Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

The next morning the boys walked to school with a spring in their step. They saw Donnie talking to a few of his nerdy friends and went over. �Guess what, Donnie. We�re members of the football team. We�re gonna be football players.� Donnie�s friends laughed. One of them said, �You two are way too small. You�re as skinny as me. You�re gonna wash out in a week!� Donnie stood up for his friends. �Give �em a chance, Freddie. Maybe they�ll get bigger working out with all those huge guys. I sure wish they�d get bigger. I�m tired of getting beat up all the time. You�d protect us wouldn�t you?� he said, looking at Deon and Justin. �Sure,� said Deon. �When we get big, we�ll smash anyone who messes with you.� He flexed his little scrawny arm. The boys laughed, thinking this was all a joke. No way were these little boys going to protect them from the bullies.

Suddenly, two big bodies barged into the group of wimps. �Shit, a whole fuckload of dweebs! All the more fun for us,� yelled Mike. �Yeah, last night we learned another new trick on Thugs Rule the City. We can rip off people�s arms with our huge muscles and then use the bloody arms like battering rams to smash their bodies. It is so much fun!� At that, he grabbed Justin and Donnie�s arms with his two hands and Tony grabbed Deon�s and Freddie�s arms with his two hands. Then they started twisting. Jolts of pain shot through the arms of the poor boys. �Oh Jesus that hurts,� yelled Donnie. �Do you think I care?� said Mike. �This if fucking fun!� He twisted their arms even harder. �Gonna twist your fucking little arms right off your bodies. Blood is gonna splash out so hard. Blood�s gonna be everywhere.� Mike was really getting into it.

Tony increased the pressure on Deon and Freddie. Deon winced in pain. �We just joined the football team, asshole. You�re gonna be sorry.� Tony laughed. �Oh I am so afraid! You two little twerps joined the football team? You�re gonna last about two days. You are such a little wimp. They don�t want little dweebs like you on the team. When they see what a skinny wimp you are you�re gonna get kicked off so fast. Flex your other arm, fuckhead. You flex too blondie. Let�s see your muscles.� The two bullies held on to one arm while the skinny boys flexed their other arms. Their arms looked like little sticks. There was only the tiniest amount of muscle bulging in their skinny biceps. Mike wrapped his hand around Justin�s upper arm and squeezed his fingers right into where the bicep should have been. �Fuck, nothin� there. Not a bit of fuckin� muscle. You�re just a little stick-boy..� He squeezed his strong fingers into Justin�s arm. Justin yelled out in pain. �Fuckin� little stick boys. You gotta have muscles like us if you wanna play football � He let go of Justin�s arm and flexed his own arm. A naturally large but somewhat soft bicep muscle flexed underneath his fatty skin. �Look at that fuckin� muscle. I don�t even work out and I got tons more muscle than you got. I don�t need to play football. It�s way more fun playing video games, �cause we get to totally destroy people. We�re the Thugs and we destroy whoever we want. And it�s always gonna be that way, stick-boy. You�re a stick and I�m a stud. And studs like us just love to smash you little sticks. Yeah, Tony and me and gonna keep beatin� you little stick boys up as much as we want.� Tony smiled and looked at Deon. �And I�m gonna twist harder, �cause you called me an asshole. Take this, fuckface!� He twisted even harder. It really did feel like Deon�s arm was going to rip right off his body. Pain surged though his body. Deon looked back at Tony with pain on his face and said quietly �Just wait.�

�We learned another Thug move last night,� said Mike. �We can snap people�s spines.� He grabbed ahold of Justin, pushing his big chest into Justin�s skinny chest and grabbing his hands behind Justin�s waist. Then he pushed Justin�s crotch back too, pushing with his own cock into Justin�s little crotch. �We push out with our huge, muscular chests, forcing the chest of our victims back real far. We push his cock back too. Then we breath out and pull in our abs, leaving a big gap between our big chests and our cocks. Then we pull in on their spine with our giant arms and their spine snaps like a twig inside that big gap. It�s a lot of fun. Last night we killed 30 guys snapping their spines and letting them die in pain. That was so much fun. It�s fun to make other people feel lots of pain.� At that, he pulled in on Justin�s spine. The soft muscles in his arms bulged under his fat skin as he pulled as hard as he could. Justin cried out in pain as his back was tormented by the crush. �Stop, please stop,� yelled Justin. Mike just smiled. But Mike wasn�t strong enough to snap his spine as hard as he tried. After about 30 seconds of crushing and hurting, he let go. �Should have broken your spine, dweeb. You wimps ain�t nothin� to us.�

Finally the bullies had had enough fun and they took the four boys� lunch money. �Gonna eat real good,� said Mike. The other boys watched what had happened and they shared their food with the four bully targets, so they didn�t starve. During lunch Justin and Deon seemed quite happy despite what had happened to them. Donnie and Freddie were dejected, thinking their year was going to be horrible. But Justin and Deon didn�t seem concerned at all. They could hardly wait for football practice. Kind of strange, thought Donnie.

Each class seemed to last for an eternity. Finally the school day was over and Justin and Deon raced to the gym. Ryan and Marcus were undressing in the locker room with the other team members. The boys just couldn�t believe how big their muscles and cocks were. Ryan said, �You two got a 100% vote. After practice, go to this address for your initiation.� The team worked out in the weight room for about an hour and then went out on the field. Ryan and Marcus each acted as the personal trainer for Justin and Deon, showing them the right exercises and helping them with the weights. They weighed the boys on the scale, and each boy weighed 115 pounds. Then they started training. After an hour, the boys were exhausted. Ryan and Marcus had really made them go to the limit on each exercise. They tested the boys� strength and wrote down the results, which were about equal for each boy. Bench press � 60 pounds; overhead press � 40 pounds; curl � 30 pounds; pullups � 3; squats � 70 pounds; deadlifts � 70 pounds; calf raises 70 pounds. �You�re kinda weak,� said Marcus as he wrote down the final number for Deon. Deon hung his head. �Yeah, I know.� Marcus smiled. �Not for long, nigger. Not for long.�

After the weight training, the team practiced for an hour on the field, running sprints, hitting the tackling dummies and doing some pushups (the boys could do only 5), situps (the boys could do only 10) and calisthentics. Ryan and Marcus did sets of 100 pushups and 200 situps. Those exercises were nothing for their big, strong muscles. They also practiced catching the ball and doing some plays on the field. Deon decided he wanted to be a running back. He was a great runner and has fantastic moves down the field. Justin said he wanted to be a wide receiver. He was fast and could catch the ball real well. �We�ll see, we�ll see.� said coach Phillips looking at the little stick boys with a gleam in his eye.

After practice, the boys were totally exhausted. Their muscles were aching from the intense weight training and from the football practice. They took a shower with the other team members. No washing the big bodies of Ryan and Marcus this time. They were in a hurry to get to their initiation. Their aching bodies wouldn�t stop them from that!

The address for the initiation was a house not far from Justin�s house. It was a two story home in a nice area of town. They got to the front door and read a sign. �Open door, take off clothes and shoes, and wait in living room.� They obeyed, going inside the house and stripping off their clothes and shoes. Then they sat on the couch in the living room stark naked. It was getting dark outside and there were just two lights in the room. After waiting about 15 minutes -- it seemed like an hour to them -- the lights suddenly went out. It was now quite dark. They could hardly see each other�s face. The door to the living room opened and a huge figure in a black sweatshirt and hood appeared. They couldn�t see his face. �Follow me,� he said. They followed their broad-shouldered leader into the kitchen and then down the stairs to the basement. He turned to them and asked, �Do you want to join the Muscle Club?� The boys nodded their heads feverishly and said �Yes, yes.� The leader knocked on a door in the basement and said �Two skinny young pledges. They�re ready for the initiation.�

The door was flung open. Inside the room Justin and Deon could see a few flickering candles, but all else was black. �Enter,� said the leader. They walked in and heard music. Slow classical music, deep and sensual music permeating through the room. Then they looked around and saw ten huge bodies standing there in a semi-circle. They were all naked and they were fondling their cocks. Their muscles glowed in the candlelight. Big huge muscles that had just challenged the heavy weights and strained in the football practice. Their bodies were glowing with muscularity and power. Their cocks were already hard. With all the testosterone coursing through their huge bodies, their cocks got hard all the time. Justin and Deon could see Ryan and Marcus standing in the middle of the semi-circle. Their muscles were glowing in the candlelight. Then they looked at all the other muscular kids, everyone of whom could enter a bodybuilding contest. They gulped looking at all that muscle and those huge cocks and of course their little cocks were already rock hard. Suddenly the leader reached down and ripped off his sweatshirt and hood. It was coach Phillips!! His huge body was larger than any of the high school kids, although Ryan and Marcus were very close. He walked up to the boys and flexed his arms. �Grab �em,� he ordered. �Grab my huge fuckin� guns.� The boys grabbed each of the coach�s massive arms and squeezed the muscle. �Yeah, rock hard, ain�t it. Fuckin� rock hard. All my boys have rock hard muscles. All the members of the Muscle Club have muscles that are so fucking big and so fucking hard. Prepare to join the Muscle Club. You are about to become a Muscle Club pledge. Go to the center of the circle.�

Justin and Deon went to the center of the semi-circle made by the Club members and the ten members formed a circle around them. Ryan, as President of the Club, and Marcus, the Vice President, came out from the circle and stood before Justin and Deon. Then Marcus reached down and picked up a 45 pound plate with one hand. He held the heavy plate like it was a feather. "Put your left hand on the iron and raise your right hands," said Ryan. The boys did as instructed. "Repeat after me. I hereby pledge to obey all the rules of the Muscle Club, which have already been explained to me. I will lift huge weights, eat huge amounts of food, and take all the steroids and supplements which I am instructed to take. I will become huge and muscular. I will become unbelievably strong. As a pledge I will get fucked by the members and as a member I will fuck the new pledges. I take this oath on this plate of iron, because iron builds our muscles." The boys repeated each sentence as Ryan said them. Marcus then put down the iron plate. "There is one final part of the initiation. You are gonna service all the studs in this room. We haven't cum all day and we're all fucking horny as shit. We might fuck you in the mouth or in the ass or both. I've been looking at your little body Justin and I can't wait to fuck you in your little mouth and then fuck your virgin ass." Marcus looked at Deon. He held up a jar of K-Y jelly and fondled his thick 12 inch cock. "After we members finish fucking you tonight, you will be members of the Muscle Club," said Ryan. The muscle studs formed a circle with Justin and Deon in the middle. "When I say 'go,' you start licking and sucking the cocks and balls of all us studs. You're never gonna feel so much muscle or so much cock in your whole life. Ready?" The boys looked around at the huge muscular jocks and nodded their heads. They could hardly wait. "Go!" yelled Ryan.

Justin ran up to Ryan and started licking his balls and cock. His cock was already hard and it was real long and thick. Deon did the same thing with Marcus. The other boys watched the action, stroking their own hard dicks. After a few minutes, the jocks next to Ryan and Marcus grabbed the little cocksuckers away and made them suck their own cocks. And then the next jocks did the same thing. The two little boys were going around from jock to jock, getting the huge muscle machines so aroused it was unbelievable. And each time they got to feel the jock's muscles - his corrugated washboard abs, his bulging striated pecs, his firm round muscle butt, his huge tree trunk legs and massive calves. The two little boys crawled around on their knees with their cocks straight up, servicing the giant cocks and worshipping the muscles of the members of the Muscle Club. Finally Ryan and Marcus grabbed the little pledges and rammed their huge cocks down their throats. "The first muscle fuck," yelled Ryan. He grabbed the back of Justin's head and pulled it back and forth over his giant cock. His arms were so strong there was nothing Justin could do. The huge cock rammed all the way down Justin's throat and the thick weapon rubbed against his tender tissues as it went back and forth. The tip of Ryan's cock was aroused almost beyond control, the sensations were so erotic. Justin's reflex was to gag, but he was overcome and aroused by the giant dick in his throat and Ryan's' huge muscles. His own cock got even harder. Ryan was so aroused he came within 30 seconds, gushing gobs and gobs of his muscle jock cum down Justin's throat. Justin came also, spurting his own cum on the floor as he rubbed his right hand on his cock and felt Ryan's huge calf with the other. "Fuckin' great!" yelled Ryan. He pulled Justin's head off his cock and handed it to the next guy in line, who rammed his own big cock down Justin's throat. "Gang bang," said Ryan as he watched his friend fuck Justin's face.

Meanwhile, Marcus had grabbled Deon and rolled him over so he was laying on his back. The huge black stud got on his knees, ramming his huge legs under Deon's skinny legs and he grabbed a jar of K-Y jelly. He rubbed the jelly inside Deon's tight ass. He grabbed his thick 12 inch cock and touched the top of Deon's stomach with its tip. "My cock's so fucking big it goes from your ass to your lungs. I don't wanna hurt you, nigger. You just relax and let Marcus shove his huge cock up your tight black virgin ass. I'm gonna fuck the shit outta your little black body." Deon looked at Marcus' huge cock and gulped. How could that huge thing go into his little body? Marcus put some jelly on his cock and pushed it in about two inches. "Relax, little man. Relax." Deon tried to relax. He felt the huge weapon splintering his muscles, just jamming itself into his small ass. It felt like it was a thick rod of steel. A big huge thick rod of solid steel. Marcus pulled out his cock and then pushed it in again, only harder. Now it went in four inches. Deon's ass muscles were so tight around his cock. It felt so good to the huge black stud. Deon felt a lot of pain, but he also felt aroused, feeling this huge dick pushing itself into his little ass. He thick rod started pushing on his prostate gland, sending spasms of pleasure through his body. "Relax, nigger. Relax," said Marcus as he pulled out his cock one more time. He lubed it up with more jelly and put more jelly inside Deon's little ass. Then he pushed it in harder, now going in six inches. This is the size of most guy's cocks, but Marcus was only half done. His cock was now deep inside Deon's tight little ass and as he moved it he felt the totally erotic sensations of Deon's tight muscles as they pressed on his rock hard dick. Marcus' cock was so thick Deon felt he was being fucked by a coke bottle. Again he pulled it out and then pushed it back in, now eight inches. He pulled out, lubed it up again and pushed again harder, now 10 inches. "Oh, oh oh," moaned Deon as he felt the huge weapon inside his body. Then Marcus only pulled back about half way and rammed his whole cock inside Deon's little black ass. "Oh fuck," yelled Deon as he felt the huge monster ram itself inside. Then Marcus started pumping away, fucking the boy's little ass again and again. "Feels so good to be fuckin' this black virgin ass," yelled Marcus. "You are so fucking tight. My cock's ready to explode." While Marcus was fucking, another jock straddled Deon's face and jammed his cock down his throat. Now he was being fucked in the ass and the throat by over 400 pounds of solid muscle. The two huge muscle studs fucked away, getting so aroused it was incredible. Deon was totally aroused too and he reached down and rubbed his own little cock. With his other hand he felt Marcus' huge arms as they pressed up and down, fucking him like a wild man. Finally Marcus yelled "Yeahhhhh, yeah yeah!" and shot ten loads of muscle jism deep into Deon's body. The other stud grunted loudly and shot his loads down Deon's throat. And Deon yelled "Ohhhhhh," and shot his loads all over his body. What a fucking orgy.

Well this orgy continued for about two hours, with the studs fucking and fucking and fucking. The boys saw Coach Phillips stroking his dick and coming again and again too. He didn't fuck them. He never fucked one of his muscle studs. He thought that would be unprofessional as a teacher. But he sure got his rocks off with his own hand, watching their muscles bulge and watching them fuck each other.

Justin and Deon lay on the floor, their bodies covered with white cum. Cum was oozing out of their butts and was dripping down their faces. The 10 muscle jocks had cum at least six times, leaving their muscle jism all over and inside the boys� bodies. Ryan and Marcus reached down and pulled the new members of the Muscle Club to their feet. �Fuck, what an initiation,� said Ryan, rubbing his semi-hard cock. �Welcome to the Muscle Club. Here�s the secret handshake.� He reached out at shook Justin�s and Deon�s hands, showing them the secret handshake of the secret club.

Then Marcus showed them two hypodermic syringes and needles. �Here�s your first shot of steroids. We got three different steroids in here. You�re gonna be on your cycle for six weeks. You take the shots and you eat like a pig --- good food and supplements like we tell you. Your muscles are gonna grow so fast you won�t believe it. Now stand up straight.� The boys were so excited. They stood up and Marcus rubbed some alcohol on their butts. Then he gave them both the shots.

Ryan said, �Your testosterone is gonna go way up. You�re gonna have 300% of the testosterone you had before. Yeah, muscle building testosterone. You�re gonna get a real attitute - yeah, the attitude us jocks have, like don�t get in our way or we�ll smash you with our big bodies. You gotta watch out for �Roid Rage,� where you get so pissed off you totally pulverize some poor weak bastard. And remember, if anyone ever sees you taking the �roids, you gotta make sure they never have a chance to turn you in. Roid Rage is okay if that ever happens. And remember, the Muscle Club is secret. Never tell anybody about the Muscle Club.�

Finally, Coach Phillips came up with a couple of sheets of paper. �Here�s your new diet, boys. No more junk food. You tell your mothers you need the food on this list because you�re playin� football now. You need good food. And don�t forget the protein shakes and the creatine. We�re gonna pump your little bodies full of muscle. You�re gonna turn into big muscle studs and you�re gonna be stronger than shit. Here�s a protein shake.� The boys grabbed the big shake out of the coach�s hand and slurped down the thick liquid. They were very hungry after the hard workout and practice and all the fucking. �Eat a good dinner tonight and another shake before bed,� said the coach. �Here�s some cans of MetRx shake you can use until you get some on your own.�

Ryan looked at all the cum on the boys� bodies and smiled. He pointed to the bathroom and said. �Go wash off all that cum. Don�t want your mommies to know you just got fucked over and over by ten big muscle jocks.� They boys walked over to the bathroom. They felt great. When they entered the bathroom, they looked at their bodies in the mirror. They were so skinny. Five feet nine and only 115 pounds. The shoulders were nothing but bone. You could see their ribs because they had no muscle on their chests. They had no lats at all. Their arms looked like little sticks � yeah they really looked like stick boys. They really didn�t have any abs. They had a small amount of fat on their stomachs and no abs showing at all. Their legs were so skinny. The arms of the big muscle jocks were bigger than their legs. They flexed their arms together and they couldn�t see any biceps flexing. �Fuck we are so skinny,� said Justin. �We really are little stick boys. Do you really think we�re gonna pack on some muscle?� Deon looked at his skinny body in the mirror. �God I don�t know. He flexed again, seeing nothing.�

The boys went home and showed their mothers the list of food and supplements. Their mothers were happy they had joined the football team and were going to try to build up their bodies. Of course they had no idea about the Muscle Club. For dinner, their mothers found some good protein food � steak for Justin and chicken for Deon. The boys were very hungry. Hungrier than they had every been. Their bodies were sore from their workout and now they were hungry, demanding protein to not only to replace the muscle fibers that had been lost during the workout but to build bigger and stronger muscle fibers. Their added testosterone called out for muscle fibers that would be bigger and stronger. Justin ate three steaks and Deon ate six chicken breasts. Their mothers couldn�t believe how hungry they were. And before they went to bed, they had a big protein milkshake. •

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