Secret Life of Doctors, The


By hairyman101

"he woke up!!! dr oldman shouted to his friend. Dr wills tapped on the table loudly three times. The muscled blonde stud john quickly feel back into a deep sleep. His cock hard and dripping as Dr oldman licked it and started back to sucking it. Dr wills injected the four young men with his formula........a steriod base liquid with amino acids that had been modified to make the body absorb them faster. There chisled bodies tighten with each injection. Dr oldman was going up and down like a kid on john freeman's cock...enjoying the hell out of it. the cock got harder as the cum wanted out......he sucked harder until his reward of creamy cum spewed into his waiting mouth. "mmmmmmm.....young cum is the best" he licked what cum ran down his mouth. "can i keep sucking him??" dr wills looked up..." long as he is in my control his body knows just me and i have not told his mind to not he will cum until i stop him" dr oldman looked dazed..."a fountain of cum!!!" "wow....this is great.....everybody always thinks doctors are upright and want to help heal.....Fuck....we just want to touch all those cocks we see each day and rub all those hairy bodies" he grabbed the cock again and sucked more. dr wills smiled and knew what his friend was saying......doctors are human too but we cant touch when we want to. he forced the injections into the four youg bodies. there muscles grew out in inches with each steriod punch.

A rap at the front door stopped everything. "are you expecting someone??" dr wills nodded NO. he went to the door as the raps got louder. looking out the peep hole he saw a well dressed young man holding something. he opened the door. "good are dr wills?? " shaking his hand....." i am a real estate agent and i am going around trying to pick up buisness" dr wills looked him over....a skinny man....but a nice shaved face. "im not interested.....this house is not for sale." the man quickly stepped through the door.."im not selling your home....just wanting to know of friends of yours that might need a new agent??" as he talked dr wills saw dr oldman walking up behind him and then injecting him. the man started to breathe heavy. "what ,, was...that...." as he went out. "why did you give him that?" dr oldman looked down at the new body. "he was not a threat.....and i have never given the formula to a man awake before" the young man's body shaked as the steriods were sucked up into his blood. his face red and his viens in his hands pulsing he looked up. "I WANT MORE!!!"

grabbing the dr by his lab coat......"I WANT MORE!!!!" the man's nice suit now tearing at the seams. his biceps becoming more bulging. "put him down....." oldman said. dr wills pointing to the huge sword . oldman nodded as he took the the sword and struck the man on the head. letting go of the dr...he looked around. taking off what was left of his coat and his shirt and then walking toward dr oldman....his tight muscles growing even more. "wills do you put them under??" dr wills didnt know now that the steriods had taken over. "i will give you more if you will calm down" the young man stopped. "MORE.....NOW!!!!!" it was like a need......the forumla had made him into a new man and he needed more. dr oldman had gone and came back with another shot but also in there was a little relaxer. injecting him....the man flexed his chest and lifted his arms toward the sky. "THAT FEELS GOOD" dr oldman noticed the the huge bulge in his pants. the man caressed his new muscle body.

The drug took affect and slowed down his heart to where he went into a more dazed effect. dr wills taking his arm showed him to his lab. "a real estate man you will never be..." he sat him down. looking into his eyes he did what he did with john freeman. going deep into his eyes and into his soul the doctor took away a part of him. a lesson he had learned from a teacher in india. as the trance became more solid dr oldman had alreay unzipped his pants and was taking them off when the man's cock peaked out from his under wear. his lips wet and ready he felt of the dick and the hard muscled legs. he licked the tip of it and it became semi-hard. taking off his underwear he saw the beautiful cock. he jacked it slowly as wills went deeper into the young man's mind. looking down finally dr wills saw his friend sucking on the fresh piece of meat. "you are a whore" shaking his head. "come join me....there is enough of this cock to last all night" dr wills said..."no...enjoy....he is under my control now....and i want to do something, different, with him."

Dr oldman sucked him slowly as wills prepared the table to spread him out on. "alright...bring him here" oldman looked dishearted as he had to give up the cock. taking him by the arm and leading him to the table by the other four. naked .....he was laid on the slab. the IV was stuck into his protuding vien. "i am going to give him the oure form of the steriod in a drip.....this way he will get it without stopping" oldman looked at his friend...."but he will overdose" wills wide-eyed...."we will see what happens" the drip started as the steriods were forced into the male body. oldman started sucking on the other four....taking turns with each cock. wills waited in his chair. time went by as the drip of steriods was fed to the waiting body. after about four hours the young man became restless and DR wills got up and strapped his arms down. oldman had taken a break to wash down all the cum he had swallowed. "how is he?" wills saw the muscles in the body had responed to the drug and had grown. no more the skinny at the door. suddenly he woke up and tried to get free...his viens popping out as he fought the straps....."YOUR KILLING ME!!!!!" he screamed over and over....."YOUR KILLING ME.....STOP......PLEASE....." the drip continued. his body tighten as if he was going into a spasm. his cock hard and cum dripping down it without any stimuant. the two doctors feasted at the body of a man that would soon become.....what??? a superhuman??? the screaming went on and so did the steriod drip. •

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