Boost, The


By MAMuscleGuy2B

Alex returned to work to continue his day, although he may just as well had been home. He couldn't focus on anything, except Troy and the scene that had taken place in the afternoon. The imagery of Troy exploding arms and melon sized pecs was forever burned in Alex's mind. Alex had never had more motivation or desire to get to the gym that day. In tribute to Troy, Alex decided to do a hardcore chest workout. He maxed out his bench at 230 that was 50 more pounds than he had done last week. With every rep he saw Troy telling him to work harder. He pushed himself doing inclines, tortured himself with declines, and squeezed while doing flies until he couldn't lift anymore. Red, sweaty and pumped Alex went home, showered, ate and went to bed...excited about his next run-in with Troy. Morning came too soon for Alex, but it always did on a weekday. He rose out of bed and made his way to the shower. The pain and soreness of his chest was almost unbearable. Glancing at the mirror as he walked by he could tell his pecs were still pumped from last night's excruciating workout. Alex stepped into the shower and let the water moisten his bronzed skin. He grabbed the soap and immediately started lathering his newly pumped pecs. Maybe it was the combination of the silky lather against the hardness of his pecs, or the leftover thoughts of Troy's chest. Alex began to get excited to a point where it almost hurt. The more he touched his pecs the more aroused he became. The more he thought about Troy the closer he got to climax. Alex wasn't even touching himself. Then with one thought of Troy's bicep Alex erupted. The orgasm was so intense, he actually got dizzy. Alex left the bathroom and continued to get ready for work...or was it for Troy. He put his favorite blue Gucci shirt it always looked great on him. It was evident that his pecs were pumped even in the shirt. Alex began to get aroused again, but instead stuffed his raging hard-on into his pants and left for work. The morning passed by with agonizing anticipation. Once the afternoon came, Alex made his way back to Just Juice, coupon in hand. The same brunette tended the cash register. "Hi there, welcome back." she said and smiled, again practically undressing Alex with her eyes. "What can I get you today?" "I'll have a medium Mango Madness with the bodybuilder blast boost. And I also have this coupon Troy gave me." Alex said and handed the coupon to the brunette. She looked confused. "Just one sec, I need to get the manager to put in his code in the register." She turned and left. Again Alex saw Troy's massive back and golden blonde hair as the girl approached him. Troy walked with the girl over to the register. "Sup buddy" "Hey Troy." said Alex. "Oh, I'm not Troy. I'm his brother Travis. But I see Troy gave you a coupon. Here man, keep this for next time, this one's on me." Travis handed the coupon back to Alex. The resemblance was uncanny. Troy and Travis had the same amazing gargantuan pumped physiques, golden blonde hair, and bright green eyes. "Thanks man, that's nice of you." Alex said and flashed his smile at Travis "No problem man. Sounds like you work out, looks like it too." Travis said and brought his arm up and flexed for Alex. The deja-vu from yesterday's experience was almost creepy. Travis reached for Alex's hand and placed it on his massive bicep. Alex studied every vein and striation for what seemed like an eternity, but only lasted a few moments. "Be back with your drink dude." Travis said as he lowered his arm. With Alex out of Travis's view, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ziplock bag filled with white powder, just as Troy did. Travis then took out another zip lock bag and placed them both into Alex's drink. "Hey dude sorry, I made you an extra large instead. But most of us big guys here drink these. At the rate you are going you will be drinking this size too. If you are interested maybe you'd like to workout with Troy and I." Alex practically jumped at the opportunity. "Yeah, sounds great." "Ok, meet us at our house at 7. We have a full sized gym." Travis then scribbled down the address on a Just Juice napkin. Alex looked at the address and thanked Travis. As Alex turned to leave, Travis called his name. "Remember dude, if you wanna get this big, you gotta drink it all," as he did the same double bicep pose Troy had done yesterday. Alex smiled and left. What was going on? Not only did Travis and Troy look alike but they said and did the exact same things. It almost crossed Alex's mind not to go to the workout invitation, but then visualized being next to the twin blonde hulks. He imagined them flexing their massive muscles, and all doubt escaped his mind. This was going to be an exciting night. Alex went home after work, showered and put on his best workout gear. He arrived at Troy and Travis's house at 7PM on the dot. Alex rang the doorbell. Troy came to the door, shirtless. His massive body almost matched the frame of the doorway. Alex drank in every curve, every vein, and every line on Troy's body. "Come on in Alex, Travis is just getting a head start on cardio." "Thanks for inviting me." "Not a problem man, here have a shake. As you can tell we live off this stuff." Troy handed Alex the beverage. The shake had the same powder Travis had put in his super sized shake earlier this afternoon...but even more this time. "Lets head to the dungeon; I bet Travis is getting curious if you are going to show." Troy led Alex down the dark stairway. In the background rock music became increasingly loud as the slowly approached the gym. This was sure to be a workout Alex would never forget. •

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