Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad

Goin Free


By Jason Jarman

When I'd served my time, the cops gave me fifty bucks, an they let me have back my boots, leather pants, jacket, jockstrap an sailor's cap. My fake magic belt was "missing." Yeah, right. One of them cops took it home for a trophy. They gave me a small black tank- top.

It was wet, cold an dark when they let me out of Juvie. I was achin for a jolt from my belt. I hoped nobody had found it. 30 days is a long fucken time. It wouldn't work for no one else but me, but if some dumfuck found it an tossed it, I'd be SOL.

I hopped a cross-town bus, headed for that park. My heart pounded hard. I promised myself I would be careful from now on. No more fucking around. I had the power of that belt in my life, an if I got it under control, the fucken world was gonna play it my way.

It started snowin when I got off the bus. I was glad t have all that leather. I ran across that park, up an down those steep hills, an into the woods. At first I couldn't find the tree. "Oh, shit!" I said to myself. "Some fucker cut it down!" But then I saw the right one, an I just knew. I could taste that power so hella bad!

I reached in an felt it. It was wrapped in a Safeway bag, just like I left it. The bag was mad warm, givin off steam in the air. My arm trembled. Damn, my heart was throbbin so hard. My cock was pulsin. It started t grow big under the leather.

I grabbed that bag an rushed around in back of a utility shed. I opened the bag. The seven bills were curled up in the bottom. An at the top… my fucken belt!

The buckle sparkled. It's solid gold, diamond shaped, an it has a big-ass anchor on the surface.

The belt was juiced! Power had built up huge over the last month. Little shots of lightning covered the buckle. They was crawlin all over the anchor an lightning bolts on the metal.

I held the belt up to my chest. The leather was so warm it almost burned my hands. The leather wrapped around my wrist an started movin. The buckle shot out big ass bolts. Those went sailin into my biceps. My guns got so big they hurt. I watched the muscles grow larger an larger. Thick blue veins popped out over the muscles. The pain felt hella good.

Then the belt sent a bolt right to my cock. That sucker hurt big time. A monster bulge swole up in my crotch. I heard the stitchin in my leather pants start to rip. I unzipped an Sinbad Jr. popped up, all high an mighty. It ripped the jockstrap t shreds.

I didn't even touch it, an I was havin me a king-size orgasm. It shot out a whole thick load of hot sweet cum. The shots smacked me in the face an I licked em off. My cum tastes like vanilla pudding. My mighty cock stood up tall an proud – 20 inches of spunk-filled meat.

You know what it's like to have a 20-inch cock tween your legs? Even when it's limp, it makes such a big fucken bulge in your crotch that everyone looks. No one could miss that basket bein so full. An anything can get you hard. It used to embarrass me `til I figured out that it's great advertisin for my business.

Everybody wants what I got. My throbbin, hard tool, all covered with veins, the head all red, the cock stickin up to my nipples, just oozin cum constantly, pulsin. When it's hard, all I gotta do is touch it an I'm havin the best jack-off of my life. Dude, I can jack 100 times in a row, an it feels better every time, an I'm rock hard the whole way.

Anyway, my cock was big an I was ready to get me some hella muscle power. I had to hold my breath an get my heart beat down. I kissed the buckle an pulled the leather off my forearm. I threw the belt in the air an it cinched mad tight around my waist. The pullin strap was on top of the buckle, just waitin for me to slide it under. The leather crushed my gut an made veins stand out. Oh, fuck, it felt hella good.

I concentrated. I could feel veins pulsin all over my body. I gritted my teeth an shouted:

"Magic belt, this is Sinbad, your master. Give me the strength I deserve!"

I rammed that leather under the buckle an cranked it hard! Those power bolts busted my ass, rushin through my muscles an veins like a fucken freight train.

I got a method with this belt. First, I think about my guns, an how big I'd like em to be. I yank hard on the leather, get the buckle firin out all this insane lightning shit, an flex my free gun hard. I'm the proud owner of monster bis in a second. I dig to hell how the biceps get bigger an bigger, an how thick the veins are. It always hurts when my guns grow, but it's a kinda sexy pain.

Then I think about my chest, an I pull the leather even tighter. My tits swell out to my chin. The tighter I pull, the bigger my tits grow. Oh, fuck, it hurts, but it turns my ass on! Sometimes I can suck on my own nipples, bite em hard, while I pull. When I crank the belt, my nipples get super hard. They get the size of a silver dollar.

So I got my pecs ridin up about to my earlobes, an guns the size of a fat man's belly. Then I think about how fucken tiny I want my waist. I get an image of a guy puttin one hand around my gut an touchin fingers. I yank an yank on that belt. By this time, I'm pullin hard with both arms. The leather is up past my nose. I keep crankin, smellin the sweet black leather, sweatin bullets, clenchin my teeth. My gut gets smaller than my neck.

Best of all, like I said, my cock gets hella thick, hard an big. The belt made it 26 inches of throbbin hard meat. The head was dark red, an the size of an apple. Spunk shot out the spout an I came all over the fucken woods.

I pulled the leather all the way to the end, makin my gut about four inches around. It turns my ass on t do this. It feels so fucken powerful. It's hard t hold onto, though. The kickback is vicious. Soon as I've tugged it tight as I can, the leather wants to pop out from under the buckle. It takes hella intense strength to buckle the belt. I needed the power, an I concentrated so I could buckle on number five.

When I buckled down, I had me five notches of excellent power. The bolts kept wailing outta the buckle corners. I felt mad buff an studly. I buckled the belt an flexed my mighty- ass guns. They were some monstrous shit. Big, high an covered with veins! 35 inches, I bet! I felt stronger than hell.

I checked myself. There's a big iron cannon in the middle of the park. I went up to it, pulled it out of the ground, an lifted it over my head. Then I held it up with one hand, an flexed my free gun. The belt kept feedin me raw power. It was glad t be servin its master again.

Some jerk went by an stopped to stare at me. I looked him in the eyes an lifted the cannon an its stand with my fucken index finger. "Wanna play?" I said. The dude stammered an took off like a shot. I laughed. I like showin off my mighty strength.

Sinbad was back, bigger an badder than ever! The belt was mine again. An no one was gonna ever take it away from me, or stop me, again! •

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