Spiced Life


By Texzilla

“You looking for someone in the stands, Spice?”

“Just lookin’”

“You need help looking?”

“Does blind as a bat me need help looking at dozens of faces hundreds of feet away? What makes you think that?”

De’ gave a quite laugh and stepped next to me to face the viewing stand in the arena. “OK, who or what are we looking for?”

“Anyone who looks like us.”

“Dude have YOU looked at us recently? Gigantic, bald Indian and the man who is chocolate perfection. We may be awesome but we’re not common.”

“Not that specific. Just more than healthy males, late teens to early 20’s of diverse ethnicity.”

“Anyone else on the face of the Earth ask me to do this, I’d wonder why. Coming from you…well. Not a big crowd tonight for your matches. What you got here is a charming turnout of older men and their video cameras. You know my football team has their own stadium which is usually packed.”

“That’s because the average football fan believes the players to be uncontrollable alpha males, who they and they alone, could tame. Quelling the player’s inner beast like urges to make them nice and presentable, if only given a chance. While also projecting themselves into your places in hopes of someone else forcing them to face their inner fears they can’t or won’t deal themselves. It’s a power and control fantasy over others rooted in a need to control their own unidentified wants. While the wrestling team is perceived even more the alpha male but too mindless to be anything other than the beasts they’re thought to be and thus, not worth the challenge to tame. Which is why you get the frustrated former high school athletes, the politicians and the housewives all living vicariously through you and we get the lonely dudes hoping to see one guy grab another guy on the crotch. Yes, we all love the football team.”

“Where did you…”

“Ah accidentally sat in on a psych course for two weeks before ah realized it wasn’t my Great Literature of the Eastern World studies.”

“It’s like I’m dating Rain Man.”

“You know Ah’m an excellent driver and a great fuck”

“You know you’re playing with yourself in front of all these people?”

“When you’re suited up, it called ‘Adjusting’. I’m adjusting myself. Baseball players do it all the time.”

“For 20 minutes?”

“Can’t help it if ah got more to adjust.”

“You need help adjusting?”

“Damn right ah do.” I grabbed De’ by the collar of his coat and made my way past the team waiting on the sides of the mats towards the stands. I took a quick second to grab my gym bag on the way. “Arif, if they’re ready for us and Ah’m not back, just call for me. Ah’ll be under the stands.”

“…..yes. Alright.”

“So you’re friends with this Arif guy now?” De’ asked as we went.

“No, just teammates. He’s just the one person out there that I’m sure will still BE out there in a couple of minutes. And if he catches us it’s not like he hasn’t seen it before.”

“And what is it he’s going to see?”

“Under the bleachers, chocolate perfection.”

I dragged De’ under the stands, making our way past and under the braces that kept them up. The floor was littered with dropped snags and cast off pieces of paper people had dropped from above. We could see people above, well parts of their asses and feet at least. Looking to the front of the stands we could see out and to the arena floor, but not real clearly. The only way anyone could really see us is if they came in the sides like we did. And people only did that when they wanted to do what we were going to do. Perfect. In the middle of a large crowd, but secluded enough that if I have sex, and the curse goes off, I’m in the perfect position to change a dozens of people at one time. Not onezees and twozees like up till now.

I lead De’ to the back wall, made one more quick look around. “Drop ‘em” I said letting go of his jacket and my gym bag.

“Are you kidding?”

“Are you deaf? Let’s go, Ah only got a couple of minutes. Come on. Good thing about the wrestling team…knee pads.”

I dropped to my knees, pushed his coat aside and started undoing his belt. With one hand I nudged his feet slightly more apart and pulled the zipped down with the other. I gave his jeans a good yank south.

“What are you 12? What are you wearing? Where did you get these drawr’s?”

“They’re the latest thing.” De’ said breaking out in one of those great smiles that make me love him all the more.

“They have fire trucks on them.”

“You don’t think it’s cute. Big black football player wearing little kid like underoo’s.”

“It’s adorable. We’ll buy ourselves new pairs for our next sleep over. Right now, I need that cock.”

You know, having really big hand that when they’re being used for lifting weights or molding clay day in and day out, they get rough, they get strong, and they get boyfriend’s underwear ripped off his body in one quick tug.

“Holy shit.” Was all De’ could get out before I threw my mouth around his already pretty hard pick.. Man I love cock. I could still taste the soap from when he showered earlier today, but there are so many other things here. Yea a little piss like taste but that’s OK, it comes with the territory. But De’ own flavor was so strong. When we kiss it’s like electricity. I’ve let my mouth roam over his body several times, his chest, his ass, and there are hints of his flavor here and there. But when I’m on his cock. Nothing in the world is like this. I never went down on the girls I dated when I was Henry, too afraid of getting my mouth in places where bodily discharges came out. One thing I’ve learned since becoming Spice, there’s nothing like.

De’ was off in a world of ecstasy, thank you very much, I AM good at this. His hands were playing with his nipples when his breathing started going up some. They went to his side and he braced himself against the wall a millisecond before he shot his load down my throat. Getting every drop so I didn’t hit the floor with cum on my singlet.

“For some one who just learned how to do that…”

“Learning curve goes up when you’re hot for cock.” I reached in my bag, pulled out a breath freshener and gave my mouth a couple of quick blasts. Then I grabbed the butt plug I went into Chicago to buy the other night after I got out of the hospital.

“You are kidding me.” He said as I flipped the straps of my singlet over my shoulders and quickly shucked the wrestling uniform down to my knees. I moved him aside, as he hiked his jeans back up, taking his place against the wall. Instead of leaning back against it, I braced my hands on it and stuck my ass out.

“Load me up. They’re going to be calling me soon. I want to be fully plugged when I hit the mat.”

“I’ve never used one of these before. Never really seen one, like, in person.” De’ said as he moved behind me and started playing with my ass. “You greased yourself up already? You do that in the locker room, you freak? You sure about this?”

“Lots of new stuff for us to try out and learn. I’d do it myself but I don’t think I could reach back there. What with being the muscle bound stud I am. I didn’t have time to draw you a map, guessed even a football player would know where to shove that thing. You do know were that goes, right?”

I tried to move back a little more to give him a better angle but…yea, I’d say he’d gotten the idea. One hand parted my ass while the other very smoothly but very forcefully shoved the plug up my ass. Neither the plug nor its base that would still be sticking out of me was the biggest the store had, but it should balance between being big enough to give me a charge and small enough that hopefully people who’d guess what’s going on once I get my singlet back up. De’ had it quickly in place and was wiggling it around some, hitting my prostate on and off.

“Ok it’s in, Wow. We’re getting more of these for our next sleep over too.” I grabbed his head for a quick kiss and pulled my singlet back up. When I bent over to reach it, the plug stayed in place, which was good since the plan was to wrestle with it in there tonight. Took a minute to compose myself while De’ retrieved my bag and his undies. “What do you think? Can you tell I’m packing a plug?”

“No that ass looks as gigantic as ever but no sign of anything. You sure about this?”

“Hell yea. I gotta get back and check the crowd again. I think I got an extra jock in there if you want.”

“No, I’ll just go commando tonight. Going from not even wanting to admit he’s gay to semi public oral sex and dildos within a month. My boy’s gone away to college and is growing up so fast.”

Didn’t think now was the time to go into how I’ve actually gone from being a 35 year old to19. Not exactly growing up in my book. Although, maybe experience wise maybe. Certainly broadening my horizons more that Henry did, if not just my asshole. We made our way back out from of the under sides of the stand and back into the arena. I started looking around the arena again to see if I could find anyone who matched the changes that the people I was effecting had gone through. The crowd looked the same, maybe a few ore people but no one different. But I still didn’t have my glasses or my wrestling goggles on.

“Check again, you see anyone that matches the description I mentioned earlier?”

“No, not really. Unless you mean those two. HEY, Tak and Rich, over here!!”

Ok, so us fucking under the stands didn’t turn anyone in the crowd into queer hunks. Kind of disappointed in that. And Tak and Rich certainly stood out so it’s not like we’re missing anyone who might have changed. It would be too obvious.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked as we met up with them. “Came to cheer you on. Finally got a match tonight, right?” Tak said hanging on a bit to Rich. Who was hanging onto Tak. Well, that’s cool. They make a great couple. If I was going to turn them from women into gay men, at least they had each other.

“And it being free I’m sure didn’t hurt.”

“We like the free.”

“I got a go. Wish me luck.”

A couple of “WoooHoooo”s and “You da’ MAN” followed me as I made my way to the edge of the mats. I slipped on my goggles so things got a bit clearer. And my head gear so I’d be set. A couple of other matches were going on, not ready for me yet. That was OK. I looked over my shoulder and saw Arif still staring at me. What was up with this guy?

Then I looked farther over my shoulder and saw De’ talking to Tak and Rich. He motioned behind the stands, did some more taking, Tak and Rich looked at me and then clapped their hands in approval and gave me a thumbs up. De’ then leaned in, whispered a bit more, and the guys fell off their seats laughing. They quieted down so I gave a quick tug to the back of my singlet. And they laughed their asses off again, with De’ joining them. Something only real friends could get away with doing or be allowed to do.

The Ref motioned to Arif and me to take our places on the mat. Kind of strange that in one way, it’s been a while since Spice had any real competition on the mats. In another way, Henry has never done this before. Might be best to take what ever little shreds of Henry there is left and store them away till Spice wins this. Not that Spice’s cockiness was kicking in.

I hadn’t really noticed that Arif was still making unblinking eye contact with me till we got in the set hold, bent over, arms locked around each other’s head. I only had a second before the ref gave the signal. “Something up? Why do you keep staring at me?”

The ref threw his hand down, blew his whistle and we were off. The guy was good, I was better. He might have actually out classes me in strength. His arm went around my waist and trying to take me down but I was able to leverage out. Leaving me in the perfect position to grab at his ankles and trip him up. But it wasn’t quite time to go in for a pin, he’d just bump me off.

He got up again, we got into position and lunged into another head lock. As we spun around I noticed that my group of supporters was cheering me on like crazy. Including a couple of the older guys who had moved down from the upper seats to right next to my buddies, along with their cameras. Could they..?

“You saw me in the shower. I need you to forget you did that.” Broke my concentration of the group. He said before quickly, quicker than I gave him credit for, lunged down, grabbed my waste again and tossed me back on my ass. Got to say, landing on you butt plugged filled ass is really something you have to experience to know how it feels. Not bad, not good, but you DO FEEL IT.

Arif came in and got me down again, grabbing me between the legs and trying to flip me back. One heavy forearm reached from my ass to my dick, which was kind of getting off on this roughness. A quick glance over to the crowd saw nothing out of the ordinary, except that those guys had put down their cameras and were just staring. “I am married. My wife comes to states next month. She can’t know.” Arif said getting in close to whisper forcefully in my ear.

Again I was able to break out of his grip. He did have me in the strength department, but a good wrestler knows that agility will over come that if used correctly. While I’m no gymnast, and the term ‘muscle bound’ keeps getting used, I’m more agile than this brute. As a matter of fact, after I fully broke away, I distanced myself from Arif by doing a back flip. Learned to do that as a kid, practicing back flips over cactuses. You learn to do it right fast. When I landed it shook the plug pretty violently to where my teeth rattled. Didn’t figure on having to clench my ass this much to keep it in place. After that back flip though, that got the ref and the coach pissed but it gave me a half minute to let them ball me out so I could check the bench.

Yea, the two older guys were defiantly younger. Going from around 35 or 40 to what looked like older teens, if that. Certainly not into their 20’s. De’ and they guys obviously weren’t paying any attention to the change. But they seemed to be talking to the guys while this was happening. What the fuck could they be talking about? I looked around as I was being yelled at to see if I could find anyone else being set under this spell, but it was too hard to tell. Lots of younger guys, but at this point I don’t know if that’s a new state for them or if they walked in that way.

Shit, and I also had started throwing a boner. Was this something they were yelling at me about? Wasn’t paying attention. It’s kind of like thinking, so I try to avoid it. They finally finished and let us start up again. As our hands went around each other I was able to tell Arif “Why would I tell your wife that we were in the shower at the same time. What does it matter?”

A few more clenches and a few more throws and he replied, “That I was enjoying it.”

Oh man, fine whatever. I didn’t go from straight to gay to loving being gay to have to worry about someone else’s hang up with it. Wait, this guy used to be Krumwoodie so how is Arif married? And isn’t it sort of my fault that he’s gay now and not able to handle it. That’s when he threw me back again. Got to stop thinking. Got to let his hands start working on me.

A movement here and a movement there and Arif’s hands were in places that I hadn’t even let De’ get to yet. The feeling of the plug up my ass and the tight grips against the smooth fabric of the singlet was becoming overwhelming. The guys on the bench were in full bloom of the spell within minutes.

Hard to tell since they were in a sitting position but they looked around 5’5 maybe a little taller. Their shoulders were spreading out as their waist went in. A lot. Those original guys have been superesized at McD’ a few times too often. The hair on their heads started growing back in, one turning from a brown with gray to a deep black and the other a sandy orange to a deep black. They seemed to be shifting in their chairs more than most people who have been sitting on there benches for so long. Good chance there’s some ass adjusting going on and dick rearranging of their own. The hair turned curly, small curly not like Rich’s flowing mass of curls. With a shine to it that seemed like it has been greased a bit. More built up on top with shorter sides.

Shit, he pinned me, hold on. A quick back arch and I was able to get out of it. If the ref hadn’t been counting me down I would have let Arif leave me that way a bit longer. Had his hand cupping my crotch like a true pro. And he got a handful too.

Getting set again I gave the stands a quick look over again. No one. No one else fit the MO. All this work, all this fucking and a six inch wad of rubber up my ass and all I cold do I change two more guys. What the fuck’s the pattern here except I get my nuts off and up to two people change?

With their winter coats on I’m sure the boys, for that’s what they were now, didn’t think anyone would see their hands go down their pants. But if you’re looking for that maneuver like I was, seeing the smiles on their faces was just as expected. Speaking of the smile on those faces, aw crap, Arif got busy again.

Arif grabbed my arm and threw me over his shoulder. I landed right on my left cheek and the plug struck my prostate. Child birth had to be more enjoyable than that. Let’s get this over with. He lunged for me, I darted out of the way at the last minute, letting momentum get him on the matt. I scooted back and with my body, flipped him onto his back, laying across his stomach and grabbing his legs with my right arm, holding him down at the shoulders blade with the other. In this position he was perfectly placed for a count down.

“Your secret is safe with me. But that hard dick digging into my side tells me you’re going to have a harder time keeping it than anyone else who knows it.” And on a 3 count I had won.

The crowd cheered as much as they do in these college meets. Not like they do for the beloved football team. But my little cheering session was on their feet. Including my two new stud muffin fans.

As I thought their faces had changed not only at the same time, but to the same face. Square jaws, 5 o’clock shadow. Yea I think that’s called a Roman nose, giving them a very Italian look. Heavy eyebrows, even busy over sparkling blue eyes. That’s a nice touch. A slightly fuller lower lip than upper. Their crotches though big old wet stain. I caught their eye, they caught mine, I nodded to bit to bring their attention to the spreading stain and they buttoned their coats faster than anyone in history ever has.

Twins. I had created a couple of hunky Italian twins. Their coats now covered most of their build but the tuff of fur that poked out of their shirts hinted to a couple of hairy guys again. The fabric over their chest strained against some pert but meaty pecs. And big hands started clapping as the ref raised my arm up, showing me to be the winner. Arif and I shook hands. He seemed calmer now. Maybe he’s thinking about what I told him. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Maybe it’s a family thing. Maybe he’s trying his best to live up to traditions even though his reality would shatter them. As much as it’s his new life now thanks to this fucked up fucking curse, it’s his life. I’m dealing with enough right now. Who knows, maybe this will all be over soon, everyone will change back into their real selves and he won’t even have to worry about it.

De’ gave me such a hug that I almost landed back on my ass. Would hate to think of him turning back into Barry. The Spice that has this history before my transformation had fallen for Barry. The Spice I’ve been living the past few weeks was deeply in love with DeAndre. More to think about when thinking is so hard to do there days. I got a few slaps on the back from Tak and Rich. Even the new boys joined in.

“Hey, have you met Tony and Angelo here?” De’s said introducing me. “They just joined the team.”

“The team?” I asked, with that sudden chill again.

“Yea, the wrestling team. You said the coach placed you while lunk head here was in the hospital, right?”

“Right. Nice to meet you Spice. Heard a lot about you from the rest of the squad. We’re late transfers up from Florida. Sorry to hear you were laid up. But it doesn’t look like it was too serious. You were AWESOME MAN!!”

“Glad you enjoyed the show.” I said giving another glace to their covered crotches. The two boys just started laughing like crazy, doubling over and confusing De’, Tak and Rich. “Hey, you three got to have your laugh earlier. The guys and I are enjoying our.”

“Hey, were they the guys you were looking for before? Did you know they were coming?”

“Uhhhhh, yea. Uhhh, the Coach? He told me about them but only gave vague descriptions. I hoped they would come by…… so I was looking for them……. so I could meet them. Yea.”

“How the shit does someone as big as you do a back flip like that? Wish I had a camera.”

Was it Tony or Angelo who asked that? Going to be hard to tell which of these boys are which. And this was coming from their ‘creator’. I was right, their cameras disappeared. Wonder if anyone else filming caught their transformation?

If their camera hadn’t have disappeared, it wouldn’t have survived the crash anyway. A lighting fixture crashed to the ground from the upper levels of the arena to within feet of where we were now standing anyway. Hitting the row of bleacher seat the guys had been sitting on. Exactly. Followed shortly by an even larger row of lights that hit the matt where Arif and I had just finished wrestling. Exactly.

As everyone jumped out of the way and the place was cleared I could help but remember that my Grandfather had warned me of danger. And I didn’t even have to ask if this was connected to what ever it was my Grandfather was up to. I just hoped he knew what he was doing. •

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