Boost, The


By MAMuscleGuy2B

Alex descended the stairs following Troy's massive frame towards the gym. Both men entered the gym, Travis was getting off the treadmill. His shirtless sweaty chest caused Alex to stop in his tracks. "Hey Alex, welcome, glad you could make it." Travis panted between breaths. "That's right bro, Alex is going to have the workout a lifetime tonight." Troy said and smiled. Alex peered around the gym and continued drinking the mammoth size protein shake. He was amazed the amount of equipment the twins had. This was better and newer equipment than the gym Alex belonged to. The gym was lined with mirrors, which made it easier to see Troy and Travis from every angle. "You done with that yet?" Travis said and grabbed Alex's drink to see how much was left. "Almost, just give me a sec." Alex took a few big gulps and it was gone. Travis put his arm and Alex. "Just remember dude, if you wanna get this big, you finish it all." Both Travis and Troy struck a double bicep pose at the same time. Alex was unable to move, his body frozen in place, mesmerized by the sheer size of the arms in front of him. Troy then began to speak very slowly, "Listen to me Alex, you are going to workout very hard today, but you will not notice how heavy the weights are. Every weight you lift will be as light as a feather. You will no longer be called Alex, your name is now Trent. You are the twin brother of Travis and I. When I snap my fingers you will remember anything from you previous life. Working out and working at Just Juice will now be your only priorities." Troy snapped his fingers; Trent was ready to work out. Travis and Troy started Trent with arms. Trent started to curl 95 lbs, each exercise and rep making his biceps balloon and fill out. Pecs, were next on the list. Trent benched 550, on his first set. His pecs filled to the size of melons. They moved on to legs. The bar was loaded with 850 lbs; Trent squatted with ease and perfect form, his legs now resembling his new muscle monster brothers. As Trent new body began to grow and develop, his hair began to turn blonde. Troy leaned into Travis and whispered, "Told you he would make a great addition. What could be hotter than identical blonde muscled triplets?" Troy and Travis turned to continue watching Trent finish his massive leg workout. Trent body had exploded into an exact replica of his brothers. His clothes so tight the looked painted on his colossal body. Trent's arms exploded with coiled veins running up them. His legs were so thick; he would make tree trunks jealous. Trent's body throbbed power. Travis walked up to Trent, and ripped the skintight clothing from his body. Troy grabbed the oil and squeezed it all over Trent new physique. The men began to rub the oil all over Trent body. The oil against Trent's body made him even more breathtaking. Troy leaned in and began to kiss Trent's neck, while Travis sucked on Trent muscle nipples. Soon the heat caused all men to become slick and wet, looking as if they all were covered in oil. Trent grabbed Troy by the head and pushed him down to meet his throbbing cock. Travis kissed Trent long and deep. Their tongues massaged each other, creating a sensation Trent had never known. Travis and Troy played with themselves, as they both serviced their new muscle brother. Each man caressed each otherís thick-corded muscles. Almost simultaneously, they all exploded all the same time. Hot steamy muscle juice splashed all over their Herculean bodies. The men collapsed on each other due to exhaustion. Trent woke up the next morning; his Just Juice uniform lay out next to his bed. He showered and arrived at work for training. While at work, Trent noticed an attractive blue-eyed guy ordering a protein shake. Trent reached in his pocket and pulled out a bag with white powder and put it in the drink. Trent delivered the drink to the guy; he was obviously shocked by Trent's sheer size. "Here you go dude, I put a boost in for you free of charge. Just remember to drink it all, if you wanna get big like this." Trent then struck a bicep pose for the guy. "Every guy can use a boost." Trent said and flashed a smile. •

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