Lunar Muscle

By elysiumfields

Hi guys.. This is the first ever short muscle growth story i wrote years back...and it was hurriedly written, so it is definately not my best work by miles, but i still hope some of you will at least appreciate it.


Alexei glided across the lunar surface with the grace and agility that the low gravity allowed him.

The vast barren grey lanscape of the moon lay spread out before him and rising just over the horizon and casting an umistakably awe inspiring view, was Earth, with its beautiful tapestry of blue seas,green and husky brown land masses and above all that,thick wisps of white clouds and a very defined view of a typhoon with its clear eye positioned over the sea of Japan.

The Russian Space Agency had successfully launched a four man Cosmonaut mission from its small Aeronautical base in the the tundra of Siberia near a sparsely populated village called Volovograd.

Even with a token American on board alongside two Russians and the first Romanian in space,the RSA had surprisingly kept the launch of the lunar shuttle Twilight as much as they could low key from the media.

That was two days ago. Twilight made a successful landing on the moons surface by the skillful navigations of Cosmonaut Ryan,the American on the mission,and until they departed the lunar surface,Twilight was beyond contact with their mission control.

Alexei was the first to set foot on the moon,much to the notable irritation of Ryan who reluctantly,had been chosen to remain in the shuttle to monitor the mission. If the Moon landings of 1969 were genuinely fact and not fabricated as many ensuing conspiracy theorists had claimed,then Ryan did'nt have to worry,the USA had claimed the first men to ever set foot on the moon.Yet there was still a nagging of patriotic duty within him.

Alexei swayed along the rocky surface away from the shuttle module on his mission to collect rock and meteorite samples for study. At 22,he was the youngest crew member,although none of the crew were older than 28,perhaps marking a sign of the times for the RSA search for younger cosmonauts.

Dimitri,his Russian compatriat,had commanded the lunar buggy to search further out, and Yuri,the Romanian cosmonaut, was taking soil samples if one can call it that, on an outcrop of boulders not far from where Alexei was.

Alexei felt the serenity of the vast cold void of space around him and the beauty of seeing his planet from above the heavens as he glided lightly along the craggy ground beneath,setting shallow footprints every five or six feet when he touched down.

The outer edge of a crater loomed closer to Alexei as he drifted along in his bulky suit that weighed nothing in the near zero gravity of the moon.

"Comrade Ryan,i have reached the outer rim of the Sea of Tranquility.." Alexei scuffled along the steep wall of the crater,kicking up a pebble that seemed to roll up and effortlessly into space like it was moving in slow motion.

Ryans voice crackled a reply over the intercom within Alexei's domed protective helmet.

"Found any cheese yet..?"

"What are you meaning,Ryan?" Alexei replied,baffled by Ryans comment.

Just as Ryan was about to clarify himself,Alexei twigged the meaning.There was an old wives tale of the moon being made out of cheese. "Very funny" Alexei replied dryly.

Dimitri crackled in his response. "Yeah,i could really fancy cheese on toast right now.!"

Alexei smiled to himself,then something caught the corner of his eye and he glanced to whatever had gained his attention.

Just within the inner wall of the crater,Alexei could see something jet black on the ground nearby.

"I think i may have found something interesting"

"What is it?" replied Ryan.

"I do not know.I shall have a closer look". Alexei bounded over the crater wall to the black object on the ground. At closer looks,it was'nt a solid object at all,but incredibly a gooey tar like substance that seemed to ooze from a crack in the lunar surface.

"Well?" crackled Ryan over the intercom impatiently.

"Wait..i do not know what it is..It is some strance substance, thick and fluid like oil".

Rather than take out a sample container from his belt pack beneath his oxygen tank to scoop up some of the substance,Alexei bent down and poked his thick gloved fingers into the black goo.

All of a sudden,quicker than he could react,the goo pulled at his hand and absorbed right through his glove and onto his bare hand,absorbing rapidly into his skin.

Alexei attempted to pull away his hand,but succeeded in only drawing it back and pulling out an oozing tentacle like trail of black slime firmly attached and entering his suit through his glove.

Alexei began to panic and struggle more,but there was another sensation filling his mind. One of sexual arousal...

Then Alexei screamed...............

Alexei's scream over the intercom alerted the others, and Yuri being the closest,bounded over with as much effort as the gravity would allow him, to Alexei's last known position.

He scurried up the slope of the crater in hopes to come to Alexei's aid,but as he broke from the cover of the crater wall,he was met by a huge hulking figure rising out from the other side. Alexei.

"My fucking god..!" shouted out Yuri,as he caught sight of his comrade,altered beyond the human normality. Alexei's thick protective space suit was filling and stretching against what Yuri could only describe as swelling muscles beneath. Alexei had his arms up in a double biceps flex,and even with the toughness of the suit,designed to resist and protect from the savage harshness of space and its elements,the fabric around his arms was straining and groaning as his biceps bloated out like huge watermelons,filling out the long thick sleeves like round shapely boulders.

Then there was a rip.Alexei's once flat chest was erupting two huge bulging slabs of pectoral muscles,stretching and pulling apart the seams and straps across his now widening chest.

Yuri was speechless and in shock,ignoring Ryans protest over the intercom for what was happening., as Alexei grew ever more freakishly muscular.

His biceps surged forth in growth,causing tears in his suit. Black ooze began to trickle out of the rips opening up across his biceps and then around his thickening delts,staining down across the pristine white of his space suit.

"No Alexei,you'll die if you break out of that suit.Fight whatever is causing this mutation in you."

Whatever was mutating Alexei was adapting him to survive in the cold airless of space.

"Fuck it man,i am loving this" roared Alexei,bringing his biceps up in an even tighter flex and finally bursting apart his sleeves to unleash his grossly engorged biceps peaked up huge like some of the surrounding boulders.

The growth had thickened his thighs like tree trunks and they too were beginning to tear at the seams down his padded suit leggings...but then something else was growing...

Yuri was eye level with Alexei's crotch and watched wide eyed as it expanded and filled with swelling balls and a thickening cock that fought to break free from its confines.

This was way too much for Yuri to handle, and he backed away from Alexei as much as he could.

"Would someone tell me what the fucks going on out there?" shouted Ryan down the intercom.

"Ryan,its Yuri..somethings happening to Alexei.." Yuri replied.

"Well,get him the fuck back here..i've lost contact with Dimitri too...."

Yuri took out his sample grappler he used to pick up rocks and yeilded it as some weak form of defence against the now hulked out Alexei,whose suit was now tearing itself apart from the engorging growth of his muscles,..his helmet still hiding his face in darkness behind the visor

Poor Yuri did not notice the vast shadow of a hulking figure approach behind him,until it cast him in darkness. ...Dimitri...

He too had encountered the same mysterious substance as Alexei had.Eight foot of huge insanely built muscles bulging out of a ripped space suit...and a massive 20 inch cock that poked out from his loins grotesquely erect and pointing directly for poor Yuri's ass..

Ryan had lost contact with all three of his companions for at least half an hour now.He considered suiting up and going out looking for them but hoped they would return unharmed. As it was,he anxiously stayed by the intercom waiting for a response..

Three huge musclebound cosmonauts mutated by the strange black ooze,had approached the shuttle module without raising attention of Ryan. When they clambered into the module,buckling and bending it to accomodate their huge swollen muscles, Ryan did not stand a chance......

and soon grew like the others into a giant of obscene muscle.

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ........................................

Two months had passed since RSA command had lost all contact with Twilight.The mission had failed with the loss of four noble cosmonauts and a lot of shame brought onto the RSA.

There was a memorial service in Moscow and for Ryan in Washington and Yuri in Bucharest, and the any further missions werer mothballed until an investigation was completed.

No one failed to notice the shuttlepod that re-entered Earths atmosphere two weeks later. •

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