Atomic Muscle



By Corwin

It had been a year since Saylor had escaped from prison and met the doctor. At first, he was skeptical of the doctor's claims. Who wouldn't be? He looked down at the belt and laughed. How wrong he was! He pulled the belt to the twelfth notch and felt the flood of power. His clothes immediately became tighter and his arms ripped through his sleeves. His leather pants stretched to accommidate the dense hardness of his thighs. The doctor estimated he had the strength of over 500 powerlifters now, and Saylor loved it. Sure, the doctor made him use the strength to build a fortress of iron and steel. It was to protect them from the curious. Saylor looked at the 20 foot wall he had finished the day before. It kept the doctor in, but nothing that small could contain Saylor with his power. In a single leap he was over the wall.

The nearest town was 20 miles away. Saylor thought the local residents were hicks, but for his purpose, this didn't matter. He ran to the town, and got there in minutes. The doctor had clocked him at running over 500 miles per hour with the belt at maximum. Yet another benefit of the belt-given strength.

The bar Saylor approached had a line of choppers in front. One bike appeared to be specially manufactured for a big guy. It had heavy-duty shocks and a reinforced seat. Saylor had heard about a biker with unnatural strength on earlier trips to town. Saylor flexed his forty inch arm and grinned. There was a sound of sparks from the belt as his anticipation demanded more power. He brushed his fingers through his dark black hair and pushed the door open.

Saylor entered the establishment and walked up to the bar. "Whiskey," he demanded from the little man serving the drinks. "Make it a double." He heard a murmurring from the other patrons. It made him smirk. Why shouldn't they notice him. Sixty-five inch chest tapering to a 20 inch waist and forty nine inch leather covered thighs. Calves like footballs and diamond hard stretching the leather to the max. The bar-keep brought the whiskey and Saylor made a point of flexing his huge guns as he swallowed the contents in one gulp. He slammed the glass down with a thunderous 'boom' and declared, "Give me another."

This had the effect he wanted. From the back of the bar a hulking figure appeared. The man was six foot six if he was an inch. He wore a leather vest and denim jeans. The vest was open, unable to close around his massive chest and revealing arms that would intimidate any man. The jeans were skin tight, showing the deep cuts in his leg muscles as he approached the newcomer who dared invade his territory. Hanging on his massive right arm was a busty babe that Saylor knew to be 'his woman', at least temporarily.

The bar-keep brought the second double as the hulk arrived next to Saylor. The guy grabbed the whiskey and downed it. "Thanks kid. Needed that."

"I ain't no kid." Saylor replied.

The babe giggled. "He thinks he's a man, Butch. Take him down a notch, for me," she cooed.

Saylor grinned at the babe. "Hey sexy, when I beat this little dude of yours, I'll show you what a real man is like." Saylor grabbed his package that was already straining the leather, begging for release.

This got to Butch. "Fuck you, asshole. No one's as tough as me!" Butch flexed into a double bicep, each arm a good thirty-nine inches of hard muscle. The leather vest ripped, unable to contain the lat spread. Butch's ten pack and intercostals defined his twenty-eight inch waist, and made the massive sixty-nine inch spread even more impressive.

This display would have intimidated even Saylor had the doctor's words not run through his head. "Muscle size isn't everything. The belt changes the muscle, making it denser and harder. Even if a man could match your size, he can't match the density of your muscles and their ability to contract."

"Not bad," said Saylor confidently as he raised his larger biceps next to Butch's. Saylor spread his wings and his shirt made an audible rip, its tattered remains falling to the floor. Saylor's torso was slightly smaller than Butch, but much more ripped. His corded pecs hung over his incredibly small waist and his lats looked to be comprised of thick ropes of muscle. Saylor's olive skin contrasted with Butch's white bulk. Saylor grinned when he heard the babe utter a soft gasp at his hard body, and the sailor's buckel around his waist glinted briefly. "Still wanna take on these guns, little boy?" Saylor taunted.

Butch didn't reply, but helds his hands above his head, palms open and facing Saylor. "Take 'em down if you can."

Saylor reached up and locked his fingers around Butch's. Their fingers jostled for position -- Butch's thick fingers pressing into Saylor's. After several seconds, their grips firm, Butch says, "Ready and … go."

Both men's forearms explode into thickly veined muscles as they tighten their grips. Butch uses his extra height and pulled his arms higher, forcing Saylor to move closer and stand on tip toes or weaken his grip. Saylor did neither. Instead, hardening muscles traveled from his fingers up his forarm into his bicep, triceps, delts and lats, muscle that Butch can't control. Butch's hands are forced back to their starting position as Saylor stepped back and firmly planted his feet flat on the ground.

Butch couldn't believe the strength he was feeling, and knew he needed to conquer the kid fast. He called upon all his incredible strength and pushed against Saylor's mighty arms. Beads of sweat trickled down Butch's forehead as Saylor's arms began to move backward. Butch's arms and shoulders pumped up, equalling then passing the size of Saylor's. Butch began to smile as he strained to gain inch after inch over Saylor.

Saylor too began to sweat. He wasn't prepared for the extreme strength that Butch was now showing. He fought the power of the man, but he was losing. Saylor needed more power from the belt. As his arms became parallel with the floor and pushed slightly behind him, he flexed his amazing torso with all the power he had. The belt crackled and a lighting bolt tattoo on his abs glowed. Saylor's arms pumped to forty-five inches of super dense muscle -- the largest he had ever been. His chest expanded to 72 inches and his thighs ripped through his leather pants. Saylor's arms stopped moving backwards and began to push forward.

Butch couldn't believe the pump the kid was getting. Through his fingers, he could feel the kid becoming stronger and stronger, his own might being overtaken and conquered. He summoned all his reserve strength, but it wasn't enough. He began to lose. Butch had never been beat before, and the thought of a stronger man got to him. He felt his cock begin to twitch and expand in his jeans. As he felt his arms move backward, he flexed and pushed with everything he had, but it wasn't enough. Soon, Saylor's massive torso was pressing against his, Butch's arms squarely behind his back.

"Give up, wimp?" Saylor snarled. Instead of an answer, Butch responded by raising his knee into Saylor's crotch. Saylor screamed and broke the grip. Butch had expected to crush Saylor's balls with his kick, instead he felt two huge nuts push aside and one very meaty dick absorb the blast. No doubt it hurt, but the kid was obviously quite well endowed. This turned Butch on as his own cock snaked down his leg. Butch had never met anyone that could match his strength, let alone his massive cock size, yet this kid appeared to be doing both.

"You mother fuck…," Saylor cried out, but was cut short by Butch throwing a punch into Saylor's abs. Saylor let our a gasp, but it was butch who was surprised at the hardness of Saylor's unflexed stomach. Butch's fist hurt.

This was the last straw. Saylor pulled himself together and stroked the buckle of his belt. He felt his muscles strengthen beyond anything he had ever felt before, his anger drawing more power from the muscle belt. Butch threw another punch, but Saylor's dense muscle easily absorbed the force of the now much weaker man. There was a crack on contact as Butch's wrist broke, his hand hanging limp.

Saylor grabbed Butch's neck and his crotch and lifted him up. Saylor could feel the hard pipe that was Butch's erect dick. As Saylor tossed Butch to the ground with such earth-quaking force, he whispered, "Does the little man like having a stronger stud beat him?"

Butch looked up in awe as Saylor dropped a huge knee on Butch's thick abs, forcing any remaining air out of Butch's lungs. Butch cried out in pain as Saylor flashed a huge peaked bicep at him. Butch wimpered, "I give up, sir."

Saylor had always expected to win, but to have totally defeated and degraded the huge man turned him on. He looked over at Butch's babe, who was staring wantingly at Saylor. Saylor stood up, bounced his pecs and spread his lats. He said, "You ready for a real man," as he grabbed his ample crotch. She ran over to him, jumping to wrap her arms around his huge muscular body and kiss his lips. Butch tried to move, but Saylor kicked the side of his chest, breaking ribs and forcing Butch to writhe in pain on the ground.

Saylor lowered his new woman to the ground. Kneeling down, he grabbed the keys that hung by half-inch thick links from Butch's pant pocket. Using his thumb and forefinger, Saylor pinched the link like it was clay, freeing the keys from their chain. Swooping up his woman in one arm, they left the bar.

Saylor's woman's name was Becky. She had met Butch a couple years earlier on Venice Beach. Becky had always thought a real man had big muscles and incredible strength. Becky knew men found her sexy, and she dressed to accentuate her big breasts and thin waist. She loved giving blow jobs and learned how to please a man with her mouth. Sex was her weapon and it worked. She had dated several Mr. California's before she met Butch. He was the biggest and strongest man she had ever seen. She wanted him, and she got him. The first time they fucked, she had been amazed at the size of his organ, but she took all of him in her hot mouth, though it nearly choked her. Now, she found someone even stronger. As she watched him out muscle her strongman, she became wet and knew she had to have this superman.

Outside the bar, Saylor checked out his new bike. Though he was now bigger than Butch, he knew his muscles would shrink back to their normal huge size with time (until he needed the extreme strength again, that is).

"So, kitten, where's our digs?" Saylor asked.

"Well, Butch and I have a pad across town."

"He's history, babe. Saylor's more man than he ever was, and you're going to get the best." Saylor mounted the back and signaled his woman to get on. They pulled away from the bar and she directed them to their apartment.

Saylor parked the bike in the lot. The building was nothing special. Row after row of apartments with little balconies outside.

"Where is it?" Saylor asked as he dismounted.

"408." She pointed to a balcony on the forth floor. "The elevator is through there."

"Don't need no slow elevator." Saylor grabbed his woman. She watched his powerful legs through the ripped leather pants as they propelled the couple for a perfect landing on the balcony. It was like it wasn't even an exertion for the power in those thighs.

Saylor slid the balcony doors open and looked at his new apartment. It was nice for his woman.

Becky stepped next to Saylor and kissed him. He slid her t-shirt off and removed her pants. Her underwear was wet and smelled of her cunt juice.

"You like this muscle?" Saylor whispered as they continued to embrace. She sighed a yes. Saylor hardened his body into a flex, and he felt his woman shudder with nervous excitement.

Becky rubbed the hard body of her new superman, feeling deep cords of hard muscle. She was amazed at how incredibly thin he was. She moved her hand to his belt buckle and started to undo it.

Saylor grabbed her hand. "No one touches the belt but me," he said, breaking their embrace.

Saylor undid he belt, and it appeared to Becky that he exhaled. He took the belt off and dropped it to the floor at his feet. He then pulled off the tattered remains of his pants, revealing an incredibly thick and long dick. Becky gasped, fell to the floor, and immediately began to suck on it.

Butch's dick had been 14 inches long and 8 inches thick, but it was puny compared to the monster she was now trying to deep throat. Her tongue wrapped around the monster as she sucked inch after inch into her mouth. Saylor sighed his approval, though she wasn't able to get more than 2/3 of the beast into her mouth.

After several minutes of sucking, she pulled back. "How big is it? Can I meausure it?"

Saylor smirked a yes and his woman got a measuring tape. She placed one end at Saylor's pubic hair. The tape lay on the top of Saylor's man organ and dropped over its bulbous head. The tape measured 18.5 inches. Saylor hit a crab pose, forcing his dick to raise. The tape moved to 20 inches.

The woman looked up and said, "Fuck me."

That's the words Saylor was waiting for. Without the belt, Saylor's muscles couldn't charge with power, but it would be days before the power they had would diminish. He scooped up his woman and grabbed the belt from his feet. He carried them both into the bedroom.

The bed sagged under Saylor's muscular weight. His woman's cunt was dripping juices in anticipation of his big organ. She was used to Butch's big meat, but Saylor was in an entirely new league. She screamed with pleasure as he stretched her. With each thrust, he inserted more and more of his huge organ. She expertly guided him in, as she felt her orgasm building.

His woman's first orgasm came when only half his dick was inside. He felt her canal tighen as she bucked and moaned. Saylor responded to the orgasm by making a bicep in her face. She bit into it, feeling its hard power with her mouth. She continued to suck on his huge arms as he inserted himself more into her. It took 15 minutes, but he finally was thrusting his entire manhood into her. With each 17 inch stroke, he pulled nearly out of her than forced himself back in. She involuntarily responed with another orgasm.

Saylor felt his juices building. With is free hand, he reached down and grabbed the muscle belt. He put it loosely around his waist. He felt her tighten around his dick as he thrust in, pulling him closer to his own orgasm.

Saylor had asked the doctor about the belt's effects during their numerous sexual encounters. His woman had given good head, but the doctor was a real expert in that area.

"The belt's energy supercharges your body. Muscles cause you to ejaculate, so they too get strengthened by the belt. I once read a story about Superman having sex claiming his sperm would impregnate every woman in a 10 mile radius should he ejaculate. I doubt that would happen with you, but if you used the belt right, I can't see how the woman wouldn't have at least one of your children, and possibly many. The children wouldn't have your strength, but I'm sure the belt would have some unpredictable effect on them too."

As Saylor felt himself loosing control and about to shoot, he pulled the belt as tight as he could. It went several inches past the last notch. As he fired his sperm into his woman, lightning shot from his belt down his dick into Becky. During her orgasm, she ovulated. Saylor's belt-charged sperm sped through her on an intercept course with the egg.

Nine months later, Becky gave birth to a son. She named him Derek. •

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