Ring of Zar, The


By hairyman101

Lex looking around he found the key to the box in his old lab. his jaw still hurting from the three cocks but getting better as the key unlocked the box and showed the ring. "ahhhhhh....there you are." the match set of rings he had got from the museum of gothem. "to bad the other ring had been taken from me but now i have by a twist of fate the other ring" putting it on it glowed red. lex changed into the likeness of Zar. the transformation was instant. "now i will get the other ring and rule the UNIVERSE!!!"

superman and the holy woman heard the fake supermen coming through the tunnel. she passed the naked real superman a cross. "pass it in front of them" she said as she escaped through a hole. the three fake muscle guys stood in front of superman with there arms raised out for him. he felt the drain but did wave the cross in front of the men. they backed off. the cross glowed as a light. Zar made his way from the tunnel. "A CROSS??!!!!" "please superman can we get anymore gothic than that??" he growled. raising his hand zar pointed toward the cross as it burst into flames. "TAKE HIM!!!!" the three knocked him down to floor and fled . there hearts pumped with superman's. there muscles became gorged with strenght. this time they did not get off of him they kept feeding. "Thats right.....KILL HIM!!!!" superman could feel his heart slowing down as the leeches took ALL his strenght. his mighty body shrinking into bones. the teen supermen stood up with there massive muscles bulging. "good......now go and do as you please.....your desires are your own" they flew up and crashing threw the solid rock they made there way to more murder. Zar picked up the bones of superman.

One fake superman went to the homeless shelter. all the men were happy to see him until he mind probed their minds into one and made each homeless man line up as his suit melted away to show the huge thick cock ready for sucking. one man whispered as he licked his lips.."suppertime" they each took 5 minute turns sucking on the thick cock as they worshipped it....caressed it....made it cum over and over.....catching each drop into thier mouths. there was more than enough to go around as the endless flow of cum came from the slit hole of the penis. this went on for hours until each was full and resting back on thier beds. one male had hid in the toliet. he peeked out. seeing the super muscled man standing there....waiting for him. his mind became cloudy and before he knew it he was taking the whole dick into his mouth. he licked around the balls and sucked more until he felt the knife in his back. turning he saw the others....hating him for wanting the cock for himself. he could not reach the knife. they finally beat him to death. the superman suit melted back on. he flew away as the shelter smelt of sex and murder.

The other two fakes flew to a farm looking for animals and farmers ....."STOP!!!!!!" zar holding out his hand as they landed in the pasture. the ring glowed white. "i command you to stop......this must not go on......" the two teen supermen looked puzzled. he raised the ring glowing white and waving it over them they began to burn inside. flames soon came from there hearts. there super bodies consumed by a "holy" fire. quickly the bodies turned to ashes. Zar turned into the lady that had escaped. she took some of the ashes and dissappeared. she reformed in the cave. sprinkling the ashes over the bones of superman she began to pray. "please....hear my cry.....the evil of the world as come on us.....we need the power of goodness back." nothing happened. she cried more. zar appeared with the other fake. "what have you done woman???" she held the ring up...."NO!!!!!" he growled as he looked on his own hand and it was not there. "give it back.....you dont know what you have" she watched as the ring turned to black. the fake superman started to drain zar. his strenght going quickly into the super body. "NO.....NO!!!!!" zar fell to the ground as he slipped away....dying. she then took off the ring and walking to the super human....put it on his finger. he grabbed hers. "thank you for your faith" she smiled as she knew it was the real superman brought back. "but what of lex???" he asked.....she went back to altar and kneeling.....prayed. superman flew out the hole that the fake supermen had made. the ring glowed on his finger .

The other ring glowed in the dark of the warehouse. the hairy hand turned into a fist. "this is not over.......superman." •

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