Price of Freedom, The


By John

Freedom is the goal, but not everyone achieves all his goals. But one thing is certain; they are all willing to try no matter what the cost. This tale is set in a period of history where entertainment and violence were often interchangeable terms. Please note that this story may contain acts of gay sex and violence. If this does not appeal to you, please do not read.

Saul's quick speed and amazing dexterity made him the first one to the selection of weapons leaning up against the pedestal of the recently dedicated bronze statues of Caesar in the center of the Coliseum. He tumbled quickly, gracefully and safely back to the outer wall where he could use it to ensure that no one came up to him from behind. He knew that his small size demanded that he rely on his cunning and his agility in order to succeed against the larger and more practiced fighters. The twin daggers he had secured would work well for him without affecting his tumbling abilities and cat-like flexibility.

Kal raced to the center of the arena also. He had no question about the superiority of his great muscle strength against most of the others. He was mostly concerned about Borc's legendary power and knew from experience that an available weapon in hand was a great supplement to the might of his own huge muscle strength. Kal was also now focused his mind on his need to get to and protect Dar. While Dar was almost equally strong as Kal, he did not have the arena experience and wisdom to help keep him alive. Kal knew that Caesar would not let them both live in the end, but he would figure that out once he had eliminated the others from the contest. Kal's immediate plan was to see to it that both he and Dar made it through today's fighting alive. That would buy them the time they would need to devise an effective survival plan.

Grom reached the weapon cache from the opposite side at the same time as Kal. Kal had secured the trident that Grom had hoped to get. Instead, he came back with a heavy wooden club in each hand. As he backed carefully and slowly away, Grom tossed the clubs within his grasp noting just how right they felt to him. Grom's monstrous biceps cherished the feel of the weight of the clubs. They would serve well as natural extensions to the unbreakable power of his upper arms. Grom looked left as he stepped away from the center of the field noting the beautiful form of Marco also backing toward the perimeter with roped net and a short sword in his clutches. This seemed like wise choices for the slight figure since the net could be used to incapacitate the largest, strongest body and the sword was available to finish them off. Then Grom peered to his right just in time to see the shadowy image of the huge Nubian slide behind him against the wall. Grom spun around expecting an attack from the rear but the Nubian showed neither any interest in Grom or getting to any of the weapons.

The stocky build and dense weight of Borc's body made him slower than most of the others. It also gave him immense momentum once set in motion. He swept past the pile of weaponry grabbing the thick handle of a huge, heavy axe on his way past the central pile. Borc's body never stopped running and he headed directly at Grom. The blond man's attention to those on either side of him was working to Borc's advantage. The unexpected turning toward the wall of the arena as the Nubian passed him made Grom a perfect target for Borc. The sound of Borc's instinctive battle cry caught Grom by surprise. The massively muscled northerner turned toward the sudden noise just as Borc came upon him.

Only the years of training and instincts of a tribal fighter saved Grom from instant annihilation. The razor sharp leading edge of Borc's axe dug half way through the club in Grom's right hand. The power of Borc's unhindered swing met the resistance of the northerner's immense upper arm muscle power. The sheer force of the impact sent shockwaves of pain pulsing through Grom's surprised right arm. His mammothly peaked bicep absorbed much of the shock as it shuttered into and amazing peak of granite-hard muscle. Grom's entire upper torso became a frozen image of perfect muscle as the waves of impact forced their way through the very core of his tortured musculature.

Borc yanked back with both hands on the vibrating handle of the axe. Borc's powerful body was still ringing with the same pain of muscle- dense resistance from the contact between the two famously strong men. Grom got his first measure of Borc's hate-driven strength as the force of Borc's recoiling motion ripped the club from his right hand. The club rose high into the air still attached to the wide blade of the axe. Borc swung the axe over his head and then brutally toward the ground. The power of his swing bringing the club up against the ground caused the club to shatter and splinter from the axe. Free of its encumberment, Borc glared toward a waiting Grom as he readied for his second attack.

Marco had been as shocked by Borc's nearby shout as Grom. The unexpected cry scared the sword from Marco's fumbling hand. It slid several feet across the dirt of the arena floor before coming to a stop with its handle pointing toward Marco. Every movement of Marco's body seemed to be a motion of aesthetic perfection. His body was alive with soft light and inviting sweat. The long soft curls of his hair flowed down over his brow as he stooped in to retrieve the sword. All of this was so unknown to the stunningly formed man. The audience behind him had the momentary pleasure of witnessing the exposure of his moist and famous sphincter as his flowing ass cheeks opened their passageway to his erotic love-cave.

Pain seared through Marco's anal passage as the leading end of the Nubian's monstrous organ kissed its way past the overburdened ring of sphincter muscle. Marco screamed as he endeavored to raise his body to an upright stance. The beautiful young ma n had not been what the Nubian was seeking but the opportunity to eliminate a potential threat that was so unexpectedly exposed had been too much to ignore. The Nubian reached around the silky upper body of the captured beauty as Marco screamed the pain of anal invasion for the second time. The long dark arms of the Nubian soon had Marco completely within its grasp. Slowly, the Nubian began to straighten his own long, long legs.

Marco constricted his ass and sphincter muscles as tight as he could to prevent more of the monster-cock from sinking inside his engorged posterior. Almost half of the iron-hard shaft was in him. It was as hot and hard as it had appeared. Where Marco would normally have enjoyed exploring the power and feel of this amazing organ, now it was a threat to his very existence. The Nubian laughed at the thought of the delicate Roman body being destroyed by the power of his cock- weapon. As much as he appreciated the beauty of the body he had invaded, the Nubian had no real feelings for the unfortunate man. All he had wanted to do was to get to the end of the Coliseum where Caesar and his family sat and to scale the wall and kill the traitorous ruler. The opportunity to let his begging cock taste the inviting Roman man-ass was just too convenient and, in the Nubian's mind, would serve notice to the others of the power of his god-given weapon. He tried shoving his cock deeper into Marco's resisting ass and was pleasantly surprised at the anal fortitude the handsome Roman possessed.

Parth had moved to the center with deliberate caution. Once most of the others had seemed to set their directions in motion, Parth secreted his way to the weaponry as far removed from anyone else as possible. His aim was as legendary as the flowing cut of his handsome musculature. Parth had seen two javelins resting together near the center of the pile and took them both. They were long, sleek and perfectly pointed at both ends. He tossed their weight in both hands to get to understand their balance and gravity.

Parth had also noticed the methodology that Saul had chosen to employ. He liked the idea of keeping away from those already involved in combat. He moved back toward the perimeter wall some distance from Saul's crouching figure. Dar was between the two of them. It was the first time Parth had the opportunity to really size up Dar. From his vantage point, he could see that Saul was measuring Dar's potential threat up also.

Standing somewhat tensed and looking a bit confused, Dar was quite a spectacle of human muscle. Neither Saul or Parth knew what had motivated Caesar to add the huge muscleman to the group but he appeared just as strong and magnificently formed as Kal. Dar's shaking muscles were extraordinarily full, large and dense. His waist was as tight as Parth's but his pecs and lats were several handfuls of muscle larger. In fact, the mountainous mounds of serrated pec meat covering his chest and the clamshells of unfolded muscle flaring out to each side from his back looked thicker and richer than the magnificent corresponding muscles billowing from Kal's saturated torso. Parth thought that, perhaps, the tightness of the ripped waistline added to the visual wonder of Dar's lats and pecs.

Dar himself did not know quite where to turn. He had helped Kal practice his craft countless times but had never had faced the real contest before; let alone with a swarm of other brutally powerful and infinitely more experienced gladiators. Dar sucked in deep, chest expanding quantities of air as he attempted to think his way through his immediate dilemma. Dar had seen Kal's catlike maneuvering to secure the deadly looking trident and felt better when Kal had thrown a reassuring glance his way. He wanted to try to get a weapon of his own but did not know which would be best for him to take.

Kal signaled to Dar that he was on his way just as a whish of cooling wind blew across Dar's massively flexed back and ass. His peripheral vision had caught Saul's blindingly fast movement from the wall and Dar instinctively began to turn in the direction of the motion. The blur of the gymnast's body twisting, twirling and rolling toward him was too fast to permit Dar to get either focus or balance on what was happening. Pain ripped though the outer flanks of Dar's lined left lat muscle as the compact whirling body spun past him. Saul landed on both feet with the agility of a great white leopard. It was then that Dar realized that the knives were no longer in Saul's hands.

Borc was angry and let it be known with a curdling cry. He had successfully ridded the axe of the wooden club that had become stuck on it when he pounded it to the ground. Unfortunately, some of the flying wood splinters prickling his face and skin as they flew by were from the handle of the axe. The metal blade lay uselessly on the ground half way between his crouching body and the posed figure of a rejuvenated Grom. Borc could not help but admire the huge ball of peaked muscle that defined Grom's raised arm. The remaining club in Grom's hand was poised and ready for attack. As thick and powerful as the club looked, it seemed insignificant when compared to the monstrously hard arm muscles that held it.

Then Borc noticed that the club at Grom's groin was also painfully hard and ready. The charged cock bore a striking resemblance to the wooden club. Its uncut knob was chokingly fat and the decent-sized shaft was lined and knurled with thick veins. While Grom's disposition against man-to-man sex was well known, the sense of arousal that he got from the heat of battle was equally well documented. In some small way, Borc was pleased that the power of his initial attack had driven Grom to achieve a full erection so quickly. Borc respected Grom's fighting ability almost as much as he hated the man himself.

It was Grom's turn to attack now. Waving the huge wooden club in widening circles, Grom rushed toward the empty-handed competitor with complete disregard for his own well-being. Grom was as angry as Borc and his entire focus now was aimed against Borc's unprotected head.

Years of practice lead the Nubian to do what he knew best. He could feel Marco's internal pressures constricting as they tried to crush against the poled magnificence of his embedded cock shaft. The fantastically handsome body hung suspended on the Nubian's inflexible pole with almost two hand-lengths man-meat inside. The equally beautiful cock shaft of the impale man hardened quickly until its powerful surface glowed with the reflection of the hot sun off of Marco's sausaged cock meat. Marco's feet waved helplessly in the air as the length of the Nubian's legs and the power of the amazing black cock within Marco pulled him from the ground.

The Nubian continued on his quest to embed the full, deadly length of his unforgiving cock shaft into the miraculously aesthetic behind. Marco murmured as the pain and joy of the wounding fuck filled his colon. The gigantic cock was almost 2/3 of the way into him. His well- ridden ass was about at the limits of its wondrous capacity but the endless organ showed no mercy as it slowly skidded past Marco's efforts to block its gravity-driven invasion. The Nubian wrapped one lanky arm around Marco's throat pulling the pretty head and neck toward his dark, glaring face. Marco's back arced into a painful curve as his torso was forced to bridge the gap between the heavy breathing black head at his face and the hot pumping cock meat in his ass.

Kal's cry pierced the air even before Dar's shaking knees hit the dirt ground of the arena floor. Dar's front side was twisted toward Kal. His massive pecs rose and fell like hot lava as Dar gasped for the air of realization. Glancing around him swiftly, Dar caught sight of one of Saul's knives with its shining blade embedded into the ground and its dark handle waving back and forth. Saul's acrobatic attack had left him far from Dar. Parth's glowing body was now between Kal's hugely muscled training partner and himself. Saul pasted the back of his fantastically ripped, unarmed body against the nearest perimeter wall ready for any possible attack. Kal thought momentarily of rushing Saul's small figure and crushing the very breath from it with his overwhelming muscularity but Dar's moans of pain drew his immediate attention back toward the needs of his kneeling lover half way across the field of battle.

Parth could see the mixed look of terror and anger in Kal's face. He sized up the situation from his position in the arena. Parth lifted one of the javelins into launching position as Kal crunched his amazing body into a vision of endlessly striated power. The champion's huge body was etched with muscle-defining determination that was so rigidly etched onto and into every perfectly flexed muscle that Parth dared not even think of challenging Kal's diamond- hard flesh. In spite of his infamous accuracy, Parth knew that surprise was an equal partner when seeking to bring down a creature as large, thick and hard as Kal. Instead, Parth elected to step out from the path between Kal and Dar.

Dropping one javelin while lowering the other as a sign of non- threatening intentions, Parth charged in front of Dar heading toward the back side of the field to where the Nubian had first entered. The crowd nearest Parth began to hiss and boo as he moved away. Of all the competitors on the field, Parth seemed to be the only one seeking to avoid contact and combat. In fact, it was true. Parth relied more on his mental powers than his physical abilities whenever he could. Letting the others wear themselves down had proven to be an effective tactic in the past and, so Parth hoped, would serve him well today.

Grom hit Borc with all the might his stunningly muscled arms could amass. Borc twisted to one side just as Grom approached presenting his right shoulder and upper back to the powerful wooden club and rock-hard arm muscle. The tensed thickness of Borc's upper back met the power of the flying club with all its legendary power as ready as could be. The club vibrated in Grom's unflinching grasp as stone- muscle encountered stone-muscle. Grom's whole body became an image of statuesque muscularity and Borc's solidified into a marble-like consistency. The weakest of the elements was doomed to defeat. In this case, it was the wood of the last club that failed. Grom backed away with his hands and arms ringing in pain but unharmed. The rope- thick veins on his arms had been pushed out to full snake-like view as the petrified forearms, biceps and triceps muscles absorbed all the space under his thinly stretched skin.

The rock statue that Grom's body had turned into began to unwind as the last of the splintered club settled onto the ground. The pain searing through his shoulder warned him of the damage that had been inflicted. His face turned white as the pain expanded his knowledge that his shoulder had been dislocated. Anger more than any other emotion drove his commitment to prevail. Placing the palm of the hand from his uninjured arm on his distended shoulder, Borc gave one mighty shove and one ear-shattering scream as he drove the joint back into place. As much as Grom could not believe what Borc was doing, he realized that his opportunity against Borc was quickly slipping away. Hunching down his monstrously muscled torso and legs to form a human ramrod of muscle. The unarmed northerner charged toward Borc's heaving midsection.

A cheer from the crowd to the right of Caesar's viewing area focused the attention of all of the audience on the flailing image of Marco's beautiful figure. His arced torso lifted the head of his jolting cock high into the air. A volcano of cum shot skyward and fell gracefully back onto his plated upper abdominal area. Some could swear that they could see the fat head of the entombed Nubian cock pushing against Marco's flawless lower abs from the inside. Marco's pulsing organ erupted again and again as the passion of experiencing the Nubian tower of man meat overwhelmed him.

Marco's body spasmed and jerked with each soaking release of additional cum. His ass twitched and constricted around the pole of dark hot meat embedded within it drawing in and swallowing more and more of the endless shaft in the process. The Nubian continued to pull at Marco's silky neck and chest forcing as much cock as he could inside the cum-spewing body. Marco's legs kicked and flailed as the last of his cum dripped down his spent cock and onto his groin. Measuring his time, the Nubian powered the entirety of his unbending cock into Marco with one last brutal shove. Marco's body shook one last time before cascading into the beautiful calmness of death. The Nubian forced his cock in as deep and hard as possible just to be sure that life had been driven completely from the handsome body riding on it. Satisfied that Marco was dead; the Nubian lifted the still form from his bloodstained cock and kicked it to the ground. Marco lay face up and fully exposed. His cum-stained body looked as beautiful in the sleep of death as it had in the prime of life.

Reaching down toward the heated pain shooting through the thickest part of his left lat, Dar's hand found the handle of Saul's second knife. The entire blade was buried in Dar's monumentally thick lat muscle. Dar's back had proven to be so broad, dense and rich with meat that the point of the knife was still lodged in the wealth of meat and had not invaded any vital parts of Dar's being. Angrily Dar pulled the knife cleanly out from the outer flank of muscle. A line of blood rolled down his side from the injury but Dar had been fortunate in that no serious damage had been done. Raising the knife above his head, Dar waved it toward Kal with a reassuring nod. His gleaming body flowed with the movement of his immense muscularity as Dar climbed from his knees to the cheers of the nearby crowd who seemed pleased that his fantastic body and being was still part of the living.

The applause of the audience grew louder as Dar began posing and flexing his massive muscles toward them so that they could see that his injury was insignificant. Fortunately for Dar, the viewers could only see the proud stance of a fantastically muscled gladiator and did not know the depth of the pain boiling inside his invaded lat. As a final signal of his well being to the audience, Dar threw the bloodstained knife fast and hard toward Saul. Demonstrating his amazing speed and agility, Saul jumped high into the air bringing one outstretched leg straight out to each side. His balls hung heavily below his spread-eagled body and his hard cock bounced up against his lower pecs as his body sailed several feet into the air. The knife launched by Dar rung loudly as the metal of its blade met the stone wall with tremendous impact. Blade and handle split apart and the shattered pieces of knife fell uselessly to the ground.

With the knowledge that his lover was safe for the time being, Kal turned his own attention to the catlike form of Saul. The small body had landed cleanly on the ground and stood in a half crouch with all of his muscles tensed and sharpened to perfection. Kal admired the beauty and shape of the handsome figure and was especially drawn to the large waving cock that vibrated like a huge spring-loaded beam in front of Saul's vein-lined lower abdominal area. Saul's full balls hung low and visible beneath the stiff cock shaft. Kal grasped the trident he had acquired until his monstrous arm muscles turned into visions of marble and his pecs shifted from mooned hemispheres of twitching meat to striated mountain ranges of lined stone. Lowering the trident to where the three dangerous points were at about the same level as Saul's swinging testicles, Kal began his charge.

Kal's racing assault across the arena floor took him only feet away from Marco's serenely beautiful body. The Nubian had already fled the scene of his death-rape. He stood wiping blood and precum from his hungry cock. His desire to get to Caesar had been supplanted by his taste of gladiator ass. His lust controlling cock ached for it's next victim. The Nubian cast his eyes around the arena. Grom and Borc were deep in combat and too dangerous to approach. The same appeared to be true between Saul and Kal. Parth stood poised and ready with the deadly javelin in his grasp and his handsome muscularity brutally cut across his entire body. That left the injured, flexing Dar. In spite of his monstrously huge and hard musculature, the massive muscleman seemed momentarily caught up in his posing for the admiring nearby audience leaving him to be the most vulnerable.

The Nubian began to edge his way toward the middle of the field. Using the base of Caesar's statues as a viewing block between himself and Dar's flexing form, the Nubian edged his way around to where he could see the full, massive width of Dar's immensely muscled back and writhing ass. He kept his distance from Dar and tried to make it look as though he was seeking to hide from Parth's steadfast form. The Nubian slipped past the two great bronzes of Caesar at the midpoint of the field and edged closer toward Dar with the marvelously muscled man's amazing and unsuspecting back to the Nubian.

A glimmer of light caught Dar's attention as he pushed his torso into a muscle-carved most-muscular position for the pleasure of the cheering fans. The sharp light was the reflection of Saul's knife blade that had missed it intended mark and now stood stuck in the ground. Dar unclenched the brutal beauty of his monstrously flexed body and stepped over to the knife. Finally he would have his own weapon.

Grom hit Borc with the force of a raging lion. His body was so tensed that every muscle stood anatomically inscribed. The great rock-like balls of Grom's flexed biceps were pounded against the sides of his chiseled pecs forcing their delicious meat into crisp, round mounds of fortified muscle. A deep dark shadow defined the finger-deep line of cleavage where the twin peaks of man-breast had been driven together. The post of Grom's clubbed cock was hidden in the dark shadow created by his bulbous pecs over his abs and groin. Borc was as ready as he could be for the impact. His larger column-like body was covered with endless veining as he chiseled his being into a formation of rock-hard existence. Man-rock crashed against man-rock.

The two great bodies fell to the ground like two dense statues being bowled over by the force of a massive earthquake. As they rolled across the battlefield, Grom's pointing cock became painfully lodged between Borc's crushing inner thighs. Borc tried his best to focus his attention on his opportunity to beat Grom hand-to-hand, face-to- face and muscle-to-muscle but each time they rolled onto his injured shoulder, a searing pain would temporarily overtake his momentum. Borc winced as the power of Grom's unflinching biceps wrapped their huge meatiness into a dangerous bear hug around his pain-stung shoulder and upper body. Grom could feel the affect his muscle- crunching grasp was having on Borc and locked the deadly vice of his biceps tighter and tighter around his victim like a python snuggling up to its prey at every chance.

The point of Kal's trident rushed to within a body length of its intended testicular prey before Saul's amazing body sprang to action. Saul sprung upward from his crouched position with darting speed. Both feet leapt from the ground and outward at the same time; the bottoms of his feet landed at the center point of each of Kal's magnificent man-tits using them as a launching pad to sail over the muscle-warrior's head only to land almost two body lengths from the charging muscle mountain. The points of the trident met the stone wall surrounding the arena full on. The three prongs bent and twisted into a useless knot of metal as Kal's muscle power drove the trident against the rock. Kal turned his huge, flexed body toward Saul's waiting figure with surprising quickness and dexterity for its great size.

An angered shout from Kal singled his second charge but, instead of aiming directly at Saul, the smaller man stood confused as the great body of muscle zoomed past him still gaining speed in the process. On turning to face Saul, Kal became witness to the intentions of the Nubian to feed his cock on Dar's exposed ass. But the distance between Kal and Dar was too great. Kal shouted to his lover just as the Nubian and his ramming cock came upon the sumptuous ass hole. A second area of pain erupted within Dar's body as the fisted head of the huge dark cock smashed through his exposed sphincter. The thrust of the impact carried both Dar's stooped figure and the Nubian several steps closer to the black man's original port of entry. The movement also helped keep Dar's colon from absorbing the full length of the massive organ.

The tightness of Dar's ass combined with the heightened sensitivity within the Nubian's giant cock imposed on it by its previous encounter with Marco and triggered an instant reaction. As the great organ rubbed its way into Dar, the churning balls of the Nubian loaded the endless shaft with hot, steaming cum. The rich milky semen poured through the great cock-barrel and exploded into Dar's ass acting like a vast lubricant within the clenched muscle posterior. More than half of the pumping shaft slid within the screaming muscle- gladiator as their figures continued to tumble forward. A combination of ripping pain and erotic stimulation filled Dar's mind. The ramrod cock felt as sexually fulfilling in Dar as it did deadly.

The second volley of cum surged through the monstrous organ just as the first sense of mind-numbing pain filled the Nubian's balls. Dar buried the knife he had been lucky enough to retrieve from the ground just before the Nubian reached him into the exposed testicles clear up to the hilt. Dar ripped the knife from one destroyed sac and shoved it into the remaining testicle. As suddenly as it had entered him, the great Nubian cock shaft was recoiled from within Dar. The Nubian was curling in pain on the ground as a growing pool of his blood mixed with the spitting whiteness of the last of his cum. Kal finished off the large dark man by forcing the knurled metal of the twisted trident into the sharpened muscles of his abdomen. He died instantly. At least Caesar and the Egyptian princess were safe from the threat of his wrath.

With the death of the Nubian, the horns of the Coliseum sounded loudly to signal the end of the "Battle For Freedom" for today. •

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