Spiced Life


By Texzilla

You know there’s only so many times you can stand around your dorm room whispering “Grandfather….. Gramps I know you can hear me and I need to talk to you….GRANDFATHER” before you start getting flashbacks of Samantha calling out for Uncle Arthur, or her Mother, after one of them turned Darrin into a chimp or a dog. So I stopped. Wasn’t working anyway.

Also trying to get in touch with your former hippie parents who are vacationing in Europe and don’t believe in technology invented in the last 30 years by getting damn cell phones is pretty much a waste. Of course when I tried to buy a plane ticket back to New Mexico they put a pretty quick stop to the purchase I made on the credit card they gave me. Henry Talltrees has thousands in credit built up. Spice Talltrees is a college student with a college student’s bank account. My plan had been to go home, dig my Grandfather up and start screaming at him. OK, not the best plan.

The rest of the family also isn’t talking to me. My, now, older sisters are pissed that I missed Thanksgiving. Did I mention that there was a 9 month lapse in time from when Grandfather stuck his stick into my head and I turned into Spice in the dorm room? And during that time, maybe there wasn’t really a Spice around, but there now was…. Anyway, I didn’t come home for the holiday and they’re pissed. What the hell type of Native American family celebrates Thanksgiving anyway.

So I find myself still on my own here. Dealing with turning a guy I had feeling for into a man I lust after. A man who’s really after me to return the favor and plow my ass.

Luckily, I guess luckily, I had my school work to keep me distracted. Knowing all the more that my family was somehow behind all this. My classes all either centered around art, mainly clay like bowls and pots, and being on the wrestling team. That’s my Mom’s influence with the art and my Dad’s with the sports. When I originally went to college, back when I was Henry, they had been mortified that I was studying law. Now, their dreams have come true. Of course if that wasn’t enough of a distraction, there were the three hours I spent in the gym each morning and two after classes for my personal bodybuilding interest. Guy’s got to have a hobby besides fucking boyfriends into becoming African football players.

It wasn’t that bad though. Throwing clay on a wheel was kind of cool. Lots to concentrate on as well as just letting it flow, letting the clay shape itself. The clay decided what it would look like more times than I could convince it to become what I wanted it to be. And if you get your hands really caked with clay then rub like a two day’s worth of stubble on your head, yea, it’s a mess but the tactile feeling is incredible.

As for wrestling, well there’s something about being a 6’4” muscle bound monster that keeps anyone else from being in your weigh class. Which meant most days I suited up in my very favorite jock and very tight singlet and watched guys who’d pitch a fit if their girlfriends suggested they go see Brokeback get their hands all over each other in, quite literally, areas where no man has gone before. I was getting used to this whole gay thing way too fast.

The original idea for this evening was to go to wrestling, really throw myself into it. Then head over to the gym and put in an extra hour or so, really blast out my muscles. All in an effort to give myself time to think. But I’m finding that Spice doesn’t think as much as Henry does. Not that I’m dumber, I think I still remember everything Henry did, it’s just, I don’t see the reason to think quite as much. Kind of feel good, kind of quite. Spice is happy just going with the moment instead of living life like a chess game as Henry did.

But after the session in the gym, the shower was needed really bad. I was still adjusting to the whole blind as a bat without my glasses situation though. I had some goggle like glasses that I wore for wrestling that had prescription lenses in them. Almost looked like what you’d wear while swimming. Wore them once into the showers and everyone thought I was wearing some type of binoculars to check them out better. Well….

Anyway I threw my incredible sweaty clothes into my locker and walked back to the Athletic department’s communal showers. It was late, way late and I knew I would be alone in here. Letting the hot water flow over me was a great idea. My muscles were killing me and I know going out into that cold Chicago winter was going to get the cramping. But right now this was heaven. Even got the steam to start filling up the room. That was going to make it harder for me to see but, fuck it.

“Well you never know when you’ll find the jag offs from the Wrestling teams using up all the hot water.” I suddenly heard De’ say from across the room.

“Shouldn’t the football team use the ladies showers, you know, what with ya’ll being dickless and all.” I said throwing my wash cloth in the general direction of his voice.

“Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.” De’ said walking over to me and starting the shower next to mine. “What are you doing here so late?”

“Just needed an extra long work out. How ‘bout you? The rest of the team going to be joining us?”

“Yea, you’d like that. No I was just going over things with the coach after practice and we got to talking. He thinks that if I keep up my performances, I might make pro. Said I’d have to stay go back into the closet thought. Got this weird vibe when he said it too. But you know, that’s for another day, because right now, seeing you all soaped up, I’m not having trouble keeping something up at all.”

I got the soap out of my eyes to see De’ hefty cock rise to complete attention. With the water and the soap it looked like it was made of obsidian. He started stroking it and somehow, it started getting bigger. Needless to say, my own cock started to rise in appreciation quick enough.

“Man come on. It’s the public showers, anyone could come in.”

“It’s late, they won’t and if they do, fuck them. After I fuck you that is.”

“And did you pull a boy scout and come prepared like you did the other night?” Yea I had him on that one.

“You mean the other night where you admitted you’d never had sex with anyone before and I admitted I hadn’t” De’ said moving in closer. “You been shooting up stuff I don’t know about? Or gotten a blood transfusion anytime in the last 10 years of so?”

Man, I was dead. “Well no.”

“Me neither. So……”

I gave in. I knew there was a danger of not only someone walking in on us but this crazy ass curse thing my Grandfather placed on me, but what can I say, the need for cock over came all that. I leaned in, placed a kiss on De’s lips that made him know he’d won and took over stroking his dick. It felt great, hard and giving at the same time. The skin as lose enough that I could get a good pump going. De’ reached his hands up and started playing with those dark black nipples of his.

“If we’re gonna do this.” I found myself saying as I carefully got down on my knees on the tiled floor. I stroked his dick a few more times then wrapped my lips around the head. Why was I ever into pussy as Henry?

After a few tentative sucks on just the tip, enough to taste the precum that had started flowing, I let my jaw drop and started taking it all the way down my throat. Nothing tentative here, I became a cock sucker so fast I think De’ almost lost his balance. He placed one hand on the back of my head and the other on the shower room wall to steady himself. I kept thinking that I should look up at him, to make sure no other changes were happening, but I knew they weren’t. All I felt was the ecstasy of taking this cock down my throat.

“You boys know this is a public shower.” I heard a new voice say at the entrance to the shower.

As hard as we both had gotten, it wasn’t anything to how quickly we lost it as the Krumwoodie the football coach entered the shower.

“Oh holy fucking crap Coach.” De’ said pulling his dick out of my mouth and shutting off the water.

“Any idea how much trouble you boys could be in?” he asked as he leaned up against the far wall from us.

“Could be in?” I asked carefully standing up on the slippery wet floor. De’ and I had both instinctively started hiding our dicks with out hands.

“Yea, ‘could be’. We’ll talk afterwards but right now,” he said putting his hands down the front of his pants, “why don’t you to just continue where you were. You’re not going to mind if I watch, do you?”

With a look of anger and power I never thought I would ever see in the man De’ said “You watch if you want but you stay on the other side of the room.” “All right, all right. Don’t get your panties in an uproar.”

“Let’s give the sick fuck a show he’ll never forget.” De’ whispered in my ear before going in for another kiss.

We made out for a while, getting used to being watched and getting our dicks stiff again. Wasn’t quite as fast as when we started. After a few minutes De’ reached up and clicked the liquid soap dispenser on the wall, filling his hands. Knowing my queue when I saw it, I turned around and spread my ass checked a bit so he could start fingering my hole. Never knew it could feel like that. The first finger in went only up to the knuckle but the shock of pleasure was fantastic. If that’s what a finger felt like, I couldn’t wait for the whole dick.

“You lose your car keys up there Hardy?” Coach Krumwoodie said just about breaking the mood.

“No talkin’.” I spat at him. The shocked look on his face was priceless. Krumwoodie wasn’t that bad looking. Early 50’s but could pass for mid40’s. Being a coach he kept in pretty good shape from what I could tell under the polo shirt he was wearing. The coaching shorts ended at the knees and his hairy legs weren’t too bad. Must have been able to keep them in shape running up and down the field during practice and games. The hand down the pants was going pretty good now.

“You look like an idiot being dressed in the shower. Take you clothes off too.” I said to the Coach as De’ removed his finger from my ass.

I could hear him getting his dick prepared when he said “You set?” real quiet.

“Do it.” I said bending at the knees a bit so he would be able to enter me without standing on tip toes.

With that I felt the head of his dick slowly enter me. Impossible to think that my eyes could roll back into my head as far as they did. I actually found myself saying “Don’t” when he pulled out. I think De’ was a bit confused at my request but figured out that I meant don’t take it out. He pushed in again and this time, slowly, kept on pushing. He move back just a bit, then push in again. I let out a moan that let him know he was doing good. Soon enough he started slowly pumping me, then picking up speed.

I removed my hand from my leg where I was using it to steady myself and started jerking myself off. Must have been too much for the Coach because I heard him clear his throat. At least that’s that I thought I heard. Looking over at where the Coach had been standing I saw someone who was very quickly becoming someone other that Coach Krumwoodie.

Already he had grown about 8 to 10 inched, putting him an inch above my height. The head of dark brown hair with masses of grey highlights was edging towards a deep black, and growing longer. His shoulders which were already wide got a bit wider, but his waste, which frankly was as wide as his shoulders, grew in. The muscles filled out, stocky hard build, more mass than definition. Still, one tough ass looking guy.

And again the mood and fuck session was almost broken by someone else entering the shower. Along with my normal vision issues it was a bit harder to see considering my eyes kept crossing and uncrossing form the fuck De’ was still throwing me. But I could see it was a thin guy, but built. The total lack of body hair made me think he was on the swim team. He turned to leave, looking shocked and freaked. I got out…

“Stay.” And with that he did. Across the room about 6 feet away from the Coach. Or who ever the Coach now was becoming. Looking back the former Krumwoodie’s age had dropped to where he had to be a student now, 18 maybe 19. You could tell from the face given the lack of wrinkles and age, but not form the amount of body hair. Like a rug on the guy. The coach had been a little hairy but who he was becoming looked like the stereotypical bear. From the neck down, although I swear he had to shave his pubes, or maybe just trimmed them back a lot. Mainly it was long and curly, almost like dick hair but all over. Couldn’t even see his nipples though the forest. And the hair included the arms from the shoulders down to the wrists above those gigantic hands. The face became handsome and more….ethnic was the only was I could put it. The hair continued to form a deep shadow of a shaved beard. Then the skin tone kicked in and darkened to a brownish hue. Except for the growing dick with was almost grey, and as it’s the fashion with the transformations, a fresh foreskin hanging off the side. He had been stroking himself all this time and playing with his own nipples. While the coach has this sick leering grin on his face, this guy’s grin was kind of innocent. Sort of like someone who didn’t mind that he caught two of his peers going at it in the showers.

I was broken from my almost trance of watching the 50 year old coach become an 18 year old Middle Eastern stud when De’ really stepped up the fucking. After two forceful pushes in he gave one last shove and blew. I could feel the burning hot cum flood my insides. With my mouth being open as wide as it was I’m surprised none of the cum shot like a water fountain.

De’ pulled out and I leaned against the wall, still stroking my own giant dick that I was surprised hadn’t blown yet too. I could feel some of his cum ooze out of my ass and down my legs, which still felt insanely great. He joined me in jacking me off which is when I saw what was going on with our other audience member.

The guy had been younger than us, maybe 17 but looked about 20 now, a bit rougher and had been filling out. A great set of abs and a bigger chest that might be gotten by a swimmer, but not those arms and legs. WAY too stocky and solid. Not made for the fluid motion of swimming. His hair had been blonde but like my other boys here, it went brunette, not as deep though, a good earthy brown. His skin also started turning a deep brown, a shape or two lighter than mine though. The face became a bit rounder and a half way decent mustache started forming over his lip.

I was thinking that we had a stocky Puerto Rican here when he started shrinking. Sort of. Well, not shrinking like you’d expect if he was getting younger. He still looked like his new age of 20 or so. And not proportionately shrinking. The face, chest and torso stayed the same, pretty much, maybe a slight condensing. And that dick that had gown wasn’t getting smaller, that’s for sure. But it was the arms and legs that started going down. Instead of muscular long arms the guys were becoming kind of stubby, shorter than they should for the body. And the legs also were going down, so that instead of long legs for swimming, this guy might have some trouble getting up some of the flights of stairs in the college. Really hot still. Really muscular. Manly even though he wasn’t bigger than what I child might be. Way out of proportion now. Like a dwarf would be.

I shot my load while coming to the realization that we’d turned a guy into a hunky Puerto Rican dwarf!!! How fucked was this??!?!?!

From the shock, the sheer shock as to what had happened I fell to my knees and started hyper ventilating. The former Coach ran out of the room not wanting any part of this while the guy I just turned into a dwarf by getting fucked came over to help De’ make sure I was OK.

De’. I looked up, probably really confused but found De’ to be the same as when we started. As when I fucked him into being a black guy. But he looked OK, still the same but really concerned.

“This is really awkward my watching you guys and all but… you OK big guy.”

Why does everyone call me big guy, why is that the only term people can use for me. Oh wait, he’s only 4 feet tall now, if that, so everyone’s a big guy to him.

“Yea, year, Ah’m fine. Just getting…. you know… fucked and all and the steam and the heat…”

“He passed out a couple of days ago in his room. I’m taking you to the Campus health care unit right now.” De’ said helping me up.

“No Ah’m fine, Ah’m fine. Are you OK?” I asked the guy who was I was now dick to face with. He had a real confused look on his face, wondering why I was ask him that.

“Well…. Yea.”

“I’ve seen you around campus this year. You’re Ricardo…?” De’ asked him “Ricardo Basquez, right. Guess you don’t see many Latino little people in these parts.”

“Not that many HOT Latinos that’s for sure.”

“Gracias.” He said with a slight blush.

“Great. After one fuck you’re already set to dump me for a hotter guy.” I said trying to make a joke as we made our way out of the shower and into the locker room. The guys laughed so hopefully we could all start forgetting we were all naked and I had just been fucked in front of two people. They helped me sit down in front of the locked where I’d thrown my clothes. “Who was that other guy? Where’d he go?”

“I think he’s on the wrestling team with you isn’t he?” De’ said handed me a towel. “You said you only had one other guy in your weight class this year, and it was some guy for the Middle East who’d gained a ton of weight over the summer just to get in a bigger class. That’s not him?”

“Yea, that’s him.” I said lying like I knew who Coach Krumwoodie was now.” Again, no glasses, steam, didn’t recognize him in the shower but that’s his description.” Please guys don’t ask me what his name is, I thought to myself, I don’t have a clue. At least it got the subject closed. I had been able to fill in the blanks for Barry becoming DeAndre and for me becoming Spice, but I knew nothing about these guys. Except that they now had been who ever they were for a while. I mean, I went into the shower not having anyone else in my weight class for wrestling, and now not only do I, I’ve been talking about him to De’. The back story was there for everyone else even if didn’t know it yet. De’ obviously didn’t know anything about their change even though he had been in the room with us. I’m betting that there isn’t even a Coach Krumwoodie in the College system any more, if there ever has been.

‘I’m going to hit the showers, if you guys will be OK. Again, sorry for interrupting… but well, gay dwarfs don’t get that much action, even the ‘hot’ ones. Later.” Ricardo said heading back to the showers. His ass was nice though. Oh god how pathetic was that. Freaked to the gills but still checking out asses.

“Thanks again man.” De’ yelled after him. “You wait here. I’ll get dressed and we’ll go see the Doctors.”

“No come on, let just go back to ma room…..”

“You’re going to get checked out and that’s it. Be right back.”

Oh this is going to be good. “Yes Doctor I have an explanation as to why my ass hole is currently three times wider than it should be…. see that concerned black guy over there..? And I passed out due to the shock of turning a 50 year old white male into an 18 year old Middle Eastern slab of beef and a svelte 17 year old swimmer into one hot fireplug of a Puerto Rican dwarf.” No, I’m not going to wind up in any drug treatment center after answering that. Unless it’s one in the middle of a loony bin.

Guess if anything good came of this we weren’t in trouble with the football coach, cause he wasn’t a coach anymore, and I could fuck around with De’ and not worry about any effect it would have on him.

Wait a minute. They changed but we never touched. Grandpa touched me with his casting stick to turn me into Spice. I fucked Barry to turn him into DeAndre. But these two guys, they were across the room. De’ had turned that water off so not even the run off was getting on them. Was just being in the same room with us enough to do it? Did anyone in the rooms next to us when De’ and I fucked the other night change and I haven’t noticed it yet? And if we go downtown and fuck in the observation deck of the Sears Tower will it change the whole of Chicago into hunky gay teenagers with a 33% instance of Dwarfism?

What the fuck’s going on Gramps? •

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