My Awakening


By johnd7102000

I couldn’t sleep hardly at all that night. Tony, the 18 year old muscle god with the most brutally handsome face I had ever seen, had told me he had a surprise for me the next day. I kept thinking of what that surprise might be. Everything I thought of got me horny as hell. Every time I thought of Tony my cock got hard. I came five times that night. I looked at pictures of other young muscle men, but every time I looked at one of them I kept thinking how much better Tony’s body looked, how much better looking he was, what a complete and utter muscle stud he was. And then I came. Thinking of Tony. Tony and his muscles.

Tony had told me to arrive at his and Debbie’s apartment exactly 2:00 p.m. the next day. He said don’t arrive early and don’t arrive late. And whatever Tony said, I did. I drove up and parked my car at exactly 1:55. Then I knocked on the door at 2:00 sharp. I heard some noise inside. Finally the door opened with Tony standing there in his workout shorts. He was covered with sweat and his muscles were pumped as hell. “Just finished a brutal workout,” he said. “I know you like it when my muscles are all pumped and sweaty.” I reached out to touch his huge sweaty pec muscle, but he grabbed my hand and said “Down boy.”

It was hard to take my eyes away from Tony’s body, but I started looking around the apartment, wondering what the surprise was. Tony just stood there and grinned. “You lookin’ around for your surprise, punk? You’re such a fucking little punk. Shit, look at you. One hundred twenty pounds of bone and flab. You’re so fucking weak!” He came over and stood in front of me. I could smell the sweat pouring off his body. Oh how I wanted to touch it. “Two hundred forty pounds of pure male muscle power,” he said, looking proudly at his body. “Now for your surprise.”

At that moment, a figure walked out of the bedroom. My mouth dropped open. It was Debbie! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She was so big and so muscular! She was wearing a pair of workout shorts that looked the same as Tony’s and a tight tank top that totally exposed her muscular shoulders and arms, her wide muscular lats and her washboard abs. “Oh my God,” I said as I stared at her muscular body. She was pumped and sweaty too. She must have finished her workout with Tony. In fact, she now looked like a female blue eyed Tony - big, muscular and strong. “One hundred sixty pounds of pure female muscle power,” said Tony. “Oh God,” I said, looking at Debbie’s muscles. I had always like her muscles before. Even before she started working out, her muscles were bigger than mine. Now she was incredible. A totally muscular stud girl. A girl who was stronger than 99% of all guys. A girl who could do whatever she wanted with those huge, bulging muscles. My cock was already hard from looking at Tony, but it got even harder as I looked at Debbie. God, what a beautiful muscular woman! When I dated Debbie, she outweighed me by 10 pounds and her muscles were already bigger than mine. Now she outweighed me by 40 pounds and her muscles were huge. “Debbie’s been working out with me for six weeks and she’s puttin’ on muscle like crazy. She’s a natural at building big muscles. She works out real hard and eats good like me and the muscles just pop out on her body. She’s so much stronger than you it ain’t even close. Flex your big gun for the little punk, honey.” Debbie flexed her arm and her bicep muscle bulged into a big rock hard baseball of solid muscle fibers. “Fifteen inches of rock,” she said, looking at her amazing arm. “I put three inches of muscle on my arms in only six weeks. I’ve gotten so strong I can’t believe it. I can curl 100 pounds with these big muscles for reps.

“Yeah,” said Tony. “Look at her fucking shoulders. Look at all that muscle. She can press more than she weighs - 175 pounds. She’s so fuckin’ strong. God I love her body. Look at her face - blue eyes -- she’s gorgeous. And her body’s so muscular. God I love muscular women. She’s perfect. Look at those fucking abs. I love to feel that rock hard washboard of muscle while I fuck her tight cunt. I feel her big hard muscles and fuck the shit outta her with my huge cock. We fuck for hours. She feels my huge muscles and I feel her huge muscles. God what a total turn on. I can cum six times a night fucking Debbie’s muscular body.” I thought Debbie would be embarrassed as Tony said all this, but she smiled and put her fingers on his huge 22 inch gun. “You’re so fucking hot,” she said. “So fucking big and strong and hot. I cum at least 15 times with this huge stud fucking me.” Then she looked over at my body. “John, you look so pathetic. So fucking weak and skinny. You’re a nice guy but I like my men big and muscular and strong, with big thick cocks that can fuck and fuck and fuck. Like Tony.” She squeezed her fingers on his huge arm, feeling the giant muscles as he flexed them for her. I looked at both of their bodies. They were perfect male and female specimens of beautiful young muscular athletes. And they were standing right there, sweaty and pumped, right after a hard workout at the gym. I was salivating with excitement as I looked at their incredible bodies..

Tony smiled. “Go ahead, you puny little muscle freak. Touch her muscles. See how big and hard they are.” I reached over and put my fingers on Debbie’s arm. Then she flexed her bicep and the huge muscle bulged under my dainty little fingers. It was as big as a baseball and hard as steel. I could feel the muscle fibers bulging under my fingers. They felt like steel cables tensed into a huge ball of hot marble. “Oh God,” I said as I felt how big and hard the muscle was. “Hard as a fuckin’ rock,” said Tony. “Way bigger and way stronger and way harder than your little punk arm.” He was obviously proud of his girlfriend. He knew she was everything I wasn’t in the muscle department.

I started running my fingers over Debbie’s body, feeling her big hard muscles bulge as she flexed them. When I had dated Debbie before I had always liked her muscles. I liked her muscles more than I liked her boobs. Now she had built those muscles into huge slabs of rock. Rock hard muscles on a girl. I could hardly believe it. “Oh fuck,” I said. “You’ve gotten so big and hard. You’re a fucking girl stud!” She looked me in the eyes and nodded. “Yeah, a fucking girl stud. More muscle than you’ll even have, John.” She reached down and pulled off her tank top. Now I could see her whole upper body. Her pecs were big and cut. It was a little weird because they were covered by her big boobs. I felt those hard muscles and her boobs too. God she was built. Tony smiled as I admired his girlfriend’s muscular body. Suddenly Debbie wrapped her arms around my chest. Her chest was way bigger than my chest. I could feel her pecs and boobs pushing up against my skinny bone and flab. Then she pulled in on her arms. She was squeezing me with the power of her lats and guns. And God was she strong! “Squeeze him hard, honey. Squeeze the shit outta the little punk! Debbie can do one arm rows with 80 pound dumbbells. Feel all that power on your skinny little chest, punk.” As Debbie pulled I could feel her biceps pushing in on the sides of my chest. God that muscle was big and hard. And I could see her lats flaring out at her sides as they powered her muscular arms into my weak chest. My arms were free and I felt those flaring lats - big slabs of rock hard muscle pulling in with such tremendous force I couldn’t believe it. All the air was forced out of my chest and I couldn’t breathe. Debbie wasn’t nearly as strong as Tony, but she was incredibly strong. I felt so helpless in the arms of this muscular girl. “Yeah, you’re just a puny little punk,” said Debbie. ‘Just a weak little male punk. So easy to crush with my big hard muscles.” She increased the pressure and I was turning red in the face. I couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t believe a girl could be this strong. “Oh Debbie,” I gasped, thinking about the enormous strength she had in her muscles. Finally she let go and I collapsed onto the floor. I looked up at her muscular body as she stood over me and flexed her arms with a look of contempt in her eyes as she looked at my weak body.

Then Tony said, “Wrestle the little punk. Show the little punk who’s the boss. Show the wimp how strong you are. Take off your clothes punk. We’re gonna see a nude wrestling match. Man against woman. Puny little punk man against big muscular woman. Yeah this match should be a lot of fun!” Tony ripped off his own shorts and stood over me with his huge cock already hard. He could hardly wait to see the wrestling match. I gulped as I looked at Debbie’s body and thought about the power in her muscles. But I knew I had to do what Tony ordered. Debbie and I stripped of our clothes. Debbie reached down and picked me up like I was a feather. We faced each other and my eyes went up and down her muscular body. Her shoulders were very wide and capped with thick, striated muscle. She had traps bulging between her neck and her shoulders. They were flexed and ready to wrestle my little punk body. Her arms were big and muscular - fifteen inches of solid muscle in her upper arms and thick hard muscle in her forearms, ready to power her strong fingers into my flabby flesh. Her chest was big and strong, with pecs and lats that were gigantic - even on a man they would have looked big and on a woman they looked huge. Her boobs were pushed out very far by the thick strong muscle underneath. Her abs were rippling. She didn’t have any fat on her muscular body. Her legs were bulging with muscle. They were much bigger than my legs and I could see the thick slabs of quad muscles flexing with every move of her body. The back of her legs were thick and strong too - big hamstring muscles ready to crush. Her calves were big and hard, with muscles bulging out of her thin skin. I looked at those legs and cringed, thinking about what they could do to a weak little body like mine if they started to crush me. Her whole body was pumped from her workout and covered with sweat. She looked like an Amazon princess - strong and confident.

“God you look great!” yelled Tony. ”You got so much muscle! You look so fucking strong! Smash the little punk!” He was rubbing his cock with excitement as he looked at his girlfriend’s body. Debbie looked at me and said, “Feel some girl power, you little wimp.” She reached down and grabbed my hands. “Try and stop my hands from going up,” she said as she looked at her big muscular arms next to my skinny little arms. She started raising her arms and I pressed down as hard as I could to keep them from going up. I looked at her shoulders and saw the muscles bulging as they powered her arms upwards. Slowly my hands went up. I pushed down as hard as I could but my puny little power was nothing to Debbie’s big muscles. My arms got all the way up and she held me there for a few seconds as I stared at her sweaty muscular body. Then she let go and grabbed me in my armpits. She pressed me up over her head and shook me like a rag doll. “Fuckin’ puny,” she said as she shook me like I was a little pillow.

Then she threw me down on the floor and jumped on top of me. “Smash him!” yelled Tony as he stroked his cock in his growing excitement. She straddled me on her knees and pushed my hands to the floor. I pushed up as hard as I could but I was so weak there was nothing I could do. I was pinned already. Then she rolled me over on my stomach and grabbed my right arm and pushed it up my back. I pushed back as hard as I could but I was nothing to Debbie’s muscles. “Owwww, you’re hurting me,” I yelled as she twisted my tendons. “You’re so fucking weak,” she said and she did the same thing with my other arm. “A puny weak little man.” Then she grabbed my leg and twisted it with her right arm. I tried to hold her back, but her arm was much stronger than my leg. I groaned in pain as she manhandled - I guess I should say girlhandled - my puny little body. She wrestled with me for several minutes, putting me into whatever position she wanted and twisting my body like it was made of string. I just couldn’t believe how strong she was.

Then she let go and said, “Pin me John.” I quickly got on top of her and pinned her arms to the floor. Just holding her muscular, sweaty arms turned me on as I looked at her muscles flexing as I held her arms to the floor. I laid on her body, feeling her hard muscles with my skinny body. My little cock was hard and I remembered how I used to fuck Debbie. But there was no way I was gonna fuck her now. I was much too puny for her. She was way to big, strong and muscular to let me fuck her. Only Tony was gonna fuck this sexy muscular girl with his huge foot long cock and his gigantic body. I rubbed my cock on her hard sweaty abdominal muscles, feeling each ridge of muscle. I rubbed my face in her boobs, feeling their softness as they covered the hard, rippling muscle underneath. And I held onto her arms, huge guns of muscle. She let me feel her arms, letting me run my fingers from her thick upper arms to her muscular forearms. “Ohhhh,” I moaned as I felt her beautiful hard body. I was so fucking hot as I felt her incredible muscles. “Hold my wrists,” she ordered. I grabbed her wrists, thinking I had them planted on the floor. Then she started lifting them up with the power of her pec muscles, which bulged in her chest. “Yeah, push him up,” yelled Tony. “He’s such a puny wimp. You can bench 250 and the little fucker only weighs 120.” Almost instantly Debbie pressed me up. Then she lowered me and pressed me up four more times, just to show how strong she was. “Yeah!” yelled Tony as he watched his girlfriend’s muscles work.

Then, instantaneously, she moved her right leg under my body and wrapped her left leg on top of me. Her legs were now surrounding my chest. She wrapped her ankles together. “Crush him,” yelled Tony. “Crush the little punk’s bones with your big strong legs. You can squat with 350. The punk’s skinny bones ain’t nothin’ to your huge legs.” Debbie started squeezing. I watched her quad muscles flex as she applied more and more power. God those muscles were big. They rippled in her legs, showing strands of fibers that pushed up into her skin. I felt her hamstring muscles too. They were like big bands of solid muscle, hard and strong. Suddenly all the air was forced out of my lungs. I tried to breathe in, but the force of her legs was so strong my little lung muscles were nothing. “Smash him. Crush him!” yelled Tony. His cock was totally hard as he stroked it, watching his girlfriend crush me with her huge legs. Debbie started grunting. Her legs looked like huge mountains of sweaty red muscle as the fibers flexed harder and harder. Blood surged through the muscle, giving it more power and pumping it up to an enormous size. My face was red and I could tell I was close to passing out. My chest was in so much pain I couldn’t stand it. Spit was drooling down from my mouth. I grabbed her body, but me little hands were nothing to her. All I could feel was hard, throbbing muscle. I looked at her legs with a look of awe and fear. I knew she could kill me if she wanted. Suddenly I heard a snap and felt a shot of pain jolt through my ribs. Debbie had broken one of my ribs! “Fuckin’ weak little bones,” yelled Tony. “Your big legs broke one of his little bones. You crushed his fucking body!” Tony was so excited. He was so aroused. He loved seeing his girlfriend’s muscles crush me like a grape. By now my head was rolling. My chest was in total pain. I found out later that my bone had been fractured but not broken. But it still really hurt.

Finally she let go and laid on top of me. “The winner,” she said as she rubbed her sweaty body all over mine. My cock was rock hard as I felt her muscles with my little hands. I could feel her big pumped up legs on top of my little legs. Big huge legs that had just crushed my chest. They were hot and sweaty. She pulled herself up over my head, crushing my head with her boobs and her washboard abs. Then it was her crotch and cunt, right on top of my nose. She flexed her hips a couple of times, pushing her cunt right down on my nose. Then she wrapped her upper thighs around my head and flexed the muscles around my skull. “Girl power,” she said as I took in the enormous power in her sensuous body.

Tony came over and lifted Debbie off my body. “God you are so hot,” he said as he kissed her hard on the lips. He rubbed his big hard cock on her body as she felt his big muscles and he felt her big muscles. Then he pulled me up by one armpit. “Let’s go into to bedroom,” he said. “The little punk is gonna worship both of our bodies and then I’m gonna fuck both of you. I’m gonna fuck my muscular girlfriend and a puny little punk at the same time. God I can hardly wait. I’m so fucking horny” He rubbed his cock. Then he wrapped his 22 inch arm around Debbie and he pushed me into the bedroom with his other arm. I turned around and looked at their incredible bodies as they walked towards me. I was in total muscle heaven. •

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