Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

“Shit, I can’t believe it.” said Justin. “Yeah, a dream come true,” said Deon. “We’re gonna me members of the Muscle Club. We’re gonna get big muscles and we’re gonna be super strong. I can hardly wait!” They started walking toward the locker room, talking about how their life had changed in one afternoon. They entered the locker room where the team was stripping off their shorts and jockstraps and heading to the showers. They marveled at the incredible bodies possessed by these high school kids . Huge upper arms that looked like meaty hams filled with rippling muscle. Forearms that were gigantic, pulsating muscles covered with veins. Wide shoulders that looked like cannonballs, thick with shredded muscle. Giant pecs bulging out from their chests, striated with thick muscle fibers. Huge, thick lats tapering down to a narrow, athletic waist. Washboard abs of rock hard corrugated muscle. Muscular round butts, bulging with power. Thick legs that looked like big tree trunks, shredded with enormously strong muscle. Giant calves that bulged with two huge heads of striated muscle. And cocks that swung from their crotches like big rubber hoses. Big huge cocks on the big huge jocks. Justin and Deon were so proud to be part of this team.

They stripped off their shorts and shoes and headed to the showers along with the other players. It was quite a sight to see. They looked like skinny little beanpoles as they stood next to the big muscular jocks who were members of the Muscle Club. Right across from them in the showers were Ryan and Marcus. They looked at their puny bodies and smiled. Then they lifted their huge forearms across their chests and flexed their bodies in a most muscular pose. Water was flowing over the hard muscles as they flexed. Justin and Deon’s mouth’s dropped open as they watched the big flexing muscles, muscles that looked as hard as rocks as the water splashed over them. “Fuckin’ huge, fuckin’ strong!” yelled Marcus, showing off his big muscles to everyone in the shower. Then Ryan and Marcus started slathering soap all over their huge muscular bodies. They lifted their arms to slather soap in their huge armpits, armpits that were sweaty as hell with all the jock sweat they had made during their weightlifting and training. They ran their fingers over their abs, feeling each ridge of steel-hard muscle. Then they washed their big hard pecs, pecs that could bench press 400 pounds, huge mounds of rock like muscle. Then they washed their shoulders and arms, rubbing the thick muscles of their shoulders and feeling the striations of muscle that moved with every slight movement of their arms. Their arms were huge guns of muscle, bigger than their hands, as they washed the massive biceps and triceps with their thick, muscular hands, feeling the fibers of hard muscle. They flexed their forearms and washed them, watching them explode into bowling pins of shredded muscle, covered with veins that ran all the way to their shoulders. Then they bent over and washed their legs. They needed lots of soap to cover the huge muscles of their thighs and calves.

Then Marcus stood up and looked at Deon, who was standing there almost frozen looking at Marcus’ and Ryan’s huge bodies covered with soap. Marcus’ and Ryan’s cocks were now semi-hard. they always got hard when they soaped up their huge hard bodies. They loved feeling their big hard muscles. “Hey nigger. Get over here and wash my back and butt!” Deon’s cock, which was already hard, twitched with excitement. “Yes SIR!” he said as he moved towards Marcus. Justin’s cock was rock hard too as he stared at the huge boys. Ryan rubbed his hand all over his cock. “Well, don’t just stand there white boy. Get your white ass over here and wash my back and butt too.,” said the blond, blue-eyed drop dead goodlooking jock. Justin’s eyes got wide and his cock twitched. He ran over to Ryan’s back and put his hands on his huge shoulders.

“Feel that muscle, you skinny white boy. Feel how fucking thick my delts are. Feel those big muscle fibers twitching as I move my arms. My delts are so fucking strong. I can military press 275 pounds. Ya know what that means? I could press you up and down with just one arm. Yeah feel that huge muscle, you skinny little wimp. Think about how it would feel to have that shoulder crashing into you on the football field. You’d be smashed into the ground with broken bones all over. Yeah, feel that fuckin’ huge muscle.” Ryan’s cock was getting real hard as he talked to Justin. And Justin’s cock was rock hard already. “Oh, fuck,” said Justin, in total awe of what he was feeling. “Wash those shoulders, runt. Wash ‘em real good. Yeah, that’s right. Feel all those fibers twitching under my skin. No fat on this body. Pure muscle. Now wash those fucking traps. My traps are three inches thick. I can shrug 400 pounds. Yeah, you heard that right. Four hundred fucking pounds. Those muscles are fucking strong! Yeah, rub your little fingers on those traps. Hard as rocks, ain’t they. Big, thick, rock-hard traps. Now wash my big neck. It is so huge and thick. Solid muscle. It’s bigger than my head when I flex it. I like to ram guys with my head, smashing them to the ground with my helmet and my thick strong neck. Yeah, my neck’s like a battering ram. I bet you never felt a neck like that before.” Justin was moaning with pleasure. “No, I never felt so much muscle on anybody’s neck. It’s so fucking huge and strong!” Ryan grinned. He knew he was such a stud.

“Move down to my back. Wash my huge lats.” Justin moved his hands down to Ryan’s giant back His lats were incredibly wide, springing up like a cobra’s head from his narrow waist. And besides being wide, they were thick. Thick with rock-hard muscle. Justin needed to get extra soap to spread all over those huge muscles. He ran his hands across the top to feel the wing-like slabs of muscle. He moved his hands around to the front side of Ryan’s lats, feeling the slabs rising up from his narrow waist to his giant armpit. Ryan flexed and Justin couldn’t believe how hard the muscle got. His lats were like slabs of iron. Striations of fiber were visible everywhere. “Yeah, feel those fucking lats. I got more muscle in one of my lats than you got in your whole body. Feel how thick they are. Feel how wide they are. I can do chinups with 200 pounds hangin’ on my waist. I could pull your little body up and down 25 times easy. My lats are so strong when I wrap my arms around some guy’s poor chest and pull, I can break his ribs. They just go crack crack crack when I pull in with those huge lats.” Justin moaned as he felt the hard muscle. Then he moved his hands down over the V-shape of Ryan’s back, feeling the sharp taper and the huge muscle below the thin skin. He moved his hands over and felt the bulging, rock-hard lower back muscles which looked and felt like two huge ridges of solid muscle on Ryan’s lower back. “Feel that muscle, dweeb. I can deadlift 600 pounds. Feel how big and hard and strong my back muscle is Big football players need strong backs. You can just crash into guys and smash ‘em to the ground. When your back is strong you never get hurt. You do all the hurtin’ to the other guys. Your body’s like a fuckin’ battering ram. You’re gonna get a back like that, little man. I’m gonna make sure your back gets super strong..” Justin was moaning as he felt the huge muscles. He ran his hands over Ryan’s oblique muscles, feeling their utter hardness as they led to his big cock. “Fuckin’ strong waist too,” said Ryan. “My waist is so fuckin’ strong I can do 100 situps with a 45 pound weight behind my head. Feel those abs and those flexor muscles. I can smash into guys so hard they just crash into the ground. And if someone’s stupid enough to punch my abs, their hands get sore from hitting the solid brick wall of muscle. Feel those abs, little man. Feel what a real man’s abs feel like.” Justin ran his hands up and down Ryan’s abs, feeling the hard, corrugated muscle. He pressed in and felt just how hard that muscle was. He couldn’t make the tiniest dent even though he pressed as hard as he could. “Oh, fuck,” said Justin as he felt Ryan’s solid thin waist.

Ryan briefly turned around and felt Justin’s skinny back and waist. “You ain’t got no muscle there at all. You got no lats and no lower back muscle. You got no abs. You got nothing. My back and abs are so much stronger than yours it ain’t even funny.” Then he whispered in Justin’s ear “If you join the club you’ll get muscle like me. Your back’s gonna get huge! You’re gonna get shredded abs. You’re gonna be solid muscle.” Justin moaned. “Oh my God,” he whispered.

“Wash my butt. Feel all the fucking muscle in my butt.” Justin moved his hand down to Ryan’s big, round muscle butt. He felt the warm muscle. It was huge and it was solid. He ran his fingers all over the round ass. The muscle was very firm and it wasn’t even flexed. Then he stuck two of his fingers inside Ryan’s ass crack and moved them around to clean out the tight space. After a few seconds, Ryan flexed his glutes and the muscle tensed so tight that Justin's fingers were trapped inside the ass crack. “My glutes are so strong I could break your fingers, little man. If someone ever tried to fuck me, I’d squeeze my glutes on his dick and then twist my butt, ripping his little cock right off his body. Now I’m the fucker not the fuckee, and I fuck anybody I want.” Justin tried to pull his fingers out of Ryan’s tight butt hole, but he couldn’t do it. Finally Ryan relaxed and Justin continued washing his butt.

Meanwhile, Deon had been washing Marcus’ big back and butt. After he finished with his butt, Marcus suddenly turned around and said “Do my front too, nigger.” Deon was on his knees and he looked up at Marcus’ huge black body. He was wet and covered with soap suds which made his muscles look so sexy - the white soap suds and the black muscular skin. His face was very handsome. He had a strong jaw and chin and a wide nose and big lips. He looked just like Deon except for all his muscle. His neck was a columnar shaft of muscle, just as wide as his head. Below his neck was his massive chest, with two huge black shredded pec muscles hanging out over his abs. The giant muscles forced his big nipples to point downward at a 45 degree angle because there was so much muscle underneath them. Deon looked up at those pec muscles and thought about the tremendous power they possessed, benching 400 pounds easy. Big black and powerful. Marcus was the strongest man Deon had ever seen. His lats spread out to the side, showing fibers of muscle and veins under his thin skin. Then he looked down at Marcus’ rippling ab muscles. They looked like corrugated iron. He had a true eight pack and it was amazing how small his waist was and how narrow his hips were compared to how wide his shoulders were and how big his chest was. He had a tremendous V shape, as the thick muscle of his broad shoulders and the wide slabs of rock hard muscle in his lats tapered down to his small muscular waist and hips.

Then Deon looked at his cock and balls. Marcus’ cock was now hard and it was pointing straight up, pressing against his abs. It was about 12 inches long and it was very thick. It was the longest, thickest cock Deon had ever seen. His balls were gigantic, like two big lemons hanging there, full of muscle stud jism just waiting to gush out of his huge cock. Marcus looked down at Deon’s bulging eyes and smiled. “That fuckin’ dick’s gonna ram up your ass, nigger. That fuckin’ dick’s so big and so hard it’s gonna just fuck the shit outta your tight little ass. I can hardly wait to fuck your ass nigger. It looks real small and real tight.” Deon gulped as he looked at the huge weapon. “Wash my feet, nigger. Then do my calves and legs.” Immediately Deon obeyed, washing the huge boy’s size 15 extra-wide feet. Those feet were big and thick. They were used to lifting 500 pounds in the squat and 900 pounds in the leg lift. They were thick with strong ligaments and muscles. And the soles were rough with hard calluses since Marcus and Ryan did a lot of running in their bare feet. These were big, tough feet.

He moved his hand up to Marcus’ huge calves. He couldn’t believe how much muscle this kid had packed into his calves. There were two clear halves of muscle, each one rippling with fibers and covered with veins. “Fuckin’ hard muscle, nigger. So fuckin’ big and strong I can lift 700 pounds with those fuckers. I bet you wish you had muscle like that, don’t you nigger. I bet you wish your body was packed with huge rock hard muscle.” Deon nodded his head as he looked at those calves. “Well, you’re gonna get it nigger. I’m gonna make sure you get as big and strong as I am. You’re gonna be a total stud, nigger.” Deon looked up at Marcus’ face like he was looking at a god. Marcus smiled. “Do my thighs. You gotta get extra soap “cause my thighs are so big.” Deon put extra soap on his hands and started rubbing his fingers over Marcus’ right leg. The leg was so large Marcus couldn’t believe it. The muscles weren’t flexed, but they still felt hard to the touch. There was so much muscle in the thigh it was as thick as a big tree. Then Marcus flexed and his quads sprang to life, showing off bulges of solid vein-covered muscle that went from his knees to his upper legs. The muscle felt like rock. The back of his legs were incredibly muscular too, with fibers showing everywhere. “I got more muscle in one of my legs that you got in your whole body, nigger. Feel all that fucking muscle. I can break kids’ ribs real easy. I’m so strong and so fast that when I kick a guy’s ribs with my huge legs the bones just break. I’ve sent guys to the hospital. They know they better not fuck off around me. I can break their bones with my arms or my legs. Either way they’re toast. I’m a total muscle machine and you better not piss me off.” Deon moaned and nodded his head as he moved his hands to Dustin’s other giant black thigh. This guy was a total stud.

After he finished with the legs, he moved his hands up to Dustin’s crotch. As soon as he touched the huge balls, Marcus reached down and pulled his hand away. “Can’t touch my cock or balls until you join the club, nigger. My big cock can only be touched by a Muscle Club pledge. Except when I’m fucking a girl. When I fuck a girl this huge cock just rapes the shit out of her. She always comes three or four times. She just can’t get enough of my huge body and my giant cock. Yeah. Now finish washing my abs and my chest and my arms. You’re gonna get this cock right down your throat once you join the Club.” Deon nodded his head obediently and moved his hands up to the stud’s abs. Since he was on his knees, his eyes were just inches from the rippling tight eight pack of muscle. He ran his fingers over the ridges of muscle, feeling he hard fibers and the deep crevices between the ridges. He ran his fingers down the cut flexor muscles, which went from his hips down to his crotch. The muscle was very hard. The abs and flexors were part of Marcus’ core muscles, muscles that he used all the time as he lifted heavy weights and played brutal football.

Then he stood up and started washing those huge pec and lat muscles. The muscles weren’t flexed but they still felt so gigantic and they were so warm and hard. “Feel the power in those muscles, nigger. Feel how big and strong they are.” He flexed and the muscle turned into rock. Striations of muscle fibers shredded his pecs and veins covered the flexed muscles. Because his skin was so dark and because the skin was wet, the fibers of muscle were very visible. “Yeah!” yelled Marcus as Deon ran his little fingers over the shredded muscle. “Fuckin’ black stallion. The biggest, blackest, most muscular stud in this whole fuckin’ school. So fuckin’ big. So fuckin’ strong! Strong as a big black horse!” Deon nodded as he felt the huge rock hard muscle in his pecs and lats. Marcus raised his arms and flexed. Deon knew he wanted his arms washed and worshipped. He moved his hands over to his right arm, squeezed his bicep and moaned “God that muscle is so massive. It’s so big and so hard. I can feel your muscle fibers flexing. Your skin is so thin they feel like steel. Your muscles are as strong as steel.” Marcus grinned. Yeah, his muscles were as strong as fucking steel. Deon ran his hands all over the flexed arm, feeling the rock hard muscles. “Fuckin’ big and fuckin’ strong,” yelled Marcus. “If I punched you with that arm you’d be dead. That arm’s so fucking strong!” Deon moaned. His cock was rock hard.

He reached over with his mouth and started licking the bulging black bicep. The soap gave him a jolt on his tongue – strong, just like the muscle - and as he rubbed his tongue on the muscle he could feel the strands of muscle fibers bulging under the paper thin skin. “Yeah, clean that huge black muscle with your little tongue, nigger. Feel how fuckin’ big and hard it is. That big muscle could curl your whole body ten times easy. It does dumbbell curls with 125 pounds. Your puny little body ain’t nothin’ to that muscle. If I wrapped that big muscle around your pencil neck and squeezed, your neck would break in two. That muscle would break your neck and it wouldn’t even be trying hard. That muscle’s so fucking strong!” Deon moaned as he heard how strong that muscle was. He opened his mouth and tried to bite the huge peak on the top of the bicep, but the muscle was so hard his teeth couldn’t make a dent. The muscle was almost as hard as his teeth. “Fuckin’ hard, ain’t it. Your bite feels like a little girl’s. Your body ain’t nothin’ to that muscle.” Deon’s cock was so hard he was ready to come any second. He finished washing Marcus’ huge arms. His forearms were so big and shredded they were way more muscular than Deon’s legs. He marveled at how big and muscular his hands were, big and strong just like the coach’s hands. His palms and fingers were covered with calluses. Thick hard calluses from years of working out and playing football and other sports. This kid was a true jock.

He washed Marcus’ thick muscular neck and his traps and delts. He ran his hands from the neck over the traps and over the delts. The delts were so gigantic, like bowling balls of shredded muscle. He put his own delt next to Marcus’ delt and moaned as he saw the huge difference in sizes. His little delt looked like a little bone. Marcus’ delt was gigantic and thick with muscle, from the front to the middle to the back. Shredded muscle that was inches thick. “Big fuckin delts,” said Marcus. “So fucking big and strong, it just smashes through other players. If they’re in my way I just push ‘em aside. Nobody can get in the way of my muscles. I can press 130 pounds with each arm. That delt could press you up and down like you were a fucking feather, you little weakling.. Yeah, nigger, if you join the Muscle Club, your little delts are gonna pack on inches of muscle. They’re gonna get fucking big and fucking strong. Just like this one.” He flexed his delt in Deon’s face as Deon felt the rock hard muscle, striated with strands of steel-like fibers. “Ohhhh,” moaned Deon.

Suddenly, Marcus grabbed Deon around under his arms and pulled him against his huge body. Marcus’ giant foot long cock was rock hard as it pressed between his washboard abs and Deon’s little body. Deon’s little cock was rock hard too as it was smashed between the two teenage bodies. Marcus started lifting Deon up and down, rubbing his big thick cock against Deon’s body, which was now covered with soap suds. Deon felt like a little pillow to Marcus’ huge muscles. Marcus started groaning with pleasure. “Your little body feels so good. Your little muscles are so soft. My dick is so much harder than your body. My dick is so big and so strong, just like my muscles. Oh God that feels so good. Uhhhhhh.” Marcus kept lifting Deon up and down, letting their two dicks feel each other's body. Deon was groaning too. His dick was ready to explode. He had never been so turned on in his life. He could feel the big black boy’s pecs as he went up and down, the hard round muscle rubbing on his slippery skin. He rubbed his soapy hands all over Marcus’ muscles, feeling his bulging delts, his thick wide lats and his huge muscular arms, as the big kid lifted him up and down like he was a feather. The lifting became much faster as Marcus groaned with total erotic pleasure. Deon groaned, “Jesus, I can feel your abs on my cock. My cock is going up and down and the tip of my cock is feeling every one of your corrugated abs. They feel like iron. They’re so much harder than my dick. Oh my god that feels so good. I can feel every crevice in your abs and every bulging iron muscle. You abs are so fucking hard! Ohhhhh” Marcus was groaning louder and louder as he pumped the little black boy up and down, rubbing their two bodies together and feeling Deon’s slippery soapy skin rubbing on his cock. Finally he yelled “Yeah!” as burst after burst of cum blasted out of his cock, splashing all over their chests and abs. Jolts of erotic pleasure surged through his muscular body. “Yeah, yeah,” he yelled as the cum kept coming out of his 12 inch cock. At the same time Deon yelled “Ohhhhh” and came too, ejaculating spurt after spurt of his own cum all over Marcus’ rock hard abs. Marcus kept rubbing Deon on his cock for another two minutes, feeling the wonderful erotic bliss of a muscular stud cumming and cumming and cumming.

Deon looked to the side and saw Justin, Ryan and several other football players holding their own rock hard dicks and splashing cum all over the shower. They had gotten totally turned on watching Marcus lifting him up and down, watching his huge arms lifting the little black boy and rubbing his body on his giant 12 inch cock. They watched his muscles ripple and bulge and saw how big his chest and arms were compared to his narrow waist. They watched his bubble muscle butt flex with each lift, showing the bulging muscle form dents in the sides. They watched his huge 28 inch legs, columns of muscular steel, flex with slabs of striated black muscle with each lift. Yeah, Marcus was a true stud and they jacked off looking at his huge black body.

Finally Marcus put Deon down. “Great fuck,” he said, rubbing his still hard dick. “You’re gonna be a great Muscle Club member, nigger.” Ryan looked over at Justin, who was still holding his hard cock. “Lots of great fucking in the Muscle Club. By taking the steroids, our testosterone is increased so much! We have more than three times the testosterone in our bodies than normal teenage guys. We’re horny all the time and we can fuck and fuck and fuck. I can fuck 10 times in one night. We’re total fucking studs. Big muscular fucking studs. We fuck anyone we want. Girls just wanna kill to get fucked by us. We just fuck any one of ‘em we want. I just look at a girl and flex my arm and rub my cock. She starts getting wet right there. Sometimes I fuck three of ‘em at the same time. Three fucks per girl. They just go wild. They just go crazy over our bodies and our cocks. And we really fuck the shit out of our little pledges. We’re gonna fill you up with quarts of muscle sperm. Big thick muscle cum from our big muscular bodies. Helps you grow big muscles real fast.”

Justin nodded as he looked at Ryan’s huge body and cock. He couldn’t believe he was going to be able to join this club. The boys finished showering and changed into their street clothes. Ryan buttoned up his huge shirt and said “Tell your moms you got extra practice tomorrow. After football practice you’re gonna be initiated into the Muscle Club. You’re gonna be way late for dinner.” The boys nodded their heads. They were in heaven.

They walked home talking about the huge boys on the football team and the Muscle Club. They pledged to each other never to reveal the Muscle Club to anyone. They talked about fucking 10 times a night and fucking anyone they wanted. They talked about having 20 inch arms and 50 inch chests and 28 inch thighs and all the enormous power those muscles possessed. They talked about the huge cocks on the Muscle Club members and getting fucked by those huge cocks. And then next year they would do the fucking. And they talked about Mike and Tony. God were they going to turn the tables on them! They couldn’t wait to join the Muscle Club. •

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