Price of Freedom, The


By John

Kal stood motionless and unbelieving at the far end of the Coliseum arena as the silence of disbelief spread swiftly through the audience. It had all been so quick almost too quick to comprehend. One minute Dar had been assuring Kal of his wellness and the next, he laid dead on the ground with Borc's huge bulk flexing victoriously above Dar's beautiful and broken body. The heavy muscle that covered every inch of both Dar's destroyed body and Kal's stunned figure hung with languid beauty draping them both as aesthetic wonders of muscle accomplishment.

Borc stood with one foot boldly atop the raised mound of Dar's serene glutes with both arms in a clasped raise over his smiling head. He was obviously proud and pleased with his conquest. The crowd stood as a stunned unit all around the vast arena. Some sobbed over the sudden loss of the stunning muscular creature that had been Dar. Some secretly celebrated the potential availability of his lover, Kal. Some lauded the death of Dar and his homosexual "perversity". For others this was nothing more than a serious gain or loss in their wagering or meant an unexpected shift in their wagering tactics. One thing was undeniable and that was that only five men remained and one of those was yet doomed to die today.

Caesar smiled down over the field. He was pleased at the surprising elimination of Kal's muscular lover. He could not have wished for a better start to the battles of today. This made his popular gladiator champion, Kal, all the more vulnerable. Caesar knew that this would devastate Kal and his possessive ego. The hugely muscled gladiator was most weak when he could not control his emotions and the death of his lover was certain to disturb Kal's mental equilibrium.

For Caesar's handsome son and heir, Titus, the loss of Dar was a mixed blessing. While now, once victorious, Kal could be totally his to dominate and direct, Titus also knew that Kal would be much less amenable and controllable. Titus longed to possess Kal and to come to know every magnificent inch of his staggeringly muscled body and to partake often of Kal's stupendous cock. Titus shifted in his seat as thoughts of feeling Kal's hot hard muscles flexing for him and of Kal's granite hard erection rubbing deep inside his ass surged through his mind. Caesar's heir squirmed with an equal amount of discomfort with the knowing belief that his diabolical and devious father had something more deadly in mind for his brave muscular champion.

It was, as Caesar had figured, not long before Kal's shock and grief began to turn to anger. The shift was immediately apparent as his stance changed from a stooping flow of billowing muscle toward a readying definition of powered meat. Both Saul and Parth, standing nearest Kal, were the first to notice the physical readjustment sweeping over Kal's immensely muscled body. They cast knowing glances toward one another and then, as if they had communicated mentally, they charged toward the massive back of the huge champion gladiator.

Kal was caught completely off guard as Parth and Saul each dove from behind clipping his knees and forcing his great mass suddenly off balance. Just as they had done earlier with Dar, the two sharply etched muscle-assailants secured and solid hold onto Kal's flailing wrists. Spinning into place with the expert precision of his well- trained body, Saul dug one foot up against the rock-hard mass of Kal's voluminous upper lat and the other onto the great stiff swell of muscle between Kal's trapezius and neck. It took Parth a bit more time and maneuvering before he had accomplished the same task on the opposite side of the splayed muscle-creature. Parth's feet continued to slide and shift as he worked to secure a better positioning while, simultaneously, pulling against the massive extended arm of his captured prey.

Kal responded quickly and instinctively as the two smaller gladiators began to apply severe pressure against his sides and through the massive muscles of his extended biceps and meaty forearms. The huge pole of his intensely hard cock rose up toward the sky like a great column capped with the fisted capitol of his glowing cock head. Precum oozed from the top of the shafted organ as Kal's tremendous muscles drew power into them through his anger and determination. Every striation and line of fibrous muscle showed rigidly pronounced on Parth's and Saul's fat-free bodies as they concentrated all their efforts on inflicting as much pain into Kal's writhing arms and sides as possible.

Borc laughed generously as the two gladiators took over on Kal's massive body. While he did not believe for a moment that these two sharply muscled men could ultimately overwhelm the monstrous muscle of Caesar's champion, he was pleased to have the opportunity to return his attention for the time being to Grom. Borc had been silently impressed with Grom's stunning strength and virility. He looked forward with great anticipation for the chance to destroy the phenomenon that were Grom's beastly hard arms and chiseled torso. If there was any one male ass that Borc would choose to invade with the blunt weapon of his cock, it was Grom's. Borc wanted to do so as much to mentally demean the crude northerner as to know the experience of overpowering the piled muscle guarding Grom's sanctimonious ass hole.

Borc turned to head back to where he had left Grom's broken form writhing painfully on the ground only to find the spot where he had been left to be empty. A look of confusion filled the face of the stout, densely veined combatant. The attack came seemingly from nowhere. Without time to sort it out, Borc's face was smashed hard into the choking dryness of the dirt floor of the arena to the cheers and chants of a suddenly re-excited audience. Grom's triceps stood huge, sharp and highly flexed on the back of his spectacular upper arms as he scraped Borc's face through the dirt. Shoving one knee in between Borc's spread legs, Grom used the pressure against Borc's balls to force the thick body forward in the dirt. Borc's painful whimpers were muffled as the dust and gravel found its way into his mouth and down his throat.

The time spent in shocked stillness over Dar's surprising conquest had been longer than the others had realized and had given Grom enough of a chance to regain some composure. His sides and lower back were still in great pain but his stamina and amazing muscle strength combined with his furious anger drove him instinctively against the man that had previously assaulted him. Borc was certainly more brutally powerful than Grom, but what the blond northerner gave away in columned bulk; he more than made up for in sheer pound for pound muscularity.

If he had been as tall as Kal, Grom's musculature would have been vastly larger and equally well cut. Kal had tasted the raw strength of Grom's amazing biceps and upper body. As his arms powered Borc's face into the dirt, their muscle visibly tightened into huge cords and balls of astoundingly carved meat that looked more like marble than flesh. Every striation and coil of muscle slabbed into Grom's triceps appeared on the vein-lined surface forming a deep shadowy cave where the vast horseshoe shape swept around the back of his arms. Grom's biceps, deltoids and forearms were not to be left out of the powering drive. Their masses split into various lined cables and extended spheres of magnificent meatiness reinforced with rope-thick veins that only enhanced their spectacle.

Kal held his ground against the combined efforts of Parth and Saul. The two capturing gladiators were as surprisingly strong as their straining bodies were phenomenally cut with shredded muscularity. Kal brought his well-trained and practiced mind under control and began to measure the feel of their strength and to calculate his estimate of their ultimate capacity on him. His arms and shoulders were visions of immensely hardened muscle. The full volume of Kal's sweeping lats was forced into view by the pull of the two men working on each arm. His posted cock pounded itself harder and harder at the erotic sensations Kal was deriving from the struggle. Precum covered his glowing cock head polishing its inviting surface to a glaring reflective state. Kal's abs moved from tightly divided plates of muscle to a concave hallowed bowl as he shifted his breathing from reactive to proactive.

Neither Saul nor Parth were apparently aware of the shift within Kal's mind as they focused all their efforts on their task to weaken and tear his monstrously muscled arms from the very sockets to which all Kal's rich arm muscle was connected. Before he realized it, Saul's compact body was raised at an angle above the ground as Kal's enormous bicep and mountainous pecs began to rise and balloon into increase thick masses of severely etched muscle. Soon, Parth's heavier and larger body was in much the same position.

Kal groaned as he continued to force his arms upward and his monumental pecs inward. A deep shadow of canyoned cleavage began to form between Kal's multi-lined pecs as his hands drew closer and closer together carrying the two attached bodies with them. Kal's erect nipples began to slip downward as the swell of his undulating pecs formed into vaster and vaster globes of rock-solid meat. Frenzied veining crossed the heavily striated pecs and flowed into larger ropes of veins that rose up between Kal's fissuring balls of biceps meat and the thin lining of over-stretched skin covering their huge proportions.

Half way across the arena Grom sat astride his struggling captive and locked his elbows together as he held Borc's face in the dirt virtually cutting off Borc's nostrils from being able to ingest much needed and wanted new air. Grom's riding ass cheeks settled deeply into the inverted shape of Borc's powerful lower back with his balls and cock heavily stimulated by the rough contact with Borc's hairy back and upper glutes. Grom found himself somewhat distracted by the obvious arousal that the sensations of their two rubbing bodies had on him. Borc began to cough into the dirt forcing out billows of blinding dust. Grom continued his hold in spite of the dust storm swirling around his own face and the growling for release within his balls.

Grom tensed his entire torso as he worked to suffocate Borc. His sculptured back, delts, pecs and abs beamed with brilliant cuts as they reflected the harsh midday sunlight. Sweat flowed over his naked muscles adding to the flawless images. Grom's knobbed cock head glistened with hardened power as the vein-powered cock shaft rode over the ridges of muscle filling Borc's lower back. Each time Borc coughed the dust from his aching lungs, the shivering reaction of his back muscles forced erotically charge stimulation into Grom's groin and balls. The coughing came more often and grew more eradic as Borc's lungs began to run out of air. The spasming of his endangered muscles turn uncontrollably violent and, for Grom, significantly more stimulating.

With great effort, Borc succeeded in forcing the palms of his hands beneath the outer edges of his crushed pecs and tried to use the immense power of his own arms and shoulders to lift his face up from the smothering dust but Grom's stiff-armed hold was proving to be much to strong. Pain filled Borc's starved lungs as he choked out the last of the air that remained in him. Just when Borc was about to resign to his fate, he sensed a sudden weakening in the pressure of Grom's hands against his head. With one last fateful shove, Borc's head and torso snapped upward. Grom's destabilized body tumbled to one side and onto the ground next to Borc.

Borc gasped in deep quantities of rich, revitalizing air and coughed the dirt from his parched throat and lungs. Knowing that he did not have the luxury of time to wait to completely recuperate, Borc spun his body toward Grom as he raised himself onto all fours. The first sensation he felt was one of warm wetness in his face. A second splash greeted Borc almost immediately. It was only then that Borc realized that Grom was in the throws of a wildly orgasmic ejaculation. Gobs of cum erupted from Grom's over stimulated cock. Apparently the spastic actions between them in the battle had pushed Grom beyond the point of sexual control. In his explosive response, Grom had lost enough control to permit Borc his moment of escape. Luck more than strength had been with Borc at that instant. As the last of the thick, hot cum leaked out of Grom's bloated cock, Borc made his move.

The audience was torn between the two battles raging on the field. Grom's sharply muscled body jerked through the spasms of his orgasmic fountaining of cum as Borc's thick, tubular form regained it's stature of threatening power aimed against Grom's image of stunningly scaled muscle and tapering torso. Some distance away, the Kal's, Parth's and Saul's intertwined nude bodies created a living sculpture of phenomenal muscularity in ripped, ultra-defined action. The heavy muscle filling out Grom's lats as he raised his rock-like, massively balled biceps up above his head as his cum spewed all over Borc's thick upper body showed the great exaggeration in scale between his huge upper torso and his trim, carved waistband.

Kal's stupendous arms shook as he held both men locked onto them in a nearly upright position with his monstrously mountained pecs lined and torn with painfully stressed muscle. Parth and Saul looked like anatomical charts with each individual muscle showing perfect and clear throughout their stretched bodies as they clung precariously to Kal's leg-thick arms. The eyes and cheers of the audience shifted back and forth between the two battle sites. The two great bronzes of Caesar that stood facing in opposite directions high on their stone pedestal in the middle of the arena seemed to be intently staring directly at the men engaged in their deadly fights.

All three of the Roman gladiators sported huge throbbing erections that signaled their excitement over their battle. Saul's forearm-long cock mast seemed anchored to his ripped groin and dripped with clear precum that ran down the huge coiled muscle of Kal's triceps. Parth's rigid cock looked powerful enough to rip apart his own perfectly chiseled, inviting, striated ass. Kal's wrist-thick column of man meat rocked back and forth in the air like a massive stone column in the throws a great earthquake. The combination of their muscle- shredded bodies with their majestically glistening cocks drove the nearby audience wild with want and desire. Men and women handled their own private areas as they imagined how it would feel to hold and possess any the three stunning bodies.

The adrenaline rush that fed Kal's body with intensifying strength and enhanced muscular definition also filled his mind with the tactical thoughts that had made him into the great gladiator champion that he was. Weighing and calculating the burden of the two men secured to each arm along with their pull and effect on his hard dense pecs, Kal chose his next move carefully. Saul was the smaller and lighter of them. Kal held Parth's body where it was as he shifted his concentration into the stiffly flexed arm upon which Saul rode. Steering all the strength and power he could into his pecs, lats and shoulder, Kal forced the arm with Saul on it over the huge mountain of his screaming pec meat and, thusly, Saul's clasping form into Parth's. Kal continued to role his entire body toward Parth's side and slammed both men onto the ground with Saul landing painfully on top of Parth's marble-hard body.

Gravity drove Saul's inflexible cock into the armored wall of Parth's lower abs. Their heads were forced together with their handsome faces pulled into a tense, unintentional kiss. Then Kal shifted his huge torso back somewhat separating the two men only to slam them together harder for a second time. Saul's lengthy cock meat sent shivers of pain surging into his groin as the denseness of Parth's constricted abdominals pushed it back into the ring of muscle anchoring it rigidly to Saul. The beautiful gymnast instinctively let go of his hold onto Kal and reached down to try to protect his searing loins and unbending cock.

Saul rolled quickly away from Kal and Parth leaving the huge gladiator champion free to concentrate all his energies against Parth. As if seeing him for the first time, Kal found himself momentarily enamoured with the breathtaking beauty of Parth's perfectly chiseled body with all his great muscularity sharply defined and invitingly displayed. Kal was familiar, as were most of Rome's citizenry, with Saul's deliciously balanced body and huge cock but the legend of Parth's masculine splendor and sumptuous ass was mostly known within the courts of the Senators and upper class. Kal knew that Parth, in addition to being a great gladiator was also reputed to be the best "fuck" among all the great men of Rome. As Parth lay sprawled on the ground with his body pummeled to pumped perfection, Kal could see how and why he had been in such demand.

Kal sighed briefly as his mind reminded him that it was his need to destroy this beautiful creature spread out in glorious offering to him in order to accomplish his goal as a good gladiator. Then he remembered that the driving force of his wants and needs, Dar, was dead and that nothing could bring him back. Kal's monstrous muscle armor flashed full, dense and solid as anger filled in to replace the momentary lust that had drawn him to see Parth in a different light than before. Parth lay trapped below the heavy, confining weight of Kal's startlingly muscled arms. His face shifted to a look of horror as he sensed the shift in Kal's body to diamond hardness. Kal's face move from serene to fierce.

Borc wiped the smell and feel of Grom's cum from his face and bathed his upper body with dirt and dust as he tried to rid himself of the disgusting juice of Grom's ejaculation. Borc used handfuls of dirt to force the last sticky sensations of cum from his sweaty palms as he rose and maneuvered his thick body behind Grom's up-stretched torso. Even from behind, the great span of Grom's highly muscled lats and upper back capped by his marvelously balled deltoids was an awesome and fearful sight. Grom's signature biceps were richly divided, massively peaked vestiges of marbled muscle.

Borc recalled how those huge arms had, some years ago, driven the dull blade of an overly blunt knife tearing through the dense muscle of his left thigh almost resulting in his own death. Grom certainly would have killed Borc then had it not been for the sympathy of the audience on that fateful day. Today Borc intended to get even with the short, muscle-packed blond barbarian. Wrapping one monstrous forearm around under Grom's throat, Borc reached around with the other hand to clasp hand and wrist together in a gruesome chokehold.

Grom's hands were at Broc's iron-hard forearms instantly as they sought to find a way to break the hold. Borc squeezed slowly cutting off more and more air from reaching down into Grom's hungering lungs. He could feel Grom's vast strength turning stone-hard as his shoulders, traps and neck muscles became petrified with awesome power but Borc applied even more tension further restricting Grom's trapped air passage. Grom's chest rose high with undulating muscle as his mammoth biceps became fissured and thick with amazingly shaped meat. With the strength of his biceps and chest, Grom was able to get a couple of fingers from each hand under Borc's crushing forearms.

Kal glared at Parth and then, surprisingly, sprung up from the ground to stand towering over the handsome and stunned gladiator. Kal was a vision of monumental muscularity looming over Parth's doomed figure. Kal's massive pecs arched out far beyond the plane of Kal's flat- plated abs like two huge, eclipsing hemispheres of rocky moons. The horizontally projecting post of Kal's hot, powerful cock showed as a thick, wide silouhette of hardened meat extending far beyond the massive man-tit domes with the fruit-sized balls hanging ready and ripe for picking. Parth resigned himself to his obvious fate and, smiling at Kal, closed his sea-blue eyes in anticipation of the inevitable end. After several seconds of anxious expectation, Parth opened one confused eye only to find that the vast shadow of Kal's luminous body was gone.

Saul turned suddenly as Kal began to charge furiously in his direction. Kal's body had become honed with lava hot muscle set on deadly pursuit and unstoppable conquest. The champion's enormous muscles bounced and waived as the engine of his superlative body spurred Kal forward with increasing momentum. Saul's gymnastic abilities spiraled him around the base of Caesar's statues in the hopes that Kal's larger body would not be able change direction as quickly and agilely. When Kal reached the centered position of the statues he did not slow down nor did he even attempt to shift the direction of his charge. Saul's relieved and exhausted form collapsed against the stone pedestal as he became aware that He was not al's intended victim.

Borc could read the anger in Kal's stern face even from almost half way across the arena. He knew instantly that it was he, Dar's killer, who Kal sought. There was no way Borc wanted to face Kal at this moment with all that muscle-driven anger and Borc could think of only one way to stop Kal for now. Grom continued to try to force his fingers in between Borc's crushing forearms and his trapped neck muscles. Grom's immensely muscled biceps had swelled almost to the same size as Kal's stupendous appendages. Rope-thick vein fed the mighty, impenetrable meat of their balled muscle and his pecs heaved up and down over his muscle-ripped chest as he tried to force air into his choking lungs.

Keeping his forearm locked tightly around Grom's throat, Borc released his hold of his wrist with his other hand and moved it up to the side of Grom's damped blond locks next to his ear. Borc focused every ounce of strength and energy in his arms in one concentrated snap severing Grom's head from the spinal cord in his neck. Life left Grom's stunning muscularity in instantaneous death. As Kal drew near, Borc hoisted Grom's lifeless body up in front of him as a huge shield of limp but beautiful muscle. Waiting for just the right second, Borc flung Grom's corpse into Kal's angry face as he darted to one side.

Grom's death had signaled the end of this second day of the battle. But Kal was not given to obeying the rules at this moment. •

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