Ring of Zar, The


By hairyman101

Zar took the naked superman up to his hidden cave and dropped him on the solid rock. "come out my little ones and feed!!!" he shouted. two midget-looking guys came from the darkness both around 16. they flung themselves onto the superman body and began to lick his nipples and suck on his cock. Zar watched as his 10 inch dick got hard . "thats right....tease him." they would stop and then start back to licking under his ball sack and then like two small men licked the tip of his now hard cock. superman 's head went back in pleasure as he felt his power returning and the feel of these small men licking him. zar stroked his hard cock as he was so turned on by this scene. "how does it feel superman???" superman raised his head "you evil bastard!!!!" he took his hand and swinging at the two small men hit them and knocked them off. they ran back to his body each time . superman's cock was swollen and the precum was leaking but never made it all the way down the shaft before one of the two midgets licked it up. zar leaned back and flexed his huge muscled body , his hard cock sticking straight up. "ENOUGH!!!" he poclaimed. the small ones stopped and bowed and left. "so we meet again" zar folding his vieny arms. "i thought you would never find that ring again.." superman said as he got up. "all i needed was a human body to take over and the ring and you." superman HAD to touch his cock......it went against all he stood for but he could not stop. stroking it, slowly. "i see the human part still wins inside of you superman" zar getting up, his massive 10 incher hanging down, walked to his company. superman stepped back. "i want to show you something" zar growled.

He raised his hand and a doorway opened, showing another room. superman looked in horror as he saw 3 cages and each one had a naked male. "zar?? these are but teens!!!" superman's eyes wide open. the teens were local high school boys. "yes....and they have been waiting for you" zar stated as he lit the huge torches. "ME?"but why....what have you planned??" zar looked at the naked super human. "they all wanted to look like strong men.....you know....their fantasies. but they could not find what they wanted....i will grant their wishes" superman knew he had to save them from whatever the evil zar was to do. zar's ring glowed yellow. "its time." he raised his hand again and the cages were opened. the teen males flew out of there cages and onto superman like vampire bats. they clinged to him and he felt his strenght going into thier bodies. "STOP!!! PLEASE!!!! superman struck them with his fists...each blow hitting the young ones. they still drained his power. their boyish bodies now growing.....growing. they flexed their new biceps and held on to the body of superman. all together they shouted "WE FEEL AS STRONG AS A HUNDRED MEN!!!!" zar smiled.

"You are killing me!!!!" superman whimpered. zar raised his hand. they stopped. the superman suits came from nowhere and were absorbed onto each young muscled teen male. Zar laughed..."now you look more like your fantasy.....but it came true" the young men smiled as they flew about.....crushing boulders with thier bare hands. hitting each other as a young guys do when playing. The hairy muscled zar walked toward superman...."we dont need you on earth anymore. we do need your strenght and we will have it " the naked superman was picked up by the three men and thrown into another small cave.....the green kpyonite glowed to keep him from escaping. "now go my young supermen and raise hell on earth!!!!" they flew out of the cave and into a world, not ready. zar watched them on his computer screen.

As one of the fake supermen flew he saw a woman stranded on a road. he flew to her. the woman was around 23 and big boobs with nice black hair. "oh...nice to see you superman....i am lost and i dont ...." she never got to say all of her sentence as the fake superman took her into his arms and took her to a cabin not far away. slashing off her clothes with his super hands he felt her nice round tits. sucking on them. his finger way up in her pussy. the woman was screaming with pleasure. "OH GOD...YOU ARE A SUPERMAN!!!!!" her pleasure soon turned to terror as he pushed his thick cock into her tight pussy lips. he fucked her slowly as his cock got thicker...growing with each push. her pussy explanded but could go only so far as he came in gushes into her and his cock was so thick now that it spread her pussy to the limit. her heart beating so fast it could not take the strain and she died. he pulled out of her and made his dick go back to normal. his fantasy and more was now reality.

One fake superman returned to the high school. flying down the hallway to the coaches office. he was a nice muscled man too. hairy arms and always wore shorts to show his hairy legs. "superman.....what brings you here?" the fake superman grabbed the coach by the neck and shoved him down and into his balls. the coach struggled but was no match for the super human teen. with big balls now in his mouth the coach almost choked but started to suck on them. he could feel the long cock above , flopping on his forehead. he felt the muscled arms pull him back from the balls as he saw the long cock and the precum flowing like piss . the massive super hands opened the coach's mouth ...wide. the precum flowed into his mouth. he was swallowing it like water flowing. trying not to choke. then he felt the massive hands tearing at his shirt showing a very hairy chest. the fake superman threw him on the table , turning him around to show his hairy ass. the long cock tearing into the tight butt. the fucking was great. the cock got longer......8 inches.....10 inches......13 inches......and then the bleeding started as the coach tried to stop this....his human muscles vieny and strained but soon the cock came and the cum and blood mixed and flowed out of his torn ass. the 15 inch dick came out and the fake superman turned the wide -eyed and horrorified coach around to see it for a minute and then he shoved it down his throat.......gagging....wanting air....the coach's eyes bulged as he was filled with monster cock. no air came back in and he died. the second superman's fantasy came true. •

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