Secret Life of Doctors, The


By hairyman101

The young man screamed one last time as the steriods exploded his heart. he fell back ,. dead. the doctors looked at the muscled torso ........"oops" dr wills said. "but what would you expect from two mad doctors??" they both laughed not seeing the man's soul leave his body. a white ghostly smoke filled the room. the docs were scared as they felt there hearts begin to beat faster and there middle aged bodies to shake. a voice whispered into their ears....." for...what.....i am stronger now...dead than will" they ran as fast as they could to the secret lab and pushing the button closing the doors behind them. it was ghosts. "YOU fed him to much juice!!!!" oldman shouted...."so....i was seeing how much the young man could take"dr wills explained. "you know the medical board meets tommorow" "so??" the doctors looked at the other four bodies. "time to clean up" oldman stated. the ghost of the man left the house and flew over the town....restless and confused....his soul looked for the local prison....his depression needed more depression. the prison was dark as the inmates slept. in the dark a small light beamed showing inmate john as he slowly jacked his cock. his cellmate watching as if he had never seen a dick. "how long can you go without cumming??" " here they can hear a whisper" the white smoke....or soul seeped into the cracks and the cell was filled with light. the two men could not breathe as the young man's ghost entered into john's body. darkness fell again as john was processed. "what happened??" his cell mate asked....clearing his throat. John's beam of light that was coming from a small candle now came from him as he glowed. he felt stronger somehow. he got up...his cock hanging and looked at the bars of the prison....grabbing them...he pulled......they began to move!! "john!!! you are bending the iron bars" the guards heard them and the one with the flashlight came to see. "hey YOU!!!!......what are you doing???" the guards mouth dropped open as he watched the steel bars bend and break in front of his eyes. john turned toward him. "dont fuck with me.....i am now two" the guard got his mace out as john moved toward him. "step back" the guard holding out the mace.....john held out his hands and took hold of the bars of the old prison and broke them like toothpicks. spraying the mace the guard reached for his club but john had him in his arms....bear hugging all the lights came on as the other guys wroke up. The guards eyes popping as his soul and strenght was being absorbed by john. his body becoming darker in color as his body strenght left and his heart slowed down to die. john dropped the corpse and stood there as the guards , with guns drawn, waited for him to make the next move. his cock still hanging out from the jackoff session. he tore off his shirt...showing his tatoos. he felt more power than he had ever known. he caught them off guard as he yelled at the top of his lungs and went forward...falling to the floor below. his cell mate looked over to see the body of his friend. the guards running down to his body got a shock to see nothing but a cracked floor where his body...once...laid.

the doctors had resumed there steriod injections and the four bodies were fully pumped. "what about john freeman?" oldman asked. "john was my first male.....and he is under my control.....but if he ever woke fully .i would not want to be here" "see...john freeman is quite insane...has been since i found him under the you call that living." oldman waved his hand as if for dr wills to go on with the story..."well he had killed his family after he found her fucking another guy....he killed his kids and her and was on the edge of killing more until i came at the request of the police and i put him under" "his empty mind was not hard to control" oldman touched john;s hard chisled body...."why didnt you give him the steriod drip??" dr wills looked at the clock......"we need to get ready for bed......tommorow is the AMA meeting" dr oldman knew he was right..." you dont want to go into why you like him so much....i can accept that......lets finish here." the docs put the young man's body into the body bag....zipping it up and dragging it to back of the house. the doctors family masoleum was they opened the gates and dragged him into the room. "we will lock the gates and get to him one will find him. " after they had finished they went upstairs to sleep. John wandered into the woods as he wanted more souls....more strenght. he saw kids coming toward him....."trick or treat!!!!" he growled at them......screaming they ran off. "kids....i hate kids...." he thought. he saw the female that the kids ran to. "the mother....nice......i want her.....i need her......" the mother got the kids into the car as she told them not go out of her they were going home. john came out of the woods just as she pulled away. his cock hard and wanting...SEX!!! •

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