Ring of Zar, The


By hairyman101

The last fake superman found a lonely man on a side street in town. the man was in his 30's and in worn out clothes. he begged on his knees for money. "please....please....help me." he pleaded with the people passing. some would give him a quarter or maybe a penny. the fake superman watched as this took place. he smiled. laying his hands on the begging man and quickly dragging him into the alley, with lightening speed he wrapped some wire he found around the the gruf of a man. "superman? why have you bound me?? i have committed no crime." raising his muscled arms the fake man of steel slammed his hands down on the man's head, knocking him out. he picked him up and blew into his mouth with super blows of air. the man came to. superman hit him straight in the balls. the raggy man kneel over in pain. he then tightened the wire around the man until it went through his clothes and into his skin. tears came from his eyes as he begged for mercy.."why....why....." the fake superman reached down and lifted him up to his mouth....kissing him with his tongue going deep into the begging mans mouth. the wired up man tried to breathe but the tongue was so deep in his throat that he had no way of breathing. the fake superman was jacking off his cock while he watched the begging man die. bringing his tongue back as the hobo dropped into the alley. the super cock cumming all over the dead body. his fantasy had came true.

They all felt the need for more strenght and all flew back to the cave. Zar greeted them and with his ring pulled away the green kpytonite door so they could feed off the real superman. they each hugged a part of his body as the strenght fed into them..there muscles gaining quickly. zar growled "your deepest fantasies were very interesting my fake supermen" he had watched as each one got what they wanted. down at the entrance to the cave a very tired lex made his way in. breathing heavy he saw the three supermen and zar. "MY GOD.....this man is doing things i could only dream of" lex thought. "i need that ring." "IS THAT YOU LUTHOR???!!!" zar growled. lex stopped dead in his tracks. "i just came to see what was in...." zar broke in "you came to spy on me?? or you came to help your friend??" zar came close to lex. "superman?? oh you can have him...hehehe" lex stepped back as the three supermen and zar looked at him as fresh meat. zar reaching with his chiseled arms grabbed lex by the neck. "what is YOUR deepest desire?" lex thought of all the times he wanted to rule the world and have superman's head hanging as a prize. "you came for the ring...didnt you??" lex shook his head as the hands got tighter around his skinny neck. "without the ring i am just a human again....i dont want that " zar let go as lex breathed in air. the ring turned black. "i see you like young boys..lex" zar rubbing the ring. "i see that you have your way with teens before" zar looked at his supermen..."TAKE HIM AND DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!!" they flew and grabbed lex and all four climbed into the sky as zar watched on the screen.

The real superman looked up as his strenght came back....the kpytonite door was still pulled back. he had to make his way out. crawling he saw zar and then the path down from the smaller cave. he reached for the jagged rocks and pulled himself up. they had drained him alot this time. "i know i heard lex somewhere" he reached for the next rock and finally out of the small cave. looking around he saw the the three supermen flying...holding lex, as he screamed ,on the huge computer screen.

The four landed in a big warehouse just outside of the city. lex pulled himself into a corner. the supermen's suits desolved into thin air. there naked bodies hard and there cocks hanging. lex felt a rush of power in his body as if he was given some strenght. his pants burst open as his gorged cock popped to action. the three came to him and kneeling down they licked his waiting dick. three tongues bathing the cock with salvia. lex felt the pleasure of cumming but didnt. he wanted them to suck him but they kept licking his balls and shaft. he was going to burst but didnt. he saw there huge cocks as they rubbed up against him. the tongue bath stopped as they pulled back....there cocks hard....the bodies of teens with muscles...lex thought he was in heaven. hell was to begin soon.

superman found what seem to be a tunnel. "at least he want know where i am" going down the tunnel he saw a light. it was just a passage to another underground cave. the light came from an opening in the rock wall. he tried to think of his suit so it would once again cover him. the suit would not appear as long as the fake supermen lived. his strenght back to where he was super human again ...he made his way toward the light and maybe out. "zar is now seeing that i escaped" he thought. he saw the woman as she knelt....praying. she looked up at the naked man. "i knew you would make it" she said. "but there is blood on your suit" superman went to her. "you are a seer?" she nodded. "i see that your world will fall if you do not go back and kill ZAR" "the ring.....how to destroy it??" superman asked. she went back into her prayer-like state.

lex was enjoying all the pleasure of young boys. each took turns putting there cocks into his wide open mouth. they face fucked hi for what seem liked hours. the cum flowed freely as they had an everlasting supply. then he noticed that there grip tightened as all three cocks came toward his mouth at ONCE! he took them all. there was no room for his tongue as the mass of penis flesh filled his small mouth. his lips and gums started to bleed as he struggled to free himself. just as he tasted the sperm and blood they pulled out and got up with there suits reappearing....they flew away. Zar had called them back to find superman. lex laid there with cum dripping out of his mouth......he had cheated death once more. spitting out the cum and blood he stood up. looking around he saw that he was in an old lab of his. "zar and his super teens want get away with this..i will have that ring and i will KILL all who try to stop me!!!!!"

the fake supermen flew to zar as he told them to look for superman. "i will let you fullfill more of your desires if you bring him to me" using there x-ray and heat vision they began searching. one flew into the tunnel as the other two followed. •

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