The huge flesh-pole filled my entire being which was now gently, but thoroughly ploughed. I dared to press DEEPER and FASTER and almost regretted it - but not for long. I started to moan as I realized this man was MINE and my mind was filled with muscle-delirium.

I pressed VICIOUS just to see what his pile-driving might be like. His jaw tensed, his eyes rolled back and he started to mutter in some computer-babble language as his dick swelled even more and rammed into my depths. Gasping with delight I must accidentally have pressed AT WILL because he started to go crazy.

First he almost withdrew, then he started full depth strokes which began slow and ended with a sharp jab to max insertion. After a while he pulled half-way out and began to rotate his hips, causing his pole to rub hard against parts of me that had never known man then it was full depth, hard, fast and vicious. It was terrifying but so exciting that I splurted my copious splooge all over his face and my abs. He was still going at full speed after my last spasm had subsided and I was compelled to yell STOP! The command apparently not only stopped the action but caused him to erupt in my innermost parts. I felt my tubes somehow sucking this into me and energizing me at the same time.

Sweat poured off the both of us. He got up and washed me down with a warm damp cloth. He sat and leaned over me.

"That was perhaps unwise at our first session - but I understand it was a mistake. If you had not shouted STOP I might have done you some damage as your tubes are not YET fully accustomed to my equipment. But that will not take long, I am sure."

All through his little lecture I caressed his muscles - satin on steel, so thick,so hard, so beautiful. I found my dick spasming again as I pressed the giant's pecs upon my own and wrapped my arms around the living boulder of a back. Strangely I felt energized by this abbreviated fuck session, not shagged out at all.

He got up to activate some computer lock on the huge cabin-trunk and it swung open to reveal a cabinet of mystery: part laboratory, part storage, part freezer.

He made me drink a good pint of some protein preparation which both warmed and froze my innards as I drank it. He swallowed a jug of the same stuff. The he pressed one of those giant pecs into my hands and guided my face to the big nip.

"Now SUCK!"

Soon I was rewarded with a spurt of liquid tasting very like the protein drink - only this muscle-milk bent my mind out of shape as if I had swallowed a ton of Ecstacy.

"Now you are ready to work out!"

And, shit, I was!

He soon taught me what working out was really about - form, schedules, supplements, rest and soon I started to see the benefits. Over the weeks I grew and grew.

The days were full: two workouts, six meals, two naps, three fuck sessions yeah I was happy. I was fulFILLED.

Gradually the meals became more and more of his liquid preparations and less and less meat and potatoes. As well as the super-nourishment I was getting from receiving or imbibing his powerful muscle milk three times a day - and always before workouts. How could I help but grow?

It wasn't long before I realized that I'd fallen in love with this muscle-monster and he was showing increasing signs of affection towards me: hands ruffling my hair, arms folded around me while I was reading. On many occasions I woke up to find him leaning over me with a smile.

Workouts were sacrosanct - no funny stuff but often at the end he'd let me feel his pumped-up muscles. Explore the amazing valleys and ridges between striations, trace the path of the huge veins that fed his musculificence with my tongue: from the succulent pecs, over the alpine ridges of his abs, down the slope of his obliques as they poured down towards his fuck-meat. He'd lean over a bench-press and press my face between the huge, striated glutes, as I teased his ass-hole with my insistent and greedy tongue. Oh, sure, he loved that! It would nearly always lead to a fuck there and then. So would a hungry licking of the underside of his erect fuck-meat, the swallowing of his huge nuts, the sucking of my lips along the sides of his cock until I could no longer resist plunging the swollen corona into my hot mouth.

Often this led to him sitting me on his velvety, thick steel rod and taking me for a gallop. I guess this counted towards his 20% passivity, the rest being when he sucked me off with a finger or two stuck up my ass, He only had to do that and I would activate AT WILL with greater and greater frequency.

Then he would go wild. Wonderfully wild. Fucking wonderfully wild.

Eventually I was able to sustain his mammoth fucks in seventeen different positions without activating the Cry Uncle button. Full depth, full speed, fully vicious, But sometimes he would start by being incredibly gentle and work up to a passion. At others he would tear into me, roaring like a crazy man until his considerable lust was sated. Eventually I learned to control my splooging until he was ready and we could erupt together. Those were the best of the good times.

After two or three months I noticed I was getting to be more and more like him. Not as big yet, but a lot bigger. The first thing I noticed was that my hair was getting coarser and developing a golden sheen to match my increasingly burnished tan. Then it was my dick. One evening he sat holding our dicks in his two hands, comparing the size. He started to frot them both in his calloused hands, bringing them swiftly to full erection. Only then did I see that mine was now as thick as his, if not as yet quite as long, and that my corona had actually changed shape to match his.

"Satisfactory progress!" he said, before going down on mine. We were soon sixty-nining it and this led inevitably to a major fuck session. It was as if this new discovery had fueled something extra in his libido and that night he made me come twice before he allowed the usual eruption in my innards. Still connected, he pulled my head down on to his swollen iron pillow pecs.

"Now suck! I'll give you a lot more tonight, and tomorrow you will see more changes,"

I sucked on his big, hard nip with delighted abandon. He shoved a big finger or two up my ass as if to spur me on and it wasn't long before a good pint flowed from his sensitive nip down my throat. Then he hoisted me on to the other side for another pint. This part of my diet always made me fall asleep, head cushioned on those pecs which never seemed to be depleted after a milking.

In the morning he stood me beside him in front of the big mirror. My head came up to his eyes - it had only been up to his chin, I thought, And, yes, my pecs were a lot fuller - and more vascular.

I looked at him in wonder as he massaged my pecs. He grinned, and moved one of my hands on to his muscular marvels.

"Soon your nips'll be pointing down and I'll be milking you! "

It was at about that time that I noticed little irregularities in his programing. Nothing much - maybe a few extra fuck-strokes after I'd activated END, and an unwillingness to stop after we'd been going AT WILL and we'd both cum. When the few extra strokes became many, I thought it was time to call the hot-line, which I did, feeling a bit treacherous, when he was busy in the kitchen.

True to the Company's word, the mechanic arrived in twenty minutes. I was somewhat surprised to see it was the Programer himself - not as surprised as my Prize who turned an accusing eye on me when he had answered the door. Tactfully he returned to the kitchen in a sorrowful silence.

I gave the Programer my reasons for calling him.

"Oh, minor problems, sir. They'll only take a moment to adjust."

He paused as he was about to leave the room and gave me an appraising look.

"It seems as if you have been benefitting from His attentions, sir? Much improved, if I may say so."

I blushed.

"And I know how much you have both been enjoying yourselves - you see, we have to monitor the information He automatically transmits to us while he is enjoying you. Valuable data for our files, you understand?"

I didn't but I let it go. He called Him from the kitchen and had him lie on the bed. The big cabinet was opened and the Programer produced some small tools from his brushed metal briefcase. As he bent over the case I was surprised to see he too had a small silver disc set in the nape of his neck. I had a few twinges of nerves when the adjustments made caused Him to spasm a little. I sat on the bed and laid a comforting hand on his chest.

"Oh, very nice!"

I wondered whether he was referring to the domestic scene on the bed or to the adjustments he had now completed.

"One last thing - I need to attune you to Him - would you place a finger or two on the disc at the back of his neck. Yes, and leave the other hand on his chest, if you would."

I did as I was told.

"Ready?" said the little man as he donned a pair of dark glasses.

"Sure!" I said nervously. Something was pressed or a dial was turned, don't know what, but there was a brilliant flash from the cabinet and I felt an electric shock zing through me from my hands to my nuts. Immediately He sat up and put his arms around me, almost as if to protect me. The Programer closed case and cabinet and turned slowly towards us.

"Excellent. Quite excellent. Of course, one or the other can always call us if there are any further problems, but I really doubt if there will be. Oh, and I've brought a new additive we have been working on to add to your nutrition program. Just add one of these vials to the tank every time you refill it. I think you'll find a substantial increase in your growth factor. One every two days should do it."

I saw him to the door where we had a quiet word.

"I'm really grateful this has turned out to be fucking wonderful sorry, he's turned out to be everything I desired! "

"Oh, I know, sir! So glad you're pleased. I can tell from your vastly improved appearance that the whole scheme has been a great success. And, "laying a conspiratorial hand on my naked arm, "I can assure you things can only get better and better from here on!" And he was gone.

I turned from the door to find Him right behind me.

"Thank you for that," he said and swept me into a spontaneous embrace something he had never done before. My dick, which was never less than semi-tumescent these days, immediately sprang to full mast between his humongous quads which squeezed it tight.

"Let's fuck!" I breathed.

And for the first time he was disobedient.

"No, lunch first, fuck afterwards!"

This statement was to mark a turning-point in our relationship which, from here on out, achieved a much more intimate state of equality. Day by day he became more of a friend and less of a servant. I liked it.

Meanwhile he regaled me with a quart of newly-constituted nutrition which now had a reddish tinge as a result of the new additive. Whether it was that, or His increased warmth, I felt hornier than ever and the after-lunch sex session was one of our best. His huge body seemed to consume me, to possess me as I squirmed my growing muscle under his, locked at one end by his tongue wrestling mine and by his pounding fuck-pole at the other.

Indeed, from now on, sex became wilder, inhibitions and propriety thrown to the wind. After we had both exploded we flung ourselves into the pool and started all over again, above water and below it. He forced my aching dick against the powerful intake jet of the pool while he fucked me from the rear, his fingers clenched on my nips which more sensitive than ever.

He pulled me out of the pool and flung me down on one of the inflatables. He knelt beside me, stuck a finger up my well-used ass-hole, and proceeded to suck, hard, on one of my nips. Suddenly my whole body gave a lurch, there was a ping inside the nip and I could feel stuff flowing from it as he sucked it from me. Then the other side.

"Not much," he grinned, "but there will be more!"

"Much" or not, whatever, it turned him into a mad thing. He tore at my muscles and I tore at his. For the first time ever he sat on my dick and bounced happily up and down while I clutched at his pecs.

"So this is what it's like!" he laughed. "No wonder you want so much of it!"

But as soon as I jetted into him he had me turned on my face and ploughed me furiously.

This pattern repeated itself day by day. Although the routine was strictly adhered to: fuck, meal, workout, meal, nap, fuck, meal, workout, meal, R- and-R period, meal, fuck, sleep - the workouts and the fuck sessions became more and more intense.

After a week or so of sheer madness I realized we hadn't been using the remote.

"Oh, you don't need that any more - I told you we'd eventually become attuned!"

It was also then that I realized we were on AT WILL in every session.

But through it all I was growing, growing. And sex was wilder and wilder. He was more like a lover every day - even if he was becoming a masterful lover. I didn't mind that either. Some times I thought I'd gone muscle-sex crazy: I was as insatiable as He had become and all I wanted was to be used by Him in whatever way he chose. Possessed, in fact.

My new musculificence was my reward.

Came the day when the mirror revealed I was now practically His clone. I was as tall as He, our muscles had definitely been cloned from each other, we had the same tawny hair, the same tan the only differences were minor facial ones and the fact that I had brown eyes while His were that devastating sapphire blue.

"It's time to report our success to the Office, " he said as he hugged me close, no longer looking down on me. "You call them, or shall I?"

"You do it," I said, "then come back to bed. I need a good fuck."

He left the front door on the latch and obliged. We were in mid-fuck, me on my back with my legs clenching His waist, when the door opened and there was the Programer. Our current activity did not seem to surprise him: he never turned a hair as he stood there at the end of the bed, briefcase in hand. It didn't disturb my partner either as He continued to fuck me in my favorite position.

"Why, yes, I can see he's quite ready for us - even in that position! You think he's ready for conversion?"

Looking back on it, I realized I was so besotted that this strange question went in one of my ears and out the other.

"Oh, yes. Quite ready. More than ready!" He said as he leaned down to give me a kiss.

"Well, I must congratulate you - the powers-that-be will be ecstatic at your success."

"I am too," I breathed, never taking my eyes off those sapphires three inches away from my face.

"Oh, quite, I can see that not that your opinion is really of interest any longer."

If I had been sober this remark would have given me cause for thought but, as it was, I just shoved my pelvis that much harder on His fucking fuck-pole to encourage a more vicious attack.

"Well, I have all the papers for transference of Property with me. You think you can persuade him to sign them?"

"With my dick up him, " he gave an extra violent shove to my libidinous interior, "he'll do anything I want, won't you, lover?"

That was the first time he's ever used the word. I was ecstatic.

"Of course - anything! Just fuck me!"

The Programer held a pen and a clip-board with document attached over His back so I could reach around Him to sign it.

"Should he read it first?" sad the Programer, retreating a little. "Coercion you know?"

Why the fuck did I need to read anything just at this moment? He was all that mattered to me. Three more violent prods of The Fuck-Rod and I said "Naw. I trust Him, don't I, Lover?

"You'd better!" he laughed.

So I signed. The Programer hastily put the paper away and addressed Him in his usual formal way.

"Thus will confirm that he has signed his complete assets over to you, physical and financial -- except for the twenty percent which you will be due to pay over to the Company. This includes his personal self in the bodily form which we have created between us - "

"Which I have created, thank you!" He said in steely tones.

"Yes, yes, of course! This makes him your possession - to enjoy at will. Shall we proceed with the Conversion, so that the aging process is halted?"

"Sure, "He said, "Pass me the gear."

While the Programer fetched a strange sort of helmet-thing from the cabinet, He coaxed me half-way into an understanding of what they were about to do.

"Now, I promise this isn't going to hurt you - in fact, you'll enjoy it. And after it you'll be very, very happy. And so will I! Now, I want you to put your fingers on my ID plate........"

I let him close the helmet over my head. I could now see nothing, hear nothing but a hum that sent tremors through my entire body. His hand placed mine on the nape of His neck, and his dick remained firmly within me.

I felt a sudden violent jolt at the back of my neck, and a succession of the same which swept over my entire body, downwards from my neck and upwards from my feet. Both waves came to rest simultaneously in my dick and balls and, at the point of juncture, I felt another huge jolt up my backside one which He must have felt in his dick too.

The helmet was removed. The Programer and his papers had vanished. We were alone. He was nursing the back of my neck. I put a hand up and felt the metal disc that had been installed. I felt proud. Proud to be His.

"Yep. Omega 970. Feel OK?"

"Fuck yes! Feel wonderful! You gonna go on with the fuck?"

"No. You've got no idea what I'm gonna do, now or ever, so don't worry your big self. You'll get so much fucking, you won't know yourself! But now it's food time! Fetch that jug from the kitchen, will you, lover? We both got to get bigger!"

I was so happy, feeling so wondrously free and so fucking full of some new energy, I didn't even notice how our positions had suddenly been reversed. Nor did I care - then or ever.

I was His, that was all that mattered to me.

His forever -

To use -

AT WILL. ** * * * **

The triumphant success of this conversion encouraged many others to follow its lead. At first it was of course only available to the very rich but, as the Company's funds increased and when Converted subjects began to be seen in High Office throughout the country, laws were passed to ensure its general availability through the newly generated National Health Service.

Physique contests became as popular as the best Hollywood Movies and the orgies that ensued on every occasion ensured many thousands of new converts. The conversion method replaced all steroid activity and, as athletes in all sports achieved maximum benefit from the process, ninety percent of the population, heterosexual as well as homosexual, benefitted from their shining example to apply for and receive Conversion.

This first affidavit is preserved in the Halls of Congress and is reprinted here by permission of the Government as the beacon that led our Nation, indeed the World, to its present happy state of sexually-driven

Musculificence. •

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