Search for the King

By Onyx

We lined up in the coliseum, the ten strongest, most virile and best hung males in the entire world. At the far end of the arena sat the queen. Stunningly beautiful, strong and immortal. The arena was empty except for a hundred of the queen's personal entourage, all female. We were here so she could pick the new king, one with the strength and "size" worthy of the queen. It was approaching midday and the blazing sun beat down ferociously upon us all.

A brawny female guard rang a gong and we all stripped off our clothes until we were naked. Young girls hurried over to us to carry away our garb while the crowd murmured, evaluating our naked male bodies. I glanced to the left and right, the nine others were just like me, a perfect specimen of maleness, all of us around 250 pounds of heavy bronzed muscle, not an ounce of fat on any of us, our great wangs hanging down half a foot or more. I was impressed, I had never seen anyone who had ever come close to myself in either muscle or my huge maleness. Certainly they must have searched the whole world for their queen!

For the first test, twenty huge pulling oxen were lead out toward us, two for each of us with their harnesses attached to a single, long metal chain that dragged behind them. The animals were arranged so that each muscleman had one of the great animals to each side of him, with its chain being held with the hand closest to the ox. With a second gong ring, all the oxen began pulling at us from both sides, the chains stretching out horizontally been man and beast. My arms were spreadeagled, my muscles tightening under the forces the great animals were exerting. All of us musclemen easily had the sheer muscle power to withstand these mighty animals as they mercilessly attempted to rip us in two. We stood there together, holding the straining animals in-place with just the power of our hands and arms, our naked male bodies being coldly evaluated by many sets of roaming female eyes.

We held this pose for five minutes. I looked around the arena at the other great muscle men, some of whom were starting to sweat and shake, while others were restraining the huge beast's pulling power with ease. With a second gong ring, we performed the second feat. Each of us began exerting our enormous strength even further, curling our biceps inwards, actually bringing our hands cross our chests, slowly, dragging the oxen backwards against their wills! Two men lacked the incredible strength required and had to let go of the chains, their oxen lurching forward as they gave up. The rest of us slowly overpowered the great animals bringing our hands together and putting even more strain on our bulging biceps and triceps. In this pose we had to wait another five minutes, the oxen still not easing up in the slightest, their tremendous animal muscles still trying, and failing to overpower our much smaller but vastly superior man muscles.

The wind picked up and I could feel the breeze against my giant cock, but I did not focus on that. We had all been instructed not to become excited, we would be disqualified immediately if that happened. After five minutes of restraining the beasts, the gong rang a third time, and this time, the eight remaining shifted both chains to just our right hand, letting our left hand fall to our sides! My immense strength was truly being tested with this, as we all restrained the pulling power of two oxen with a single, iron fist! I could feel the heavy iron rings that composed the two chains start to bend inwards from the crushing power I was exerting with just a single, mighty fist. Still, the animals did not let up in the slightest, and another mighty muscle man failed, unable to keep his fist closed. We only had to endure this for a minute, before the gong rang and we switched to our left hand. Another man failed half way through this feat and we were down to just six of us.

Finally, the first test came mercifully to an end, and the exhausted and defeated oxen were lead away into the shade for a much deserved drink. There would be little rest for us though, as the sun beat down on our tremendous physiques, the tests would continue until the only the mightiest man, and future King, remained.


The next test was a brutal one, the crowning of the King was to be marked with a huge feast, the main course being the meat from dozen bulls. The six remaining contenders were to kill two bulls each. These animals would be enraged immediately before being set loose upon us, so that we had no choice but to kill them or be killed ourselves. I had been chosen to go first, putting me at a disadvantage, as the one who took the longest to kill the bulls would be disqualified.

I started in the middle of the arena, naked and alone, and the bulls would be unleashed upon me from a gate leading into the arena. The gates at the far end flew upon, and my keen eyes saw the beasts immediately. They were huge animals in their absolute prime of life and they had come out running. They spotted me within seconds and began charging at me. I crouched down and tensed every muscle in my body, ready to spring. Just as the lead bull reached me, I sidestepped, grabbed a horn in my left hand, and swung myself up top like a bullrider. The animal was surprised and furious, it bucked and tried to throw me off, but I had my hands on its horns in an iron grip, so there was absolutely nothing it could have done that would knock me off. I squeezed my mammoth legs together, its midsection bending in from the power I was exerting. It squealed in pain and stopped bucking just long enough for me to let go of its horns and put my hands under its neck. I began heaving backwards, attempting to break its neck. We were in a savage test of strength, my pumped up body, 250 pounds of solid muscle, straining against 3,000 pounds of wild animal, man versus beast. Man proved stronger and I slowly began to overpower it, my back arching, my arms bulging hugely as the beasts neck came up and up. Its struggles began to grow weaker and it dropped to its knees, I was ready to break its neck with one final pull.

Suddenly, I saw the other bull out of the corner of my eye, it was right next to me and turning around. I let go for the first bull and began to dodge, but it was too late. The second bull lashed out with its hind legs, striking me in the chest. I flew backwards at least ten feet, landing on my hard muscular buttocks. I groggily stood up, and looked at my chest, There was a muddy hoof print on my right pec muscle, slightly red, but I was otherwise unhurt. I stood up angrily as the bull that kicked me turned around to face me. It began charging, its eyes full of hate. I was equally mad and began charging the bull, and I accelerated much faster than it did. I reached it in just over a second, and punched it square in the head with my right fist. It immediately dropped to the ground dazed, a bit harder and I would have killed it, but I wasn't going to kill it the easy way. The first bull, with its sore neck, was right beside me and it lashed out, its horn striking my left pec with tremendous power. It left a small red line across my chest, but it had fared worse, the very tip of its horn had broken off against my hard, unyielding muscles. I wrapped my left arm around its neck in a headlock. It struggled but I was incredibly pumped up at this point. I dragged the huge creature a few feet over to the other bull, who was still dazed from my punch, and put it in a headlock as well. I then flexed every bulging muscle in my body. Both animals knew they were in the grip of a being far stronger than itself, and desperately tried to escape. They bucked and thrashed with all their great strength, but I countered with my own vastly greater strength, tightening my dual headlock on the bulls.

I had never felt this way before, never had I unleashed my musclepower in such a raw, primal way, and it felt incredible. Completely naked, my great rolling muscles rubbing against the bodies of these giant animals as I singlehandledly overpowered them. I cut completely loose, my huge arms muscles swelling enormously as I poured on the power, attempting to out muscle 3 tons of wild animal. Every second that the three of us struggled, the more my muscles bulged up until I felt bigger and stronger than I ever had in my entire life. They whipped their heads around desperately, their horns striking my naked body, only to have the sharp tips bounce harmlessly off my thick muscles. As we fought, my muscles became more and more pumped up, increasing my strength to almost unbelievable levels.

After about a minute of wrestling with these two bulls, I let out a savage yell and crushed my arms inward with everything I had. I heard two loud cracks almost simultaneously, the bulls going completely limp in my arms, their necks broken beyond a doubt, their heads hanging at impossible angles to their bodies. I sagged down, breathing heavily. Sweat dropping freely off me onto the hot sandy bricks of the arena. The female guards waited several minutes before cautiously approaching me with a large cart. Having calmed down, but still pumped up, I lifted each animal onto the cart with ease that surprised even me. I was led back to the waiting area were I was given water and could watch the others wrestle their bulls.

I had done quite well, and the second man took much longer to what I had done, meaning that I would definitely not be disqualified. I looked up at the queen and could see that she was plainly enjoying the sight, even I was. As brutal as it was, watching such a raw test of naked Human muscle versus animal muscle was certainly enthralling. Eventually, all six of us had successfully killed the dozen bulls, with one unfortunate muscleman being slightly behind the rest of us. At least he would eat well at the feast tonight. •

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