Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

I had already told my mother I was visiting a friend after school. Vinnie and I got on the city bus and he wolfed down his sandwiches. In seven hours he had eaten 18 protein packed sandwiches. He rubbed his six pack underneath his white wife beater. I could see the muscles flexing under the thin cloth. “Feels good to eat. Feels good to be full. I can just feel my muscles growin’” He was now sitting next to me in his tight wifebeater. He flexed his pecs and watched the muscles get hard at his command. I couldn’t help but stare at his body. He laughed. “You like my body, don’t you dweeb. You like my big muscles.” I nodded my head. He grabbed my hand and put it on his pec. “Fuckin’ hard, ain’t it dweeb. Hard as steel. Then he pushed my hand around his pecs and moved it around so I could feel the incredible bulges of muscle as he flexed. His nipples were pushing straight out, big and hard like nails. “Your chest is so big,” I said. “So big and hard and strong.” Vinnie smiled. “You saw how strong my pecs are. They’re gonna get even stronger. Bigger, stronger, quicker. They’re gonna get so strong I’ll be able to smash the biggest dudes alive with just one punch. Look at my fuckin’ shoulders and arms. Think about all the power in those muscles.” He flexed his delts and I ran my hand over the thick,rock hard muscle that was bulging in his shoulders. I felt his huge arms as he flexed them proudly. I could hardly talk I was so overwhelmed. “You’re incredible,” I managed to say. “Fuck yeah!” he said as he flexed his muscles as I stared. “How’s it feel to be so muscular and strong?” I asked. “Fuck it feels so great. When I’m walkin’ down the street in my wife beater, everybody stares at my body. They can’t believe a kid my age can be so muscular. Girls look at me and when I flex my arm even a little bit they just go wild. And it feels so great to be so much stronger than the boys. I can beat up any kid I want. I can beat up five kids at the same time. You saw what I did to those fucking 8th graders this morning. And they can’t come close to hurting me because my body’s so hard and so strong. I can smash them into bloody pulps and they can’t do a thing to me. I feel like a fucking god.” I looked at Vinnie’s handsome face and said. “I wish I could be you.”

Vinnie looked at me and laughed. “No fucking way. You’re just a puny little dweeb. I guess you can dream though, you little wimp.” He flexed his arm and said “Think about what it would be like to have an arm like this.” Vinnie reached over with his other hand and put it on my cock. It was rock hard. “Yeah, you’re thinkin’ about it, ain’t you dweeb. Well, today you’re gonna help this arm get even bigger and stronger. You’re gonna help me pack even more muscle on this arm. Bigger, stronger, harder. Yeah!” I looked at Vinnie’s bulging arm and my cock got even harder. He felt my hard cock and laughed. Then he reached up with his other hand and grabbed my upper arm. “Fuck, just a little stick. Just a puny little twig. I bet I could break your skinny arm in half just by flexing my wrists. You’re so fucking skinny and weak.” He squeezed his thick, strong fingers and dug his fingertips into my tiny bicep muscle, just like he did the day before. I yelled in pain, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Vinnie’s huge forearm muscles as they bulged with extreme power, forcing his fingers deep into my skinny flesh. Vinnie didn’t care about my pain. “Fuck, your muscles are so skinny and soft. Like mush. They’re fucking soft like mush, not big and hard like mine.” He squeezed harder and rubbed his fingers into my soft muscle. I cried in abject pain. Vinnie was looking at his big forearm muscles and my flabby skin and bones. “Maybe I’ll let you lift a few weights, dweeb. It’ll be fun watching you struggle with puny little weights that are like little toys to me. The dweeb lifting a weight. God that will be funny. Maybe a broom stick would be about the right weight for you. Hehehehehe. You’ll curl a wooden broom stick and I’ll curl 130 pounds of iron. Fuck what a weak little dweeb you are. I’m so strong and you’re so weak.” Vinnie let go of my arm. I looked at my own skinny arm and Vinnie’s big buff gun and saw the tremendous difference between my little stick and Vinnie’s huge ball of bulging muscle.

“Gettin’ hot on this bus,” said Vinnie. He pulled up his wife beater and ripped it up over his head. He held it in the air as he stretched his arms and flexed his muscles. His hairy armpits were fully exposed. He had a lot of curly black hair in his armpits, black Italian hair. The hair was covered with sweat, sweat produced all day by Vinnie’s body as he smashed the 8th graders, flexed for Mr. Butwin, armwrestled Mr. Olson, smashed us all in dodgeball, and did tons of pushups, pullups, curls and lifts in gym class. Plus he had showed off his muscles for the girls and flexed for the boys. Everybody wanted to see Vinnie’s muscles and to touch him. Vinnie produced sweat all day. All of a sudden I smelled a pungent odor coming from Vinnie’s armpits. It was a strong smell, but it really smelled good to me. It smelled like the sweat of a jock, a jock with big strong muscles who liked to push those muscles, to challenge them, making his body produce lots of muscle jock sweat. “Fuck I really stink, “ said Vinnie as he smelled his own pungent sweat. I looked at Vinnie’s armpit, a big huge armpit formed by the thick muscles of his delt, lat and pec. I looked at the black hair covered with sweat. I looked at the muscles flexing as Vinnie held his arm in the air. And I breathed in another big breath of Vinnie’s sweat. “I think your sweat smells good,” I said, kind of sheepishly. “You smell like a real man. You smell like a jock. A real muscle jock. I can’t sweat the way you do.” Vinnie grinned. “Fuck, you like everything about me, don’t you dweeb. Even my sweat. Here, smell it real good.” He grabbed the back of my head with his other hand and pushed my face into his armpit. “Fuckin’ strong manly sweat,” he said. “The sweat of a real man.” I breathed in and smelled the strongest pungent smell of sweat I had ever smelled. And it smelled so good. My face was buried in Vinnie’s big armpit and as I breathed in and smelled his sweat. I felt so warm, so secure, so excited to be touching Vinnie’s body with my face and breathing in his jock boy sweat.

After a few seconds of this bliss, Vinnie pulled my head out and put down his arm. “You’re so weird, dweeb. You like my body and you like the smell of sweat. You’re really weird.” Yesterday I would have gulped, thinking that Vinnie was going to smash his big fists into my little weak body for being such a weirdo. But somehow I knew Vinnie wouldn’t do that now. I might be a weirdo, but I thought Vinnie was beginning to like me. I looked down and saw his abs. “I’m weird for your body, Vinnie,” I said as I reached over and ran my hand over his abs as he flexed them for me. “Yeah, I kinda figured that out,” said Vinnie. “Go ahead, dweeb. Feel those fucking abs. Hard as iron. Like a fuckin’ washboard. Like fuckin’ bricks. You like feeling my fuckin’ bricks, don’t you dweeb? You like feeling all that muscle.” I nodded and groaned as I felt Vinnie’s abs. I had never felt muscles like Vinnie’s in my whole life. I moved my hand all over Vinnie’s abs, feeling the ridges of hard muscle and the crevices between those ridges. I pinched his skin and felt just how thin it was. It was like cellophane. Paper thin skin, tanned a deep golden brown, covering Vinnie’s washboard ab muscles.

I looked at his brutally handsome face as he grinned at me feeling his muscles. His face was so gorgeous, with a trace of the brutality that his body possessed. He had wide cheekbones and a strong jaw and chin. He had deep brown eyes and bright white perfect teeth. His smooth skin was deeply tanned. He had short dark brown hair and his neck was thick with muscle. He was gorgeous.

Then I moved my hand down on top of Vinnie’s shorts. I could feel Vinnie’s cock underneath the fabric. His cock was hard. Not only was it hard, it was huge. My own cock was only about five inches long. Vinnie’s cock went all the way from his crotch to the far side of his leg. It seemed like it was ten inches long and very thick. I felt Vinnie’s cock and then I looked him in the eyes. “God your cock is huge,” I said. “It’s rock hard and it’s huge.” Vinnie grinned. “Yeah, my muscles ain’t the only thing that’s huge on my body. I got a big dick too.” I rubbed his hard cock and stared at his handsome face. Then I looked deep into Vinnie’s brown eyes. “Your cock’s hard too, just like mine,” I said. He grabbed my hand and jerked it away from his cock. He looked around the bus. “I don’t want anyone to think I’m a faggot,” he said, looking around. “I don’t know what it is but you make me get hard, dweeb, talking about my body and feeling my muscles. But I’m a man. A real man. I’ve fucked tons of girls. But shit you make me get hard.” I smiled. I could hardly wait to get to Vinnie’s house.

On the 40 minute ride to Vinnie’s house, we talked about all the crazy things that Vinnie had done at school that day. Cumming with the girl riding on his big cock. Smashing the three big 8th graders. Making Mr. Butwin look like a fool while showing off his muscles to the cheering kids in the class. Beating Mr. Olson in arm wrestling. Smashing all of us in dodgeball. Doing pushups with two kids on his back. Doing pullups with me hanging on him. And pressing me and curling me like I was a feather. And eating all that food and making the 8th graders give him more food. Yeah, Vinnie ruled our school. And he loved it.

Halfway through the bus ride a couple of kids got on the bus with their mother. They were probably nine and 11 years old, both boys. They sat in the seat in front of us and they couldn’t take their eyes off Vinnie. They kept turning around and staring at his body. “People stare at me all the time,” said Vinnie. “They can’t believe how much muscle I have.” He looked at the boys and flexed his arm. The boys’ mouths dropped open as they saw the huge muscles flexing in Vinnie’s gun. “How’d you get such big muscles,” said the 11 year old. “I never saw a kid with muscles as big as yours.” Vinnie flexed his arm a couple of times and said, “I work out like a wild man and I eat like a lion. Plus, I’m Italian. Us Italians have lots of muscle.” Yeah, Vinnie had great genetics - a gigantic muscular father and an athletic mother - both Italian. Vinnie could build muscle at will. The 11 year old said, “Can I feel your muscle?” Vinnie grinned. “Sure.” He held his arm near the boys as they leaned over to feel Vinnie’s bulging bicep and tricep. Then they felt Vinnie’s big arm. “Yow, that muscle’s so big! And it’s so hard. God, I didn’t know a boy’s body could get that hard. It’s so big and so hard!” The nine year old was just beside himself feeling Vinnie’s arm and the 11 year old looked at Vinnie with envy in his eyes. Then they felt his chest, delts and lats. “How old are you?” said the 11 year old, looking at Vinnie’s young looking face. “Just turned 13,” said Vinnie. “I’m in seventh grade, just like the little dweeb next to me. How old are you?” The younger boy said, “Nine and 11.” Vinnie smiled and looked at the older boy. “Shit, I’m only a couple of years older than you. I’m the strongest kid in my whole school. I can beat up any kid I want - even the older kids. I fucked up three 8th graders this morning. I even beat the gym teacher in arm wrestling. They’re all wimps compared to me.” The 11 year old boy kind of gasped and said, “How’d you get so strong? How’d you pack on so much muscle?” Vinnie laid back in his seat and flexed his pecs and abs for the boys. “I started lifting when I was eight. My dad lifts weights too - he’s huge - and he showed me how to do it. Sometimes I lifted with my dad and when I saw his huge muscles benching 600 pounds it made me work out real hard. I put on muscle real fast. By the time I was nine I had gained 25 pounds of muscle. I had a six pack just like this when I was nine.” Vinnie rubbed his hands over his flexing washboard abs. “I could do 300 situps easy. And I could bench and squat with way more than my weight easy. I could do 200 pushups and 50 pullups. I got big pecs and shoulders and arms. I was only in third grade but I was the strongest kid in school I could beat up all the 12 year olds. Yeah, I remember beating up four 12 year olds at the same time. They didn’t like a little third grader telling them what to do. I smashed ‘em into a bloody pulp. I didn’t even break a sweat. Nobody fucks around with me.” The kids looked at Vinnie like he was a young god.

Vinnie continued bragging. “I ruled the whole school. If I wanted to beat some kid up I just did it. I love beating kids up. There I was in third grade and I was kickin’ the shit outta all the sixth graders. I had more muscle than any of ‘em. I was twice as strong as any of ‘em. I was beatin’ ‘em up all the time. God it was fun. Then their parents complained about the big bully third grader. At first the principal couldn’t understand how a third grader could be beating up all the kids in the school, but then he saw my body out on the playground doing pullups and dips and pushups. Fuck, even back then I could do pushups with kids on my back. So he saw how strong I was. He talked to me and my dad but we told him to go fuck himself. I got muscles and I’m gonna rule. So they kicked me outta the school, but shit I didn’t care. I went to another school and kicked ass there too. I kick ass wherever I go. I just keep getting bigger and stronger and I love to kick ass. I’ve been kicked outta four schools. Now I’m at this dweeb’s pussy middle school and I rule the place like I always do. They can’t do anything to me. I beat up any kid that turns me in and the teachers are afraid of me too. I rule the whole fuckin place, just like I ruled all my grade schools. Muscle always wins.” He flexed both arms and the kids cheered. The 11 year old could only imagine what it would be like to get beat up by Vinnie’s muscles. He was sure glad he wasn’t in Vinnie’s school. The nine year old looked at Vinnie’s body and then at his own body. And he thought about what Vinnie must have looked like when he was nine. “You’re incredible,” he said.

“Now I’m puttin’ on tons of muscle,” bragged Vinnie. “I’m goin’ to this fancy middle school and I eat like a king. The kids give me their sandwiches and drinks. I don’t have to bring any food to school. Those wimps just give me all the food I want. I just ask ‘em for a sandwich and they hand it over. They’re a bunch of nice little wimps. Ain’t that right, dweeb?” I looked at Vinnie and then at the two kids. “Yeah, that’s right. The kids just hand them over. They give him all the food he wants.” Vinnie grinned. “How many sandwiches did I eat today?” I looked at the two boys and said, “You ate five sandwiches for breakfast, two for your midmorning snack, eight for lunch and three for your afternoon snack - you’ve eaten 18 sandwiches, Vinnie. I can’t believe how much food you eat.” Vinnie smiled, “Yeah, and it’s all turning into muscle.” The two boys looked kind of puzzled. Why would the kids at school give Vinnie so much food? Finally, the nine year old asked, “How come the kids give you so much food. They must have been hungry too.” Vinnie started laughing. I looked at the boys and said, “Because if they don’t give Vinnie all the food he wants, he smashes ‘em with his fists. Look at those fists. Look at those arms. How’d you like to have Vinnie’s fist smashing into your body?” Vinnie was still laughing. He made a fist and flexed his forearm and upper arm. The muscles bulged at their young master’s command. “Oh yeah, I forgot. I can be very persuasive. These arms make me real persuasive. If they don’t gimme the food, this fist punches a big hole in their wimpy guts. They puke for hours. I get all the food I want.” Vinnie pretended to hit the nine year old with his big hard fist. The kid blanched and ducked away. “ I eat ten times what those wimps eat. I’m hungry all the time. There’s a lotta protein in those sandwiches. I told those little punks I only want beef, chicken and tuna fish. If they give me any wimpy food, I punch ‘em out. Yeah, I eat lots of protein.” He flexed his arms as he looked at the muscle approvingly. “And my body turns all that protein into muscle after my hard workouts. The dweeb here is my spotter. He makes sure I lift the heaviest weights I can, giving me just a little help at the end of a set with his wimpy little fingers. Last night I benched 255, a new record for me. And I gained two pounds of muscle in one day. Today I’m workin’ these guns. The dweeb here is gonna help me curl big weights. These arms are gonna get huge. I’m gonna gain another two pounds of muscle tonight. Big fucking guns on a big fuckin’ body.” He flexed his arms and smiled as he looked at the bulging muscle. Then he grabbed me by the shirt and said “Time to get off the bus. He put on his wifebeater and punched the boys in their shoulders. The punches were hard. That was Vinnie’s way of saying goodbye. The boys grabbed their hurting shoulders and looked at Vinnie with a look of fear and awe. They sure were glad Vinnie wasn’t in their school, but they felt a strange attraction to the arrogant muscle kid. •

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