Ring of Zar, The


By hairyman101

Lex had made his way into the building. "i know that ring is here somewhere. " as he turned the corner he saw that the heater vents were uncovered. "thats where it went. the ring. i remember it falling into the heat vent" lex looked to see if anyone was around. he saw a young man and another man with a beard. he reached into his pocket and found his keys.....dropping them close to the vent. he reached down to pick them up so he could get to the vent. the keys fell into the vent. "oh no....i need those damn keys to get away....now i will have to get into the vent to find them!!" he had his hand all down into the vent....he felt cold steel....was it the keys or the ring??? by this time the man with beard had come over to him. "may i help you?" lex looked up into ice cold blue eyes. "i lost my keys down in here and...." the other man reached to pick him up. "i have a longer arm. let me try" lex got up slowly wondering why his luck failed him all the time. the man reached around and finally stated "nothing down here but something like a ring" lex turned pale. "well maybe the keys fell on the floor and...." by that time the man getting up. his face looked as though it was on fire. lex could feel his strenght leaving him. the ring shined in the light on the the man's finger. "OH NO!!!!" lex stepped back. "YOU... ARE....DRAINING....." lex ran as the bearded man looked around for more power to drain. the ring glowing red as he spotted the young male. "yeah...dude.....come help me with this" he shouted. the young male looked around and saw a man breathing hard as his chest went in and out.

The bearded man could not wait any longer....running toward the young male he hugged him and held on. the drainage was great as young male was losing all his strenght to the other. power drained deep into his viens. he felt his chest expland and his biceps were tense. the young male finally dropped to the ground....dead. the man's ice blue eyes were wide open as a beast looking for prey. lex had hid inside a broom closet and peeked out to watch the scene. "DAMN....i wanted that ring so i could have all the power i want" lex had seen it in action but watched it one day go into the vent. he looked around in the closet...."this must be a school" noticing the mops and the name now on the towel...."parkdale high school" he closed the door as the man walked past him. opening it agin he saw what the man wanted. the gym was near by....all those muscled guys. the ring glowed and the man felt the need for more power. he turned and went into the lockerroom. looking around he saw nothing but heard the guys taking showers. the man walked toward them as he had them cornered. one naked male was drying himself with a towel when he was sundennly grabbed around the throat. the drain was strong and so was the 260 pound muscled guy. the man hugged him and drained him. he could feel the guys cock pressed up against his. soon he let go as the dead male dropped. the bearded man could feel his viens being fed with more power than he had ever felt. he waited for the other males to finish. each one would find there death. lex listened outside as screams came from the lockerroom. he knew the man would be almost super human by the time he drained the soccer team. "then superman will come and then he will try to drain him and on and on and on" lex wanted to be the one with this power. "DAMN!!" he hit the lockeroom door with his fist. he ran.

The bearded man had no shirt on now with all the strenght he had drained his body had explanded to great proportions. his biceps were like 2 softballs. his hairy body showed muscles tight and shedded. he fed off the last male as he dropped to the floor. "I NEED MORE!!!!" he shouted. stepping over the 5 guys he had killed by draining them he made his way out the door. his chiseled chest and huge body was noticed by what people were now coming to see where the screams came from. they ran as the man growled. he grabbed a woman and tore her clothes off. the shuttering female watched in horror as the huge cock came out of his pants. he threw her down and forced the thick cock into her cunt. he fucked her as she screamed each time the cock made its way inside. he came inside her and kept fucking until she was tore open and finally she didnt scream anymore. she laid there as he pulled his vieny 10 incher out. cum dripping.

clark kent had heard the screams and changing into superman flew to the scene. lex turned to see him. "its about time!!!" lex mouthed. superman pulled him up by the collar. "so what have you dont now???" lex looking into his eyes "not me.i did nothing...its that...ring....rememeber? the one that can destroy....you" superman did remember that time when he almost was drained but the human could not take all of his strenght so he exploded. his body in little pieces. letting lex down...."this man found it and now he has gone mad" superman saw the huge hairy male smashing the door of the school. the ring glowed green. superman could already feel the drain of power. the hairy man looked over to him. "! WANT YOU!!!!!" superman flew away. lex ran.

The hairy man made his way to the school bus and picking it up hurled it toward a crowd of onlookers. superman flew to grab it and ease it back down. the man ran for him and caught superman by the cape....pulling and finally taking superman into his arms of pure strenght. the drain was great as superman's strenght flowed into the evil parasite. the man knew this was diffent when the this man did not die. his body became pumped and his biceps grew as the strenght made its way into the body of the hairy man. "must ....get.....away...." superman tried but the drain was to great. he was losing more power as this male seemed to hold more strenght than a normal human. "you will expoded" the hairy male was now holding superman up in the air as the drainage continued. "i will kill you.....and throw your bones into outer space" he growled. superman turned his head down and looking more into this male's eyes he suddenly knew who this was. "ZAR!!!!!" he shouted!!!! the ring glowed a pale blue as the drain stopped. superman dropped to the ground. "ZAR...why?" the now huge monster man started to strip superman of his suit. "lets have a look at the great superman from kpyton" the suit came off qucikly as the huge hands ripped it . superman lay naked....his mighty chest protruding upward. "it was just luck that i found the ring as i waited in the school" superman was gaining some power back. "ZAR.....why are we talking?.......why not kill me??" superman asked. Zar reached down and with one hand picked superman up. "we can have fun...first" lex watched from the bushes as this monster of a man took superman off into the woods. he quickly followed. •

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