Double C, The


By Aardvark2

Brendan splashed into the lake – which was, as he’d predicted, muddy – and swam to the raft, which was swarming with other boys his age. He been hoping to find some boys shorter than him at camp, but they all seemed to be bigger. It was no matter to him, though, every boy there was in the same foreign situation. He’d have no trouble meeting people, he was positive of that. And he was right. Within seconds of crawling on to the floating raft, another pudgy boy laughingly gave him a push – and both were soon in the water, in a tangle of other bodies. They treaded water for a few moments, away from the dense pack of boys. “Hey, I’m Brendan.” The other boy smiled, showing slightly crooked teeth. “Vince. You’re Brandon?” “Brendan. With an ‘e.’” “Oh, right! Yeah.” Vince started swimming back towards the raft. “C’mon!” Giggling, Brendan followed.

Several yards away, some of the counselors watched their charges. “Hey, hey!” Landon shouted at one of his boys. “Walker! No biting!” He added under his breath, “Christ, if they were a few years older this would be the hottest thing ever.” Kyler’s deep voice rumbled from behind him, “I already miss it.” “You won’t.” Landon shrugged. “Being a counselor may seem weird at first, but that’s because your mind has only partially adjusted to adulthood. Trust me, it’s better to be sexy and hot – and mentally powerful – than some fat little shit.” Kyler smirked. “I suppose.” Landon walked around Kyler and began massaging the Camp’s newest addition. Kyler could feel Landon’s considerable package rubbing against his bubble butt, and it made him horny. Landon nibbled slightly on Kyler’s ear and his big hands worked Kyler’s brawny shoulders as if they were kneading dough. “Have you tried to change anyone yet, Kyler?” “Mmmmm…” Kyler shut his eyes and lightly touched Landon’s hand with his own. “Not yet.” “Well, you should.” “Yeahhhhhh. Jesus, just a little lower on the right. Oh, fuck, that’s the spot. Yeahhh.” The squeaking of the leather pants of both men was starting to interrupt their conversation. Their Crest-white smiles would break through whenever Landon’s big penis shoved against Kyler’s tightly-covered ass.

The wrestling match on the raft was clearing out due to exhaustion. Vince and Brendan hopped off and started swimming toward the shore. “What cabin are you in, Brendan?” “Number 5, you?” “Number 12. The last one. Damn!” They reached the shore. Brendan had learned that Vince was 15, a year younger than him. Vince was chubbier than Brendan but taller as well, with short black hair and thin brows, lips that didn’t quite fit his face and big ears. Adolescence had given him nice broad shoulders and a head that was too small for them, giving him a very awkward look. Vince buttoned the first two buttons on his black polo as Brendan pulled his grey one over his head and toweled off his hair. As he set the towel down, he saw two Counselors passionately making out. “Dude, Vince. Look at that.” Vince turned. “Whoa! It’s Mr. Anderson and Mr. Meier!” The two men kissing greatly intrigued both Vince and Brendan, and they couldn’t help but stare at Kyler and Landon. Kyler, through his euphoria, caught sight of the two motionless boys in his peripheral vision. He broke the kiss and stared back, and soon Landon did too. Brendan and Vince both turned away, embarrassed. “Let’s go,” Brendan whispered, and they began to walk away. Vince started breathing strangely, with short intakes of air and loud wheezing. Brendan, concerned, said, “You okay?” Vince coughed, and his voice was garbled. “Yeah. Just let me stop a second.” Sweat beads had popped out all over Vince’s forehead. The boy leaned his weight against a big, old oak tree, with the lake in the background, as if in a postcard. He tugged on his polo collar, ripping it until his right nipple was exposed and scratching at the flesh. “AUUUUUGGGHHH…” Brendan started to panic. “I’ll go get some help! Stay right here!” Vince tried to tell Brendan to stay, but his friend moved too fast, and soon Vince was alone. He could see Kyler – Mr. Anderson to him – still standing where he had been getting hot and heavy with Mr. Meier. Kyler was staring directly at him, intensely focused. Vince continued to pull and tug at his stretched shirt, and another tug at the collar popped the buttons off, scattering them in the dirt. “Nnngh! Ungh!” Had Vince been able to see himself, the requisite changes would already be visible. His ears had gotten smaller and his head was proportionate to his naturally wider-than-most shoulders. His eyebrows were considerably thicker, looking too adult on his still-childish face. In addition to their thickness, they were a sickly yellow color, stuck in transition from black to blond. His hair was streaked with the same color, and had already grown an inch in length, lightly touching the middle of his forehead. Vince thrashed back and forth. “Mr. Anderson! HELP! Don’t just fuckin’ STAND there!” Kyler didn’t move. Vince tugged at the shirt’s collar once more and heard it rip more. “NNNNNNGGGHHH. HELP ME!” His hair was down to his eye level now, and he shook his head to get it out of his eyes. It had indeed changed to platinum blond. His skin was not tan, but sheer, shimmering gold, almost sparkling in the sun. He pulled on the shirt collar and ripped it more. He scratched his chest and felt soft little hairs and his pecs. He kept ripping the shirt but it never got any looser on him. His body was growing, and when he realized that, he began to quiver in panic. “Stop it! Stop it!” The more he spoke, the more different he sounded. His voice was developing a harsh tone to it, giving him the more guttural speech of a masculine adult. His muscles didn’t grow gradually but instead quickly ballooned along with his stretching body. His pecs burst out and immediately tightened the shirt to the point of ripping completely off, and his abs sprouted so fast that one second he had a belly and the next, it was washboard. His swimming trunks had gotten tight around his thickening tree trunk legs and pumped-up cock – with its swelling balls and elongating shaft – and he could feel the material changing, breathing easier. It was sheer and see-through if the sun hit it right, and his gold skin and huge appendage. The black fabric was so soft he could swear it was silk, and he got more horny as it rode higher into his growing ass. He felt the shifting of fabric against his bouncy, meaty pecs, and saw that his ripped polo shirt was now a beyond-clingy tank top, black, like his Speedo. His arms had started growing too, they started to burst the seams on his polo before it faded away. He was big and muscular, and yet lean at the same time. He was babyfaced but utterly masculine, with big green puppy-dog eyes and thick lips. He was on his hands and knees, heaving. It felt like he was going to throw up, but he never did. Soon, the sensation passed, and he lifted his head up, looking toward the sky. Kyler blocked his view. “You look good, Vince. Definitely an improvement.” “Jeeeesus.” Vince eased to his feet and adjusted to his new, six-two height, at eye level with Kyler. “What the fuck did you DO to me?!” He held up his big hand, the veins crisscrossing over the back of it, to his face, and wiggled his fingers. “Here, come to my cabin.” Kyler slung his arm around the newest Counselor. “I’ll explain everything.” Vince caught something in the corner of his eye, and he turned, self-consciously adjusting his huge Speedo-covered cock. He saw Brendan, wandering around, clearly perplexed. “Vince?!” Brendan called into the air. “Where are you, man?” Vince started to turn, but Kyler held strong around the shoulder. “No. He’ll think you’re crazy. Of course, you might be.” Kyler snapped the fabric of Vince’s Speedo. “We have a lot to talk about.” •

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