Boost, The


By MAMuscleGuy2B

This was officially the lowest point in Alex's life. It was only a few years ago when he was on top of the world, living and loving New York City. Alex had landed a job working for one of the most prestigious fashion magazines. After two years of constant hard work and stress, Alex decided to leave the 'Big Apple' and all the cold weather behind to start a new life in Fort Lauderdale. Even though, it seemed scary to start off in a new place with no job, Alex was confident he would have no problem getting a job. After all, who wouldn't want to hire a hot gay boy? Alex stood 5'10" 180 lbs, with deep blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin. In addition to being heartstoppingly handsome, Alex was blessed with good genetics, his deeply cut athletic physique was something that some men dreamed of. You would think that with all these qualities it would be easy for a guy in his mid twenties to find a job. If you did, you were as wrong as Alex. After becoming increasingly desperate he began to take a 'high paying' temp job, which was peanuts compared to what he was making. Alex had gone from Assistant Editor at one of the hottest magazines in the world, to Receptionist at a company nobody had heard of. Still, Alex remained hopeful to find something a more meaningful job...that was six months ago. It seemed the only release from his boredom and stress with life, was the gym. Being a devoted gym rat, Alex had maintained an amazing bod by some standards, but never good enough by his own. Alex was constantly insecure about his body, whether it was his definition, size, or fat body was never good enough. Alex's friends grew tired of reassuring him about how great he looked, but they did anyway. It was a dreary, humid afternoon in South Florida. Alex's sapphire eyes were fixated on his computer screen, mesmerized by another exhilarating game of Tetris. Carl, one of the older salesmen asked Alex if he would be willing to go to Starbucks for him. He of course offered Alex to get something for himself also. Alex nearly leaped over the desk to grab Carl's twenty dollar bill, excited for the chance to escape, even if was for just 15 minutes. As Alex pulled into the plaza he noticed a new Just Juice. He always loved their protein shakes and being the insecure guy that he was, opted for a protein shake over coffee. "Welcome to Just Juice" the perky brunette replied and smiled. Alex was used to this kind of smile, he was used to getting it from women all the time. He smiled back with his Hollywood smile and thought to himself 'If they only knew it was a waste of time.' "Could I get a medium Double Berry protein shake?" Alex asked politely "Would you like a boost with that?" "Ummm. I have never heard of those here before. I guess I’ll give the 'bodybuilder blast’ a try." Alex replied The brunette finished ringing him up and passed his order on to the other employees. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the widest back he had ever seen. The blonde 6'4" giant's bod nearly blocked the rest of the juice bar. Alex swore he could see the definitions of the man's lats. Which wasn’t very hard to do, considering how tight his t-shirt was? Alex’s eyes were fixated on the man triceps; he watched the twitch and move as the man continued to go about his beverage making work. Slowly the man turned around. Alex was blown away! Never in his life had he seen such enormous pecs. The tented Just Juice logo written on the man’s t-shirt gave way to the huge chasm his chest formed. Moving his eyes lowered Alex saw the man’s gargantuan biceps. It was a miracle of nature the material around his arms was still in tact. Alex fantasized about the power and strength that lay beneath the thin layer cotton. Feeling that he had been staring too long, Alex began looking in different directions occasionally glancing at beautiful creature that stood in front of him. The man’s face has soft angles which contrasted his green eyes and sculpted features perfectly. Suddenly, the massive behemoth began walking towards Alex. It was one of those moments were you begin to get hot, anxious and a little paranoid all at the same time. “You got the medium Double Berry with bodybuilder blast?” the man’s deep voice echoed Alex replied, “Yeah that’s me.” He gave the man one of his hypnotic smiles. The man couldn’t help but smile back. “Be right back.” The man walked away and continued to make Alex’s shake. The man quickly returned “Damn it, I put vitaboost in yours by accident. I gotta get more bodybuild blast from the backroom.” “Oh, its ok, man, take your time.” Alex replied. This time staring a little too long at the man’s muscled arm. “So you tryin’ to gain muscle?” The man inquired “Yeah, I go to the gym a lot. Gotta work hard to keep myself in shape, but I want to get bigger.” Alex said. “Like this big?” The man then raised his right arm and flexed his massive bicep in Alex’s face. He could see in lust, dedication and envy in Alex’s eyes. Alex was admiring the sheer size, never in his life had Alex been that close to a man of his size. The man then extended his arm to Alex to shake hands. “The name’s Troy, I’m the Manager here.” “Nice to meet you, Troy.” Alex responded as he shook hands with the giant. “Be right back with your shake” and with that Troy disappeared into the backroom Troy fumbled around his pockets and pulled out a clear ziplock bag filled with a white powder. He dumped it into the shake and returned to making the beverage. Moments later he returned and handed the shake to Alex. Alex began to immediately taste the creamy concoction. “What do you think man? I made it special for you” Troy asked. “Its great, tastes awesome.” “Great man, since I screwed up on your drink, here is a coupon for a free one.” “Wow, thanks man, that’s nice of you.” Alex said and smiled again. ‘Now don’t forget, drink it all if you want to get big like me. See you tomorrow.” The man replied and flashed his colossal guns in a double bicep pose. Alex was speechless, as he walked out the Just Juice doors. He continued on his way to Starbucks wondering what was in store for him tomorrow. •

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