Price of Freedom, The


By John

Is freedom worth the price of the battle mentally and physically? Our contestants sure hope so. This tale is set in a period of history where entertainment and violence were often interchangeable terms. Please note that this story may contain acts of gay sex and violence. If this does not appeal to you, please do not read.

The six gladiators were lead through the dark passages beneath the Coliseum arena field for their second day of combat. The heavy lengths of chain connecting them together kept them in a rough line as they traversed the stone halls and stairs to the waiting battlefield. Though it was still relatively early in the morning, their naked bodies were already covered in sweat from the still heat of the chambers to which they had been confined for the last 48 hours. The murky sky was overcast with a promise of heat-driven rain and offered them some welcome protection from the blistering effects of the hot summer sun. The smell of the pending rain filled the thick air as the accompanying humidity kept the moisture flowing over their muscled skin from evaporating.

The last two days had been fraught with tension as the six combatants were forced to share a series of interconnected cells and rooms within the dank bowels of the subterranean Coliseum catacombs. For some of them the wait had been easier than for others. The time had passed slowly but it had not been without its surprises for a couple of them. They had spent the first several hours following the first battle in silent anger as the emotions and hatreds of the initial fighting drifted to the realm of memory. It seemed apparent that the bodies of Marco and the Nubian had been paraded past their chambers for them to see one last time on purpose. The beautiful Marco seemed serene and content in his glorious sleep of the afterlife. The knurled tears of the massive abdominal and groin wounds ground gouged into the body of the Nubian served as a stark reminder of the true brutality of the event to which their lives were now tied.

Guards were placed around their chambers to prevent any attempts at escape. Though their own individual personal pride was a sufficient binder to their presence. Within the compartments, they were free to roam and interact. The heat of the first morning of battle took some time to settle down within their hearts, bodies and minds keeping them relatively quiet and separate almost until the first evening. Grom and Borc moved to opposite ends of the quarters until their personal hatred and anger toward each other had time to shift into an uncaring disconcert between two opposing warriors. Parth and Saul had not challenged each other directly on the field of battle and sat in the central room for some time. A look of mutual appreciation for each other's naked beauty seemed to rise within them and kept moving their ample cocks between various levels of arousal.

Kal secured clean water and fresh cloths to use in tending the knife wound in Dar's meaty lat. The huge muscle had been cut deeply, but cleanly and, once the small opening had closed, became little more than a biting annoyance within the vastness of Dar's massively proportioned back muscle. Kal massaged the heavy, heaving tissue to force the soreness away to keep the rebuilding power of a hefty blood flow going. After a few hours, Dar drifted into a comfortable and needed sleep.

Soon after Dar fell asleep, one of the guards came and whispered to Kal. They slipped off into the dark corridors beneath the Coliseum where two Roman Senators joined Kal. It was at this brief encounter that Kal was made aware of Caesar's intentions for him. Kal's mind became filled with hot anger as his hugely muscled body turned into a shredded image of petrified perfection. The power showing within the massive muscle carved onto Kal's stupendous body filled the watching guard with enough fear to ready his deadly arrow. Silently, as his cock hardened beneath his tunic, the guard prayed to the Gods that he would not be forced to fire his weapon against the phenomenal muscular beauty of the angered gladiator. Fortunately for the guard, Kal finally and simply demanded to be taken back to the chambers and to his sleeping lover.

Relative calm had reigned in the subterranean chambers as the six battle weary men fought between sweaty thinking and restless sleep. By the morning of their free day, all the men wear anxious to tune their bodies for the second round of battle. They were permitted out into a sunlit practice area behind the Coliseum where they could exercise and stretch their glorious bodies. Grom pushed the massive proportions of this arms and powerful upper body through a grueling workout using any and all heavy objects around that he could hoist, curl, row or press. In spite of his clearly stated convictions against man-to man sex, Grom loved the look and feel of own sculpted body when its muscle was honed and hardened. Grom focused almost every third exercise on the rock-solid formations of his signature arm muscles. After several muscle-pumping exercises, his thick cock hung heavily toward an erection.

Parth seemed to enjoy watching Grom's exhausting exercising and tried to position himself as he battled his body near to the spectacle of Grom's flexing gyrations through his own program of kicking, punching and chopping movements. Fully laden sacs of grains and sands resounded with the endless thuds of Parth's parrying. His movements were swift and catlike as his ultra-ripped muscles drew their enhanced strength and fullness against the suffering bags. It wasn't long before several of the sacs leaked their beaten contents onto the ground as the material surrendered itself into torn rags from the pummeling to which they were being subjected by Parth's frightfully beautiful figure. The elimination of Marcus had left Parth as the prevailing image of muscularly balanced perfection. Every line and every tendon of captivating meat showed beneath the startling thinness of his bronzed skin. His ample cock enjoyed the workout as much as his muscles and was, soon, as hard and pointed as the rest of his gleaming body.

Saul was never in the same place for more than a few seconds as he jumped, tumbled, rolled and flew across and around the limited confines of the workout area. His tight, trim body wore a look of anatomical perfection as he demonstrated his unbelievable flexibility and agility in the sight of the other gladiators. Whether by sitting on the ground with his feet and legs locked out straight in front and using his clasp around his ankles to pull his torso flat over onto his flexed legs or by sliding erotically into a full-out split with his dangling balls licking the ground, Saul never once showed any sign of stress or pain. His body became one flowing image of tightly packaged lean muscle that appeared to be almost incapable of being broken. Seeing the five much larger and heavily built men of muscle each forcing their huge bodies ever larger with massive amounts of weight and resistance fed Saul's lust until his forearm-long cock stood painfully hard out from his minuscule, twisting groin.

Borc kept his distance from all the others as much as possible. His distaste for the four men who seemed so accepting of each other as potential sexual conquests stirred his ever-present angers. His hatred for Grom, the vial barbarian from the north, forced Borc to stay furthest away from his flexing body lest he would choose to crush the blond gladiator to death on the spot. Borc set about to use the seemingly endless power of his thick, columnar muscle to destroy an object that tried to defy his legendary strength. Posts, handles, and even small rocks were reduced to wasted rubble by Borc's concentrated power on them. Each time he began to feel overwhelmed by the object across his flexing back or smothered into his grasp between his constricting chest and arms, Borc imagined the object to be Grom until his rising anger defeated it. As the day wore on, Borc watched Grom's arms muscled their way to gargantuan proportions and dreamed of the moment in the arena when he would smash their rocky brilliance into useless broken pulp.

Kal and Dar were inseparable all day. A small welt where an accommodating guard had seared Dar's back wound closed would serve as a reminder of Saul's skill with a knife. A dull throbbing pain still ached within the thick dense lat muscle but, as the two muscle-giants worked through a series of shared isometric exercises, the pain of injury became replace with that of healing. They started slow and easy at first to be sure that the knife wound would remain closed and sealed. As their confidence grew, the power of their exercises did too. By late in the day their massive bodies were pumped and primed to perfection. The dense meat covering every inch of their stupendous bodies appeared as hard as the living marble it looked like. Their blindingly heavy and hard movements shifted from staunchly physical to unnervingly erotic as every great muscle was forced to its maximum size and shape. It wasn't long before both Kal and Dar sported erections as magnificent as the rest of their bodies. The extra length and thickness that defined Kal's prodigious cock was more than made up by the scale and weighty fullness of Dar's tantalizing testicles.

By nightfall, all the men were covered in muscle-filling sweat as they were taken back into the body-enhancing torch light of their chambers. They were all excited and ready for the next battle. Several of them were excited in more ways than one and it was impossible to ignore the sexual power that was raised rigidly on Kal, Dar, Parth and Saul. Even Grom's burdened cock was still measurably positioned toward full arousal. As they awaited the delivery of their evening meal, hints of terse conversation punctuated the main chamber where they all waited. Saul continued to stretch and extend his carved body into positions that were simultaneously athletic and provocative. Kal and Dar oiled their stupendously muscled bodies to a gleaming polish from goods provided by the guards as Kal massaged Dar's back to keep it loose and stimulated. Grom flexed and rubbed the massive peaks of his hardened biceps and triceps. Parth tensed and relaxed the anatomical perfection of his aesthetic musculature in a series of erotic isometric constrictions. Borc found a far corner where he smirked at the various activities.

While filling his hands with more oil to apply to the chest of his gleaming lover, Kal caught a glimpse of Grom flexing his monstrously huge arms with their rope-like veins, writhing forearms, and multiple mountain high biceps peaks. Kal callously challenged Grom about whether his arms were as powerful as they looked or whether they were just images that the blond northerner had created for his own personal enjoyment. Grom flexed both magnificent arms back at Kal's face as he assured the Roman champion that they were as strong as they looked, if not stronger, and could defeat any challenge that any Roman had to offer. Borc laughed loudly at Grom's response referring to the flexed wonders as nothing more than inflated children's toys that he intended to destroy on the field of battle.

Suddenly, a hand appeared on top of one of Grom's flexed biceps. Saul cooed as he fondled and squeezed the rock-like appendage announcing it to be as hard as the granite it resembled. Grom angrily yanked his arm from Saul's grasp spitting a series of obvious obscenities in his native tongue. All the others laughed as Grom crouched in the middle of the chamber with his muscled torso tensed and ready for attack. As he turned slowly, the others tossed barbs at him causing him to intensify the cut brilliance of his tension fortified muscles. Finally Kal offered a challenge to the lumbering northerner. He would arm wrestle Grom and if he, Kal, lost, Grom could have his evening rations. Grom spite out that it was no challenge to him because his arms were sure to defeat the over-inflated ones hanging from the Roman. Kal offered the challenge again with the reinforcement of all the others who were excited by the prospect of seeing the monster- arms of these two men pitted against one another.

Grom grew increasingly angry over the cries and barbs of the others. Veins rose up from his temples and crisscrossed the shredded muscularity of his petrified bicep and delt meat. Kal began to turn away from the reddened blonds face with words of cowardice and weakness. Pushed to his limit, Grom blurted out his acceptance of the "meaningless challenge". Turning back as the others quickly cleared the surface of a small wooden table, Kal accepted and warned Grom that, should Grom loose, then he must give something back in return. Grom growled that he could not loose to the weaker arms of a Roman "pig". His face turned from anger to disgust when Kal suggested that Grom would have to let one of them fuck him up the ass if he lost. Grom's refusal was instantaneous and bitter. Kal's retort about how this could possibly not be accepted if Grom truly believed that he would not loose. Grom scowled and curse for several seconds as the others added their own reinforcement to Kal's request.

Kal flexed one of his monstrously huge biceps directly in Grom's face as he continued his demand for Grom to accept the challenge. Grom's spit soon rolled down the front curve of Kal's balled mass of granite- like, veined bicep meat dripping harmlessly to the dirt floor from the cabled rise of an enormously formed vein feeding the quaking muscle. Kal flexed harder turning the granite appendage even harder. Spitting once more as he finally accepted the wager, Grom swore that none of them would ever live to let their disgusting cocks taste his of his anal interior. The bet cast, all but Borg gathered around the small table surface.

Grom and Kal hoisted the bulbous muscles of their respective arms onto the tabletop. The noise from their hardened meat slamming against the wood echoed through the room. Their two hands fumbled and explored their way together; each trying to secure the best grip over the other. The muscles of their leg-thick forearms writhed like a slithering of uncounted snakes sliding just beneath their glowing skin as the two challengers worked fingers together and jostled to a final, accepted clutch. The waiting power of their biceps was an unbelievable sight as both men's arms stiffened to readiness. The three naked onlookers shared the commonality of throbbing erections as the thoughts of these two colossal arms engaged in battle surged from their racing minds to their aroused loins.

Parth had agreed to serve as judge and starter. At his signal, he counted down the direction to begin from ten to one. As he hit "one" both arms surged with sudden and breathtaking brilliance as their opposing biceps became images of forced metal spheres perfect and impenetrable. Thought slightly smaller in size than Kal's monstrous bicep, Grom's sterling bicep was as stunningly dense and even more deeply etched in action than Kal's. Both enormous biceps peaked almost wrist-high as the two men forced themselves into a vein- popping struggle. The mountainous spheres of meat became ridged and fissured with coiled muscle as the various splits burst from the tops of the great balls of muscle forming secondary peaks forcing the flexed muscles ever higher and harder.

Growls erupted from the mouths of both struggling men as the battling biceps refused to give any visible advantage to one fighting arm over the other. The struggle continued for several minutes as sweat poured from their cringing and knurled faces. The huge muscles began to quake and the forearms froze to calf-sized proportions as the war between them continued. The three onlookers were engaged in their own battle as they fought with themselves to keep from pummeling their hard cocks to muscle-lusting orgasm. Saul was the first to notice that Grom's cock was as hard as their own. The northerner's enflamed organ was as vein reinforced as his massive biceps and forearms. Saul's starring was drawn from the quaking arms to Grom's cock by the sheer thickness of the beating shaft. It seemed to be as big around as the wrist of an average man and looked as hard as an iron pole.

After several more mind-numbing minutes, as if he had been pacing his timing, Grom closed his eyes and forced all the power of his mind into his flexed bicep. The marbleized meat became even more deeply pronounced. Soon, Kal's forearm had been forced to a noticeable angle toward the table surface. The larger swell of Kal's immense arm meat rose sharply higher as the twisting of his forearm and wrist leverage the battling bicep muscle. Encouraged by his efforts, Grom put even more power into the unbridled strength of his bicep and, with a loud roar, drove Kal's hand all the way down to resigned failure on the top of the table.

Grom screamed a second shout of victory as the first surge of his cum erupted against Kal's groin. Standing, Grom flexed both enormous upper arms as his cock continued to spew the cum of victory in great arcs of hot whiteness. Crunching his massive, striated ass cheeks together, Grom forced the last of his cum from his cock as he pronounced his interior as safe from the vial invasion of Roman perversions. Pumped and primed as his body now was, Grom was a vision of muscled accomplishment. His small, tight waist and bulbous thighs made his glutes look all the more perfect and desirable. Grom's flexed biceps glowed with the power of his victory.

Parth, Saul, and Dar watched as Grom continued to show off the crisp fullness of his naked muscularity at them for several minutes. Ultimately, Dar went off with Kal to help sooth him in his defeat. Parch and Saul, noting the rigidity of each other's hungry cocks nodded their silent agreement to assist each other in securing the release of their own hot man-juices. Soon, the two sculpturally muscled bodies were awash in mutual conjugation. The shadowy light lent an air of artistic beauty to their intertwined forms as they took turns brining each other to heated orgasm. Parth seemed particularly adept a absorbing the massive length of Saul's powerful cock within the chiseled mountains of his striated ass cheeks. Saul filled Path with his voluminous sum until the sheer volume of endless liquid seeped out with each driving thrust as Parth's tight ass muscles squeezed the last drops from the embedded shaft. Then Saul returned the favor by riding atop Parth's heaving abdomen as his gymnastically proficient ass massaged the larger man's cock to orgasm.

Dar massaged Kal's pumped bicep as he soothed his lover's ego with comforting words. Ultimately, Kal put his fingers to Dar's lips as he explained that he had, by choice let Grom win. At first a surprised Dar could not understand why his monumentally muscled partner would do such a thing until Kal quietly advised Dar that he wanted to know just how much strength and power was contained within Grom's fantastic arm muscles so that he could better calculate the effort it would take to defeat him in the arena. They laughed together over Kal's brilliant strategy as they shared Dar's meal. Then the talk turned to vows of love and pledges of protection for and with each other in the arena battles as they continued to enjoy the each other's massively muscled figures. Their hard cocks rubbed together as they let their interconnected torsos feel the shared power of each other's stupendous pec, bicep and abs muscles. Their cocks became painfully heated as they moved within the trapping muscles of their upper bodies.

Over the years, Kal and Dar had come to know exactly how to best stimulate and service one another. Rolling playfully to a darker corner of the main chamber, they consummated their relationship one more time. Dar took his greatest pleasure in having his rigid cock friction-fucked in the huge crevasse of cleavage between Kal's monstrous pecs. The head of Dar's cock pounded into Kal's lower chin as his cock was shoved in between the clasping walls of pec meat. The pain of the injury from the first day of battle was long forgotten as the rhythm of Dar's ass pushing his cock through Kal's writhing pecs until, finally, he locked all his great muscle into the staggering definition that accompanied his moment of eruption. Kal's jaw, neck and upper pecs became drenched in Kal's cum. Then Kal knowing and expertly licked Kal's heaving muscles clean as he devoured his own cum.

Hot, pumped and ready, Dar wrapped one of his own enormously hard, sculpted biceps and forearms around Kal's begging cock. The great shaft was soon enveloped within the crook of Dar's flexing arm. Kal began to rock his body back and forth pushing and dragging the bulbous, sensitive head of his cock between the huge marbled forearm and the magnificent mound of massaging bicep meat until he, too, became a frozen image of muscled perfection as his overwhelmed cock launched its seminal meal against the nearby stone wall. The thick cum ran generously down the dark wall only to be caught up by Dar's cupped free hand. Once collected, Dar offered the spent cum back to his exhausted lover so that Kal could enjoy the taste of his own protein-rich man-juice.

Borc, by this time had slinked off to an adjacent cell in disgust. He fought hard to gain sleep over the groans and sounds of the four Roman's sharing their sinful passions with one another. Finally, he was able to drift into a restless sleep; waking often and using the time to plan his strategy for the coming battle.

Grom was the first in the line of mighty warriors to enter the field on this morning of the second day of their freedom battle to the mixed hissing and cheers of the capacity audience. The blood-pumping anxiety of the pending fight and the activities of the preceding evening had his impressive muscularity on full display. The sight of Grom's cock standing proudly erect even as he entered the arena and the vision of his flexing biceps was enough to shift most of the jeers to cheers of anxious delight. Parth entered next in all his exposed masculine beauty to the swooning admiration of the women and many of the viewing men. Saul literally sprung into the arena in a series of splendid and awesome tumbles and spins. His small tight body was anatomically cut with every sharply defined muscle admirably present. Borc lumbered in. His thick heavy torso covered with fur and veins.

Kal and Dar came in last, together. The sight of these two magnificent bodies brought shouts of cheers and cries of disbelief from many in the audience. Their amazingly muscled figures glowed with excited power and stood rigidly carved with a look of impenetrability. Seeking to steal the thunder from Grom's flexing figure, the two popular Roman's provided their own flexing display of their massive muscles as they strode defiantly to the very center of the arena. As they flexed and posed, their pendulous cocks swelled and rose until they, like every other offered muscle, stood sharp and hard.

Today, as Caesar's attempt to appease the crowd from the disappointment of the first day of battle, there would be no weapons permitted. Only the might and skill of the six men could be used. As with the first day, the fight would continue until two of the great gladiators lay dead on the floor of the arena. Wagering was reported to be high. Borc and Kal were the obvious favorites to live. Parth and Dar were considered to be the most likely to be dispensed with today. Caesar entered with his wives and son to the music of the announcing trumpets and wasted no time in singling them to sound for the battle to begin.

Kal and Dar immediately assumed the strategically planned position with their huge backs and writhing glutes pressed against one anther. This way, no one could get to either of them without their knowledge. Their massive chests and magnificent arms became chiseled spectacles of god-like muscle as they locked their immense bodies to readiness. Saul and Parth moved to the far opposite sides of the arena as if using the bodies of the Dar and Kal to screen each other from view. Suddenly, both men rushed at the center together. In their hours of sexual encounter, they too had hatched a plan of their own. Aiming a Dar, Saul dove to the ground as he approached while Parth launch himself into the air at Dar's upper body. The plan worked as Dar crashed to the ground. His huge muscles shook with disbelief as the two smaller men rolled onto him with blinding speed. Each took hold of one gigantic arm as they locked their feet into the side of Dar's neck and the marbleized swell of Dar's upper lats.

Kal turned immediately to assist his embattled lover but never had the chance. Seeing what Saul and Parth were up to, Grom focused his immediate attention on Kal. Grom's densely muscled form slammed into the turning image of the larger man sending the two immense bodies of muscle careening over the splayed forms of Dar, Saul and Parth. The momentum of Grom's impact carried their two twisting bodies well beyond the struggling pile of the three other men. As they spilled onto the ground, Grom reached beneath Kal's meaty arms and wrapped his hands behind Kal's thickly muscle neck. They came to rest with Grom in full control of Kal in a full nelson hold.

"So, you thought that you and your muscle-lover would combine your forces to overpower me!" Grom hissed into Kal's ear as he tightened his capturing biceps and triceps around Kal. "Perhaps you should have been more cautious. Our chambers carry conversations very well and you tend to speak more loudly than you think. If you thought that I had beaten you with all the power in my biceps, then you are about to discover how much you have underestimated my strength! Feel the rocks of my biceps digging into your chest and armpits! Feel them well because it is the last sensation that you will ever know!"

Indeed, the straining outer flanks of Kal's pecs and the upper lats ached under the unyielding pressure of Grom's quaking biceps and triceps muscle. The massive rock-like balls and coils of Grom's upper arms grew more and more solid as his clasping wrists and hands forced Kal's straining neck forward onto the top of the prodigious swell of the top of his stretched pecs. Simultaneously, Grom pushed his stiffly flexed lower abdomen up against the great mass of Kal's striated ass muscles. Kal could feel the bulb of Grom's hardened cock digging its way between his flexed ass cheeks as Grom hoisted both of them to their feet and applied increasing pressure to Kal's lower back.

Spinning then around toward the center of the arena, Grom assured Kal that he was going to let him suffer but to live long enough to watch as his trapped lover died at the hands of the two other Roman gladiators. Kal tried to wriggle free from Grom's grasp but the metallic hardness of Grom's massively cut upper arms held tight and secure. Dar was, indeed, in a dire position. Parth and Saul had him spread-eagled on the ground. His vacuumed abdomen exaggerated the size of his up-pointing cock mast as he twisted his hips on the ground trying to roll free from their opposing pulls. The two smaller gladiators were in full control and threatened to rip Dar's majestically muscled arms and delts right out from their thick shoulder joints. Dar's body glowed with immense muscular beauty as he fought valiantly but helplessly against two other combatants.

Desperate to help his lover and remembering Saul's gymnastic entrance into the arena, Kal acted on an idea quickly and violently. Instantly he snapped his struggling upper torso forward as hard and fast as he could constricting his chiseled abs together. As he did this he let the mass of his body carry his bulk forward and toward the ground lifting Grom's unsuspecting body up wit it. Kal crunched down with his own massive arms and pecs as he rolled ripping Grom's fingers from their hold behind his neck. Grom's sharply muscled body flew over Kal's tumbling head and sailed out onto the ground, flat on his back, several feet in front of Kal.

Kal rolled through an imperfect but effective summersault but before he could even make his next move, Borc was on top of Grom's confused body. Borc grabbed the dazed body from underneath and hoisted it up over his head as if Grom had weighed next to nothing. Grom's highly arched chest and hardened cock pointed skyward momentarily until Borc unceremoniously let the heavily muscled form drop earthward only to intercept the center of Grom's lower back on his waiting knee. Grom screamed in pain as Borc's leg dug deep into his spine before his falling body went spinning facedown onto the hard ground.

As Borc took over the battle with Grom, Kal turned his attention to his need to save his over-stressed lover. Since Parth was the larger and more dangerous of the two assailants, Kal aimed his massive frame at his anatomically chiseled torso. With one mind-driven kick, Parth's figure was sent a full body-length from Dar. Dar yelled with pain as Parth's hold was ripped from his arm, neck and lats. It took a moment before either Dar or Saul knew what had happened. In that time, Kal had a chance to move toward Saul. As the hardened muscle- form of Kal rushed toward Saul, he knew he had no chance against Kal's superior muscle and quickly let go of his hold and rolled, head over heels in a move only one as gymnastically accomplished as Saul could have used.

Saul sprung to his feet some distance beyond Parth and steeled himself for the next encounter. Slowly Saul slid back away from Kal's muscle-etched form as Kal moved in toward Dar. Secure with the distancing, Kal paused to help his lover to his feet. Dar was visibly shaken and, obviously in pain but his body appeared to be OK and, if anything, more sharply cut with beautiful and inviting muscle than Kal could ever remember. The two huge musclemen embraced briefly to the mixed cheers and jeers from the gathered audience. Dar nodded and whispered to Kal with a soft kiss that he would be fine and, letting go, Kal turned his anger toward Parth and Saul once again.

Grom lay writhing on the ground barely conscious. Borc knew he had the northerner broken and defeated. Grom's hands reached up to try to quell the spinning and ringing in his head. His great biceps balled into a spectacular display of precision-formed muscle as he rubbed his head with his hands. The exposed flanks of his unfurled lats became Borc's next obvious target. Kneeling as he rushed forward, Borc forced one knee into the belly of Grom's exposed and offered right lat. The pain of the impact rolled Grom into an immediate fetal position. The muscle covering his body quivered with the agony as it spasmed almost erotically.

Borc could tell that the blond mass of muscle cringing on the arena floor was too hurt to go anywhere fast. He could also see that Kal's lover was unguarded and unprotected and, in spite of the massive amount of muscle covering the Roman's sculptural body, was unprepared for a surprise attack. Glancing down once more at Grom, Borc sent a final kick into the cringing figure's lower back for good measure and then rushed against Dar's unsuspecting form from behind.

In an instant Dar had gone from resting to endangered. Borc had him securely by the waist and kicking with his feet raised from the ground. Borc locked his bear hug around Dar's stunningly tight waist with knowing precision as he brought one perfectly aimed knee up into Dar's exposed testicles. The pain was beyond anguishing and brought on and instant explosion of reactive cum just as Borc drew his clenching fists deeply into the core of Dar's stretched lower abdomen. The sound of Dar's snapping lower vertebrates more than the groan of his last breath caught Kal's attention. By now Kal's anger had put quite a distance between his lover and him in his chase after Parth and Saul.

Kal turned just in time to witness the body of his lover turn from spectacularly muscled to limp death. Borc squeezed the broken torso one last time before tossing it down into a combination of it's own cum and the dirt of the arena floor. •

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