Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

Vinnie pointed at me and said “Lay on my back, dweeb.” He got down on the floor in pushup position and I laid down on his back. My cock was pushing right on his hard round butt. My cock was hard and I knew Vinnie could feel it pressing against the hard muscles in his butt. I grabbed his big muscular shoulders. I could feel the thick fibers flexing. Then he started doing pushups. “Regular pushups are way too easy for me,” he said. I can do hundreds of ‘em. I need some extra weight to challenge my muscles. To make ‘em grow bigger and even stronger. The little dweeb here is kinda light so I should be able to do 50 easy as my warmup. Then I’m gonna increase the weight for a couple work sets.” Vinnie was lecturing the class about his strength and his workout and everyone was listening in rapt attention. Several kids looked at each other and jostled to get closer to Vinnie. They all wanted to get on his back. Vinnie pushed me up and down like I was a feather. I moved my hands around so I could feel all his working muscles. I felt his pecs, which were getting real hot and sweaty. And I felt his arms which felt like big guns of muscle pushing his body up and down. And I kept feeling his shoulders which were so enormous I just couldn’t believe it. I wanted to start thrusting my cock into Vinnie’s ass crack, but I knew he would never let me do that and I didn’t want to show the other kids how turned on I was about Vinnie’s body. But God I was so turned on I could have cum right there. When Vinnie finished 50 reps, he bounced me off his body and stood up. “Got a nice pump goin’” he said as he moved his arms back and forth flexing his pecs. His pecs were red and sweaty. The hard strands of muscle fibers were showing through his tan skin. His muscles were definitely pumped. They looked bigger and harder, flushed with blood being pumped into them by his big, strong athletic heart. His arms and shoulders and traps were big and pumped too. Even his abs looked more ripped and harder from the pushups. His whole body looked amazing.

After he rested for another 30 seconds he looked at me and said, “Get on my back again, dweeb.” Then he pointed to a kid who was about the same size as me and said, “You get on the dweeb’s back. I’m gonna do pushups with both of you as my weights. That should pump up these pecs real good.” He flexed his pecs again and felt the bulging muscle with his hands. I got on Vinnie’s back and the kid got on my back. Vinnie now had about 200 pounds of mass on his back and he was going to do pushups! I grabbed his huge pecs and the kid on my back ignored my body and grabbed Vinnie’s muscular shoulders. I could feel the kid’s hard cock with my butt and I’m sure Vinnie could feel my hard cock with his muscle butt. He started doing pushups, not as fast as last time but very steady and concentrated. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. He started slowing down. He was panting and sweating. I could feel his sweat with my skin. His pecs were so big and hard. They were totally pumped with blood gushing through the muscle. His shoulders were gigantic. I pushed the kid’s hands away for a couple reps and felt his huge shoulders and arms as they pumped out the heavy reps. He did 12, then 13, then very slowly 14 and finally he cranked out 15. Fifteen reps with 200 pounds on his thick, muscular back. He bucked us off and stood up, panting and sweating as he moved his arms back and forth flexing his pecs. “Fuckin’ strong!” he yelled as all the kids goggled at his body. “I pushed up three kids – me, the dweeb and the other kid. And I did 15 fucking reps! I’m so fuckin’ strong!” The kids were all nodding their heads and saying things like, “Vinnie, you’re the man. You’re such a fucking stud.” It only took him about 30 seconds to start breathing normally again. His recovery time was very fast. His body was covered with sweat and his muscles were enormously pumped under his thin tan skin.

Then he pointed at a boy who was probably 25 pounds heavier than the kid who was on top of me before. “Now you get on top of the dweeb,” he said. I wanna add some more weight. Gonna make this last set really hurt. I’m gonna make my muscles burn so they get even bigger and stronger. Yeah, bigger and stronger!” He flexed his pecs and looked down at the bulging muscle. Vinnie was getting bigger and stronger every day. So much bigger and stronger than the rest of us it wasn’t even close. I got on Vinnie’s back and the heavier kid got on my back. He grabbed Vinnie’s muscles right away and started sighing at feeling their size and hardness. His cock was also rock hard on my butt. Vinnie started his pushups. He was now lifting over 350 pounds. Some of that weight was on his feet but most of it – the torsos of the three boys – was on his hands. And all that weight was being pushed up by his strong pecs, shoulders and arms. He pumped out four reps pretty easily. His hot, sweaty muscles were gigantic as they pushed up the huge weight. Then his reps started slowing down. I could feel how hard and straining his muscles were. They were straining beyond what a normal boy could do. They were straining beyond the pain barrier. They were blasting beyond the pain barrier into the land of total muscle growth. The muscles were working so hard, pushing up so much weight, pumping up gruesome rep after gruesome rep that they were exploding under Vinnie’s skin. They were huge. And yet they were so hard. So fibrous. So striated. Like steel cables bulging into mountains of rock as Vinnie completed every rep. His skin was very hot and it was now covered with sweat. Drops of sweat were dripping to the floor as Vinnie worked his muscles to total failure. After rep 7, Vinnie yelled out “One more fuckin’ rep, muscles. Lift up those two wimps with your brutal power!” He pushed down on his hands and lifted his body up, pushing himself and the two dweebs on top of him off the floor. He slowly reached the top as I felt his throbbing muscles strain and bulge. “Yeah!” he yelled and then he lowered us back down. He bucked us off his body and fell to the floor in total exhaustion, sweat dripping from his skin. All the kids in the gym clapped and yelled. They just couldn’t believe how strong Vinnie was. For a half minute, his breaths were fast and deep as he recovered from his brutal ordeal. Then they slowed down to normal breathing. He jumped up off the floor and flexed his muscles for all to admire. All the kids came over and felt Vinnie’s pumped up muscles. “You’re the fucking king,” said a kid. “You’re just awesome.”

Vinnie said he was going to do some pull-ups when Mr. Olson said, “Class is almost over. You students better get changed before the bell rings.” Vinnie sneered at the teacher. He wasn’t gonna be told what to do by some fucking teacher. He was the boss. “Fuck the bell,” he said. “Gym is more fun than any fucking class.” He pointed at me (lucky me!) and said “Dweeb, after I get on the bar, grab on to my waist. Regular pull-ups are too easy. I need extra weight.” One of the other kids looked at Vinnie plaintively and said, “Why do you always choose Fred? I wanna get on your back.” Vinnie walked up to the kid and said, “None of your fucking business, punk. If I wanna choose the dweeb I’m gonna choose the dweeb. There’s nothing you can do about it, you fucking little wimp.” He pushed the boy with one hand and the kid went tumbling to the ground. I looked at the trembling kid, who was looking up in awe at Vinnie’s body. I was proud that Vinnie had chosen me.

He got on the bar and I jumped up on his back. I held on to his narrow waist. His muscular bubble butt was pushing itself into my chest. His shorts were wet with sweat and they were very hot, because his muscles were very hot. I could feel the bulging muscle in his butt pressing into my chest. Hot, sweaty and rock solid. His abs were covered with sweat. I ran my hands over his ridges of corrugated muscle and he grunted, like he knew what I was doing, feeling his rock hard muscles. Then he pulled on his muscular arms and lifted us both up. He was lifting his own 130 pound body and my 100 pound body - a total of 230 pounds -all being lifted up by his huge lats and arms. He did 10 reps, the last ones very slowly. I looked up and saw the muscles of his lats and arms writhing under his skin as they followed the orders of their young master to pull the enormous weight. When he finished, he dropped to the ground and bucked me off his back. Then he flexed his lats for the kids, who were screaming their praise. They had never seen a kid anywhere near as strong as Vinnie. His lats flared out like thick muscular wings. They were so pumped up it was unbelievable. The muscle fibers were covered with veins that were gushing massive amounts of blood into the muscle. His whole body was covered with sweat. He looked like a young god. They he raised his arms and flexed his biceps. They were incredibly pumped and shredded too, covered with veins and bulging with fibers of rock hard muscle. “God Vinnie. You are so strong. You are so built. You’re a total stud!” yelled one of the boys who was standing there in awe looking at Vinnie’s body.

Vinnie grabbed me by my armpit and crotch and lifted me to his shoulders. Then he pressed me into the air. He pressed me up and down real fast. My little 100 pounds was like a feather to his big muscles. I watched his delt muscles as they bulged with each press, the thick muscle showing striations of muscle fibers as they pressed me up and down with ease. Vinnie did 20 quick reps. “You’re so fucking light,” he said, looking at my puny body. Then he lowered his arms and grabbed me with his palms. He started doing curls with me as his barbell. He curled me up and down like it was nothing. His biceps grew bigger and harder with each curl, getting more and more pumped with each rep. Here he was curling 100 pounds of human weight and it was easy. He was so fucking strong. After 20 reps he dropped me to the floor and flexed his arms for the kids. “Fuckin’ big and fuckin’ strong!” he yelled. They boys were yelling and screaming. They just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. None of the boys in the gym had made any movement to change out of their gym clothes and go to their next class. They were mesmerized by Vinnie. Finally Vinnie said, “Now you know how strong I am. You’re all a bunch of fucking little weaklings. You little wimps better not fuck around with me. If I tell you to do something, you do it. Or you’re gonna be on the receiving end of this muscle.” He flexed his arm in one of the kid’s faces. The kid’s eyes bulged out as he saw the big muscle flexing inches in front of his eyes.

Then Vinnie reached down and took off the gym shorts he had “borrowed” from another kid. The shorts were totally wet with sweat and torn by Vinnie’s big muscles. He threw them at one of the kids surrounding him and said, “Give these back to the little dork. Tell him I want ‘em back tomorrow, nice and clean.” The kid took the shorts and brought them up to his nose. He smelled Vinnie’s sweat, the sweat that had poured out of his skin as his muscles bulged and strained as he lifted incredibly heavy weights. He could smell Vinnie’s crotch sweat, the sweat produced around his huge balls and cock. God that sweat smelled good. It was muscle jock sweat, the sweat only muscle jocks produce as they push and strain their huge muscles. He breathed in another breath of the pungent sweat. Then he clutched the shorts like they were made of gold.

Vinnie was now standing in front of the kids totally nude, pumped up and sweaty. He reached down and stroked his cock a couple of times and the huge monster started getting hard. In less than 10 seconds his cock had expanded to its full 10 inches in length, big and thick and rock hard. “My muscles ain’t the only things that’s big and hard,” said Vinnie. “I could jam this big cock up your little asses any time I felt like it. I’m gonna fuck a lot of girls in this school. And maybe some boys too. I know your little asses are nice and tight. Just ready to get busted open by my big dick. I love fucking tight little cunts and asses. Makes my cock go crazy.” The boys swallowed hard as they saw Vinnie’s huge weapon. There would be no way for them to resist the power of his big muscles if he wanted to fuck them with his giant cock. They were totally at his mercy. I looked at his cock and thought about me and Vinnie being alone in his gym after school. I never thought I was gay before, but I wanted to touch that huge cock. I wanted to feel Vinnie’s big muscles and suck that huge cock. And then Vinnie would probably fuck me too. I could just feel that big cock pushing up my little ass. My cock got hard too under my shorts. Vinnie looked over at my shorts and then looked me in the eyes and smiled very slightly. Then he stroked his cock a few more times as everyone’s eyes were fixated on his body and huge dick.

Then he said, “Time for class.” He walked over and put on his wife beater tank top, his boxers and shorts and his sneakers. He was still real sweaty, so the sweat permeated his wife beater. He looked so sexy, standing there in his sweaty wife beater. “Gimme my snack, dweeb.” I had forgotten that I had kept a sandwich and drink for Vinnie’s mid-morning snack. I got them out of my backpack and gave them to the muscular 13 year old. He gobbled them up in less than a minute. Then he ordered another kid to give him a sandwich too. And the kid complied without complaining at all. He knew he had no choice. Vinnie was really hungry. He had now eaten seven sandwiches and it wasn’t even lunch time. Then we went to the next class. We were all late, but we didn’t care. Seeing Vinnie’s muscular body and huge cock was easily worth the pink slip.

The rest of the day went just like the first two periods. Vinnie totally dominated everyone and there was nothing anybody could do about it. Even the teachers were afraid to confront Vinnie. When he looked at them with his tan, handsome face, sitting squarely on his thick neck at the top of his totally muscular body, they just melted. At lunch Vinnie was really hungry. We seventh grade boys had all brought an extra sandwich for him, but he ate seven of them before lunch. He ate the other four sandwiches we brought and then grabbed the sandwiches we were eating and ate them up too. We only got a half a sandwich each and Vinnie ate eight whole sandwiches for lunch – beef, chicken, tuna fish, all protein. He ate 16 times as much food as we did. He also drank four milks. His appetite was voracious. Then he went over to the 8th grade boys and took three of their sandwiches for his afternoon snack. They didn’t try to fight Vinnie. They all knew what he did to the three big leaders of the class, who were now at the hospital. “Bring extra sandwiches tomorrow or you’ll be hungry,” he said as he grabbed the sandwiches. Vinnie gave the sandwiches to me to hold for him for a few hours, when he would be hungry again. “I’m gonna gain a ton of muscle eatin’ all this food and workin’ out like a wild man,” he said. He flexed his arm. “Today I’m gonna put a pound of muscle on each of my guns. I’m gonna work ‘em out like crazy and with all this food they’re gonna get huge.” He flexed his arm in my face. I stared at his bulging muscle. I knew Vinnie was going to put on pounds and pounds of muscle with his brutal workouts and his voracious eating. •

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