Secret Life of Doctors, The


By hairyman101

Big muscled tattooed john made his way into the next door he found open....his cock in need of sex.....he creeped into the dark home. no lucky can i get he thought.....ahead in a room he saw a faint light. making his way to peek into the room he saw a boy jacking his cock with just a small night-light. the boy looked to be around 16 and he was unaware of the danger that watched him. john started to beat his cock and knew what he wanted. coming into the room and slowy closing the door. it creeked!!! the boy turned and started to scream but nothing came forth. john putting his hand over the boy's mouth. "dont scream. i will not hurt you." the boy squirmed....john flexed his arm in front of the boy's face. the sight of his huge bicep made the boy stop. "now i will take my hand from you if you promise not to scream" the boy nodded. john sat beside him. " want??" the young boy whispered. john stroked his long cock as it got bigger and bigger. the boy smiled. "wow....let me take care of that" the boy slipped down to the cock meat and began to suck the mushroom head. john arched back feeling the pleasure that he needed. sucking harder the boy tried to take it all but gagged. the young boy ran his hands along john;s body feeling the tight arms and the massive chest. suddenly the door opened and his father came in....turning on the lights. "MY god!!!! " john quickly got up his long hard cock sticking out. the father came at him.....john held out his arms and caught the man in a bear grip. the father had a madness on his face that soon turned to horror. john was taking all of the father's strenght and absorbing his soul into his body. the boy watched in terror as his father got smaller and smaller and this man got bigger. john let go of the bear hug as the bones and flesh fell to the floor of what was left of the boy's father.

The doctors were bored at the AMA meeting so they slipped out the door. "lets go back and take care of the body in the fault" they agreed. going out to there cars they saw a crowd of people gathered and the police were just pulling up. "some unforunate crime" dr. wills said. john came out of the house.....growling. the doctors watched as the bullets fired. john felt them bouce off his body. "do you see that.....?" dr oldman asked. "he must be a superman or alien" dr. wills rolled his eyes...."this is not a comic book my friend" the people screamed as they ran....the police backing away. john breathed in and the men that were near were not there anymore in a split second. gaining more strenght he walked toward the others. the police got back in there cars and drove off. the young boy came out and stood in back of the massive man. "please STOP.....i will give you what you want.....i have a virgin ass.....come with is yours." john turned to see the boy bending over to expose his ass crack. the doctors tended to the ones that had been ran over by the crowd trying to get away. his cock hard and ready he slowly sank it into the felt like melted butter as john pushed a little harder.....the boy screamed as the fat cock tore into his tight ass. "FUCK ME!!!!" he yelled. the doctors looked up to see the gaint man fucking the teen boy. "we must get back to the others in the lab" wills eyed the other. dr oldman looked intensely back...."we must help the young man....first" wills agreed. standing up and slowly making there way to the sex scene. "I THINK YOU KNOW US??" dr oldman yelled. john saw them out the corner of his eye but slid his dick in and out of the dripping ass. he had cum more than once in the virgin butt and was still fucking. both docs came nearer. "WE CAN HELP YOU!!!" john turned and with his huge hand slapped the doctors bodies into the wall. there bones tearing from there bodies as they both died. john laughed ........his body now wanted more.......always more.

back in the lab the the bodies had started to come to as if the bond had been broken somehow. seeing each other they talked about how they had been here or there and the doctors they had met. john freeman told of his murder trial and how the judge had awarded him to these doctors. making there way out and into the hallway they saw there strong bodies in the mirrors. "we must have been juiced up.....i feel like i need more of whatever IT was" john felt like part of him was somewhere else. "i can feel a pleasure coming from my cock" john said.. the others smiled...." just wroke up and need some pussy" they laughed. john saw the huge knife on the table and soon the others did too as he sliced and diced them...blood flying....body parts cut into. he still stabbed them after they were dead. "i dont like to be laughed at" his blood drenched body muscled but still feeling pleasure of the blood and the other part of himself. Massive john came one more time as the young teen had passed out. he threw his body over toward the doctors bones. he sensed he was not whole. a weird floating feeling. there was no one to stop him as he made his way toward the house where john freeman was now washing the blood off. the door crashed open as the two john's met. a bright light exploded in the hall as the two men were forced together. there bodies became ONE. a tapping on the table...once and then three times. john's body became normal again. the massive body of strenght no more. "what the hell??" the ghostly spirits of the doctors filled the house. john was not scared. "we have come destoy" he heard the voice all over. john lifted his arms..."wait....why did you do all this if not for an end purpose??" the milky white spirits laughed....."This all was a dream are still in the madhouse!!!!" john looked around as if a curtain had been pulled. his jail cell was before him. his cell mate licking at his cock. "nice sweet taste" he said. john shook his head as the man licked more of his balls and cock head. he leaned back as he had for twenty years and let the man suck his cock....dry. THE END •

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