My Awakening


By johnd7102000

After oiling up Tony’s perfect 18 year old body, I was going to help him get all pumped up for his posing. I stared at his shoulders and arms in utter rapture. Here he was, the same age as me, and he weighed 240 pounds, twice as much as I did. And he was all muscle, with big thick muscular shoulders and massive 21 inch arms that pumped up to 22-1/2. “How many pushups can you do?” he said. “I guess I can do five or so,” I admitted, knowing how weak I was. “Fuck, what a little wuss,” he said. “Watch what a real man can do. You’re laying on my back and I’m gonna do 100, no sweat. I’m gonna be pushing up two bodies with these muscles. Although your little body doesn’t really count as man’s body, it’s so puny.” I laid on Tony’s back as he started doing pushups. My cock was hard as I felt his huge shoulders bulge with muscle, and I rubbed my cock on his firm round muscle butt. He pushed both of us up so easily it was like I was a little feather on his body. I felt his shoulders as they worked, marveling at the huge muscles pumping us up and down. Then I moved my little hands over to his arms, feeling his triceps bulge with every rep. God those muscles were big. I moved my hands over and felt his pecs, which were pumping up big and hard. I could feel the strands of muscle bulging, pumping us up and down like we were nothing. And I could feel his butt muscles under my little cock. His solid butt was bulging into my cock. Oh how I would have loved to push my little cock into that muscular butt, but I knew he wouldn’t let me. He was the man. I was the girl-boy. He would never open up his solid muscular ass for me or for any other man. He was the stud and everyone he conquered was inferior to him.

I just went crazy feeling his butt muscles with my cock and his upper body with my hands. I wanted to cum but I held back, knowing there was even more erotic glory to come. After 100 reps he got up on his knees and I rolled off onto the floor. I got on my knees and looked at his chest. It was huge and totally pumped up. He flexed his pecs and the massive muscles formed huge globes of striated fibers. They were red with rich protein filled blood surging through the muscle, pumped by his huge athletic heart. “Fuckin’ huge” he said, looking down at his pumped red muscles. “Fuckin’ huge and fuckin’ strong.” He reached over and felt my flat little chest. “Fuck what a little wimp,” he said. He grabbed my hand and ran it over my chest. I felt my flab and bone. Then he rubbed my hand over his hot, sweaty, pumped up pecs,. My mouth dropped open as I felt all that muscle. “That’s the chest of a real man,” he said. “That chest can bench 500 pounds. It’s so fucking strong!” He rubbed his big pecs with his hands and felt his huge muscles.

Then he stood up and grabbed me by my armpits and my butt and put me into a pressing position. Luckily, the living room of Debbie’s apartment had very high ceilings. He started pressing me overhead, rep after rep after rep. “You’re a fucking feather,” he said. “One hundred twenty pounds is real light. Not a real workout weight, but great for pumping.” After many reps, he dropped me to the ground and looked at his delts. “Yeah, nice and pumped,” he said as he looked at the huge muscles bulging in his shoulders. I reached over and felt the rock hard muscle. I could feel the hot fibers twitching under his paper thin skin. They were bursting with blood and energy and fucking huge. The cords of muscle were writhing. This kid had more muscle than I had ever seen and he was the same age as me!

“Get on my back,” he ordered. I went around and jumped on his back, holding on to his massive pumped shoulders. My cock was now pressed against his lower back muscles, feeling their hardness and power. I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist. I was wrapping myself around his solid muscle. He started doing squats, pumping me up and down very rapidly. “You’re so fucking light,” he said “So fucking puny.” I groaned as I felt his huge shoulders and his narrow waist and his bulging lower back muscles as he pumped us up and down. After he finished about 30 reps he started doing toe raises, pumping up his huge calves. Then he jerked me off his back and flexed his legs in my face. “Look at the legs of a real man, little boy. My arms are bigger than your legs and my legs are huge. Look at all those muscles and veins. I got more muscle in one leg than you got in your whole fucking body. God I’m so big and you’re so puny.” I looked at his massive quads and nodded my head. Tony was an incredible physical specimen.

Then he grabbed me by my armpits and crotch and started doing curls. “You’re so strong,” I moaned as I looked at his bulging biceps. “You’re nothing,” he said. “I can curl 200 pounds easy. Your puny body just a fucking pussy weight.” I looked at his pumping biceps and groaned as I watched the power they possessed. After many reps he dropped me on the floor and flexed his arms. “Fuckin huge” he yelled as he looked at his massive guns. “I could tear you apart with my arms. No problem for these huge guns.” I put my hand on his flexing bicep and felt the rock like hardness of the bulging muscle. I could feel the fibers and feel the veins pumping with blood. God what a stud he was. I wanted to lick his bicep, but he was pumping up. He wanted to pump up some more.

“Lay down on your back,” he ordered. I did as told and he came over and stood over me, with one huge leg on each side of my body. Then he reached down and put his hands under my lower back and lifted me off the floor. I was his barbell for his rowing exercise. He lifted me up and down effortlessly. I watched his lats bulging as they lifted me, bulging like thick wings of muscle as they flexed with each rep. After lots of reps he dropped me to the floor and then he stood up and hit a lat pose. I looked up and gasped. His lats were huge. They were thick wings of muscle, red with blood and tapering down from his broad shoulders to his narrow waist. Besides his lats, he flexed his pecs and his abs as he put his arms on his waist. I looked up at his body and gasped. He looked like a young God.

Then he laid down on the floor on his back and said “Hold my feet.” I grabbed ahold of his huge size 15 feet. He bent his knees and started doing sit ups. His rock hard abs powered his torso up and down so fast I couldn’t believe it. I could barely do 10 situps, and this musclestud was cranking them out so fast it was unbelievable. And I knew his torso was so big and heavy with solid muscle, it was amazing his abs were that strong - it looked so easy for them to force his body up and down. I could see the ridges of muscle bulging in his abs, flexing with each rep, getting more and more pumped and cut. After about 100 reps he said, “Feel ‘em, runt.” I ran one of my hands over his rock hard, corrugated abs as he pumped them up and down. God they were hard. Rock hard and rippling with solid muscle. The ridges of muscle were separated by deep cuts. His abs were like a washboard. And his skin was so thin. It glided over his muscle like cellophane. “Oh God,” I gasped as I rubbed my little fingers over his abs. Finally he stopped and he jumped up to his feet. “Pumped like hell,” he yelled as he flexed his muscles. I looked up at him in total awe. The oil was now combined with sweat on his tan skin and his muscles were shredded and bulging. He was absolutely perfect, with his pumped up muscles making him look just like a Greek statue of the perfect young man. “Watch a real man show off his muscles, wimp. Siddown, you puny little punk” he said, pointing to a chair. Then he walked out of the room. I sat down and felt like I was in the front row of the Mr. Ohio teen bodybuilding contest. I was naked and my cock was already rock hard.

Five seconds later, he walked back into the living room and stood in front of me. He didn’t hit a pose yet. He just stood there in his tiny red posing suit, slightly flexing his muscles. My eyes were drawn to his wide shoulders thick with striated muscle, his flaring thick lats and his rippling washboard abs on his tiny waist. His huge, rippling legs were bulging with huge slabs of quad muscle and gigantic diamond shaped calves. My eyes wandered all over his body as he stood there and displayed his manly form for me, his audience. “God, look at your shoulders! They’re so fucking wide and they’re thick with shredded muscle. They’re so fucking strong! And your huge lats, tapering down from those wide shoulders to your tiny waist. God, look at all that fucking muscle. And those abs! They look like a washboard, a washboard of corrugated muscle. And fuck, your legs are beyond belief. They’re so gigantic and they’re so muscular. Look at those slabs of muscle and all those veins. God, what a fucking stud! You are such a fucking muscle stud!” He looked down and sneered at me, like he was standing there ready to fight. God what a fighter he would be, I thought. “Ya wanna fight me punk? Ya wanna fight this big body? I could smash you into nothing and you couldn’t do a thing to hurt this hard body.” he said as he looked at his incredibly muscular body with approval in his eyes.

Then he hit a double biceps pose. “Check out these big guns, punk. Check out all the muscle in these huge arms.” I could hardly stay in my seat. I wanted to jump up and wrap my hands around his 22 inch arms, arms that were packed with rippling muscle. “Fuck!” I yelled. “Those guns are gigantic! They’re massive! They’re so fucking muscular!” He looked over at his right arm and said “Yeah, fucking huge. Fucking huge and fucking strong.”

Then he turned so his right side was facing me. He extended his right arm and flexed his gigantic triceps. The three heads of muscle looked like they wanted to jump out of his arm. They were so pumped and hard and his skin was so thin. I could see every striation of muscle fiber flexing. “Shit!” I yelled. “Your triceps are awesome. They’re so fucking big and cut. They look like they were carved in marble! I can see every fiber of muscle flexing. Oh my fucking god. You’re so awesome. God I wanna cum right now! Your body is turning me on so much I wanna cum right now!” Tony pointed down to my rock hard dick and said “Not yet, punk. You cum when I let you, or I’ll rip your little cock right off your body.” He sneered again at me, his puny little muscle freak. I shuttered when I thought of the incredible strength in his hand and his arm as I looked at his fist and his flexing arm muscles.

Then he raised his right arm and held his fist with his left hand. He hit a side chest pose showing his bicep, his massive pecs and delts and the side of his huge leg. “Fucking huge chest,,” he said as he looked down at his bulging muscles. His pecs were so big you could have put a glass of water on top of them and it wouldn’t have fallen off. “Fuck!” I yelled. “Look at all that fucking muscle! You’re a god Tony. You’re a fucking god! I can’t believe you’re the same age as me. I’m just such a puny little wimp compared to you. You’re a fucking muscle god!” He smiled slightly as he listened to my absolute praise of his awesome 18 year old body. And I noticed his cock was starting to get hard under his tiny little red posing suit. It was now almost popping out of the top of the suit. Tony was loving my audience reaction to his posing. And his cock was showing his pleasure.

He turned around, put his hands on his hips and flexed his lats. The big muscles exploded, forming a huge “V” down his back. His traps were bulging and his neck looked huge. His posing suit was so small I could see the top and bottom halves of his muscular ass, the hard round muscle butt globes that were actually striated with muscle. His hamstrings were large and cut with shredded muscle and his calves were like two huge mounds of muscle shaped like a diamond. “Fuck, your back is enormous. You look like a giant cobra, ready to pounce on your prey to smother them with your huge muscles. I know how strong your back is. You could crush every one of my ribs and those huge muscles wouldn’t even have to work hard. They’re so fucking strong.” Tony flexed even harder and yelled “Yeah, so fucking big and so fucking strong!” He turned around and showed me his huge lats from the front. God they were enormous. I never could build any lats at all and his lats were huge slabs of rock hard muscle. “I wanna feel your lats. I wanna feel how big and hard they are. I wanna push my nose in your armpit and smell your muscle sweat. I wanna feel your big muscles.” I jumped up and down on my chair as I watched his incredible body. I wanted to touch it so much. I wanted to feel his muscles and smell his sweat. He pointed at me and sneered, “Stay down, boy. Stay down, you little punk. You can touch my body when I say you can.” I was panting in my seat.

His 12 inch cock was now rock hard. It had pushed itself out of the tiny posing suit and was now pressed against his abs. His dick was so long that it went way beyond his belly button. It was long and it was thick. Thick and hard, just like his muscles. “Look at your cock!” I yelled. “It’s way too big for your posing suit! It pushed itself up and it’s covering your abs. God, look how long and thick it is. Oh fuck. I wanna lick it. I wanna suck it. I wanna feel your huge muscles and suck your huge cock.” Tony reached down and felt his cock with his hand. He sneered as he looked at me. “Yeah. Real big and real hard. My cock loves to fuck little boys like you. I’m gonna cover your puny little body with my huge muscles and then I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk. You’re gonna get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before.” But he wasn’t done posing.

He flexed his legs and I let out a huge sigh. “Oh fuck,” I groaned. ‘Your legs are so fucking big. One of your legs is as big as my chest. You have more muscle in one leg than I have in my whole body.” I reached down and touched my rock hard little cock. “Move your hand away from your cock!” he yelled. I jerked my hand away. He had me under his complete control. “Yeah, look at these fucking monsters. They can squat with 700 pounds on my shoulders. Look at all that fucking muscle. So fucking huge and so fucking strong.” Tony looked down at his giant thighs as he flexed. He relaxed and moved his legs, making the huge muscle sway back and forth. Then he flexed again and that muscle turned into rock. I looked at his legs and I drooled. Oh how I wanted to touch those mammoth legs. My whole body was twitching as I watched his huge muscles flex.

Suddenly Tony hit a most muscular pose. Every one of his muscles was flexed and rippling. His traps were huge and his neck was thick and packed with muscle. His shoulders looked like bowling balls of muscle, striated and twitching with every slight move. His chest was rippling with vein covered muscle and his abs were like corrugated iron. His arms were gigantic and filled with muscle. His legs were huge and shredded and his calves bulged with muscle. His cock was as pumped as his muscles. He was such a muscle god. “Fuck, look at your body. It’s so perfect. Every muscle is huge and pumped. Every muscle is so perfect. Your cock is so huge. I’m looking at the next Teenage Mr. Ohio!” Tony smiled. “Fuck yeah!” he yelled as he started hitting different poses one right after another. My cock was ready to explode. He reached down and ripped off his posing suit. His foot long cock was now free and was swinging around, pointing up at a 45 degree angle. I gasped. He continued to pose nude in front of me. I was dumbfounded by his muscular beauty. My cock was quivering. I wanted to race up to him and feel his body.

“Come and feel my muscles,” he yelled. “Feel my big body. Feel my big cock.” His cock was twitching with excitement. I knew he wanted me to feel his muscles as much as I wanted to feel them. I leaped out of my chair and ran into his hard body. My little 120 pounds of flab was bumping up against his huge 240 pounds of muscle. He kept posing as I felt his muscles flex and bulge. “Oh my god,” I yelled. “Your muscles feel so good. They’re so big. They’re so hard. They’re so hot. Your skin is covered with sweat. Your skin is so tan. I can feel every fiber of muscle flexing under your super thin skin. Oh my fucking god!” My puny body was pressed up next to Tony’s. I wanted to feel him with every bit of body that I had. I ran my hands over his shoulders and his lats as he hit pose after pose. I felt his huge pecs and his rippling abs. I ran my hands over his huge arms, feeling the rock hard muscle twitch and bulge as he flexed. “So fucking big. So fucking strong,” he said as he flexed. He rubbed his own big hands on my puny little body, feeling my thin reed like arms and my bony shoulders. “So fucking puny. So fucking weak,” he said as he felt my paltry excuse for a body. “I’m so big and strong and you’re so skinny and weak.” He wrapped his arms around my chest. Then he squeezed. All the air was forced out of my lungs. I watched as his huge lats expanded and his arms flexed as they pulled. My arms were free and I felt his big lats and arm muscles as they crushed my chest. “Oh, you’re so strong, Tony,” I murmered with no air in my lungs. “I could crush every one of your ribs. I could break your back. My muscles are much stronger than your weak little bones. My muscles are so fucking big and so fucking strong they could break every bone in your body.” I buried my face between his huge bulging pecs and nodded my head. I was in muscle heaven.

He let me go and I could breathe again. I looked up at his brutally handsome face. He had a very strong jaw and a chin with a deep cleft in the middle. His cheekbones were wide and black stubble covered his cheeks and chin. His brown eyes were totally beautiful. His skin was smooth and tan. He was gorgeous. I raised my body up on my tip toes and planted a kiss on his sensuous lips. He grabbed me with one hand and held me close to his body. Then he grabbed the back of my head with his other hand and pushed my little wimpy little face into his sensuous masculine face. We kissed for over a minute. His tongue was big and strong and he forced it into my mouth. My little tongue was nothing compared to his big strong tongue. I had never felt so good in my whole life, being kissed by this huge young muscle god.

Then he lowered me down onto his huge cock. That giant 12 inch rock hard weapon was now under my crotch. He let go of by body and I was now hanging on his massive hard dick. I was being held up just by his huge rock hard cock. I was like a little piece of meat being held up by his huge meat hook. “My cock’s just as strong as my muscles,” he said. “Feel the fucking power in my cock.” I looked down at the thick 12 inch weapon holding up my body and said. “Oh my fucking god. Your cock’s so strong. It’s so big and it’s so strong!” Tony bounced me up and down on his cock a couple of times. “So fucking big. So fucking strong,” he said looking at his massive dick. "So ready to fuck!"

He pulled me off his cock and pushed me down to my knees. “Lick my balls! Lick my cock!” he yelled. He was in a sexual frenzy. I pushed my face into his crotch, smelling the pungent jock sweat emanating from his sweaty crotch. God that sweat smelled good. The sweat of a true muscle jock who had just pumped his muscles into their full glorious beauty. I started licking his balls and he started groaning with pleasure. I put one ball in my mouth - God it was so huge - and licked it with my tongue. He started groaning louder. Then I put the other ball in my mouth and sucked it and licked it at the same time. Now he was almost yelling, as his sexual arousal was becoming enormous. I then started licking his huge cock, going up and down the 12 inch shaft, from his crotch all the way out to his sensuous penis head. All this time I was feeling his massive legs and his firm round muscle butt with my hands, feeling all that hard muscle that was twitching with excitement. My cock was just as hard as Tony's, even though it was half his size. I was breathlessly excited too as I licked his huge cock and felt his huge muscles. Tony was now groaning so loudly. He was so aroused it was incredible. I knew he was ready to cum. I opened my mouth and Tony jammed his whole foot long cock inside. He grabbed the back of my head with his hand and started to fuck me with wild abandon. I licked and sucked furiously as he rammed his dick in and out of my mouth. His cock was so long it went way down into my throat. It felt like a huge battering ram, as hard as steel and as thick as a big pipe. He was now yelling as he fucked my mouth, thrust after thrust after thrust. Finally he roared like a lion and I could feel gushes of his muscle god sperm shooting down my esophagus. He came over and over again, shooting tons of cum out of that huge hard weapon. I came at the same time, shooting a much smaller amount of cum out of my little cock as I felt his huge cock in my throat and the huge muscles of his body.

Tony kept his cock in my mouth for a long time. It was still hard and I still licked and sucked it. He kept groaning with after-fuck pleasure as I fondled his sensuous tool. Finally he took it out and looked down at me. "That was a great fuck," he said. "You are a fantastic muscle worshipper, little boy. You get me so hot by worshipping my muscles. You are so fucking puny and I'm so fucking huge. I just love it when you feel my big muscles. You just get me so fucking hot. And you're a great cocksucker too." I looked up at Tony and said, "You deserve to be worshipped, you awesome muscle god. You don't know how good it feels to be able to worship your body." I stood up and wrapped my hands around his huge chest. He looked down and said "Come back here tomorrow. I've got a surprise for you, punk." •

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