My Awakening


By johnd7102000

After I left Tony at Debbie’s apartment I just couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork for the rest of the day. When I left, I had my shredded books in my hands, books that Tony had torn apart with one powerful rip with his big hands. I took the ruined books home, not to read since they were ruined, but to look at as a testament to the enormous strength the 18 year old kid had in his huge body. I thought about all the big, muscular kids I knew in high school and how they had been so powerful and intimidating to me. Then I thought of Tony and realized that he was bigger, stronger and better looking than any of those high school kids. And he let me touch his muscles! He let me lick his bicep! He kissed me! And he let me give him a blow job! And he fucked me with his massive 12 inch cock! I remembered feeling the brittle hardness of his tough black whiskers as his totally masculine face rubbed against my dainty little face when he kissed me. I remembered how hard his muscles were when he flexed them. Never had I felt human flesh that was so hard before. I remembered how big his muscles were, how his arm was bigger than my leg, how he had more muscle in one of his arms than I had in my whole body. And he told me to come back tomorrow! God I was in heaven.

I beat off three more times that day, making it five times in one day. Never before had I beat off more than once a day. All I could think about was Tony. And every time I thought about him my cock got hard. I looked at those shredded books and thought about Tony and came with the most glorious orgasms I had ever had.

The next day I woke up and my little five inch cock was immediately hard thinking about Tony. But I didn’t beat off, because I wanted to save myself for my meeting with Tony. I paced around all morning unable to do anything but think about Tony. I took a shower and looked at my face in the mirror. Yes, I was good looking, in a somewhat feminine way. My blue eyes and light skin made me look delicate. Hell, I was delicate. My skinny 120 pound body was so weak. I knew I could only bench press about 40 pounds. Then I thought about Tony benching 500 and my cock got hard. Fuck, he was more than 10 times stronger than me. I shaved the light whiskers off my face. I hardly had any beard at all. Unlike Tony, who had the roughest, toughest black whiskers I had ever seen. I could see why a huge muscle stud like Tony would call me a girl-boy.

I put on a polo shirt, shorts and sneakers and went to Debbie’s apartment. At exactly the time I arrive yesterday, I knocked on the door. There was no response. I started to panic. Where was Tony? Where was Tony? My heart was sinking as I thought maybe Tony had forgotten about me. Or maybe he was putting me on yesterday, just to tweak the weak little punk. My heart was palpitating.

I knocked again, louder this time. More time went by. I started hanging my head in despair, when suddenly the door jerked open. There was Tony, standing there in the tiniest red posing suit. His entire body was totally revealed except for a very small section of his crotch and about a half an inch of his butt, which were covered by the posing suit. I could see his huge cock straining the fabric of the posing suit. It obviously wasn’t designed for someone with a cock as big as Tony’s. My mouth dropped open as I took in the enormity of what I was seeing. My eyes roamed up and down Tony’s body, taking in this size and striations of his rippling muscles. He smiled.

“Fuck punk. Ain’t you ever seen muscle before?” he said as he flexed his massive right leg. I stammered, “I’ve never seen muscle like you have, Tony. I can’t believe what I’m looking at.” Tony’s 240 pounds of muscle was distributed in just the right places. He looked so wonderful. He hit a double biceps pose. “You’re lookin’ at the next Teenage Mr. Ohio,” he said. “You’re lookin’ at the biggest, buffest teenager in the whole fucking state. And guess what, punk. I’m gonna do my posing routine for you. You’re such a fucking muscle freak I want you to give me some help on hitting just the right poses.” I screamed “Awesome!” He grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the apartment.

“We’re gonna do this just like a real contest,” he said. “First I’m gonna oil up. Then I’m gonna pump up. Then I’m gonna pose.” I nodded, hardly believing what was going to happen. My cock was so hard I couldn’t stand it. “And then I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.” He laughed. “I’m not gonna do that last part in the real contest,” he said, laughing at his joke. He reached over and grabbed the lapels of my polo shirt. Then he ripped it right off my body, like he was tearing a piece of paper. “No fuckin’ shirt is stronger than my muscles,” he said, curling up his forearms into balls of striated vein covered muscle. “I wanna see your weakness. I wanna see your pathetic weak white body next to my big muscles. Take off your fucking shorts and shoes, punk.” I took off the rest of my clothes and threw them next to my ruined shirt. I was so excited. He could see my little cock was already rock hard. He reached down, picked up a bottle of oil and handed it to me. “Oil me up, muscle freak. Oil up my big body with your little girl hands.” Oh my God! I thought to myself. I was going to get to oil up Tony’s huge body! “Oh fuck,” I said. “I can’t believe I’m gonna get to do this.” He smiled. “I touch these muscles all the time. They’re like normal to me. But I bet they’re not normal to you. Before yesterday, you never touched muscles like mine before. Rub in that fucking oil, muscle freak.” I nodded with my tongue hanging out of my mouth and I started pouring some oil on my little hands.

I started putting the oil on his pecs. “Oh my god,” I said. “Your muscle is so firm, so hard, so big.” Tony smiled. “Fuck yeah,” he said. I knew he liked me to talk about his body so I continued. “Your nipples are so erect. They’re so big and so hard. They’re as hard as nails.” I fondled his nipples, rubbing oil all over the skin and felt their erect hardness. “There is so much muscle underneath them, the muscle just pushes them out. You must have four inches of muscle under your nipples.” I looked down and I could see Tony’s cock growing under his very tiny posing suit. There was no way that posing suit was going to hold in that big cock when I got fully hard. “Mmmm, mmmmm,” he moaned as I rubbed his pecs and nipples with my little fingers. He flexed his pecs, changing them from firm but pliable muscle into solid rock. “Fuck,” I said. “That muscle is as hard as rock. I can feel the fibers of muscle under my fingers. Look at those striations. Look at how big your pecs are. Look at the crevice between them. God your chest is huge. Huge and strong. Those muscles can bench 500 pounds. I can’t even think of having the strength to bench 500 pounds. I can only bench 40 pounds. You are so fucking strong.” He looked at my blue eyes and said, “Yeah, fucking strong.” He reached over and rubbed his big callused hands over my bony little chest. “So fucking skinny. So fucking weak. You’re such a fucking weakling.” I nodded as I rubbed my little hands over his huge pec muscles and he rubbed his big hands over my bony flab.

I moved my hands up to his big trap muscles, feeling their size and hardness. I rubbed in the oil on muscles I didn’t even have. “These muscles are huge,” I said. “I don’t even have these muscles.” He moved his hands up to where my traps should have been and rubbed them over my bones. “God, you’re skinny,” he said. “I had more muscle than you have when I was 10 years old.” I moved my hands to his neck and rubbed the oil into his solid, columnar, thick muscles. “God, your neck is so big. It’s so muscular. It makes you look so sexy.” He twisted his head and flexed his neck muscles in my hands. “Nineteen inches of muscle,” he said. “In football, I used my neck to smash other guys with my helmet. My neck is so strong I could use my head as a battering ram. I smashed a lot of kids into the ground with my big neck muscles. I was the star running back in my high school. Made All City every year.” I looked at those big neck muscles and then over to his wide, muscular shoulders. “Somehow I knew you were a football player,” I said. “Fuck yeah, wimp. The biggest, baddest football player there was.”

I moved my hands out to his delt muscles and started rubbing the oil into the paper thin skin covering the inches of thick, striated muscle. “Your shoulders are just enormous. I can’t believe how much muscle you have. Your shoulder bones are way wider than mine and you have three or four inches of muscle capped on top of those wide bones. It’s like you have two big cannon balls on your shoulders. Solid muscle. Hard muscle. Strong muscle.” He moved his arms around so I could feel the strands of muscle flexing under his skin. “These shoulders were great in football,” he said. “I could hit guys so hard with my shoulders that I’d break their bones sometimes. I’d just flatten ‘em.” He put his big rough hands on my shoulders and felt my skinny bones. “You ain’t got no muscle at all. I can’t believe how skinny you are. You are so fucking skinny and weak. It makes me feel so fucking great, so fucking powerful, so fucking strong, standing next to a weak little wimp like you.” I looked down and saw his cock was now almost totally hard. It was busting out on top of the tiny posing suit and pressed against his abs by the fabric.

I moved my hands over to his right arm and started rubbing the oil into the thin tan skin covering the huge gun. “I never thought an arm could get so big. Your arm is so huge. It’s so muscular. Look at the fibers of muscle. Look at the veins. It’s so fucking strong. I can feel the muscle flexing with my fingers.” He flexed hard and I gasped at the size and hardness of the muscles. “Having big arms is so great. I walk down the street in a tank top and everybody’s looking at my body. They’re always looking at my arms. I flex my arms a little bit and I can see the eyes on people just bug out of their faces. They just can’t believe how big and muscular my arms are. I love having big guns.” He flexed again and I swooned. “Ooooohhh,” I moaned as I felt the bulging muscles. I moved down to his forearms. “And your forearms are so thick. So muscular. So shredded. Look at all those fucking veins. You have more muscle in your forearms than I have in my legs.” He made a fist and curled up his forearm. “Some guys wanna test my strength by shaking my hand and squeezing real hard. That’s so funny because they’re so weak. I squeeze that big muscle and my big fingers just crush the shit out of their hands. I’ve broken some bones with my big fingers. They’re so fucking strong.” He opened up his fist and I looked at his forearms and at his big hand and thick fingers. His hand was so much bigger than mine and his hand and fingers were thick with muscle. His palm and fingers were covered with calluses, built up from years of sports and lifting huge weights. He grabbed my hand and I felt the size and power of his hand and fingers. “If I squeezed hard, I’d break your hand into little pieces,” he said as he looked at his huge tan forearm and hand and my skinny, white little forearm and my tiny bony hand being covered by his big muscular hand. “Oh god,” I said, thinking about all the power in this 18 year old’s body. I still couldn't believe he was the same age as me. My cock was twitching with excitement. I moved my hands over to his left arm and oiled it up.

Then I moved to his back and started oiling up his thick wide lats. "God, I can't believe how big and thick your lat muscles are. They're like three inches thick and they're wide like the neck of a big cobra. I bet they're so strong. I can just feel the strength in these huge muscles." Tony flexed his lats and they bulged out even further on his back. They were wider than my shoulders. "Fuck yeah they're strong. I can pull 500 pounds off the ground in my rowing exercise. I load so much iron on that bar the other guys in the gym can't believe it. If I wrapped my arms around your puny little chest and pulled in with these big lats, I'd break every rib in your chest." He turned around and wrapped his huge arms around my puny chest. I felt the heat coming off his big pec muscles as his chest pushed itself into my chest. I felt his huge arms at the sides of my chest. Each arm was so big, so strong. I raised up my own arms and felt his huge lat muscles. They weren't flexed yet but they were still huge. Big, thick slabs of muscle waiting for the order from their young master to contract and pull in on his arms. Then he gave the order. His lats bulged out and his arms started crushing in on my chest. Instantly all the air was forced out of my lungs. He flexed his pecs too. I was being crushed between his rock hard chest and his huge arms that were being pulled in by his massive lats and biceps. "You feel that strength, punk? You feel all the strength I got in my body? Well fuck, I'm only applying about a quarter of my strength. I got four times more strength than you're feelin' now. Just think how it would feel if I told my muscles to crush you like a little bug." He pulled in a little harder, causing me to fear for my life, and then he let go. He looked into my blue eyes. "But I don't wanna hurt my cute little girl-boy. I wanna keep you in good shape so you can give me an awesome blow job before I fuck the shit out of you." He rubbed his big hard chest across my bony little chest. His cock was rock hard, pushing up out of his red posing suit. He bent down and gave me a kiss. He shoved his big tongue into my mouth and kissed me real hard. God I just loved feeling his rough face pushing his manly whiskers into my soft white face. Then he spun me around and said, "Finish oiling my back, punk."

I finished oiling his lats and then moved down to his lower back muscles. The huge ridges of muscle were so thick. "God your lower back is so hard. The muscles are so thick and solid. Yet your hips are so narrow. All that muscle is packed into your narrow lower back. It's all solid muscle." Tony groaned as I worshipped his muscles. "I can deadlift 700 pounds," he said. My back muscles are so fucking strong." I looked at those muscles and ran my hands over them. "Oh shit," I said as I thought about the strength in those muscles.

I moved my hands down to his glute muscles, which were totally exposed except for a narrow band covered by his red posing suit strap. I oiled the muscles, marveling at how round and hard they were. I pulled up the band so I could oil his whole butt. "God your butt is so round. It's so firm. It's fucking hard. You're whole butt is nothing but muscle. My butt is solid flab and your butt is solid muscle." He flexed his glutes and I could see the fibers of muscle bulging. I just couldn't believe I could actually see fibers of muscle in his butt. "Fuck," I yelled. "I can see the muscle flexing in your butt. Your butt is solid muscle!" I ran my hands over his ass, reveling in the muscle that was flexing for me. "Yeah, my butt's really strong. All the muscle in my butt helps my legs when I'm squatting with 700 pounds of iron. I can leg press 1,500 pounds and my butt just bulges with muscle when I'm pressing all that weight. I loved mowing down guys in football. I'd just run right into 'em and my legs are so strong that I just ran over 'em. My legs just kept charging ahead even though they were trying to tackle me. I just crushed 'em with my big legs and muscle butt. Fuck that was great." I was so aroused I could hardly continue, but I still had to oil the rest of his huge body.

I ran my hands over to his abs and felt the hard muscles from behind him. They felt like a washboard. A flat, rippling washboard of rock hard muscle. I could feel the corrugated muscle and all the crevices separating the hard bulges. God his abs felt good. I moved around to the front, got on my knees and started oiling up those amazing abs. "God your abs are hard. They're so tight and so muscular. I can feel every bulge and crevice. Your skin is so thin. It's like paper." I grabbed some of his skin with my thumb and forefinger and I couldn't believe how thin it was. "Fuck, look at how thin your skin is. It rolls over your abs muscles like wet paper rolling over rocks. Your abs are as hard as rocks. They're like bricks. And your flexor muscles are so sexy. They go from your hips right down to your cock. Like they’re just pointing at your dick. God that is so sexy." Tony flexed his abs and flexors and then unflexed them a couple of times. "Yeah, these bricks are fucking strong and they got great endurance too. I can fuck Debbie for hours, pumping my big cock in and out of her cunt or her ass with those rock hard abs. I can do hundreds and hundreds of situps. I can do 100 situps holding on to a 45 pound plate. Yeah, these abs are fucking strong and they can fuck forever." He pumped his cock back and forth towards my face flexing his abs with every pump. His 12 inch cock was standing straight up, pulled against his abs by his tight posing suit. It went way above his belly button. I grabbed his cock with one hand so I could rub oil on his shredded abs with the other hand. “Your cock is so big it’s blocking your abs. You better watch out during the competition. You’ll have all the judges looking at your huge cock rather than at your body.” He laughed. “Hey, they can look at anything they want. They know a real man has a big cock along with his big muscles. And fuck, I’m a real man.. I don’t know how Debbie put up with a dweeb like you. Now she’s got a real man and she loves it. A real big man with real big muscles and a real big cock.” I nodded, looking at his huge cock. “Fucking stud.” I said.

I was tempted to start licking his cock right then, but I knew he wanted me to finish oiling him up so he could pose for me. God, I was in heaven. I put massive amounts of oil in my hands and started rubbing it into his legs. They were so big I couldn’t believe it. “God, your legs are so huge. You have more muscle in one of your legs than I have in my whole body. The muscles in the front bust out like slabs of rock and the muscles in the back are thick and hard. And fuck, you’re not even flexing.” As if on cue, Tony flexed his thighs. They turned into solid rock. “I’ve always had big legs. Even when I was a little kid I had big muscular legs compared to the other kids. They tried to tackle me in football but I could just keep running. They’d grab my legs and I felt like they were little insects and I’d just shake ‘em off. I bet my legs were bigger than yours when I was 10 years old.” He reached down and felt my puny white thighs. “No muscle there at all. I know I had more muscle in my legs than you got when I was 10. Then when I started lifting weights at 12 years old, my legs just exploded. I put muscle on ‘em so fast it was scary to the other kids. By the time I was 13 I was squatting with 300 pounds. I was the strongest kid in the whole school. Now these big mothers are so strong it’s scary to everybody. If I wrapped these huge legs around your little body and squeezed, you’d be smashed into nothing. It’s fun having big scary legs. Legs that are so big and so muscular that other people just can’t believe it. Fucking scary.” I rubbed my hands over the enormous rock hard muscles and said “Awesome. Just fucking awesome.”

I moved my hands down to his calves. They were rock hard and cut like a diamond into two globes of solid muscle. Veins were covering the muscle. “Fuck, your calves are enormous. The muscle is so hard. I can feel every fiber of muscle. And look at those fucking veins!” He did some toe raises so I could feel the muscle flexing. “My calves are 22 inches, all rock hard muscle. Way bigger than your thighs, right punk? I bet your thighs are around 15 inches and my fucking calves are 7 inches bigger. God you are such a weak little punk. Feel the power in those calves, punk. Feel the strength in those huge muscles.” I rubbed the muscle and groaned in utter appreciation. “Oh you are so fucking big. So fucking strong,” I moaned. I looked down at his feet and was amazed at how big and muscular they were. “How big are your feet?” I asked. “They look huge.” He did raised up his right foot and said “Size 15 extra wide. Yeah, my feet are real big. Real big and real strong “ His foot was thick with muscle. I felt the bottom of his foot and marveled at how rough and tough it was. Like his hands, his sole was covered with rough calluses. “Big tough feet,”he said. “If I hit you with a kick, you’d be dead. I got hundreds of pounds of power in my legs and when that power surges into my big feet those feet are deadly weapons.” I looked at those feet and said “Oh shit.”

I was now done oiling Tony’s huge body. I stood up and rubbed my hands all over his torso, making sure the oil was rubbed in just right. “You are so beautiful,” I said. “You are such a man.” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, unlike you, you little punk. You’re a fucking girl-boy. And I’m a real man.” He flexed his arm in my face. “Time to pump up,” he said. He dropped down to the floor and put his hands out like he was going to do pushups. “Lay on my back, punk. I’m gonna give you a ride.” I jumped down and laid on Tony’s back, grabbing his shoulders. My cock was right on top of his butt and I could feel all his muscles with my nude body. •

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