Secret Life of Doctors, The


By hairyman101

Dr. Wills head of his own clinic, has invited his old friend, Dr Oldman, for a visit. When Oldman arrives, he finds only one patient, young john freeman, asleep on an examining table. The young man appears extraordinarily healthly, a perfect body.....his huge chest bulging upward and his pecks hard , nipples at attention. pulling off the sheet that covers him Dr Oldman sees that john is naked. his cock uncut and long but at rest. his young balls full of cum.....his biceps at rest beside him and thick. his blonde hair pure long. As the doctor looks around he looks back to see that the body has shrunk into a skinny mass of bones...the skin pale and not of great health. The doctor goes to the door to see if his good friend is coming....nothing. going back he sees that the body has changed and now shows signs aging....his blonde hair grey and his face old and wrinkled. Dr Wills finally comes in ....."how do you like him so far???" the other doctor in a panic...."this body is was healthly but now is almost dead!!!" Dr Wills smiling..."look again." turning around Dr Oldman sees the powerful body of the blonde man he saw when he first came in. "but how....why???" his old friend explains.."the symptoms were not faked.....john is sensitive to suggestion.. so when hypnotized and told he has a symptom he truly has it." the doctor taps on the three times....."look at his penis." Dr Oldman looks at the hard cock erect and viened...a.perfect uncut cock. he touches it and strokes it....the skin going back and forth over the cock head. The doctor taps again.....this time one....then four times. The cock has grown two inches. "how does he know to do that??" Willis smiling...."i can make it as humanly big as i want or any other part of his body......I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!" tapping one and then five times on the desk john's body became huge....his chest a mass of muscle and his arms bloated out to where if he was awake he could not bend them. "amazing!!!" the friend said. "so you have your own play toy??" the doctor felt of the young mans muscled body and stroked his cock as the precum came forth. "i could start to enjoy this.....alot" "but can he feel his body?? " the other told him..."jack him off" Oldman taking the swollen cock and just getting his hand around it stroked it slowly as if to enjoy every minute of it. The cock throbbed and the precum gushed out and then finally the pure white cum shot out and up into the air. his hand was covered with the sweet liquid. john's massive chest going up and down but still under the doctor's spell. "This is are playing GOD" Dr willis tapped just once and john's body returned to its normal state. "no....i am not playing god......the mind when told what to do can do...anything." the friend stood up..."so you made your point that you can master a slave with your now what?" Dr willis moved over to a button on a wall...pushing opened into a secret lab where four more young men lay ....naked. "your mad....your crazy...." Dr oldman walked toward them...."are they dead or under your power???" walking to his friend..."this are diffenrent.....i have given them the ZX23 to see if not controling the mind but controling the soul will make them acceptable to the elements " the puzzled look showed that his doctor friend had no idea what he was saying...."in other words....john in there is under a tapping order in his mind....these young men take a formula to make them go under and i control them with that liquid" dr oldman had a crossed look on his face...."for the love of god....please tell me what you are doing here!!!!!" dr wills smiled again....this time bigger....."my dear friend...i intend to take over mankind"

"no women???" laughing....."no women. they have no interest to me accept to clean house" "men have the power and the cocks and the sperm that controls ALL" Dr oldman thinking......"so with your mind and your formula you intend to control all the men of the world???" nodding yes dr willis said....."but only young guys.....say 18 ......19" "i will give them the juice and make their bodies huge and they will accept me as FATHER" the doctor was injecting each of the four men and as he did there bodies viens came to the suface of their skin....feeding the juice into the massive muscles they had already. Dr oldman was licking his lips...."can i go back to john in the other room??" his friend smiled "just tap once and then three times for the cock to be erect" Dr oldman rushed to john.....a horny man....tapping once and the three times and watching john's huge cock become erect....he went down on it like a vampire wanting blood....sucking the young cock with tender care. his arm slipped and made a tapping sound.....john's eyes opened. the doctor with a mouth full of cock looked up into the blue eyes of john freeman. •

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