By xythan_shadow

After Jim finished his story, Mule looked at him with a somber gaze. “I guess you’ll be wanting to get back to your normal life then. Well buddy, it was amazing spending time with ya. I hope to get to see you sometime in the future.”

Jim looked at Mule and said, “I thought you weren’t going to let me go that easy. What happened to that possessive bear I felt all over last night?”

Mule sighed and responded, “That was before you became rich. I’m sure you’re gonna want to spend time with other rich people like ya and do rich people shit.”

Jim laughed and said, “Dude, I’m the same person I was when I was on your chest jerking and sucking that huge fucking meat. It don’t matter that I have money now. I’m going to stick with ya whether you like it or not. Besides, I have plans with this money that involve you.”

Mule stood up, obviously touched by the emotion and walked over to Jim. Picking him up out of the chair, he gripped him a tight bear hug. “You are one amazing cub, you know that man?”

“Heh, I’m just a lucky guy man. Let’s head to the living room and I can tell you about my plans.”

Mule carried Jim easily into the next room and sat down with Jim in his lap.

“Mmm, this feels wonderful. I could go to sleep on this pec.”

Mule chuckled and said, “Well, we have seminars in a couple of hours. I checked with the guys, they said it’s alright for you to be my guest. So you can’t nap yet if you want to talk.”

Jim snuggled the massive muscle once more before leaning up. “You know, when you’re sitting thinking about life, sometimes the question comes up, ‘What would I do if I had a million dollars?’ Usually, it’s stuff like, ‘Buy me this or that’ or ‘Go here and do this.’ But right now, I’m rich, and none of those things are crossing my mind. It’s strange. I thought I would just go crazy with hedonistic pleasures, fucking any beautiful woman that crossed my path, getting extravagant gifts for myself and whoever I was with, but right now, I just want to do something to help people.”

Mule looked down at Jim and whispered, “That’s very noble of you Jim. Too bad more rich people don’t think like you.”

“I think it’s because I was always a blue collar guy. Besides, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the kindness of other people.”

“So, what is your plan for helping people?”

“Oh, well, here’s the thing. I’m not sure if I can do all that I wanna do, but I’m going to try. I had a little dream slash vision last night. I saw you and me and Dozer in this area. It was real nice. It had a beach and some forest area and a nice house. And there were other people there. Women, men, all naked. And they all were bodybuilders or people working to become a bodybuilder. Then I realized that is what I should do with my cash. I wanna build a place where bodybuilders and other people who truly love muscle can go and be free. I want it to be a Mecca of Muscle. And I want you and Dozer to be right there with me.”

“Wow. I mean… wow. So in other words, you’re going to become a bodybuilder sponsor for a ton of people?”

“Not only that, but I want people who love muscle like I do to have a place where they can build up their bodies like their idols. I want to be more like you, and I kinda think there’s tons of guys and gals that think like me out there.”

“You know, you’re a wonderful man. Not many of you out there. Makes me love you even more,” Mule whispered into Jim’s ear.

“I only hope the future looks good for us,” Jim said as he kissed Mule.

That day, Mule and Jim hung out at the Natural Bodybuilder’s Convention and Jim began his plan. He started by creating a set of questions to pose to all the guys and gals there. By the time lunch had arrived, he had settled on a specific set of questions to ask.

1: Why do you lift?

2: What is it you love about muscle?

3: How do you feel about people like me, who aren’t as fit, hanging around you asking you questions?

4: Do you mind people admiring your hard work on a more ‘personal’ level?

Jim talked to Mule after he settled on those four questions, and Mule understood exactly what the purpose was. The first question seemed to knock out a good bit of people. Most answered stuff like “I wanted to be rich” or “I want to win the Mr. O and be famous.” Mule’s answer was, “Because it feels good.” Jim also accepted reasons like look and feel better and confidence issues. Each question progressively narrowed the field. If Jim felt that their answer had selfish motives, he stopped the inquiry. The final question was more personal than the others and didn’t really have a right or wrong answer, but it led perfectly into his proposal about his new muscle mecca. By the time the day was over, he had about 10 guys and 6 women interested in his proposal.

Jim and Mule went back to California where Mule lived after the convention was over. There, he eventually contacted Dozer and brought him into his new life. Between the massive Mule, the bearish Dozer and the little guy Jim, life at Mule’s condo was extremely sexually appealing. Jim also requested that Mule and Dozer stop working so hard and they agreed. They spent more time at the gym lifting and training Jim up. But sex and lifting wasn’t the only thing in their life. Jim took his winnings and invested them in stocks, some secure and some risky. He lost a little money, but his luck still held out because he had bought majority ownership and invested a large amount of money in a small company that eventually invented technology that desalinized sea-water and generated electricity from the process. This invention almost overnight made Jim one of the richest men on the planet.

After becoming wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, people thought that they would see more of this guy. But life went on as normal for the trio. Jim didn’t allow himself to fall in the trappings of wealth, but instead lived like a normal person. He limited his public appearances so people wouldn’t know who he was or looked like because he didn’t want his wealth to influence people when he asked them the questions. It was around that time that Jim, Dozer and Mule started going across the country looking for more people like them, enthralled with the concept of muscle. They went to gyms everywhere, from Gold’s to the hole in the wall dungeons. They scouted websites from your typical fitness sites to muscle worship and fetish sites. Discreetly, they found more and more people that felt like them and got their contact information.

After about 2 years of looking, the crew headed back to California. Jim found, with some difficulty, the area that would become his vision. It was a 100 acre area that needed heavy development, but had a large beach area, a wooded area, and a giant expanse of flat ground. Jim, Dozer and Mule lived at the construction site for the next year and a half as Jim worked furiously to get everything to match his dreams. The beach had to have all the rocks removed and the sand sanitized. The woods were slightly trimmed and cleaned up so trails could be added for casual walking. The grassy area was fixed up and tended so that it was heaven to bare feet explorers. He had small storehouses built at several places along the estate where towels, chairs, dumbbells, lotion and other materials could be readily accessible.

Then the main living area was worked on. In the center of the property, it stood like a massive hotel. He placed an observation deck on the top with a sun lounge, then one floor below that stood his office where he could see the whole area. The rest of the building was set up to be like a hotel, but with massive rooms set up exactly like the one he and Mule had at the convention where they met.

Finally, the gym building was slated for construction. He took Mule and Dozer in and let them do most of the design work. The gym was massive when completed. Mule had the engineers set up 3 separate but connected rooms solely for free weights and two rooms for various machines, each room being the size of most gyms. Mule also designed the posing and tanning rooms, mirrored walls with the handy feature of having sliding mirrored panels so privacy could be obtained. Dozer chuckled at that innovation. Dozer designed the pool, sauna and cardio areas, incorporating fluid motions and curves to break up the monotony of cardio and give the mind something to lose itself in. Of course, Jim let the locker rooms be completely open. There were lockers on the walls, and a giant community shower area with massage nozzles. Jim wasn’t sure about if he should separate the male and female locker rooms, so he opted to go with a setup that allowed one to go easily from one to the other. Jim wanted this place to be a place of freedom for everyone, but he understood sometimes girls just wanna be girls.

Jim, Dozer and Mule took a tour of the estate as it neared completion. All three were in awe at the majesty of it all. Woodland creatures scurried about in the trees as they walked through the forest. Bunnies hopped around the grass as the trio sat on comfortable chairs. It seemed that this place had a natural peace about it that none of them had experienced before. Even the beach had its own aura with its crystal blue water and white sands.

“This place is amazing. It’s like some kinda dream,” Dozer said as they walked across the southern plain barefoot.

“I know what you mean. I’ve never walked anywhere barefoot like this before. It’s like heaven just feeling this soft grass under my feet and to see the animals roam freely around and not even run away while we walk,” Mule commented.

Jim smiled and hugged his two buddies. “Yeah, I do think this place turned out really well. But I think we need some bike paths around here, and probably a rack for ‘em at the woods and the beach and gym.”

Mule and Dozer smiled then picked up Jim. “You know you’re simply amazing. Everyone’s going to love this place and what you’re doing,” Dozer growled at Jim. Jim smiled then let himself relax as they made their way back to the living area for some fun.

Jim’s project was finished with the addition of the bike routes and racks and the high walls sectioning off his property. Then, he went about the business of hiring people to run the estate. He found that there were lots of people willing to agree to work there for little pay because he was willing to provide them with room and board. Plus, a large percentage of his workers were also admirers of muscle and would be rewarded in other ways for diligent work. He hired people to run the living area, dieticians, doctors, masseurs, barbers, and hairstylists, everything that people could need to live comfortably.

Finally, everything was ready. He sent out mass e-mails to his list of people interested. It included how to contact him, who he was and the rules for living at his new estate. In exchange for having every need provided for them, Jim asked simply that they enjoy themselves, but they had to follow a few rules.

You have to stay natural. I don’t want the government interrupting or trying to shut down the dream, so it would be best for everyone to be natural.

Nakedness is not frowned upon, but instead encouraged.

Everyone must work out. You live here, you’re here because of your desire of muscle, ergo, you need to work out. No free rides.

If you decide to compete, I ask you donate your prizes either to the estate or some charity. I don’t need the money, but I won’t refuse a gift if you feel the need to give us something.

Everyone is to have a physical once a month. Since this is a free sex and heavy workout place, I want to make sure everyone is healthy and fit and uninjured.

No one looks down on anyone else. Some people don’t have the physique they admire just yet, so if someone comes up to you and asks that you flex for them, please respect their wishes.

And on a similar note, take care when you ask someone to flex for you. If they’re in the middle of a grueling workout, it might not be the best time for you to interrupt them. But I don’t think they would mind if you got them some water or toweled them off or unracked their weights.

Finally, I want everyone to know they can leave whenever they choose, but I hope you live and enjoy life here.

Jim didn’t receive any complaints about the rules, and in the first month after sending out the e-mail, he had heard from each and every person agreeing to his terms. Plane tickets were bought and sent, and Jim’s dream began.

A couple of years later, Jim decided to take a walk. He had been lifting with Dozer and Mule for 6 years now and he looked better than he thought possible. Living here all the time gave him a nice tan, and the grueling workout that they went through brought him to a mini muscleman status. He still was shorter than Mule and Dozer, but he was a ‘fireplug’ as Dozer liked calling him. He was built like a lineman, covered in fur, with thick muscle stacked everywhere on him. His arms hung out at a slight angle due to his thick lats, but Jim didn’t mind. He loved the feeling of how his lats felt after a tough set of pull-ups. He ran his hand along his right bicep, flexing it as he felt. He thought to himself, “God, that feels amazing.” He ran his hands over his swollen pecs, thankful that they were hard muscle now instead of soft flab like he used to have. He ran his hand toward his stomach, feeling the nice trail of fur that Mule loved to rub. He still had a gut from all the good cooking Diana did for him, but it was hard just like the rest of him.

Jim enjoyed walking naked, feeling his quads rub together, his cock flapping in the breeze. He leaned his head back to feel the wind glide across his body and through his fur. Even in the summer, the compound felt amazing thanks to the breeze that came in off the ocean. He gazed as he walked at the various builders on the grass stretched out with someone lying on their chest as they napped in the afternoon sun.

He strolled to the beach and enjoyed watching some people swimming in the ocean. He got hard at seeing some guy walk out of the ocean, muscles pumped and skin wet with sea spray. The guy smiled at him and waved. Jim waved back as the guy went over to an extremely attractive woman stretched out on the sands. He stood and watched as the two began to caress each other’s bodies. He smiled as they invited him over, but passed up the opportunity and continued his walk.

He made his way by the forest to see a few people having sex in the woods and one voluptuous woman sitting against a tree, writing poetry. He waved and greeted all his fellows, stopped to read the piece that the woman was working on, then eventually went to the gym complex to say hi to everyone inside. He stopped by the posing room to catch up with Mule and Dozer, who were already hard and all over each other.

“Didn’t wait on me again today, did you?” Jim commented with a chuckle.

Dozer and Mule unlocked their embrace and said nothing. Instead, they stroked each other’s cocks and winked at Jim. They motioned for him to come closer, and Jim did. He got into the muscle circle, hard and throbbing and the trio went back to work. They stayed in the room for a long while, kissing, rubbing, feeling and jerking each other, each holding back their release and enjoying the moment. Finally, they exploded over each other, plastering themselves with their man cream. After they were finished, they grabbed some towels, cleaned themselves off and headed to a cardio area.

“So fireplug, you got time for some cardio today?” Mule asked.

“Not right now sexy, I have some prospects to interview today.”

“That’s too bad, we were kinda hoping to enjoy a little sauna time with you before we head to the beach,” Dozer said with a wink.

“There’s always tomorrow big guy. I gotta get back and put on some clothes. I’ll catch you two sexy beasts later.” Jim waved at the gym, getting a few whoops and claps from the people there.

Later that day, Jim met this teenager named Greg and his parents. Jim looked down at the kid. He was skinny and frail, but his eyes spoke volumes. There was an awe in them that said more than words ever possibly could. Jim flexed his huge peak and said, “You wanna be like this one day?”

The kid smiled as if Superman had just spoken to him. “Yes sir, but I don’t think I’ll ever be lucky enough to be able to get that big.”

Jim pulled the lucky coin out of his pocked and kneeled down. Placing it in the kid’s small palm, he whispered, “I think your luck might change.”

Jim then took the little kid to the window, waving for his parents to follow. Showing him the view, he pointed at the various bodybuilders lying on the beach with a smaller person there taking care of their needs or swimming around enjoying the warm weather. “If you want, and if your parents agree, that can be you out there lying on the beach with someone rubbing lotion on you. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible.”

The kid almost jumped out his skin at Jim’s words. He looked at his parents and said, “Can I please?” His parents nodded and he almost jumped up and down with delight.

Jim placed his hand on the kid’s shoulder and said, “Welcome to your new home, the Muscle Mecca.” •

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