Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

Our next class was gym class. On the way, all the girls were coming up to Vinnie, feeling his muscles, feeling his cock and telling him what a stud he was. We were all talking about how he got Mr. Butwin on his knees and how he got Mr. Butwin to lick his butt. Yeah, Vinnie ruled Mr. Butwin. Vinnie ruled everyone.

"I love gym class," said Vinnie as he walked with me to the gym. "I'm always the best in everything. I'm bigger, stronger and faster than anyone else. Yeah, I love gym class." When we got to the gym, all the boys were taking their gym shorts out of their backbacks and putting them on. You had to remove your street clothes and shoes and just wear the green gym shorts and go barefoot in the gym. But Vinnie didn't have a backpack. He didn't have any gym shorts. But he didn't seem concerned. I think I knew the reason why. He looked at the boys changing and saw one kid with a very small waist, like Vinnie's, and with shorts that left lots of room for the kid's stick like legs and flat bony butt. There were inches and inches of unused fabric covering the legs and butt of the skinny kid. Vinnie went over to the kid and said, "Gimme your shorts." The kid looked at Vinnie with a look of disbelief. "Why? They're my shorts." Vinnie sneered at the kid. "I don't got no shorts and I'm taking 'em. They're my shorts now." The kid started trembling. "But what am I gonna tell the teacher? We all have gym shorts." Vinnie made a fist and pushed it against the kid's little gut. "Tell the teacher you're sick. Or this fist is gonna make you so sick you'll be home in bed puking the rest of the day." He moved his fist back and forth, flexing his big arm and shoulders. The kid was terrified. He ripped off his shorts and handed them to Vinnie. Vinnie took off his shirt, shorts, boxers and shoes and put on the gym shorts. He pulled up them up over his muscular legs.. The waist fit him perfectly, but he could hardly move the fabric over his huge hard legs. Now there wasn't any extra fabric at all. Vinnie's hard round muscle butt took up all the fabric in the back of the shorts and his thick oak tree legs took up all the fabric in the legs. "Kinda tight," said Vinnie, looking at the straining fabric. Then he squatted down and when he pushed himself back up we could all hear a loud ripping sound as the huge rock hard muscles in his legs tore through the fabric like it was tissue. The fabric was ripped all the way from to bottom to right under his crotch. "Yeah, that feels better," said Vinnie as he looked at the torn shorts. You could see his gigantic quad muscles bulging through the torn fabric. His muscle butt was barely contained by the fabric. His hard round butt muscles were pushing against the shorts. You could see his butt crack and the dimples in his butt muscles on the sides. And you could see his huge cock bulging in the front. God he looked like such a stud. Vinnie was ready for gym class.

The teacher stepped in front of us boys. His name was Mr. Olson. He was about 40 years old and must have weighed 250 pounds at six feet tall. He used to play football in college - he was on the defensive line - but in the years since college he had gotten way out of shape. He had a huge beer gut and his whole body was covered with fat. He still thought he was a jock, but you couldn't tell by looking at his body. He blew the whistle. At first he didn't see Vinnie, who was standing in the back. "Okay boys, today we're gonna play Dodgeball. Kevin and Mike, you be the captains. Pick your teams." Almost before Mr. Olson stopped talking Kevin yelled "I want Vinnie!" Immediately Mike yelled, "No! I want Vinnie!" The two captains started yelling at each other about who was going to get Vinnie. Finally Mr. Olson said. "Stop! Stop! Who the hell is Vinnie?" Kevin pointed to the back of the kids at Vinnie. "That's him. He's so big! He's so muscular! He's so strong! I gotta have Vinnie on my team!" Vinnie strutted forward and stood in front of Mr. Olson. Mr. Olson looked at Vinnie's body. Vinnie was totally naked except for the gym trunks that were straining to contain his muscle butt and that were ripped apart by his huge quads. Mr. Olson didn't show any emotion but I think he was stunned at how much muscle this 13 year old kid had on his body. "So you're Vinnie, huh. Kevin says you're strong. But I don't think you're strong. Look at me. I'm big and I'm strong. I used to play football. You're just a kid." Kevin interrupted. "Vinnie's real strong, Mr. Olson. I personally felt how strong his muscles were yesterday." Kevin remembered how he tried to punch Vinnie without making a dent in his hard body and how Vinnie smashed his fist into his gut with such force that he puked all afternoon. "Maybe Vinnie's stronger than you, Mr. Olson. What don't you have an arm wrestling contest to find out?" Immediately all the kids started yelling. Yeah we all wanted to see an arm wrestling contest between Vinnie and Mr. Olsen.

Vinnie smiled at the teacher. Then he flexed his arm. The teacher's eyes got big as he saw how big and hard Vinnie's bicep was. "I may be a kid but I got big hard muscles, teach. Feel my arm." Mr. Olson reached down and wrapped his big hand around Vinnie's bicep. Then he squeezed. He couldn't be the slightest dent in Vinnie's bicep. Vinnie's muscle was way harder than Mr. Olson's grip. "Fuckin' hard, ain't it. Lemme feel your arm, Mr. Football Player." The teacher was kind of embarrassed, but he flexed his big fat arm. Vinnie wrapped the thick fingers of his small hand around the fat and squeezed where Mr. Olson's bicep should have been. "Owwww!" yelled the teacher, as Vinnie smashed his fingers deep inside Mr. Olson's bicep muscle. We could see Vinnie's big forearm flexing as his fingers drover deeper and deeper. His forearm looked like it was made of writhing snakes, covered with veins. The teacher yelled in pain. "Feels like fucking mush," said Vinnie. "Your arm's bigger but it's made of fucking mush. My muscle's way harder than your muscle." He squeezed again, and even more searing pain shot through Mr. Olson's arm. Then he let go. “See I told you Vinnie’s strong,” said Kevin. “He’s the strongest kid I’ve ever seen.” Mr. Olson looked at Vinnie with a little more respect. "Okay, let's wrestle," said Vinnie. "You're gonna be a piece of cake." Vinnie was sure confident. He weighed half as much as Mr. Olson. But Vinnie was all muscle. Mr. Olson was now mainly fat.

A couple of kids grabbed some books from their backpacks to put under Vinnie's arm. His arm was several inches shorter than Mr. Olson's. The books made their hands even. Mr. Olson's hand was much larger than Vinnie's hand and his big arm was much larger than Vinnie's. But Vinnie's arm was all muscle and Mr. Olson's arm was covered with fat. You really couldn't tell how much muscle he had underneath all that fat. They grabbed each other's hand and Kevin put his hand on top of the two hands. "One two three GO," yelled Kevin as he took his hand away. Mr. Olson wanted to put this arrogant kid away immediately, so he pressed down on his arm as hard as he could. His arm moved forward a few inches, but then it stopped. His eyes were focused on the two arms. So were the eyes of all the kids in the gym. Vinnie's bicep was bulging and his forearm looked like a bowling pin of muscle, covered with veins. His delts and pecs were bulging too. With Vinnie you could see every muscle in his body bulging. With Mr. Olson, you couldn't see any muscle at all. Mr. Olson couldn't understand why he couldn't force Vinnie's arm down to the table. His eyes were focused on his arm and he pushed as hard as he could. They stayed in this position for a long while. Mr. Olson’s face was red and sweat started dripping from his face. God this kid has got to give up soon, he thought to himself. Then he looked up at Vinnie's face. Vinnie wasn't red or sweating. His face was cool and calm. He was grinning at the teacher. Mr. Olson was stunned. "Is that all you got teach?" said Vinnie. "You’re so fuckin’ weak! Watch my muscle crush your big fat arm." The teacher looked back down at Vinnie's arm. "Smash him muscle!" yelled Vinnie. Instantly Vinnie's bicep exploded under his skin. It almost leapt out of his skin it got so big and pumped. His delt and pec exploded too, getting instantly bigger and harder. Vinnie's arm moved the teacher's arm up to the center line and then it smashed the teacher's arm to the table. He held the teacher's arm against the table and flexed his muscles for us kids to see. "You're so fuckin' weak," he said. "Fuck, everybody in this school is fuckin' weak, even the gym teacher." Then he stood up and flexed his arms for us kids. We all cheered loudly. Mr. Olson looked down at the floor. He couldn't believe what Vinnie had done to him.

"Stand up teach," said Vinnie. "I proved I stronger than you teach. I'm more of a man than you are, Mr. Football Player. I'm way more of a man than you are. My muscles are bigger and stronger than yours." Vinnie flexed his arm right in the teacher's face. "And I bet I got something else that's bigger too. I bet my cock's way bigger too." Vinnie pulled down his gym shorts, exposing his cock and balls. His cock wasn't hard but it was still six inches long. And it was very thick. His balls hung down in a big ball sack. They were huge, about the size of lemons. "Check 'em out teach. I'm way more of a man than you are." Vinnie smiled as all the kids were staring at his huge genitals. "God Vinnie you're huge!" yelled a kid. "You got huge muscles and a huge cock too. You're the man!" Vinnie started rubbing his cock and it immediately started growing. In about 30 seconds it got hard and it was now 10 inches long. It looked gigantic on Vinnie's short body. "Show us your cock, Mr. Olson," yelled a kid. "Let's see if Vinnie's bigger than you." Mr. Olson looked stunned as he checked out Vinnie's huge cock. The kid had huge muscles and a huge cock too. The kids started yelling at Mr. Olson. Finally I guess he thought he had to compare himself with Vinnie, so he pulled down his shorts. His cock was much smaller than Vinnie's, probably about three inches. Vinnie looked down and sneered. "What a fucking puny cock. You got weak muscles, a fat body and a puny cock. I guess I'm the stud in this gym. I'm the man in this whole fucking school. I'm the alpha male." All the kids cheered Vinnie. He was a total man. He was definitely the alpha stud. He didn't take any shit, he took whatever he wanted, and he had the muscles and balls to rule the whole school. He pulled up his shorts and said "Let's play some Dodgeball."

Mr. Olson pulled up his pants and looked at Vinnie. He now knew Vinnie could do whatever he wanted. "So who's team are you gonna be on, Vinnie?" he asked plaintively. "Flip a coin," said Vinnie. "And the losing side better watch out. I can throw real hard." The kids started mumbling to each other. Nobody wanted to be on the losing side. They wanted Vinnie on their team. The teacher tossed a coin and Kevin's team won. So he picked Vinnie and then the two captains picked their players. Since Kevin was a good friend, he picked me and Roger too. He knew he couldn't lose with Vinnie on our side. After the teams were set up, we took sides in the gym and Mr. Olson gave six big rubber balls to each team. The object of the game was to throw the balls at the other team. If a player was hit, he was out of the game unless he caught the ball. If he caught the ball, the thrower was out. The winning team was the team with at least one player standing when all the other team's players were out. Mr. Olson blew his whistle and the first game started. Vinnie threw his ball so hard at the other team's captain that it was like a major league pitcher throwing a fastball at home plate. The ball hit the kid on his shoulder and almost knocked him over. He was out. The players on our team started handing our balls to Vinnie, who picked off the other team's players one by one. Sometimes he would point to a player and the kid would cringe, knowing the ball was going to hit him with the force of a pile driver. The other players tried to hit Vinnie, but he was so fast that he easily dodged out of the way of their slow moving balls. A couple of times he caught a ball and then immediately threw it back, knocking a kid to the floor. It was devastating. The game was over in about five minutes. We still had almost all our players still on the floor and all the kids on the other team were out. They all had big red bruises on their bodies from the force of Vinnie's throws. Vinnie laughed. "Yeah, I can throw real hard," he said as we gave ourselves high fives. "I love playing Dodgeball. I love smashing the ball into a kid and making him keel over in pain. God what a lot of fun." The other team looked at Vinnie in awe. We finished our high fives and were ready to start another game, but then Vinnie said, "Now I'm gonna be on their side. I'm gonna smash your little bodies too." He walked over to the other side and the kids cheered. We all gasped as the teacher handed out the balls. He said "go" and the devastation began.

Vinnie pointed at me and flexed his arm. "Look at that muscle, dweeb. It's fucking STRONG!" He put the ball in his hand and moved his arm back and forth. My eyes were fixated on his huge, muscular arm. I tried to dodge around and Vinnie laughed. "Fuck, you're way too slow, dweeb. I'm gonna smash your puny little body." At that, Vinnie threw the ball at me with a force I had never seen or felt before. The ball smashed into my chest and I fell to the floor. "You're so fucking weak," he laughed. Then he started picking off the other guys while his teammates handed him balls and laughed at our misery. "You're all a bunch of pussies," yelled Vinnie. He pointed at Roger and Roger turned around in total fear. Vinnie smashed the ball into his back and he stumbled onto the floor, landing on his stomach. We were all out in just a few minutes. We rubbed our bruises and stared at Vinnie's body as he threw devastating ball after ball. After the game was over, Vinnie flexed his muscles at us. "You're all so fucking weak," he said. "You need to get some real muscle like me. I'm gonna show you what real muscle can do." •

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