Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

Once the team got to the field, the coach made them do some wind sprints. First they did 25 yards. Then 50 yards. Then 100 yards. Then they started all over again with 25 yards. Deon looked over at Justin. “This is fun,” he said. “I love to run.” The skinny boys were slower than most of the weight trained football players, but they didn’t embarrass themselves. And they marveled at how fast those huge boys were. Boys that outweighed them by 100 pounds of muscle were just as fast or faster than they were. Their huge, muscular legs powered their bodies through the wind sprints with unbelievable force and speed. After 10 rounds of the three wind sprints, all the players were breathing hard. The abs of the muscular players were pushing in and out, forcing huge amounts of air in and out of their athletic lungs. Their six packs and eight packs were pumping hard, showing off the rock-solid muscle that was packed into their small waists. Blood was coursing through their bodies, pushed by their big, athletic hearts. Their hearts and lungs had grown bigger and stronger as their muscles grew bigger and stronger. Their big muscles needed more blood and more oxygen to keep getting bigger and stronger. And their larger and stronger lungs and hearts gave it to them. You need a big strong heart to build big strong muscles, and these boys had huge hearts that pumped gallons of muscle building blood throughout their bodies. You could see the veins pulsating under their thin skin as the blood surged through their muscles. After only about 30 seconds, the big muscular boys stopped breathing hard. Their bodies had already recovered and were ready for the next challenge. Justin and Deon were still breathing hard.

The bodies of all the athletes were now sweating profusely. They all drank water at the sidelines to replenish the sweat that was pouring out of their skin. Drops of sweat were forming on their muscular bodies – on their chests, their abs, their backs, everywhere, and dropping down to their shorts, which were getting wetter and wetter. “Need some fucking water to keep these muscles big and pumped,” said a jock as he lifted his muscular arm and poured water down his throat, splashing it all over his face and chest and abs. He looked radiant as the water splashed over his big hard muscles. Justin and Deon weren’t sweating anywhere near what the jocks were sweating, but they drank some water too.

“Time to hit the tackling dummies,” said the coach. There were five tackling dummies lined up on the field. They each must have weighed 500 pounds, way bigger than a huge lineman. The boys lined up in five rows and started hitting the dummies. As they ran forward at full speed, they crouched downward and smashed their big shoulders into the padded dummy. Justin and Deon couldn’t believe how big and thick their shoulders were. The huge blond guy and black guy had shoulders that looked as big as huge melons, real thick and striated with muscle fibers from front to back. The muscle on those shoulders must have been three inches thick. “Shit, look at their shoulders,” said Deon. “Look at all that fucking muscle. God what I’d give to get shoulders as big and strong as them.” Those huge shoulders were hitting the tackling dummies, inches of rock hard muscle blasting into the padding.. When they hit the tackling dummies, their huge bodies kept moving forward, their giant shoulders pushing the dummies back several yards. Then they straightened up, grabbed the dummy and jerked it back to where it had been with a powerful pull of their lats. Their delts and lats were bristling with strength and power as they walked back to the end of the line.

Justin moved to the back of the blond guy in one line and Deon moved to the back of the black guy in another line. They looked up at those shoulders and backs and couldn’t believe how big and wide they were. They were at least a foot wider than their own puny, bony shoulders, thick with striated muscle that flexed as they moved their arms. The skinny boys didn’t have any delts at all. Just bone and no muscle on their shoulders. And they didn’t have any lats at all, while the huge muscular boys in front of them had thick, wide cobras of muscle tapering from their wide shoulders to their narrow hips. The two big jocks looked back at the two little 9th graders in back of them. They boys looked really skinny, standing there in their workout shorts and sneakers. Their bones protruded in their shoulders - there was no muscle there - a far cry from the huge melons on the jocks’ shoulders, bulging with sinews of shredded muscle. “Gotta hit him hard with your big shoulder,” said the blond guy. “Gotta smash him with your huge muscles. Gotta make that guy wish he was never born. Gotta get big muscles to smash ‘em real hard.” He flexed his shoulders, looking at the huge muscles. Justin looked up at those monsters and nodded his head, looking at the huge muscles of the guy talking to him. The blond smashed into the dummy again, blasting it several yards forward. He jerked it back to where it was, and then he walked back to the line, rubbing his shoulder and feeling all the muscle and power inside. He stopped to watch Justin. Justin ran forward and hit the dummy with all the power he had. His bony shoulder hurt a lot when it hit the padded dummy. But he wasn’t able to move the dummy at all. He just bounced off and fell to the ground. The big blond laughed. “You gotta get some muscle, dude” he said, flexing his huge delts at Justin as the kid walked by him. The same thing happened to Deon as he hit the dummy. He fell to the ground. The big black dude walked up to him, pulled him off the ground, and flexed his big shoulder in Deon’s face. “Gotta have muscle like this, dude. You gotta be way bigger and way stronger.”

The next hit of the dummies produced the same result. The big boys used their other massive shoulder and smashed the dummies yards downfield. It was like the dummies weren’t even there as they smashed their huge torsos into them with their powerful legs, legs that could squat with 500 pounds. Justin and Deon used their other bony shoulder too but they couldn’t move the dummies even an inch. Their legs were way too weak. The blond jock pulled up Justin and looked at his legs. “Shit, your legs are so fucking tiny,” he said He put his arm down next to Justin’s leg and flexed his bicep and tricep. “Fuck, my arm’s bigger than your leg. Look at all that muscle in my arm. Your leg ain’t shit. This is what a leg should look like.” He stood up and flexed his quads. The giant muscles bulged, with striations and veins everywhere. “Think about these legs smashing into you on the football field. They can squat with 500 pounds. They can leg press 900 pounds. They’re fuckin’ strong as shit. You gotta add tons on muscle on your legs or you’re toast.” Deon and the black jock had come over to watch the blond show off. The black jock flexed his own legs for Deon. “Feel that fuckin’ muscle, nigger. Feel how big and hard and strong that muscle is.” Deon looked at the black guy’s huge legs. He would have been really offended if a white guy called him a nigger, but black guys call each other that name all the time. Having the big black dude call him a nigger was almost a compliment. Deon reached down and felt the guy’s huge upper leg. The leg was hot and covered with sweat. Deon rubbed his fingers over the rock hard muscle, getting his hand all sweaty from the black jock’s sweat. He felt the giant, shredded quads and the huge hamstring muscles in the back. The muscle was so hard he could feel the individual fibers of muscle under the thin, sweaty skin. “Twenty eight inches, nigger. I bet my leg’s as big as your waist. And it’s all fucking muscle. One hundred percent fucking solid muscle. How’d you like those legs smashing into you, nigger? They’d flatten you in a second.” He raised his leg and touched Deon in the abs with his knee while Deon was still touching the huge muscle. Deon moaned “Holy shit,” as he felt the huge leg of the big black dude move and touch his body. The black dude put down his leg and flexed is again. “Yeah,” said the black dude. “You gotta get legs like this.”

Deon looked dejected. He looked at the black dude in the eyes. “We’re way too skinny. No way are we gonna get the big muscles you got.” The black dude looked at the blond dude and they nodded their heads at each other. The black dude said “Hey Ryan, how much do you weigh now?” Ryan flexed his arm and looked at the huge, bulging muscle. “Two hundred thirty pounds, Marcus. Two hundred thirty pounds of solid muscle. Same as you.” He made a fist and pounded it into his shredded 8 pack waist. “I’m as fuckin’ hard as steel. No fuckin’ fat on this stud body.” Marcus smiled and flexed his own arm. “Yeah, 230 pounds of big black muscle. So fucking strong I just knock over the other players on the field. Nobody’s any stronger than Ryan and me.” He looked over at Ryan. “Yeah, here we are, the two strongest guys on the team, a white guy and a black guy, just like you two skinny little wimps. You look like you could be our little brothers.” Deon looked at their faces. “Yeah, we do look the same. Except that you weigh 230 pounds and Justin and me only weigh 115. We weigh half as much as you. We’re so skinny guys like you will just push us over on the field with your huge muscles .” He got a tear in his eyes as he thought about his skinny body being crushed by huge muscular guys like Marcus. Justin saw Deon’s agony. “Yeah, maybe we should just forget about football. We’re way too skinny.”

Ryan looked over at Marcus. “Hey Marcus. How much did you weigh when you started 9th grade?” Marcus put his hand up to his chin, flexing his huge bicep muscle. “Oh, I think I weighed about 120. I was 5’ 9” then. So I’ve grown three inches and put on 110 pounds of muscle.” The mouths of the boys dropped open. “What?” said Deon. “Yeah, same with me,” said Ryan. “I was 5’ 8” and weighed only 110. I was so skinny I was pathetic. I’ve gained four inches and 120 pounds since I was 14. I more than doubled my weight . Seventeen years old and 230 pounds of rock hard muscle.” Justin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Holy shit! How did you put on so much muscle? How did you get so strong? I can’t believe you looked like us when you were in 9th grade!”

Ryan looked at the boys seriously in the eyes. “Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret so secret that absolutely nobody will know? Not your parents, not your friends, nobody at all.” Justin and Deon looked at each other. “Yeah, we can.,” they both said at the same time. “Okay, men,” said Ryan. “If either of you tell anybody what I am about to say, Marcus and I will personally break both your arms and both your legs. Plus, we’ll break every rib in your bodies. And fuck, we’re strong enough to do it too.” At that, Ryan picked up a baseball bat with his two muscular hands, squatted down and smashed the bat against his huge leg. The bat shattered in two. He held up the two pieces of bat, flexing his huge arms. “That’s your leg if you tell anybody.” The boys looked at the bat and at Ryan’s huge arms. They were covered with sweat and his glistening skin showed off the rippling muscles of his huge biceps, triceps and forearms. Justin and Deon nodded their heads. They knew what these two huge boys could do to them. Ryan continued. “Marcus and I are members of a very secret club here at school. It’s called the Muscle Club. Every kid who joins the club packs an unbelievable amount of muscle on his body. He gets stronger than shit. Fuck, in 3 months, you’ll pack at least 50 pounds on muscle on your skinny little bodies. You’ll be the strongest guys in your whole class. And you’ll be fucking good football players too. If you don’t join the club, you’ll be lucky to put on 10 pounds of muscle on your skinny bodies in a whole year. You’d be skinny all through high school. But when you’re a member of the Muscle Club, you’ll weigh over 200 pounds when you’re a Senior. You might even get to 230 like us. You’ll be huge. You’ll be the studs of the whole school.”

The boys looked at each other with their eyes wide open. Their cocks were getting hard thinking about how big they were going to get. Ryan kept talking. “The Muscle Club has some rules. Every member has to obey the rules. If a member doesn’t obey the rules, the other members will smash his bones. Nobody’s broken the rules yet. The rules are very simple. Everything is totally secret. We do things for you and you do things for us. We big muscle jocks are gonna help you pack on the muscle. We’ll be your trainers. We’ll tell you how to work out and what to eat. We also have some steroids that we’re gonna give you. A shot in the butt every so often. We got the best steroids on the planet Earth. They’re fantastic. They don’t test for steroids in high school so you got no problems playing football. And here’s what you little dweebs do for us. For the first year as a member of the Muscle Club, you are the pledges. We big dudes get real horny after our workouts and after football practice. Most of us are straight and have the best looking girls in the whole school as our girlfriends. But we love getting our cocks sucked by the pledges after a workout and we love fucking the tight butts of the pledges. So you gotta suck our cocks and get your asses fucked by our big, thick dicks. If anyone sees us shooting the steroids, he’s gotta get smashed so bad he won’t dare say a thing. Finally, you can’t even say that the club exists. You can never mention the club to anyone, except a member. That’s it.”

Justin and Deon were looking at Ryan almost in disbelief. Their cocks were now totally hard as they thought about weighing 230 pounds of solid muscle and being the strongest guys in the whole school. They thought about Mike and Tony and what they were going to be able to do to them – repaying 8 years worth of torture. That made their cocks real hard. Then they looked at Ryan and Marcus’ huge, buffed bodies and thought about sucking their big cocks and feeling their huge muscles. “Yeah, yeah,” yelled Deon. “We wanna join. I can hardly wait.” Ryan smiled. “Okay, Marcus and I have to get a vote from the other club members to approve your pledging. I’m the President and Marcus is the Vice President, so that shouldn’t be a problem. You two have to think about it overnight. If you still wanna join, come see us before practice tomorrow.” Then he and Marcus swaggered off to the gym to take a shower and change into their street clothes. The boys stood there stunned. They couldn’t believe this had happened to them. •

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