Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad

Gettin Caught


By Jason Jarman

The first thing I did when they let me out of Juvie was go get my belt. The whole month I was in jail, I couldn't stop thinkin about it an wantin it hella bad.

The cops busted me for hustlin in the big park down off of Central. My supposedly good bud, Rick, tipped them off. I found that out a week after I was in Juvie.

I was givin head to this stud in the can, an he mentioned Rick the Trick. I said I knew Rick, an he tole me the whole thing. Man, I was pissed! But I'm gettin ahead of myself.

When the cops caught me, I was gettin head from this john in the men's room. He had seen my ad in the gay paper an called my pager. Half an hour later, we was in the park.

In my ad, it says I'm hella strong an buff, an that I do strength tricks. It's got an image of an anchor an some lightnin bolts, but you gotta be in the know to get the meaning.

I don't say nothin about the belt. Not unless I know the john has some big money. Otherwise, I'm just a hella big stud for hire. All the same, I had the belt coiled up in my coat pocket.

The dude was skinny, pale lookin, maybe 35. "S-sinbad?"

"'S my name, dude."

"I got a lot of money here."

"Show me." He fanned about about two grand in his wallet. He was gettin the full show.

"OK, dude. We got to move the show. You live roun here?"

"Across town. I can't wait long enough to get home with you, Sinbad."

"A-ight, stud, I know a good place right here. C'mon."

We went inside this grounds keeping office, after I busted the lock with one hand. It was warm inside. I smiled at him, licked my big thick lips, an peeled my leather jacket off. I rubbed my big pecs, through my blue satin muscle shirt, an got the nipples hella hard.

I teased him for five minutes by startin to take my shirt off, then stoppin an flexin my guns an smilin at him. I saw the bulge in his slacks gettin bigger an harder.

Then I pulled the shirt over my head. I posed with my hands behind my head, flexin my mighty abs an gettin him harder.

My leather pants were hella tight an shiny, an showed the outline o my hard cock, runnin down my thigh, an big bulgin balls. I stroked my cock through the leather an it got bigger an longer. It went down my pants leg to my knee.

I had me so much testosterone built up in my bloodstream that I couldn't hardly breathe without getting rock hard. I sweated all the time, an my cock pounded under my leather underwear.

It was all I could do to keep my hella mad shit down. I had to jack off 50 times a day. Otherwise, I get so pissed off I wanna kill someone. The belt makes that feelin hella strong. I have to watch myself.

I was sweaty, an the leather smelled great. It clung to my ass. It was so tight you could see the fuckin veins on my cockshaft. "How much money you got, dude?"

"Two thousand." He held up his wallet.

"Then you got enough t get the whole show." I pulled the belt out of my coat pocket. "This is what you want to see…" I held it up in the air. The end of the leather strap clung to my forearm an wrapped around it tight. The buckle shot out a spark of lightning.

"Oh my god," dude said. "It's true. The belt is real."

"Duh. How you think I got these guns so big?"

"Where did you get the belt?"

"Uh uh." I flexed my biceps for him, hard an slow.

"Please let me feel them. They're so big."

"No touchin. Not yet. You know you want em. Check out how fucken huge an veiny they are." I let go of the belt, an it started makin its way to my waist, wrappin around my shoulder, slidin over my pecs, cruisin over my abs like a serpent.

While I waited for the belt to reach my gut, I did this special gunflex I learned. It makes the peak bulge up higher. "You like that big peak, huh, dude? You'd like t touch it an get off on it, huh?"

Dude just nodded, rubbin his crotch.

"I'm the strongest stud you'll ever meet. You wanna see how strong my muscles are?"

Dude nodded. The bulge in his pants was bigger.

The belt was around my waist. The buckle felt cold an the leather felt hot an warm. The leather was startin to dig into my gut. It slid under the buckle an reached out to my hand. It wanted me t pull it hard. The buckle was throbbin with my heartbeat, gettin bigger an sparkin.

"I'll start with somethin easy." A long, thick iron table sat by the window. "How much you think that weighs? Try an lift it."

Dude couldn't budge it. I laughed at him. "Must weigh f-five hundred pounds," he said. His face was all red.

"Fuckin weakling." I flexed my veiny shiny guns high an hard. The belt came to life. The belt tightened a little, an the buckle shot out some power for me. The bolts went sailin into my guns an made em big an juicy.

With one hand, I jerked the table clean over my head. I balanced in on one finger. Then I set it right back down where it was. "That's nothin. I need me a fucken truck t lift."

We went back outside. There was an old two-ton Ford pick-up in the lot by the john. At first, I thought I wouldn't be strong enough t lift it without yankin me some serious leather. But I didn't need to pull it yet. I had slept all night with the belt pulled hella tight. I was roarin full of power, an so was the belt. The more I wear it, the more juiced it gets.

I rubbed the buckle with my palm, an that got the belt goin. Bigger sparks of power came off the four corners of the diamond. The leather got tighter around my gut. I felt the strength flow through my veins. So when I touched the bumper of the truck, the belt took care of me. The belt tightened more. I felt the strap get longer an it slapped my thighs. The buckle shot out a coupla big cracklin bolts. The dude freaked.

I did dumbbell curls with the Ford; eight sets of ten reps, slow an easy. To keep me super- strong, the belt tightened harder. My guns got bigger an all veiny. My cock was bulgin high under the tight black leather. My own strength turns my ass on.

He unzipped his fly when I lifted the truck over my head with one hand. I tossed it up about four feet, an caught it with two fingers. Then I lifted the whole fucken truck with my pointer finger ten times in a row!

Dude was wailin away on his cock, moanin an groanin. I thought he was gonna shoot his works then, but he waited.

I flexed my guns. They was 40 inches, easy. Big ass veins bulged out over the peak. My body was sweaty an I smelled great. "These are the biggest guns in the world. You know that?"


"I can get em even bigger for ya right now." I touched the buckle of the magic belt. It shot out a bolt of power. "But it'll cost ya. Five hundred bucks, right now."

Out came his wallet, an five portraits of ole Ben Franklin dropped at my feet. I picked em up an tucked em in the keeper of my belt.

"A-ight, dude, come with me." I went into the john first, to see if the coast was clear. It was. Then I waved for him to come in. After he was inside, I wedged the door shut so we wouldn't get nobody walkin in on us. I could hear dude's heart poundin in his chest, throb throb throb… "You ready, dude?"

"Oh, yes…"

"Down on yer knees, dude." He got on his knees in a second flat. "What yer about to see, nobody gets to see. How bad you wanna see it?"

"I would die to see it."

"You know what this belt does, dude?"

"I've heard…"

I smirked. "Tell me. How do I use the belt?"

Dude blushed. "You… you pull it tight." His hard-on got hella big. "You pull the leather very tight. That's what I want to see. I want to see you pull your belt tight and get big and strong."

"Dude, I'm already big n strong. You just wanna see me even freakier."

"That's right."

"Touch the buckle."

Dude rubbed the buckle with his finger. A bolt of power hit his cock. It grew three inches, I guess cause it was hard already. He looked down at his new tool and his jaw dropped. "Oh my god…what was that?"

"That's the power in my belt. Every time I wear the belt, dude, it makes me stronger. Makes my cock hella big, too." I pointed to his cock, which was nice an big now. "That's my gift t you. Now, watch, cos yer only seein this one time."

My cock started t grow. In a second, it was so big an hard that it was about t break the zipper on my leathers. They cost two grand, an I couldn't have that happen to em.

I pulled em down to my calves. My cock sprang up big ass an shiny. I tossed him my muscle shirt an my jacket. "Hold onto these." The john was so hella excited I thought he was gonna cum right then an there. But I was gonna give him his money's worth.

I turned off the lights in the john. The buckle of my belt glowed in the dark. The second I touched the leather, like I was gonna tighten the belt, it sent off four shots of lightning – one off each corner of the buckle. The bolts shot out an bounced off the walls. They went back into the buckle an it flared up with power. I could feel the power waitin for me, sendin hot flashes through my nerves, my muscles, an my skin. The veins on my guns throbbed with the power.

I unhooked the magic belt an pulled it off my skin. I held it in the air. "Wanna try it on?"

"Oh, lord…" He grabbed for the belt.

"Too bad. I'm the only one ever gets t wear it."

I tossed the belt in the air an it clasped around my hips.

"Magic belt, this is Sinbad, your master."

The belt shot out a couple of fresh bolts.

"Give me the strength I deserve."

I grabbed the leather an started to pull. Whenever I first start a pull, it's such a fucken rush. It's like gettin high.

The buckle shot bigger bolts off the buckle corners. The metal throbbed, an got bigger. It was about t shoot out all its power into my muscles. Those bolts went right into my guns, an made em swell out hella huge. I took a deep breath as the bolts got bigger an bigger. The buckle was throbbin an cracklin. It grew bigger an bigger. When it got about a foot wide, I knew it was ready.

I moved the belt up to my gut an yanked harder an harder on that shiny ass leather. First with my right hand, about an inch into the strap, an then addin my left, a foot in, after I got the belt tight. It works hella good when I tug with both arms.

The buckle bulged out big an shot out hella bolts of lightning. It made a big ass racket, squealin an cracklin. Big bolts of lightning surrounded me, in jagged lines from floor to ceiling.

I pulled the leather up towards my forehead, revvin it hard an makin my guns an pecs bulge up all hella insane. My body was slick with sweat. The sweat made my grip on the leather start to slip. The leather pulled back harsh. I have to really hella tug on it to get muscle. The belt was makin me stronger every second, so I could get the leather even tighter around my already tiny waist. It wanted me t keep pullin, pullin, pullin…

I tugged the belt all the way to the end, past the last notch, just for show. My waist was like four inches around. These big thick veins started comin up all over my body. Whenever I pull the belt to the end of the leather, this happens. I could only hold that yank for a second, but it turned dude on hella hard.

My arms gave out. The leather jerked back like a fucken shot, an I just grabbed it in time t buckle it one notch tighter than before. I was mighty, dude. I showed it. One thing I always do, right after I pull tight, is make me a set of monster guns. It fucks with people, scares an excites em. It lets em know who's boss, who's the fucken muscle god. "Two hundred bucks for another notch."

The john was shiverin with lust an fear. I kept my muscles flexed an shoved my right gun in his sweaty face. "Kiss it. Lick it. Make love t my mighty ass guns."

The john felt em up with his hands. He couldn't fit both hands around em an touch fingers. I flexed em so hard it hurt. That made the veins rise up way way high. He made out with my guns. Then he was kissin an lickin an sniffin my sweaty armpit. He pulled hairs out of my pits with his teeth.

"Down on yer knees."

"How big are your biceps, Sinbad?"

"You got a tape measure?"

He had a tape measure in his pocket. "Please let me tape them."

"OK." His trembling hands stretched the cloth tape around my left bicep. That one was always the best an biggest one. I slowly brought it to a full flexed rise. More an more of the tape stretched around my mighty gun. "Th… thirty-eight inches. Sinbad, will you marry me? I'll take good care of you. You'll never have to work ever again. I'll buy you anything you want."

"I'm already married, dude. Thanks fer askin, though."

"Then, pose for me. I'm dying to cum all over your mighty muscles. Flex your muscles hard for me."

I posed for him, an did the whole routine, just like a pro bodybuilder. He watched, his eyes bulgin, an he stroked his cock with my shiny shirt. I went up close t him an gave him the works… my most sexy an naughty muscle poses.

I put my arms behind my head an crunched my tiny waist. "Measure my gut!" I commanded. His hands got 19 inches of tape around my waist. "My guns are twice as big as my gut, dude. How you like them apples?" I was gettin horned at myself by this time.

Two hundred bucks came out of his wallet. "Another notch."

I smiled. "I like you. Watch me get so huge you won't believe yer fucken eyes." The buckle sent out a massive bolt to my biceps. Those guns got monstrous, an I screamed with the feelin of total power. "Magic belt, give me the works. All yer mighty power."

I pulled the leather up t my brow. Damn, what a sweet rush! I cranked that leather tighter an tighter. Power bolts blasted all over the place. I pulled the belt all the way to the end again. I held it there, with my four-inch gut crushed by leather an lightnin, for two minutes. The tighter I pulled the magic belt, the fucken huger my guns got. There was veins poppin out I never seen before.

Then the pull of the belt was too strong. I slapped the buckle down on a notch. I was five notches stronger. The dude was gettin a big bargain. "Tape my guns again!" I commanded. My voice was hella deep an loud.

His hands made love to my flexed bis. This time, the tape measure was two inches too short; it was only 48 inches long. "Tape my gut!"

"11 inches," he said with red-hot horndog lust in his eyes.

"You wanna suck my cock?" I asked him. He nodded, an then he came all over my face an chest. He was so hard his shots hit my forehead.

My cock was throbbin hard. It was about to bust the leather jock I had on. I was wantin some head hella bad, but I had an image to protect. "Before you get yer lips on my tool, worship me. Tell me how big an strong I am!"

"Oh, Sinbad, I'm so in love with you. Your face is so beautiful… I love your thick full lips, your green eyes, your turned up nose, your blond bushy hair… I love all your earrings… I love your nose ring… I worship your mountainous shoulders, so broad and so full… I worship the mighty twin peaks of your pecs. I love your nipple rings. I love the tattoos on your pecs. And I am so in love with your Mount Everest biceps. I worship your biceps; you are the mightiest muscle boy in the universe. Flex your guns for me."

I did. "I love the tattoos on your biceps. The anchors are so sexy. And Sinbad, your tiny waist, crushed with that thick black leather belt, is out of my dreams. I worship your magic belt and the power it gives you. Your pierced navel is crying out for my tongue. I love so much seeing my shots of cum all over your face and chest. And you made my cock bigger and thicker. My cock lives for you now. You are an Adonis on earth, a musclegod, more than human, more than I could ever dream of being…"

Dude was turnin me on big time. His talk was makin the belt get tighter an tighter around my waist. It wasn't makin power bolts, just slowly cinchin in smaller. The fuckin belt actually started goin for another notch. "Tell me more, dude."

"You pull your magic belt tight in your strong hands, with all the power of your mighty bulging biceps, the veins straining over the cannonball mounds of power…"

The belt was halfway to the next notch. "How tight do I pull my magic belt?"

"You pull the leather so tight that it crushes your waist. I can't wait until your waist is so small I can put my hands around it and touch my fingers. I want to grab your waist and fuck you up the ass."

Holy shit! The belt made it to the next notch. It hurt, but it felt hella good. My cock was bulgin beneath my leather jockstrap. It was strainin the stitchin to the max. "Take my jock down with yer teeth. Now! My cock wants t fuck yer mouth hella bad!"

Dude started by lickin away, sucklin on the bulge beneath the sweet black leather. I could only take so much. "Pull the fucken jock DOWN, dude!" He grabbed it in his teeth, an ripped out some of my pubic hair as he brutally yanked the jock to my quads.

Out snaked Sinbad Jr., hella big an hard. 18 inches, at least. The rod was red an veiny, an the knob was shinier than a waxed apple. It was as big as an apple, too. Dude gagged on the size o my cock, but in no time he was throatin me deep, slammin me against the cement wall, an I was gettin off hella good, groanin an moanin.

He rubbed my gut, felt my guns, an put his arms around my waist, tuggin the strap of my belt. "Pull it tighter. Pull it tighter. Yank on your magic belt, Sinbad, and make it tighter."

"OK." I grabbed the leather outta his hands. "Magic belt, give me more power. Let me pull you even tighter." Big bolts shot from the anchor an I yanked it another two notches in.

"More, more…" He grabbed the leather again an tried to wail on it. Dude couldn't make the belt tighter, but it revved the buckle up. I felt a hella rush buildin up, like I could cum any second.

"Dude, stop!"

"What's wrong?"

"Wait one minute an go again." My cock was oozin precum down my thighs. It pulsed, an the knob was red.

Dude watched the second hand on his watch. The second 60 seconds passed, he was on my cock again. This time he licked an sucked on the knob while he rubbed the rod with my shirt. That silky fabric was drivin my cock insane.

I wanted to do a third build-up, but I was so horndog from that rubbin that I couldn't wait. The next time the rush started, I let it happen. I screamed as I shot my load down his velvet throat. My cum ran out the dude's nose, but he kept gulpin it down. I shot hard an fast for three minutes. My cum tastes great. I jack off into my mouth a couple times a day.

I was still hard as a fucken rock, an in the state I was in, I coulda kept shootin for five minutes. I grabbed my cock away an shot a couple of jets down my own throat.

"Now, it's my turn," the john said. "You know what I want to do…"

I lubed up my ass with my cum an before I could turn around, this dude was inside me. His big-ass cock felt hella good. Damn, I love takin it up the ass. Fuck!

Dude had both hands around my waist. His fingers touched the buckle of the magic belt, an stroked the strap. He was hella sweaty an moanin like a fool. "Pull it again, Sinbad," he gasped.

He grabbed the hot leather strap an started to pull the belt tighter. He yanked on it hard, an got the buckle to shoot out some bolts. So I helped him out:

"Magic belt, Sinbad, your master commands you. I demand more power!"

I flexed both of my mighty monster guns high an proud as the john pulled me two notches tighter. He was strong cause he'd swallowed my cum.

He got the magic belt to the last notch and kept pullin the leather in harder an tighter. My guns got hella fucken huge an I kept flexin em. Dude screamed an I felt about a dozen hot shots of cum flyin up my ass. Shit, did that feel good! Made me shoot another load. My cum went flyin across the room. One shot knocked a window out.

Then the fucken cops showed up. They were bangin on the door to the bathroom. "This is the police! Open up!" There was a big frosted window on the other side. I popped it with my index finger. The seven Bennies were still tucked into my belt. I made hella sure they didn't fall out.

With cum all over his face an shirt, the dude split. He got my shirt for a souvenir. I leaped up out the window. I landed on my feet, seconds ahead of the cops. "Hey!" one of em said as he started around the back of the building. I took off like a fucken jackrabbit.

My belt buckle was shootin off bolts an sparkin. It knew I was in trouble, an it wanted me t be stronger than my enemies. I could have stopped right there, pulled it tight, taken the cops, whipped their asses, an gone Scot-free. But then they'd know for sure that I had the belt.

The belt was so tight on my gut I almost couldn't get it off. It likes t stay on my body 24/ 7, diggin into the skin. It hurt when I whipped it off. I tore some skin, but I'd got it off me before the cops could see it. I'm glad it was so dark.

It was fucken cold out. I whipped on my jacket an pulled my pants up. I rolled the belt up into a coil an tucked it under my right armpit.

There was 12 cops an only one of me. I gave em chase into the woods. I wasn't about to let those fuckers get their hands on my belt. I stuffed it an the seven Gs in a plastic bag, an hid it in a hollow tree. I was way ahead of em, an only after I heard the bag hit the bottom of the hollow trunk did they see me.

I ran some more, tryin t make it into the darkest spots in the woods. There's some good places to hide there. But I wasn't fast enough. I can't run good with a big cock strainin my pants. Two cops caught me. I decided t just give up an let em get their jollies.

They grabbed my arms, an one of the cops reached for my waist. He looked down, an saw there wasn't no magic belt there. I laughed, an he smacked me hard in the face. "Where's the belt?"

"What belt? I ain't got one, dude."

"Got pretty big muscles for a punk," the cop said. He had a hard-on in his slacks. "You didn't get them just by working out. Where's the belt?"

"I don't know what yer talkin about," I said.

"The hell you don't," the cop said. "I can see where you had it on." He pointed to the red band around my gut. You could see the notch holes in my skin. There was also a diamond-shaped spot from where the buckle dug into my stomach.

"That's from this other belt. It's a fake."

"What other belt, punk?"

"Rolled up in my coat pocket," I said. And it was true. I had a fake magic belt, looked just like the real thing but didn't have no power in it. I got it made for situations just like this.

The cops yanked the fake belt out of the coat. The head dude strapped it around my waist. The buckle matched the red mark on my belly and the belt marks on my hip.

"Go on, fucker, tighten it up if you don't believe me."

"I'll do that," the head cop said. "Hold the punk down."

They pinned me against the hollow tree, my back to the hole where the belt was. I could feel the belt tryin t get to me. The sack was cracklin. I'd wrapped it up good, but it could still break through. I hoped it wouldn't make it. I didn't want these assholes t get their paws on it.

The cop slid the strap under the leather and pulled on the belt, hard. He pulled it tighter and tighter. "Where's the thunder and lightning? Why doesn't it work?"

"Dude, it's a fake."

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't." He wailed even harder on that strap. Fuck, that shit hurt! The cop tugged on it with all his strength, like that would somehow make it come to life. The belt had rows of notches running to the last foot of leather. He almost cranked it to the end and buckled it. "Looks good on you, punk. Too bad it ain't the real deal."

"Yeah, too bad. If I had the real deal, I'd be kickin yer ass into Oklahoma."

"Let's see what else you're packing here." The head cop peeled off my leather pants. My cock flopped down. He handled it an stroked it. "Mighty big piece of meat."

My cock got hard an oozed out some precum on the cop's hands. "It's nice an juicy. Wanna suck it, pig?"

I could see his cock gettin bigger inside his pants. His face got red. "I'll just stroke it. It's a mighty fine cock. Most boys your age don't have cocks one-tenth this size." The cop kept strokin my cock, gettin it harder an harder. "Look how big it is. Hoskins, give me the tape measure."

Another cop did as told. The main cop smiled. He put one end of the tape down at the base of my cock an ran it up the length, right to the head. "Thirteen inches." Then he measured the width. "Nine inches. You were not born with a cock this big. God doesn't have a cock this big. You've got the real magic belt, all right. Where is it?"

"I don't know."

He pumped my cock again. It got bigger an redder. The bulge in his pants grew taller. "Where's the belt?"

"You like strokin my dick, huh? Bet you'd like to get me alone. Fuck me up the ass. Why don't you go ahead? Right here."

"Men, this is not happening," the cop said. He unbuckled his belt an let his slacks drop. His dick was pokin out the hole of his boxers. It was about eight inches. He stroked his cock a few times. Then he used my cum to lube me up. He drove his cock inside my ass. "Your muscles are so big."

"Yeah, I know." I yawned.

"Where's the belt? Where's the belt?" He said this over an over, faster an faster. Then I felt his cock shoot cum inside o me. He pulled out an some hot shots went up my back. He wiped his dick off on my back an zipped his pants up. "Anyone else feel lucky tonight?"

"Yeah!" This big blond muscle-dude pulled down his police pants. He had a nice big dick, maybe ten inches, an he grabbed me around the waist an moved me back an forth for a couple o minutes. He smiled at me after he shot his spunk all up an down my back.

Then it was Mr. Questions again. He stroked me hard an tight. "You gonna fire off that cannon? It's so fucking big… so hard and long, and so red…"

"Suck it, dude. Go on. You know you want to…"

"It wouldn't fit in my mouth. I'll keep on stroking it, if you don't mind. So big, and so long, so hard and so red…"

I shot my spunk all over his face an his leather jacket. "You ast for it, pig."

"Eat shit, you whore!" He stripped off my leather jacket. One cop bound my hands behind the tree with his belt. I was tied tight to the tree. I could feel my magic belt tryin t send me strength. My guns got bigger. I could feel my biceps gettin thicker an my shoulders gettin broader. I was hella strong, an I could of beat the fucken pigs up. If I'd had the belt on, he couldn't of hurt me. That was the problem. Bullets bounce off my skin when I wear that belt. They just go right through me when I'm normal.

So I just took what was comin, cos it meant the difference between me havin the belt an the cops gettin their shitty hands all over it.

The cop punched me in the gut an on the chin. He took off his cop belt an beat my chest til it was red. He was so mad that veins stood out on his forehead. "You got one more chance, fucker. Where's the belt?"

"I don't got it. I only got the fake one."

"We'll find it. Then you'll go to prison for good."

He slapped cuffs on me an they hauled me in for trickin. The fresh cum all over my chest an face was proof, they said. I tried to tell em I was jackin off, but they was gonna run me in, no matter what. They was pissed about the belt.

I did my 30 days, no contest. I was so big when I went in that none of the other boys tried to mess with me. When you're 17 years old an got monster guns, ain't nobody gonna pitch you shit.

They had a hella good weight room there, so I stayed buff. It wasn't the same as bein on the belt. By the time my stretch was over, even with me benchin 290 an doin 100-pound dumbbell curls, my guns was down to 22 inches.

My waist pooched out to 26 inches. I was used to havin it at 20, 21 inches, cuz that's what the johns get off on, big-time. With your pants all loose around your gut an your basket bulging out of the crotch. They really like it when they can put their hands around your waist an touch fingertips. I been fucked that way a million times.

In Juvie, I had sex with every stud in the place. They all wanted my dick an ass hella bad. Sinbad Jr. worked overtime. The belt had done my cock some good. It stayed around 11 inches, an was thick an veiny. I could stay hard longer than any other dude in Juvie. I could cum ten times in a row. They was lined up to suck my cock. I got the best tastin cum in the world. It felt so hella great to get hot head all the time. But damn, I wanted my belt so hella bad… •

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