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Jimís Muscle Mecca became a haven for any serious natural bodybuilder. Every year, his site had millions of hits of hopeful bodybuilders and muscle worshippers. The application process was rigorous, but if you passed, your dreams came true.

The government was concerned and regularly sent agents to see if Jim was organizing a cult. After the first 5 years of activity, they finally stopped. The official reasons were that there was absolutely no cult activity going on there, and the more agents they sent, the more that people wanted to take part in Jimís dream. They realized that Jim wasnít some crazy egomaniac, but was just some guy who had a great idea and was lucky enough to pull it off. They arranged with him a program where their agents could come and stay for a week at a time, almost like an exclusive resort. Of course, they had to fit the criteria and follow the rules just like everyone else, but those who got to go always came back relaxed, energetic and healthy.

Jim, Dozer, and Mule continued to share their life together. While they did play with other people, the trio always slept together and enjoyed each otherís company. Dozer and Mule pushed Jim beyond barriers and the three of them grew huge. Jim eventually obtained his bear status when he finally caught up with Dozer in the bench press. People passing by often commented on Jimís excellent physique and he had a few cubs of his own that enjoyed playing with him.

Jim entered a natural bodybuilding competition on the advice of Mule and Dozer and won first place easily. The newspapers had this to say about him:

ďItís very rare that a guy that stands around 5í4íí wins the overall competition, but today, we saw that very thing happen. Jim Daly has a physique that rivals many of the professional bodybuilders. The definition that he possesses combined with the density of his muscles creates an extremely appealing look.

The judges were impressed by several things.

One: He did not shave completely, which is exceptional unusual for any bodybuilder. Everyone assumed that to see maximum definition, the body must be smooth and hairless. But Jimís physique proved them wrong. In fact, it almost appeared that the layer of body hair that Jim maintained added a level of depth to his body instead of subtracting.

Two: No one came close to his level of definition. Even with the body hair, you could every vein and contour and indention in his body. When he flexed, bulges were evident and apparent in his physique.

Three: He had a stage presence that was unmatched by anyone since Arnold. He danced during his single posing, flexing the quads and calves as he playfully hopped across the stage. He smiled constantly, even when doing an exhausting pose. He hugged each competitor before the awards were handed out and he was extremely honored to win. He ended up splitting the purse with everyone who competed because he didnít need it.

To those who could even begin to think that the panel was influenced by his wealth were completely wrong. In post tournament interviews, no other competitor had anything negative to say about Jim. In fact, everyone was happy he won. Each thought that he was indeed the best man, and he was undoubtedly the perfect spokesman for the natural bodybuilders.Ē

After taking care of business, Jim usually spent his time in the gym with Dozer and Mule. He still enjoyed his position as cub with those two, slowly rubbing their pumped pecs after the bench set, licking the biceps swollen with blood, and massaging the legs after squats. They usually returned the favor, rubbing Jim down in a similar manner. After the gym, Jim would usually head to the beach where a few of his cubs were waiting while Dozer and Mule went off to the meal hall. His cubs, while taller than him, were more slim than massive. Everyday, Jim would lie in the sand and surf and his cubs would crawl all over him, caressing his wet muscles and his hard cock. They would rub their cocks over his ripped abs and spray their load over the brick muscles. Then one would suck Jimís cock while the other rubbed and kissed Jim until he came. Then they would lie in the rising tide, letting the sea water wash the man juice away.

Eventually, Jim would make his way back to his room where Dozer and Mule were always waiting, sometimes with a fourth or fifth person. Then for hours on end, they would flex and pose, jerk, suck and fuck. Jim had finally allowed his ass to be fucked by Dozer and Mule a few years ago, and they were the only two he allowed to do so. But no one minded. Everyone got some cock in their ass when you got to hang out with Jim. Besides, all that muscle that was around, the giant Mule picking people up and ramming them on his tool, the bearish Dozer pawing at whomever, and the fireplug Jim going at it with almost teen-like enthusiasm, no one left that room without having come at least three times and without being overly satisfied.

ďTruly, we are the luckiest people in the world.Ē •

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