Price of Freedom, The


By John

Fewer and fewer remain but the goal for at least one of them seems closer than ever. It's just a question of who now! This tale is set in a period of history where entertainment and violence were often interchangeable terms. Please note that this story may contain acts of gay sex and violence. If this does not appeal to you, please do not read.

Parth and Saul sat quietly together in the chamber in the predawn of the third day of the scheduled battle for freedom. The chamber had been theirs alone since the second fight day. They had been rushed from the arena very shortly after Borc had disposed of Grom. The memory of Grom's and Dar's stupendously muscled bodies just before their moment of death was frozen into Parth's and Saul's minds. The two destroyed gladiators had been among the best examples of human development ever placed on earth and yet, in spite of their immense strength and special gladiatorial skills, both of their awesome bodies now lay deep in the bowels of the Coliseum's dank dungeons next to those of Marco and the Nubian. Today, two more were scheduled to join them. Since they had been ushered from the arena immediately after the death of Grom, neither Path nor Saul had any idea about the status of Borc or Kal.

Kal had been determined to finish off Borc in spite of the sounding of the horns signaling the end of the second round of fighting. Borc had used Grom's unfortunate body to wad off Kal's impending attack. While it did not stop Kal's determination, it had bought enough time for a score of heavily armed centurions to get into the arena and surround Kal's naked, muscle-carved figure. Borc had been equally willing to engage Kal and had to be subdued by another troop of armed centurions. Since Borc intended to be the last survivor and wished to honor his promise to his betrothed, he ultimately accepted his need to surrender the battle for the time being and was taken off by the guards.

Kal had tried to break through the soldiers in an effort to get to Borc causing several serious but not fatal injuries. It took Caesar's order to send in another battalion of centurions who finally succeeded in netting Kal's stunning body of pure, angry muscle before they could haul him off to a separate, secure cell in the maze of chambers below the arena field. Kal and Borc had been kept apart and separated.

Parth and Saul had the advantage of having access to the exercise and training area. The guards were surprised at how playfully and actively they sparred and exercised with one another in spite of their prescribed fate that, at best, only one of them could live. They spent the free day in the exercise area stretching, chasing and practicing their fighting skills together. Their two exceedingly beautiful yet different naked bodies in playful action proved to serve as excellent visual and erotic entertainment for the guard assigned to watch them.

More than once, the guards needed to take turns excusing themselves to go and relieve their over stimulated cocks as a result of seeing Saul bend, flex and contort his compact and anatomically perfect body through seemingly endless displays of amazing flexibility and muscle control. It seemed that the more the tightly built gymnast pushed his drool-inducing body, the harder and more aroused his forearm-long cock became.

As for Parth, his larger, magnificently scaled muscles and sharply handsome features soon forced aside any memories of Marco's unblemished beauty and Kal's enormous muscularity. This was especially true whenever the striated layering of Parth's unmatched ass muscles flashed into active view. Each and every movement Parth made seemed as if a perfectly carved statue to the best of manhood had come to life.

In the shared chambers during the cool and private shadows of the early evening Saul and Parth took turns in assisting each other to achieve orgasmic release. If they were doomed to die, they had agreed that they would not die with the want of one last fulfilling sensation of sexual satisfaction. The way the final rays of restricted sunlight wrapped their tender fingers of light over the flexing beauty of both Parth and Saul created an image sensual beauty so compelling as to be irresistible. Parth slowly and joyfully explored the stunning definition of Saul's sullen musculature spending the most time in appreciation of Saul's unmatched erection.

Saul's let his hands discover the vast splendor of Parth's richly formed muscles, especially the fissured ass cheeks, as if a blind man was memorizing through touch. They tasted each others sweetly salty sweat and luxuriated in the musky smell coming from their hardened bodies as, first one and then the other, they pleasured themselves with their ready cocks. Saul treated Parth to a fully satisfying release of thick cum as he swallowed the whole of Parth's excited organ with the expertise of the greatest sword swallower in the land. His teeth seemed to know just how much biting and scraping pressure to apply against the surface of the hot, hard cock shaft to induce quivering jolts of erotic pleasure to control Parth's loins. When he finally exploded, Parth groaned with a sense of delight that he had seldom experienced before.

Parth returned the favor by mounting Saul's endless cock shaft to consume its full length within the confines of his legendary posterior. Years of practice had taught Parth how to maneuver and manipulate the internalized meat of a man's stiff, hot cock so that its owner received the maximum of pleasure. The size and power of Saul's wonderful man-meat made it a mutually beneficial experience. Buy the time Parth brought Saul's cock to orgasm, he had achieved his own new erection and managed to cum for a second time feeding his new cum onto Saul's muscle-plated chest and abs. Saul delivered a load of warm cum so filling into Parth that the excess began to spill back out onto his own undulating groin.

Borc was pleased to have the time alone. His body was sore from the second day of battle. In the minds of many, his strength seemed to be endless but Borc could feel that the invisible pains took longer and longer to heal with each passing year. Thoughts of winning so that he and the woman that was waiting for him could wed and begin a family drove his commitment to be the ultimate survivor. Now that Grom was dead, Borc carried no burning hatred for any of the remaining contestants, including Kal. He considered all three to be great gladiators and respected their desire to be victorious but, since only one could survive, Borc intended that he would be that one.

Kal, too, was happy to be alone. Anger had given in to remorse and self-loathing by the morning of the second day. He had pledged himself to Dar and had promised to keep him safe and had failed in that promise. Deep down Kal knew that Borc had merely taken advantage of an opportunity of the battle. Of all the combatants, Dar had been the one who had not chosen to participate but had been the unsuspecting pawn of a ruthless Caesar – a Caesar that Kal, his former champion, now despised.

Early in the evening of the free day, the door to Kal's small chamber squeaked open and a small, shrouded figure entered. Once locked in with the hugely muscled gladiator, the figure exposed itself to reveal the handsome heir to Caesar's throne. At first Kal rejected the presence of Titus but, with caring and soothing words, Titus ultimately succeeded in softening the attitude of the great muscular man. Kal found a sense of peace from Titus as the aesthetic prince wooed and comforted him.

They spoke of their joint commitment to overcome the brutality and vulgarity of Caesar and to form a better, more caring Rome. Titus gently informed Kal of Caesar's plan to defeat him. They spoke of Kal's public popularity and his need to prevail against the others so that Caesar would be forced to give Kal his freedom with the thousands of spectators as their witnesses to Caesar's pledge. Titus even assured Kal that there were plans in the works among those who despised Caesar to have him removed.

As the evening turned to night, the words between Kal and Titus shifted from plans to tender sharing. Titus knew that he could not secure Kal's heart until some of the wounds from his loss of Dar had been given time to heal, but Titus knew how to ease Kal's spirit and invite the lusts of a man forward. Titus offered his smooth, handsome body to Kal and Kal, in returned permitted Titus to enjoy his massive muscularity as soothing words became sensual contact. Kal enjoyed the soft warmth of Titus' body. Titus felt as if he had been lifted to the heavens as he explored all the immense muscles that gave Kal's body its god-worthy stature.

The gentleness of Titus ultimately paid off as Kal's thick cock hardened into a weapon as wonderful and powerful as the rest of his honed body. Kal let the young heir to the throne of Rome lift the heat of his passions and lusts until he could no longer resist. Taking matters into his own strong hands, Kal lay on his back and lead Titus into the position he sought and then slowly drove his hungering cock into the silky ass of the beautiful Roman prince.

Titus body rode up and down with increasing speed above Kal's spread muscularity consuming the whole of Kal's imposing cock shaft. At the same time, Titus' hands swooned over the rounded fullness of Kal's massive man-tits and hollowed abdominal cavity. The pain of enveloping the monstrous gladiator cock was a mere inconvenience compared to the erotic pleasure of enjoying the carnal wonders of Kal's phenomenal body. Titus' let his own hands force pleasure from his own small but rigid cock as his intestines continued to feed on Kal's meat of manhood. A surprisingly rich amount of cum soon sprayed from Titus' cock onto the twitching pectoral monuments covering Kal's breastplate. Before Titus finished his ejaculations, Kal's cock responded by unloading gushes of cum inside Titus' sucking ass hole.

Before leaving, Titus assured Kal that, together, they would make Caesar pay for Dar and all the vile and villainous things he was doing to Rome and its people. Neither man slept particularly well that night. Kal was consumed with his rising hatred for Caesar and the overwhelming loss of his lover. Titus anxiously relived the ultimate joy he had experienced with Kal as he remembered the feel of the great cock inside him and the vast muscle beneath him.

Dawn brought yet another scorching hot day to Rome. The thrill of the coming battle filled the Coliseum in spite of the promised heat. Horns announced the arrival of the four gladiators. Parth and Saul entered unaccompanied. The combination of rest and exercise had sharpened and enhanced their bodies. Their naked images seemed to be aglow with prideful power. Eyes darted from one sharply muscled creature to the other as the audience couldn't decide which man was the most beautiful. Their cocks were as charged and ready as the rest of their chiseled bodies. Saul's immense organ swayed invitingly back and forth as he moved about half way onto the field between the gate and the base of the twin statues of Caesar in the center of the field. Parth moved up not to far from Saul. With every step, Parth's perfectly sculpted ass flowed with the most delectably formed muscle ever seen on the body of a man.

Borc was paraded in from the far end of the arena surrounded by a troop of metal plate breasted centurions. They were there more to protect him from a premature attack by Kal than to stop Borc. Borc's eyes searched through the crowd until he sighted his fiancé. His head nodded its admiration and silent pledge to her. She smiled back bringing the first hint of a smile to Borc's rough face that anyone could remember. Borc's naked body was as stout and column-like as ever. He bore none of the aesthetic characteristics that made Parth and Saul so desirable, but the look of raw strength that covered his thick trunk was unmistakably captivating.

Consistent with tradition, as Caesar's champion, Kal was the last to enter. He, too, was escorted by a troop of centurions. They came with their weapons ready. Caesar had ordered that the fighting could only begin at his signal and not a moment before. Kal had been told that Caesar himself had issued orders to kill any of the fighters who did not honor that decree. Kal had plans of his own for the fight and did not intend to start the fight early.

True to his title, Kal, instead, came in as the champion gladiator of Rome. Once well onto the field, Kal raised his meaty arms up in a sign of glorious pride and began to flex his astonishing body to the huge cheers of the excited audience. He had spent much of the early morning exercising and pumping his muscles so that they would be as huge, full and hard as he could possibly make them. His efforts showed well under the heavy shadows of the low-hanging sunlight. Every monstrously beautiful muscle glowed with chiseled perfection as Kal display the brilliance of his vast to the thunderous applause of leering fans.

The position of the statues of Caesar between Borc and Kal made it impossibly for him to see the body of muscle that was stirring the crowd. Saul and Parth shivered fearfully as they watched Kal's body twist and turn through its presentation of muscle so awesome as to defy belief. Their already hard cocks pounded themselves into rock- hard posts riveted to their groins as they stood spellbound at Kal's posing routine.

Kal began by locking his clenched fists against the rock-hard muscle of each striated oblique chiseled onto his stunningly small but superbly muscled waist. Inhaling deeply, Kal's monstrously huge pecs rounded out into huge fissured moons of muscle almost a hand width thick. His hardened stood in the center of their circle of brown tit tissue like two pointed arrows ready to be fired from the core of his curvaceous breast meat. The mountained pecs cantilevered precariously over the plated servings of his flatly domed abdominals casting long shadows down almost to his naval. Forcing his fists hard against his sides, unfurled Kal's sweeping fans of lat muscle so wide as to seem to make him capable of winged flight.

Kal turned his planted feet slightly outward causing every massive muscle slabbed onto his thighs and upper legs to blossom to awesome proportions as they cut themselves into vein reinforced cords and cables of immeasurably powerful meat. Kal's calves swelled into huge balls of lined muscle larger than the thigh of an average man. His subtly thin ankles and knees only added to the sense of unbelievable muscle-scale on his legs. Those fortunate enough to be seated behind Kal had the privilege of observing a pair of gluteal carvings that heretofore would only have been attributed to the body of Hercules himself. Kal's immense ass cheeks turned into layers of dimpled stratified rock as he dug his turned legs staunchly into the ground.

The smallness of his lower back gave way to a spread of back muscle that was several fold wider than his ribbed waistline. Those to Kal's side found themselves trying to absorb the huge variation in thickness between his globed pecs and his miniscule waist. The wrist- thick protuberance of Kal's aroused cock with its fist-sized head extending far beyond the outermost edge of his rolling pec meat left many men and women of the audience wet with desire.

Satisfied that he had the attention of the entire audience, Kal turned and, still surrounded by guards walked slowly but deliberately to the stone statue base in the center of the arena. The flat top of the honed rock pedestal was within a hands reach above Kal's handsome face. Reaching up to grasp it with both hands, Kal pulled his gloriously muscled body up onto the pedestal to the surprised gasps and wanting cheers of the excited crowd. The distance between the backsides of the two bronze sculptures of Caesar was barely enough for Kal's huge body width to fit within. Each statue was about twice as big as life size placing the great swell of Kal's fissured shoulder muscles about even with the nicely formed butts of each Caesar statue.

Kal was not done with his display, Standing slightly removed and on one side of the great bronze sculptures, Kal raised his arms up parallel with the ground and folded his forearms into a staggering double biceps pose. The capping meat covering his shoulders rose like vast round hills of muscle peaking out almost even with the bottom of his ears. As high as these great muscles rose, his flexed, head-sized biceps soon dwarfed them as they threatened to come in contact with his muscle-etching clenched fists. Even with the amount of distance between the audience and Kal's flexing mountain of muscle the sight of him standing with winged lats and monstrously perfect biceps balled into granite-like spheres was an unspeakable spectacle of sheer male wonder.

The great Roman muscle-champion stretched and flexed his arms for one half of the crowd several times before climbing around the statues to do the same for those seated on the opposite half of the filled stadium. This was the first time Borc had a chance to see the full glory of Kal's presented body and, in spite of his own aversion to homosexuality, soon found himself sporting a fully erect penis. The tremendous muscular beauty of Kal's completely pumped body was undeniable.

A blast of horns finally interrupted Kal's presentation. The Coliseum grew suddenly silent as Caesar made his entrance. He was alone except for a few guards today. The great ruler strode proudly to his throne and raised his hands as he prepared to speak.

"Fellow Roman's" He began. "We gather here to witness the third battle for freedom of some of Rome's best and greatest gladiators. Among them is the man who now stands before you in the shadow of my images and who has been raised to the level of Caesar's greatest Champion…No…Rome's greatest Champion!"

Cheers rose from the audience in recognition and agreement with Caesar's pronouncement about Kal. Caesar raised his hands for silence again.

"Yet, today, I must…and you must, accept" Caesar continued "the new truth that this man, one who has been like a son to me, is a traitor to Rome."

The crowd murmured in disbelief as these horrifying words hit their unbelieving ears. As Caesar raised his hands yet again, two lines of centurions entered the field from the gate directly beneath Caesar's station. Between them was a cloth-covered platform. The bearers carried their load halfway to where Kal stood on the pedestal and laid it onto the ground. Caesar pointed their attention to that platform.

"This morning, it came to my attention that none other than my own Roman Gladiator Champion has been plotting against your Caesar." He continued forcefully. "And that he had enlisted my own beloved son, Titus, to serve his evil purposes."

"That is a lie!" Kal screamed back. "If there are those against Caesar, it is by his own doing. Not by me or his heir."

Caesar went on as if ignoring Kal's outburst. "I have raised my son in my own image so that, one day, he would take my place. The throne belonged to him. He had no reason to try to seize what he had already earned. Only the words and conniving of a traitor could possibly lead him blindly down the wrong path."

"Lies! Vicious lies." Kal shouted in response. "Why not let Titus speak for himself?"

"Would that he could. Would that he could." Caesar answered lowering his head. "When I went to ask him the truth of these rumors myself this morning. Instead of accepting my presence, Titus gave me the answer I did not wish to hear."

At Caesar's signal, the men of the field removed the cloth to reveal the corpse of the handsome Titus.

"Yes, instead of coming to his own loving father and Caesar. My beloved son took his own life right before me." Caesar cried. "And you, Kal, are responsible for his death and must now pay for it. Surrender to your Caesar so that I may be merciful and swift with your death."

"You have planned my death since before this contest began!" Kal spit back. "But you shall not have the pleasure of capturing me."

Then, looking up at the two bronze statues, Kal added. "Your heart is as cold as and hard as the metal in these brazen images…and I shall be the one who rips it from your breast!"

With that, Kal forced his massive body in between the two towering metal statues placing a flattened palm behind each of them and began to push. His handsome face turned stern and forceful as he launched the full power of his marvelous musculature and strength into his efforts against the images of Caesar. A unified gasp was breathed loudly through the unbelieving crowd as every muscle on Kal's brilliant body turned stone hard and the huge statues began to rock.

Kal paused only long enough to gasp in the air of reinforcement as he focused his surging strength on the two monuments. His body grew so hard from his exertions that it took on the appearance of a third, writhing statue of chiseled marble. Kal's arms, legs, chest' back, ass and abdominals transcended the vision of human muscular perfection as they responded to his mental demands to topple the adjacent images. The statues creaked as their bases were ripped from the stone that supported them. Even Kal's cock froze with stupefying power.

Within seconds of his announcement, the perimeter of the arena field was lined with Caesar's best archers. Many of them knew Kal but not one was not momentarily overcome at the sight of his brilliant body petrified with unimaginably beautiful muscularity and power. Daring not to offend Caesar and filled with remorse and sorrow over their assigned task, the archers readied their arrows in their bows. At Caesar's signal, they launched the first volley of arrows at the struggling monolith of muscle in the middle of the arena.

Kal's muscles had become so insanely flexed and hardened that the few arrows that found their mark feel uselessly to the ground around the pedestal. The combination of distance and Kal's muscular density left only superficial surface wounds where they had impacted his skin. It seemed to the audience that Kal had transcended to the level of a god whose body had become so perfect with muscle that no weapon of man could harm him.

Kal growled loudly and defiantly as the last of the arrows feel to the ground. Pausing for a brief moment, he offered back one muscle- defining most-muscular crunch as if to assure his attackers that their efforts were useless against his invincible body of pure muscle. Then Kal, with even greater determination, applied his attack back against the stubborn statues. This time his strength moved into legend as both statues, with an earsplitting crack, were broken from their base and tumbled into countless pieces onto the ground below.

By now the archers had moved several body lengths closer and were ready to fire again. A clearly angry Caesar raised his hand for them to fire. As the arrows sped through the air, Kal forced his amazing and victorious body into a stunning mass of mortifyingly hard and deeply striated muscle. His balls churned with their serum of glory and his stone-hard cock rose to a final launching position.

This time several arrows hit their target and they did so harder and more viciously than the first round. Some of the pointed shafts encountered a bicep or a pectoral so fissured with straining muscle that, in spite of their speed and sharpness, they crumbled broken to the ground or the stone platform. Still, when the last of the arrows finished their journey, four had made their way into the stone-like meat of Kal's immense muscle but none had been able to sink in deep enough to reach through the shield of muscle protecting the life-core of his being.

Kal' though slightly injured was even beginning to believe in his own invincibility. Filled with pride and the adrenalin of power, he raised his massive arms in a double biceps pose of bold and brazen defiance. His mind knew what he needed to do next and he prepared to make his charge against Caesar himself. Kal gave the audience one last proud biceps showing adding his muscle-fissured back, pecs, legs and abs to the display. The four arrows stuck within his muscles seemed to have no affect on his power and brutal beauty.

As Kal raised himself into this last pose, he was unaware that Caesar's best archer had moved several paces closer to his posing body and, without awaiting any signal from Caesar, fired his arrow with stunning precision toward Kal's groin. The arrow hit its mark perfectly; sliding it deadly tip into the slitted opening at the end of Kal's gleaming cock. The sensual feel of his own flexing muscles combined with the erotic shock of the arrow speeding through the very shaft of his cock triggered an immense explosion of cum in Kal. The invading arrow and the erupting cum met half way along the rigid shaft of Kal's cock lubricating the slim wooden weapon.

The cum never had a chance to escape from Kal's cock before the arrow soared through the core of his lower abdomen and lodged itself with deadly force against the inside of his spinal cord. All feeling left Kal's lower body instantly. Before his unfeeling knees hit the rock of the pedestal platform many of the third volley of arrows assailed his suddenly relaxing muscles. The great Roman champion was dead before his handsome face came in contact with the rough stone of the pedestal that had supported the toppled images of Caesar. •

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