Spiced Life


By Texzilla

“Yea, Pedal, it’s Spice. Pick up will you…….great, not there. OK Listen, Ah’m in the college hospital for a few days for observation. Let Mom and Dad know they’ll be getting ah bill. Nothin’ serious. Just almost passed out when ma BLACK BOYFRIEND FUCKED ME IN THE SHOWERS!!!! Ye Ha!!! So how about the rest of you get the bones out of ya’lls asses and CALL ME!!! Oh, say Hey to Billy Bob and the kids for me. Later.”

Why is it when you leave a message like that that first reaction you have is to hang up the phone and stare at it, expecting it to ring back right away? But it didn’t. Maybe it was a measure of love and concern I was testing them with by not giving the phone number of the campus hospital. If they loved me, they’d make the effort to look it up. Or maybe I’m becoming more of a muscle head and forgot to give the phone number. Let’s go with the test and stuff.

And how the hell did Rachel sleep through all that? Sitting in my visitor’s chair by the window passed out completely. Do I tell her she snores when she wakes up? It is kind of cute. Man, you’d think she’d wake the guy in the next bed up but he’s hooked up to so much morphine a bomb could go off in here without affecting him. Wish they’d give me some. I could use a mental unhook for a while.

At least the Doctors haven’t found anything wrong with me. But they just wanted to keep an eye on me for a couple of days. And I think more than one of them wanted to keep more than just a regular medical eye on me. This body is like freaking amazing. I’ve only lived in it for the better part of a week, but it already feels….well, like home. But I keep forgetting that ‘home’ a 6’4’’ teenage bodybuilding Native American with a shaved head. And there ain’t that many of us around. Stand out in a crowd does not quite cover it. I get attention just by BEING and since Grandpa had said something about ‘Hiding’ I’m wondering how this is hiding. Wondering a lot of stuff, which is not natural for Spice to do.

God, that girl can snore. Sort of nice that she and De’ have been here constantly since they checked me in. De’ wouldn’t let me out of his site at first. I told him he was acting like Shirley MacLaine but he didn’t get the reference. Calls himself a fag. While I’m sure they’re concerned it also doesn’t hurt that the hospital staff gives my guests an extra food tray when they come by with meals. For all the weird shit that’s going on, we are still college students and free food is free food. They also brought their books with them and kept me company while they studied.

But it’s almost sort of weird having them be this worried about me. And not only them but people from my art classes have been dropping by. Plus most of the wrestling team all at the same time. Which filled the room and broke a few rules. I don’t think Henry had this many friends, in fact I know he didn’t. I can’t really think of anyone in my former life who would have taken the time to come by a hospital if I got sick. Better yet all but camped out here like Rachel and De’ are doing. I had made some calls in the days right after my transformation and there was no Henry Talltrees at my old office, and someone else answered my extension. Replaced without missing a best. I wonder if they would even notice I’m missing even if they still remembered me? Or, Henry, that is. These people around me now, who in some way are so very new to me, also are the closest friend I’ll ever have, or will ever know. Henry could have had dreamed of that. Or understood why it’s sad he didn’t.

Speaking of the wrestling team, the former Coach Krumwoodie came by when the team did. He was that Middle Eastern guy on the team I ‘talked’ to De’ about. I now remember that his name is Arif. He sort of stood in the back of the group. Considering how big he was though, it might have been the only place he could stand and still have the rest of the group seen. He was kind of quite, didn’t really talk, but also wouldn’t stop trying to make eye contact with me. Almost like he needed to tell me something but couldn’t because of the group. Well why didn’t he come by on his own? Is he remembering anything of Krumwoodie’s life?

“Hello” a voice suddenly said. The dividing curtain for my part of the room was suddenly thrown so that it blocked off my half. A small woman in her 50’s with a cart had come in and was smiling at me. “How are you today?” she asked, but not really like she meant it.

“Ah’m fine. How are you?”

“Good, good. Oh. ” She said seeing Rachel for the first time “Is girlfriend? I come back?” Her accent was thick, from some where in Europe. Not German or French though.

“No, not girlfriend. Just friend friend. What are you here for?”

“You been here two days. Doctor says bed rest so, time for sponge bath.”

“Oh really no, I’m fine.”

“Doctor say. You BIG guy. It’s not good for you to be in bed and not be clean. Nurses have to touch you and you need to be clean. Yes? That’s why I ask, she girlfriend, should she leave?”

“No, it’s OK. I doubt we could wake her up anyway.” I said reaching behind me and removing the fashionable hospital robe they’d given me. I don’t know which was odder. That she didn’t react to my massive body once the gown came off or that I was disappointed that she didn’t react to my body. Well, she’s probably seen it all anyway. Hate to have seen the human body so much that when you get a free peek at a side of beef like myself it doesn’t do anything for you though.

“You lay down all day, you on your back so we start with back, yes? Check for bed sores too. Turn over.” She said throwing back the sheet that was still covering me from the waist down. Wasn’t wearing no panties inn the hospital so she was getting a full on view now. And still nothing. Well maybe she was gay too.

I flipped over and moved down a bit so she could start washing my back. I crossed my arms under my pillow and propped my head up some. She must have clicked a button because the bed started making a funny mechanical noise and lowered a littler. Guess she brought it down so she could reach me better.

She started up at my neck, doing a great job of rubbing the washcloth into my skin without being too forceful. The smell of the hospital soap wasn’t too bad, not too medicinal. I noticed when he hand slipped that she had put on rubber gloves. Probably more for my protection. I’m sure I’m not the first person she scrubbed down today. The water wasn’t too hot, but it had a warm sting to it. She had to be used to it and the gloves had to help.

“You bald so we don’t worry about shampoo but...” with that she made a quick scrub of the back of my head. Some of the water leaked out of the wash cloth, ran over my shoulder blade and down my back, stopping in the small crevice just above my ass. I felt her hand remove the wash cloth from my head and an instant later go from the area on my back up to my shoulders. I couldn’t count on my dick staying soft if she was going to be making moves like that, but at least for now it was under me and hidden.

I heard her rise out the cloth and soon she started in again, a bit harder doing the full back and sides. I couldn’t help but flinch a couple of times. My back had to have flexed into it hard solid state and back down again for her. Bet she didn’t see that in the other rooms.

“That was pretty impressive, Luv? Just how did you get this big?” A much more masculine voice with now a British accent asked.

Fucking crap.

I moved my head a bit to the left and looked over my shoulder. Not wanting to see what I was going to see. The somewhat short 50 year old woman who had been scrubbing my back was becoming a much younger, much taller man who proceeded to start scrubbing my legs without noticing the changes that were sweeping his body. I must becoming more of a bone head muscle dude because Henry used to watch the late night movies on HBO and Cinemax and should have sent this coming.

Thankfully, somehow the uniform had changed so the man that was being newly created, I guess merely because I had been getting a stiffy, wouldn’t have to walk out of here in a dress and white stockings. He was beginning to fill out that uniform pretty good too. Could someone have shoulders what wide and a waist that thin? The chunky sagging belly the older woman had was quickly disappearing into a trim, thin waist that… yea thanks to the shirt being a bit too small, kept peeking out when he moved just right. Looked like a good six pack in there, with a dusting of golden blonde hair growing out. His arms filled out till they stretched the fabric on the end of the short sleeves of the uniform. They looked like they had been filled with mayo on the old woman, now they were all beef. Biceps nice a round with ….was….was that a tattoo that started forming?

Both arms started bursting out in color against the pale white skin that had come with the rest of the changes. Objects, designs, flowers. Snaking in and out of each other. This wasn’t the result of a one time planned tattoo visit but a perfect example of a guy addicted to the ink that kept going back for more. The tats ended just at the write, making a stark contrast between the bleached white uniform and the colorful long sleeve skin shirt he now wore.

As he started in on my ass I noticed that the saggy breast the woman had were now a pert pair of pecs that, like the arms though the sleeves, stretched the fabric. Interesting that while the uniform had chanced to fit the new persona, part of the persona seemed to be that it needed to be a bit too tight and slutty looking. My kind of nurse.

“Spread your bum a bit mate. And don’t do any flexing while I have my hand in here. You’ll snap my fingers off.” With that a soapy washcloth was shoved down between my ass cheeks. Oh that felt great. He knew just where to press and where to hold the pressure long enough. The water dripped down again and some how made it along the crack and onto my balls.

The last visual change I could see was the face, which too on a rugged jaw but big soulful blue eyes. His hair was still wrapped up in a hair net but instead of a nest of grey with some old dyed brown left in, it was a mass of super curly blonde, straining to get out. A quick growth of slightly darker facial hair grew in, like the guy hadn’t shaved in a couple of days.

“All right. Back’s done. Give us a flip.” He turned away to rinse out the wash cloth. His back stretched the uniform too. Though the thin white fabric I could see the tattoos that coverages is back and, from the looks of them, stretched below the belt.

“Yea, you know Ah’m good. Thanks.” I said not wanting for my life to sit up.

“Come on. Look, I’m not stupid, I know what’s going on?”

“You do?” I said starting to panic that finally someone’s aware of their change.

“You’ve gotten hard, but not to worry. Happens all the time on this job. Mind you, while there’s no reason to be, I’m glad you’re a bit embarrassed. It’s the punters who flip over proudly presenting their two inch willies that gross me out. Come on now, turn over. Nothing I haven’t seen before”

After taking a moment to prepare myself, I flipped on my back. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“Yea, well….thanks?”

“I salute you sir.” He said giving me a quick little salute with his hands and a wink. “Let’s get this cleaned up.”

I couldn’t help notice that while he started in washing my legs, his eyes never left my cock. In a detailed though manner he washed down my legs but never took his eyes off my prize. All the while obviously coming up with an award winner in his trousers for himself.

“Look this is getting embarrassing.” I sad at last. “As you said, were adults. Give me that wash cloths, turn your back and give me a few minutes. We’ll get this out of the way. Literally.”

“Too right. Do you mind if I…” he said motioning down to his swelling cock.

“Go right ahead.” I said grabbing the soapy cloth out of his hand and quickly applying it to my dick.

The orderly turned his back on me. With a slight bend of the knees I knew his dick was out and he was doing some pumping himself. “Join on in mate. The more the merrier.” I heard him say. But he knew I was jagging off. So he wasn’t calling me ‘mate.” He was talking. To. Rachel.

Holy Fucking Crap.

I had forgotten that she was even in the room. I hadn’t noticed that she had stopped snoring. I hadn’t noticed that she was watching. I hadn’t noticed that she’d grown a dick.

“Ummmm….” A much deeper voice than I had ever heard her talk in before started saying. “Spice… do you mind?”

“Don’t tell De’ we did this, but yea, why not!!! Go for it!!” Why hold back anymore? Control was totally gone over the situation so, let’s ride this out.

The orderly leaned back, so his ass rested on the bed. His dick was long and kind of pink, with a forest of curly orange yellow hairs on the balls. The last remaining man on Earth who didn’t shave his nuts but of course he’s only been a man for 10 minutes. With him in that position, I got a better look at what was going on with Rachel. She… he was still in the chair, still looking a bit like the girl I thought I knew. Why he didn’t notice that he still had breast I’m not sure. Must be part of the spell. But they soon deflated down into a major pair of pecs. Wide and strong with some great definition in them. I’m a bodybuilder, well now I am, so I know these things.

His pants were unzipped and a newly formed, darkish dick was coming out and getting bigger all the time. The hands started to jerk it didn’t become thinner, but the fingers were certainly loner than before. Since he was still clothed it was sort of hard to tell most of the body changes but the pants got tighter than the orderly’s as well as the shirt. Like a second skin on him. Who ever Rachel was becoming also started to shrink down which is when I really started to panic.

Thinking the changes were totally linked to my dick I start pounding away trying to get off as quick as I could. I was still a bit off when he stopped at around 5’5’’. Not too bad. The skin took a light brown tone, healthy and free of blemishes.

He really seemed to enjoy jagging off his dick. I tried not to think about it. That right here, in this room, both these ‘guys’ were about to cum for the first time with newly created cocks. They’d have no more troubles with menstruation but not be able to be Mothers. Shit the orderly looked like she had been old enough to be a grandmother. What if she had been? Are they going to call this 6’2’’ blonde Englishman “Granny”?

Tak… oh my god I know his name is Takashi and he’s not even Japanese yet. Tak leaned his head back and shook out his hair. The medium length reddish hair flowed out, longer and longer till it reached his waist. It got fuller too, coming forward more on the forehead. Certainly never going to have to deal with male pattern baldness like I am. It turned a deep black with slight red highlights.

The face got slightly rounder, the cheekbones WAY more defined. And then the eyes shifted. Beautiful Asian eyes formed, heavy lidded but beneath them they still has that sparkle that Rachel always had. A grin broke out on his face as a thin goatee formed around his mouth.

His long thin dick suddenly exploded and shot all over his shirt. As did the orderly.

“Great.” Tak said standing up and taking off his shirt. I was expecting solid muscles on a smaller frame, definition, with maybe a nice set of dark nipples. He had that, but underneath a maze of tribal black tattoos that crossed both arms, over his pecs and down his back. Just as extensive as the orderly’s but obviously more planned out, more of an over all design.

“Not bad mate. Check it out.” The orderly said taking off is uniform top. Seeing these two shirtless studs start to compare tats was all I needed to shoot. Going to have some explaining to the cleaning crew as to what they were scrapping off the head board. I shot that hard.

Exhausted in leaned back and watched what I can only consider my handy work. A 50 year old + woman transformed into a barely 20 year old English sort of trailer trash type of guy. Hot but had a bit of an edge to him. And a young woman transformed into the hunkiest Asian stud I’ve seen since Bruce Lee hit the screen, but with about 50 pounds more muscle. They were smiling and laughing as they compared tats and stories about getting them.

Suddenly I thought of something that sent the newest in a series of chills that went down my spine.

“Hey… umm Mr. Orderly Person.”

“Rich. Ya, oh I’m sorry let me finish up. Cor, never done this before guys.”

Tak walked into the small bathroom I wasn’t allowed to leave my bed to use yet to wash out his shirt. With his back to me I could see his ass was even rounder and harder looking than mine. From what’s usually called a ‘panty line’ I could see he was into jock straps as much as I was. “Want to do it again sometime?” he asked Rich.

“That would be alright, yea. What’s your...”

“No wait I’m sorry. But with all this going on can someone check the guy in the next bed to make sure he’s OK. If we could have woken up Rach… Tak with all this, I’m just concerned..”

The orderly Rich pulled the curtain aside and quietly made his way to the other bed. After he lifted the curtain to check I could see the guy looked exactly as he always had. Still out of it. Still hooked up to machines helping him breath.

“Ahh, he’s fine. I’ll finish you up in two shakes and get out of here.” Rich said getting a fresh wash cloth and going to town on my chest. Didn‘t think muscles this hard could jiggle that much but, he was in a hurry. Tak started shaking out his shirt, trying to dry it off more. Even giving it the sniff test like any guy would to check for scents, but without any real plan if he found one. Other than just putting it back on.

All I could think of right then though was that it hadn’t effected the other guy. Why was that? He was in the same room. Closer than the Coach and Ricardo had been the other night. I hadn’t been thinking of him while we jerked off, was that the link? Or was the water from the washcloth the link? There had been water in the bowl when Barry shaved my head and when De’ and I fucked in the shower. But I’d taken showers before and after each instance, often with other guys like the rest of the wrestling team, and nothing. My head was swimming that’s for sure.

Soon enough though, Tak was back in the chair like Rachel was. Leaning his head back and relaxing like she did. And in moments snoring to heaven, about twice as loud as Rachel was. Worst of all, it was still pretty cute.

“You’re done mate. Not a word to the higher ups please, all right?”

“I will never forget what happened here but there’s no way I’ll be able to convince anyone what did.”

“Good man.” Rich said with another wink.

And with that he through the curtain back opening my side of the room to the world again. Leaving me pretty much where I was when he, or she he had been, came in. I’m in the hospital. I’m here for observation. One of my best friends is sleeping in the visitor’s chair waiting for the free lunch to arrive. Sure he had been a she about a half hour ago, but that’s pretty much been the rule instead of the exception the last couple of days.

De’ stuck his head in the room with a great welcoming smile that calmed me down some. “Hey, how you doing? Tak still asleep? Did they serve lunch yet?”

“Lunch?” Tak said waking up from his nap. Changing race and gender barely brings him to consciousness but free food…..we’re all still college students after all.

“Why are you naked?” De’ asked. I had forgotten to put the hospital gown back on.

“You know me, ah just like being naked.” I said not even attempting to get dressed again. It seemed like something Spice would do. And say. And that’s what I’m going to be doing from now on.

Fuck this. Fuck trying to figure this out and fuck trying to get to the bottom of this. If Gramps wants me to turn the campus into queer hunks, frankly, I’m at the point where that sounds like a great idea to me. I wouldn’t stop being a fag right now if I could and I don’t see what’s wrong with taking other with me if they turn out as great as De’ and Takashi here. Fuck it. It holding back doesn’t get Gramps to tell me what’s going on, then let’s see if I can blow a circuit on the whole fuckin’ curse. Maybe that’ll get his attention. •

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