Hurricane Greg

Hurricane Greg Becomes Me


By HairyMuscle

Finally. Sean and I stop making love on the dunes of a barrier island. Barbed wire and Federal Government warning signs dot the land. We are able to breath as normal, our skin is golden tan to match our huge bods. We tear through the barbed wire and near windowless cinder block buildings. Sean reminds me that we are naked. Though it seems natural others might be surprised or for that matter cum in their pants by the sight of us.

Only one bridge on and off the island. Barricaded of course with two checkpoints and cameras everywhere. That doesn't bother two muscle men who can bypass everything through the open waters. I spot an incoming panel truck from Atlas uniforms. As the truck traverses the only road to the facility Sean and I tear into the rear door and salvage for some lab coats and security uniforms. None would fit our massive bodies but we tear and use what we can. We look like something from a Beverly Hillbilly's remake. The only exception is there ain't no 'gold' in them there hills just muscle. Sean's pecs keep his lab coat open like a smock and my quads tear open any pair of pants to my tight waist.

Sean spots a water intake tube so we decide to venture in. We entered into a computerized security room outfitted with cameras and recorders. No one was there. Upon surveying the multitude of images it seems that something was wrong. Either staffers were dead on the floor or gasping for air - eyes bulging out. The animals were caged but going wild - from monkeys to rats. The outside camera showed the uniform delivery man slumped over his uniform cart. No sirens - no alarms. Sean and I felt fine - just extremely hungry for real food of all things. For the past few days we lived on our muscle cum.

The need for real food was overpowering. Our noses had increased sensitivity as we broke down doors and stepped over dead bodies in search of the cafeteria. Sean was first to enter and darted for the steam table, throwing off the corpses with disregard. I quickly joined him in feasting on everything in sight. Our bods grew with the intake of food. The clothes we wore were shredded. Our cocks took on minds of their own squirting jiz constantly - leaving our bodies aglow and deepening in tan as we now grew taller to accommodate the muscle.

I grabbed Sean's ass into my cock and powerfucked him as he continued to eat and moan. Eating his muscle cum and food together. Our need to fuck and show off our bods was extreme. We ran outside back into the the Atlantic in search of virgin ass's to fill. We quickly made our way to Fire Island. It was nearing sunrise as two huge freaks came upon the shore. We even smelled like muscle. All we could do was flex and grope each other, but we needed more. We could smell men.

The first beach house was upon us and we tore in. Needing to satisfy our leaking monster cocks. I grabbed the first man I found. Must have been 20. Jock looking red head. He awoke to my grunting in awe. I grabbed him and forced his face into my leaking pecs and lifted him to insert my cock in him. You'd think I'd tear him open, but he grew to meet my needs. The harder I pumped up and pounded him the larger he grew. My muscle cum and milk were changing him now too. •

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