At The Y

By jscapps

When I started High School I had a problem that became the best thing ever to happen to me. When one starts high school of course you can't drive yet. I didn't want to ride the bus. All the jocks rode it and picked on me mercilessly. I was a little fellow at 14, being only about 5'2" and weighing in at about 104. It was no fun being picked on by a 6' 175 older guy.

I thought it was terrible that I had to go across the street from the school to the Y and that my folks couldn't pick me up till around 6 each night. But it was better than riding the bus and having to sit around the empty house. The Y had ping pong, a pool (indoor and outdoor), a gym to play basketball, and well-equipped gym.

At first I just sat around, played ping-pong, and occasionally swam.

But one day I was in the hall when this guy passed me. He wasn't as tall as what you think a big man is, but he was big! I had never seen muscles on a guy like him. His arms looked like he had a ham stuffed under the skin, his shoulders were wide and thick with muscle. It looked like he had softballs under the flesh. His chest was huge with great big pecs and his waist disappeared under his tank top. When I later saw him with out the shirt his abs were cut with sharp lines of muscle. His legs were huge and muscular, his calves large diamonds of muscle.

I couldn't do anything but stare. I went down to the weight room and pretended I was working out, just so I could look at him I was so awed.

After a few days he noticed my watching and came over to talk to me.

His name was Tom; he was 19 years old and had been lifting weights for just about three years. He said he needed a work out buddy and asked if I would like to.

When he asked I looked down at my scrawny body and asked how he expected me to help him? He said he didn't care, it helped have someone to be with and encourage. He said he could put muscle on my puny body in no time if I just did what he told me.

I said yes, and the next we started. I came in with sweat pants and a sweatshirt, which he immediately told me, was not acceptable. He wanted me in a tank top and gym shorts so he could watch how I was moving with the weights. I didn't have any so the next day he brought some for me.

I looked really pathetic in them, but to please Tom kept on coming.

The first couple of weeks were terrible for me. My muscles ached.

Every inch of my body was hurting. He told me to keep it up and soon I would feel great. He was right. After the third week, most of aches and pains had gone and I thought I was beginning to see some muscles on my arms! In fact Tom mentioned that it looked like my arms were bigger! I added five pounds on each exercise that day! After a month of working out for 2 1/2 hours each day I could begin to see some difference. Tom started bringing some supplements for me to take. Apparently he was fairly well off and could afford these things.

I was taking protein supplements and creatine as well as vitamins.

After working out daily for three months I could tell a big difference.

I'll never forget the time when I was in gym at school at the looker changing clothes when the guy next to me said, "Hey John, you been working out?" I looked at him and said, "Yeah, why do you ask?" He said, "It really looks like your arms are getting bigger!" That really charged me up. I was bigger, but not much and I just kept it up.

By the end of school it was obvious that I had put on muscle. I had grown to be 5' 5" and now weighed in at 130 lbs. Not big, but not bad considering how I started the school year.

That summer I kept working out, taking supplements and Tom began to give me shots of HGH (human growth hormone) and I really took off! By the end of summer I had put on another 20lbs (150 lbs.) and grew another two inches. I was 5'7" When I started my upper arms had measured 10", my chest 34, my waist 30, my legs only 14" my calves at 10". I now had 15 inch arms, a 45 inch chest, my waist had actually shrunk to 29", my legs were 21 inches and calves were 15! I really looked good! And I was only 15 1/2 years old.

The kids at school couldn't believe the difference. I was being constantly asked if I was going out for football or some other sport.

Boys would call out, "Hey John, how big are you arms now?" "Hey Mr.

Muscles, help me move this table". All this really helped my ego grow! The clincher came one afternoon after Tom and I had worked out at the Y. One of the girls in school was there for her gymnastics class and had been watching us. When I came out of the locker room she said hi and started a conversation.

I hadn't been very good with girls, what with being so small before, and now being only 16. She asked if she could take me home. I had begun to walk home, which was only a few miles away to get in more exercise. I agreed to ride with her. She took me by the arm to go to the car. I could feel her squeezing my biceps so I flexed it for her. Her eyes got huge. She couldn't believe how hard and large it was.

When we got home it was almost 6, but there was a message on the answering machine that my mom and dad were going out to supper and to call for pizza. Sue said "That's great, do you mind if I eat with you, my folks are out as well" I said "Great!" After we had ordered pizza the subject of the Y came up. She told me about her gymnastics and asked me about my body building. I told here the story of meeting Tom and starting the year before. She said "You really have a great body, would you show me your muscles up close?" How could I say no? I took off my shirt and flexed for her. She asked if she could touch my muscles, I said sure! She couldn't believe how hard my arms, chest, and stomach, or how the muscles bunched up on my back! She asked if could see my legs. I went in the other room and put on my gym shorts and began to flex them. She reached down and touched them amazed at how hard they were. She was rubbing my thigh when I started to get a hard on. One thing that the supplements and exercise did for me was helping my dick look huge! With a narrow waist and tight hips it really stuck out.

I was really embarrassed, but she was so surprised that she reached out and touched me. I almost came right then and there. She came over and kissed me on the lips, on the neck and on my pecs. I kissed back and pulled her close, before I realized it she had her shirt off and was coming for me.

I had dreamed of this moment, but didn't think it would come in this way. She began by kissing me on the lips and then our tongues intertwined. About that time the Pizza guy came with our supper (drat!) and we stopped to eat. I kept my shirt off while we ate and she kept looking. Right after we ate we started again on the sofa. Before I knew it she was once again stroking my hard-on through my shorts and then her hand went under the waist band.

She pulled my pants off and went down on me sucking my 7 inch dick. She licked it like a lolly pop and then swallowed me. I didn't last to long and shot off down her throat and into her mouth. She swallowed it. Then she said, "My turn, eat me!" I had never done that before, but soon found her clit and licked it.

She began to scream and the most remarkable thing happened, she shot her juices all over my face! We began to hug and kiss again, my dick got hard again and she said, "Fuck me! And do it hard!" She pulled a condom from her bag and put it on me. I got up on top and slowly lowered myself into her tight snatch. I hit something hard and went back in this time pushing through. She gasped and began to moan as I went in and out, in and out of her. My hard muscular body tensed as we fucked. Her muscular body, hardened by gymnastics glistened with the sweat we were producing. In a few minutes of this she began to scream "Oh my God!" over and over and then jerked. I stopped for a few seconds and began to pump again till I felt that tingling feeling all over and shot my load into her. It was incredible. We repeated this as often as possible and I kept on working out at the gym. This year as a senior I entered a body building contest and won second place for my weight and height class. •

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