Doodling Pays Off


By vlad

I woke up the next morning with Jake’s warm body against mine, his expansive back looking like a solid, fleshy wall of perfection next to me. His back was a series of muscular lumps and hills, rounded and huge. He rolled over, asleep, onto his back, and I could see him in all his glory…his huge mounded chest rose and fell with each breath, his sleeping face looked sort of soft and cute, which was an amusing disparity with his bad-ass look. His round gut and chest expanded rhythmically with his breathing, and he seemed like a giant next to me, overpowering and massive. I couldn’t believe it was real. How had this happened? Did it really matter?

Suddenly Jake started to roll over onto me, and I was soon trapped under his crushing weight. The 360lb mass of his 6’7’’ completely smothered me, and my face was right under his armpit. It stunk of manly musk, and I breathed deeply…it was intoxicating, and I immediately got rock hard. His breathing shook my body as well. I could feel him start to get hard, his massive cock next to mine, making mine seem tiny and pathetic in comparison. I pushed with all my might get him off of me, but it was like trying to push an elephant…his warm, fleshy mass was completely immovable.

I started liking his armpits, letting my tongue go where it pleased, and finally Jake woke up, and realized he was on top of me. For as much as I was loving to smell his armpit, I was starting to get a little short on air. He grabbed me in his tremendous arms and lifted me up as he rolled onto his back on his side of the bed. He held me by my armpits, like a child or a toy, and winked at me.

“Hey there”, he said in a deep, masculine voice, yawning into my face, “how’d you like your first night with me?” Looking at his face, I decided right then and there that I would give up my old life and dedicate my new life to Jake…to making his NFL dreams come true, to loving him completely…and making him do as I pleased. “What’s the plan for today, master?”

“Well, first,” I said, “you don’t have to call me master. Yes, I can still tell you what to do, but just call me Matt,” I said while squirming in his hands. He dropped me down gently on his massive torso. My head rose and fell with his breath and I looked up at his face, which was covered in dark, thick stubble.

“Alright then, Matt” he said a little awkwardly, “what are we going to do today? I’ll do anything for you.”

“Well, what was that last night about becoming the greatest football player of all time?” I said winking back at him. He got an aggressive, happy look on his face and he started lifting me up and down effortlessly, like a bench press.

“That’s what I want to hear!” Jake boomed from the depths of his cavernous chest.

“Here’s my plan. Apparently, as your creator, I have a couple of powers over you: one, my cum makes you grow. Pretty handy…” I rubbed my balls and rock-hard cock again and he licked his lips in anticipation. “and two, you seem to be bound to do whatever I say.”

“Matt, I would do whatever you want regardless. I love you, and I’ll do anything to make you happy,” and as he said this he lowered me to in front of his face and kissed me, like last night it was hard and strong and dominating.

“My itinerary for the day is to take a shower, eat a huge breakfast, work out, and get our names out as the next BIG thing in football. We should probably get you some nice-looking clothes that fit too. Later tonight…well, we’ll do whatever we want. So first! Jake, I order you to stand up and put me down.”

Jake, suddenly almost mechanically sat up, and put me on the floor. He looked straight ahead, apparently looking at nothing, with a blank, hard expression which looked indimidating and scary. He stood to his full height and towered over me, like a monolith of thick, beefy muscle, expanding and contracting as he breathed in and out, his monster cock rubbing up against his round, furry gut.

I was sort of concerned with his machine-like posture…was this how he would always be when I ordered him around? “Jake?...” I said, as I poked him in the tummy. He laughed and let out his breath…he was just messing around. “ach, you jerk, you had me fooled!”

“yeah…” Jake said and rubbed the back of his head with his huge, rough hand, his bicep swelling up like a watermelon, as big or bigger as his square-shaped head. The smell from his armpits once again wafted down on me, like an aphrodisiac cologne. My knees felt weak.

“We need to get in the shower…now. I gotta releave some of this pressure,” I said, as a rubbed my cock, “and you gotta clean up, stinky!”

“Stinky!?” Jake boomed, sounding indignant with rage. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and threw me over his shoulder like last night. “If you insist master, we must shower!” He joked again, sounding like a robot and walking mechanically into the bathroom. Each step caused my whole apartment to shake and boom…this wasn’t part of the act. That was just from Jake being so monsterously, gigantically huge.

We stepped into my big shower as Jake put me down, and started the water. I watched him lather himself up, but I told him I would take over…He stood staring me, grinning the whole time, as I rubbed my hands all over his massive body…the smooth, rock-solid arms, his slightly fuzzy barrel chest and gut which stuck out so far from the rest of his body, his enormously wide back which seemed to go on for miles, his perfect, round, hard ass which made a satisfying slap sound when I smacked it. I bent down to wash his tree trunk legs totally clean, all the way to his huge, thick feet. His calves were like twin bloated bags of cement, and his thighs were as hard and thick as an oak tree. Finally I looked right at his cock, and I just couldn’t resist.

“Oh Jake…I’m going to give you a big favor.”

He just grinned and growled deeply as I took him into my mouth, the water and saliva making his cock, which was too big to fit all the way into my mouth, slick and juicy. Jake kept moaning and growling and groaning as I did my thing, and he put his huge paws on the back of head, humping me into his big balls as I sucked for all I was worth. He breathed, “here it comes…” and he came all over me, in my mouth, face, torso, everywhere. Motherfucker was a geyser, spurting all over my shower, the biggest load I’d ever seen. He yelled deeply and roughly, and…started to swell again!? Yes, it was true, he grew ever larger the more he came, and his balls pulsed with new strength as his torso and legs swelled to more muscular proportions. He ended with a deep breath and sighed once again, expanding his torso and leaving at its greatest expansion, like some sort of muscle balloon. He shuttered like coming out of a trance and looked down at me totally satisfied, and realized he had grown again.

“Goddamnit I love you,” he said, and lifted me up even more easily than before, his new 26’’ biceps bouncing with power. His meaty pecs pulsed as he lifted my pulsing cock, which was ready to blow, into his mouth…it took about 4 seconds and he sucked down every drop again. The new growth spurt combined with the old one, and he took off ever bigger, stronger, taller, more and more massive and powerful. He roared and groaned with new strength as he dropped me onto the floor, and I looked up at his colossal form, water splashing off of his expansive chest, which swelled and pulsed with new power. The floor of the bathroom shook as he adjusted his weight, his thighs bursting with power. He shoulders were soon wider than the shower, and he completely blocked out the water. He finished with another huge gulp of air, and roared it out of his lungs, his body bigger than ever. He towered over me and looked down on me and chuckled deeply, the low bass of his voice rattling my chest. He flexed his biceps, which grew and squeezed with more muscle, into perfect mounds of strength, nearing 30’’ of untamed beastly power. His pecs hung over his gut, which had expanded even bigger especially after the pre-breakfast meal I had given him, wet from the shower and red with power. He slapped his stomach and growled with a toothy grin, his gut rock-hard and massive, bouncing as he stepped over me out of the shower, and onto the scale once again. The floor quaked as he stepped on, and the water dripped off his mohawk and hot, bloated beef. The scale creaked as his titantic mass stepped on, his enormous feet covering the entire thing.

“What does your scale max out at?” Jake said, his voice deeper than ever, sounding like it came from a subwoofer. “I don’t know if it can hold all of ME now!” he said as he rubbed his pecs together, the ridge between inches deep with meaty strength.

“400…why?” I asked, as I came up from behind him and looked past his massive arm…I now looked over right at his huge nipple, so I guessed he had grown to about 6’9’’, a full foot taller than me.

“Because it’s blinking ‘400’ at me, and it won’t go past”, he said as he looked down to me and laughed. His chinstrap beard looked better than ever on his angular, rock-chisled, square-jawed face, as he roared with laughter and power. He licked his biceps as he flexed them, huge and warm, powerful. I felt weak in the knees as he moaned softly as he worshiped his own awesome arm.

“Oh please, allow me…”, I said, and he lowered his right arm to my face, his arm bigger than my entire head. I started to give him the tongue-bath of a lifetime, and he just groaned. It was so big and hot, so solid and smooth. His tattoo rippled and writhed as he bounced his bicep up and down, and I tasted his skin.

“You know, we’ll probably have to take another shower if you keep up this licking” he said as I moved from his arm down to his pecs, feeling their warmth and weight with my tongue. I sucked on his big tit as he flexed them for me too, bouncing and pulsing with perfect ease. I rubbed his gut and felt the soft layer of dark hair which trailed down to his crotch, and ran my face against his enormous, round bulk. He rubbed his belly and groaned, bouncing and caressing its perfect sphere-shaped mass. His huge hand was so rough and thick, the fingers as thick as my cock.

“Oh darn…” I said and I grinned up at his perfect face. “We’ll go get something to eat and then test your strength. How does that sound? Let’s prove that you’re the strongest man in the world!”

Jake looked down at me and grinned more, and shook the water out of his Mohawk. He once again grabbed me under the armpits and lifted me, and rubbed me against his hard, huge body. I rubbed up and down against his torso, feeling his hardness and massive strength controlling me. He groaned and boomed, “The biggest, baddest, strongest motherfucker on the whole planet, and the best football player in the world…yeah, I’m totally unstoppable!” He put me down and bounced his pecs and did a double biceps pose, each thick and round, rising and swelling with power. His pecs rippled and jiggled with strength, and he stomped on the floor with a room-shaking BOOM, his gut bouncing right along. Jake was on his way to gianthood, and only had to prove his dominant power to the rest of the world. I told him to pick me up in those tree-trunk sized arms of his, and he easily obliged. He stepped out of the bathroom with some difficulty, his hair brushing against the doorframe, which he has to turn sidewise and suck in his pecs and gut to even fit through. I started thinking about where to go to breakfast and how I would find something to clothe my ever-growing behemoth of muscle. •

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