Double C, The


By Aardvark2

Brendan couldn’t believe his parents were sending him to camp. Six weeks! Six weeks of stupid outdoorsy shit with kids he didn’t know and counselors he didn’t like. Camp Change. What a ridiculously stupid name; it sounded like they’d be sitting listening to a lot of motivational speaking. There would probably be lanyards involved too, and some lake that no one in their right mind would swim in because it was too muddy. He was a good kid; he had never really broken any rules. At five-six and 120 pounds, the 16-year-old was one of the smaller guys in his class, but he was never really given any shit for it. He was always home at curfew and he’d never dabbled in anything that his peers had been doing. It was the last day of school, he was free! Free for the summer. And then he got home. His Mom had said that they thought he’d be happy with the surprise; to get away from one’s parents for six weeks is any teenager’s dream, right? But he disagreed. It was a hundred miles away! He’d be away from his friends, completely isolated from all. And his parents were making him go because they’d already paid the money – and they were going on a cruise. What a coincidence, he thought.


Brendan arrived at Camp Change – or Double C, as it was commonly called – with little fanfare. His parents kissed him goodbye and drove away, and he watched as their car puttered down the road. The registration packet revealed he was in Cabin #5. The welcome assembly was in the main hall, which the packet instructed to report to straightaway, bags included. Brendan slung his backpack over his shoulder and carried the heavy suitcase – full of only short-sleeved button-down shirts, brightly colored polos, jeans, and briefs, as the brochure had instructed – to the main hall.


A slightly chubby boy walked in a few seconds before the orientation started. All the other boys were sitting in neat rows on benches, and all Kyler saw was a cornucopia of differently-colored shirt backs. Kyler adjusted his blue polo collar and scratched his ass discreetly before plopping down on one of the benches in the back of the hall. There was a podium at the front, where Kyler saw a tremendously well-proportioned man in a full suit, vest, and tie. “Welcome, boys! I am Mr. Kepple. I created this camp just for special young men like yourselves.” The well-built man – his black hair graying at the temples but his complexion still young and fresh – adjusted the knot of his tie and kept talking, his impressive speaking voice booming through the hall to the dozens of boys. Kyler, for the first time, noticed the man on the other end of the bench. A good ten feet separated them, but even from there, Kyler could see his magnificence. He was wearing skin-tight leather pants that squeaked as he rubbed his thunderous thighs together. Kyler could see him adjusting his huge dick, which was clearly visible in his pant leg, lying over his right leg like a coiled snake. The man’s pectorals pushed at the buttons on his bright red silk shirt, straining them. His biceps seemed to be as thick as Kyler’s head, and the bulged out of the short sleeves, which clung desperately to the rippling muscle, trying to stay together. Kyler couldn’t help but stare. From the man’s short, closely-cropped brown hair to his big feet, encased by black leather shoes, he was magnificent. It wasn’t until the man felt the boy’s curious stare and turned to look that Kyler’s round face turned bright red. Kyler was only thirteen, with mounds of baby fat and a thick mop of blond hair. When the man – who he guessed was a counselor – caught him staring, he nervously looked away. He was surprised to feel himself getting quite horny and erect at the sight of the impressive physique – and handsome visage – next to him. He reached down, trying to judiciously adjust his growing erection. He reached his stubby little dick and moved it to the center of his legs, while continuing to stare at Mr. Kepple as to avoid suspicion. He heard squeaks as his hands touched his jeans, and his expression turned to worry. He rubbed his hands between his legs and felt the cum begin to leak out of his penis. His mouth dropped slightly open and his eyes rolled backward, and he let out a quick moan. His posture slacked and his dick sprouted longer, harder, rubbing against the new leather pants. He looked down and saw the tight fabric against his legs, little teardrops pushing out as his quads formed. He tried to adjust his balls and grew increasingly nervous, sweating an inordinate amount for a thirteen-year-old. Kyler looked at Mr. Kepple. He didn’t know how long the man had been talking, but he’d zoned out. He switched his gaze down the bench and heard the squeaks of his thighs rubbing together. He felt as if he was losing control of his own body. His neck rolled back and had to lift it with his hands to get it to stand up straight again. The hunk in the red silk was now just a foot away, instead of the whole distance of the bench. He looked and gazed directly back into Kyler’s stare, and Kyler once again changed the direction of his eyes, embarrassed. He tried to focus on Mr. Kepple. That’s when he felt the strong fingers work their way to his wildly out-of-control bulge. The man’s hand ran up and down Kyler’s little penis, the strong fingers pushing and prodding at all the right places. Kyler took a quick intake of air, his breath shortening. He could see, out of his peripheral vision, the man staring at Mr. Kepple speaking. Kyler didn’t want anyone to notice the stud whacking him off, so he stared dead forward as well. He could the leather crackling from the growth of his cock. He was so desperate to avoid attention that he kept staring forward, making the noises of orgasm as low as possible: short little squeaks and sharp intakes of breath. He snapped his head downwards, catching a quick glance of the working hand. He could see his bulge growing, but it was his hand that caught his attention. As he had been stepping out of his car earlier in the day, he had caught his hand in some branches. The twigs had given him several scratches on his hands. Now, as he held the injured limbs up in front of his face, he could see the scabs healing – the cuts healed over and new skin, more tan than before, came in over it. His shirt felt uncomfortable and scratchy. He could tell the loose weave of the knit polo was tightening, and it was getting harder to breathe. He coughed as quietly as he could and gripped his stomach, searing with pain, as he felt his feet tear through his shoes. He felt so weak and at the same time, ridiculously strong – stronger than he had ever felt before. He rubbed what had once been a loose breast – it was rock hard, pushing outward, growing. He wanted it to grow more than he had ever wanted anything else. The nipple was completely erect, pointing downward, as big as a 25-cent coin. He was getting bigger, a lot bigger. Massive. He could feel leather re-forming around his big, muscular feet, and wiggled his toes uncomfortably. His cock was ten inches long now, matching his increasingly bulging physique. Kyler’s chubby face was beginning to lose its roundness, and the baby features began to firm and sharpen. The man now had both his hands in Kyler’s lap, massaging the hard dick. “Mmmm, uunnnghhh…” Sweat dripped down Kyler’s bronze face and cobblestone abs, soaking through his polo. His sleeves began to bulge outward as his arms got thicker and thicker, as big as cannonballs. His moans were getting louder and deeper. “ANNNGGHHHH…ugh, shiiiittt…” His boring grey eyes began to shift to a sparkling blue, and they darted around the room nervously. As Kyler came all over the inside of his pants, his moans turned into shouts – and still, no one paid any attention. The pudgy features of a boy are quite different from the chiseled features of a virile man, but as Kyler changed, the two met in the middle. His latent chubbiness was melting away. He could feel his forehead bulging out frontward, pushing out his brow and thickening his facial aesthetic. He kept cumming and cumming again, and it wouldn’t stop. His growth was so ridiculously hot that he couldn’t help it. His biceps were as big as his head, topped by big, heaving boulder shoulders and running down into bulging veins and massive forearms. His hands were just as magnificent. He could hear the bench beginning to creak from his new, increasing weight, and he stood up, hoping to prevent a break. He quickly sat back down, bright red, when he head the rear of his pants split straight open from the stress of bubbled butt. His face had hardened into a fierce, exaggerated version of his old features – a more sloped nose, wider jaw, plump lips, big forehead, thick brows. His voice had dropped into a man’s range, loud and resonant when compared to the girlish whisper he had previously possessed. His doughy body when he was a boy was due to a testosterone imbalance; now, the scales had dropped to the other direction. He oozed masculinity and sex appeal; one-hundred-percent man. His baby blue polo had been darkened to dark blue, do the sweat that had soaked through. It was so tight that the buttons had gone flying under the bench in front of him and several seams had been ripped by his massive musculature. He had two solid pecs strapped to his chest that led down in a ten-pack. He had to weigh upwards of 275, and he knew he only had one percent, or so, of body fat. He rubbed his face and felt the wiry whiskers run against his rough hands, letting out slight groans. Mr. Kepple was wrapping up his talk. “So, boys, please enjoy your stay here at the Double C. If there are any issues of any kind, regarding camp or just your life in general, don’t hesitate to come to me with them. I will be more than happy to help.” He shuffled some papers and loosened the knot of his tie. “On a side note…” He looked straight at Kyler’s stunning blue eyes. “…would Landon Meier and Kyler Anderson see me now, please?” Mr. Kepple flashed a bright smile. “Now…to your cabins!” Kyler eased his huge body up off of the bench, and the man netx to him – who he assumed was Landon Meier – did as well. Kyler moved to cover the rip in his leather pants but was surprised to find it fixed, as if it had never been there. When he moved his guns, the sleeves didn’t rip – he was wearing a silk shirt, with his pecs bulging out of the unbuttoned front, just like Landon’s. Except his wasn’t red, it was the powder blue of his previous polo, a shade that matched his new eyes. “Mr. Anderson!” Kepple pumped Kyler’s hand vigorously. “Did you enjoy your introduction to Camp Change?” Kyler’s brow furrowed. “What?” His voice still sounded foreign to him. It had a ring like his father’s, but was much deeper, much more masculine. “Counselor Meier here has made you a counselor too. Come, walk with me to my office.” Kepple put his arm around Kyler and led him to a room at the edge of the chapel. They opened the door and sat, with Landon Meier silent the whole time. “Mr. Anderson…” “Call me Kyler. Mr. Anderson sounds like The Matrix.” Landon snorted, but Kepple continued. “Here at Camp Change, we practice mind over…well, mind over everything. You have been given a gift. Mr. Meier here has changed you from a weak boy into a very imposing man. You’re gorgeous, Kyler. I’ll be honest in saying I’m having some trouble not throwing myself on top of you right now.” Kyler was taken aback by this honesty. “Kyler, you are now a Counselor here. Your gift is the ability to change – you can change anything you want. I can do this as well as all of the other counselors here. It’s an amazing gift, Kyler! A power men would kill for!” His voice thickened. “A power that no weakling must know exists. “Here at the Double C, we try to make the best men possible. Who a person becomes is up to their Changer – their Counselor. Landon here likes tight clothes a lot, it would seem. He’s made you very similar to him.” Kyler turned and looked at Landon, who smirked and licked his lips. Kyler could admit that there were many similarities – ultra-masculine facial structure, thick, but short, hair, tight leather pants and a tighter, button silk shirt. His cock was hard as granite. The thought of being able to change other people to be as gorgeous as him was just so intensely hot. “So, Kepple, what do I have to do before I can start changing people?” Kyler ran his hand up and down his cock’s leather cocoon. “Nothing, Kyler. Nothing at all. Changing is not some difficult procedure that takes mental balance, or some Buddhist shit like that.” Kepple pulled off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, standing shirtless before Kyler and Landon, his body stunningly toned for a man of a more advanced age. “All you do is picture it in your mind, and it happens.” Kepple sat on Kyler’s lap and placed his finger in between the manboy’s perfect pecs. “Which cabin do you want to Counsel, Kyler?” There was a quick kiss. Kyler had originally been resistant to his new stunning body, but was now completely into it – and the side effects. “Which one has the most boys?” “That’d be Cabin #5. It’s the biggest cabin, and there’s ten kids in there. Want that one?” Another kiss. “Fuuuuuuck yeah. UNGH.” Kepple’s tongue slipped into Kyler’s mouth.

Landon rubbed his hard-on and silently walked out of the room, walking past another half-naked stud, lying on the floor, panting. He spotted one of his friends. “Hey, Dax, looks like you made a good one.” Both the Counselors looked at the freshly changed hunk, who had begun to moan. His clothes had all vanished and he was just wearing a very, very revealing Speedo. One of his bouncy balls poked out of its prison. The Counselors shook hands. “I love summer camp, Landon.” Dax slapped his friend’s ass. “See ya at dinner?” “Oh yeah.” •

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