Spiced Games


By Texzilla

This place looks a bit better than the last. Nice, dark but open. Lots of guys around. Even better than the last place since there’s no dumb ass Nazi flag on the wall. Just a symbol of power my black ass. You don’t put up a swastika unless you believe in it. And you don’t stand there while big black daddy punches you in the face. Shithead got that wrong too.

Somethings I just don’t want my boys exposed to. They’re being very good tonight. Lots of attention being given by others, but they still only look to me. Got a chuckle from the doorman but, my boys have a habit of doing that. Must be those tits of theirs. I grabbed a stool at the bar while waiting for my evening’s pleasure to get free.

“What do you have?” The bartender asked.

“Beer. Whatever’s cold.”

“And for your….friends?”

“They’re going to be too busy to drink. Boys” I said giving their leashes a yank, “Get busy.”

The best part about keeping my two boys is how much they like each other. I wasn’t so much ordering them to go at each other as I was allowing them to do what they would do 24/7 if I didn’t order them to stop. My boys like each other a lot. They were a little pissed at my giving them pills to grow little titties, that is till they started trying the out. Almost knocked their fool heads together getting their mouths on each other’s nipples so fast. The pills tended to shrink their dicks a little but, that’s OK, they only need them for peeing now a days. Not like I’m going to allow them to do any fucking while they live under my roof.

“Come on boys, the sling if free.” I said leaving the bar and walking over to one of the darker areas of the bar. Hanging from the ceiling was a leather sling. One of those hammock type things for guys to lie back on, throw their legs in the air and get fucked. Cept I ain’t getting fucked exactly. I checked the steel chains hanging it from the ceiling. Looks pretty strong and steady. I’m a big guy, got a bit of a belly going for me, although it’s solid. Don’t want to get into position and have one of these chains snap due to my weight. I do a quick adjustment and yank out the briefs I was wearing, only leaving the chaps on before I turn around and get into position. Nice that they got some stirrups in place coming up from the floor to rest my heels. Hate it when I have to hang my legs off the sides.

“Go ahead.”

I let loose of the leashes letting the boys head over to the lube that’s off to the side. Glad I had them take some thin rubber gloves in their leather shorts along. Not the healthiest bucket of grease I’ve ever seen so they’ll be protested using the gloves. Maybe see the doc tomorrow to give me a shot so no creeping fungus starts growin’ in my ass from this. I take a moment to get myself set before giving them the word.

“OK boys, make Daddy happy.”

Boy two grabs my dick and start jacking me off, slowly. Nice and slippery. I can feel the heat in his hands through the gloves and the goo. Boy One starts with one finger going in and out of my ass, then two. The crowd starts going a little nuts. They must have figured the evening’s entertainment was all over with.

That Boy One though. Kids going to get the spanking of his life when were done. Suddenly he goes from one finger to four and pushes in till he’s up to the first knuckle of this thumb too. I look up to give him a shout but that smile of his, so mischievous. And it’s not like Daddy don’t totally hate what he’s doing.

Guess they took that as unspoken permission to continue since Boy One finished shoving his whole hand into my ass while Boy two left my dick and carefully started inching his hand in Daddy’s butt too. Not the first time I’ve hand this much up there. Not the largest I’ve had up there either. There was enough room but I thank him for being cautious. The crowd is really going nuts now. They’re really liking what we’re doing.

Yea, this is a great crowd. Maybe, maybe they would like to be my boys too. Maybe they all should be smaller, thinner, younger looking. All precious little teen puppies for big Daddy to have worship him. What the fucks all that noise?

Big damn commotion at the far side of the bar. Someone trying to get in. Looks like some Rasta brother what with all the dreads. Some of my new boys are trying to hold him back but he’s too big for them. What’s the fuck is that he’s holding out in front of him and who is he calling?

“Spice SHIT here you are. DAMN it stop this.” He says to me, crazy ass idiot.

“Fuck off asshole. We’re busy!!”

“Sorry man got to do this.” He reaches into his pocket and doesn’t pull out the gun I think he might, but a bunch of crappy plants and throws them to the ground. A large plum of smoke goes off, covering me and my boys. Doesn’t do that much for me but, shit, my boys are coughing like crazy. Almost hear their voices getting deeper. Sure as shit feels like their hands are getting bigger in my ass.

When the smoke clears it’s no longer my boys but some tattooed Asian guy and... shit some tattooed white guy with their hands up my ass. The white guy pulls his hand out right away and tries to collect himself.

“Rich… are you OK? Tak. TAK snap out.”

“What the.. where are we.. what the.. why…” the Asian guy says seeing me. Not seeing his hand where it should be. Seeing where his hand is. Which makes him start trying to yank it out. Not what I would have had in mind but, man what a feeling. Damn, all my other new boys are gone too. The place is clearing out real fast.

“Stoney what’s going on? Where are we and who is this guy?”

“Rich THAT’S SPICE!!! He transformed the three of you and brought you here. I had to track you down from his apartment.”

“I’ve got my hand up Spice’s ass?!?!” the Asian guy yells. “You stupid son of a bitch.”

Never seen anything like this. Like a bolt of lightning came from under the guy’s skin from his shoulder, down his arm and into my butt in a split second. Lit up the room. Hurt like hell so much I lost my vision for a second before I heard.

“Hold shit what’s he doing now…!!!” Then it went black again.

----- ----- -----

Dark. Dark. Cold. Sleep.

Wet. Sleep. Alone. Must be alone.

----- ----- -----

Dark. Water. Need to eat. Bigger peanuts this time. Always by the garbage. Bigger peanuts.

Peanuts scratch. Howl. Do peanuts do that? Eat.

----- ----- -----

Eye opens. Noise. Water move. Noise.

“Holy shit can be him? Could he have gotten that much bigger since he destroyed the club and ran off?”

“What the hell else could it be Tak. Chirp the others.”

Small man make flying peanut noise. “We found him guys. Sewer B24 on the map, at the main junction. Hurry. Think he’s asleep. You won’t believe this. This is fucked guys.”

“I think the phone woke him. His eye moved.”

“Going to bring my light up some.”

The little man got brighter. Light in my room. They’ll see me.

“Cat heads. Are those cat heads? I’m going to puke.”

Get them away. Move them away.

“Tak watch out he’s moving.”

“I’ll stop him.”

Ow. Little man sting. Run.

“He’s getting away!!”

Down hall. Down river. Dark. Hide in dark. No. More little men.

“Crap. Look at him. Fucking Kong’s bastard child!!! SPICE CAN YOU HEAR ME!!” Little little man say

Run. Too many. They’ll see me. Two men now. In dark. Eyes burning. BURNING.

“Stop guys don’t hurt him. Tak lay off the juice. You’ll electrocute us all.”

“Get him down that way. Towards the others.”

Run. Run. Tired. Sleep. No More.

“Stoney, you got him?”

“See if this is strong enough.”

More light. More pain. Can’t move. SCREAM. My scream off walls again. SCREAM.

“SPICE!!” Little man says. Little man on my face. Can’t move. Little man on end of face. “Spice baby I know you’re in there. Spice its De’, stop this!!!!!”

Little man is…. “De’?”

“YES. Yes, it’s me baby. Stop this already. For me, Baby. Please. WAKE UP!!”

Everyone is getting bigger. So tired. Little ma…. De’, is he back? Is De’ back? What’s going on? Everything is like small but getting bigger. No I’m getting smaller.

“That’s it Spice. Oh my god, thank you Jesus. Spice can you hear me? Are you awake yet?”

“De? Is that you?”

“Yea, baby it’s me. And now you’re you again.”

“De’…..I missed you.” Then things went black again.

----- ----- -----

My eye opens. Just a little. The last afternoon sun is streaming in our window. Our window. I’m in our bed. Covers over me. On my side. Both big over stuffed pillows under my head. And there’s De’.

He’s sleeping in the chair next to our bed. He looks like he hasn’t shaved in days. He looks thin. He looks beautiful.

My head hurts. Things start coming back. Thoughts. Memories that aren’t mine, but they are. How long…?

“I saw that eye open” De’ said from the chair next to our bed.

“No you didn’t.”

“How are you doing?” he said getting off the chair and moving over to the bed next to me.

“Feel like a truck hit me. How ….is ……everything?”

“Nothing weirder than what can be expected for this group. No one turning into anything they didn’t want to and wandering off. No 20 foot tall ape like boyfriends on the loose. No one going to live in the Chicago Deep tunnel sewer system. No cats being eaten…”

“Oh shit.”

“That’s not what they mean by eating pussy by the way. Over all, you’ve been sleeping, and when I haven’t been sleeping next to you, I’ve been watching you.”

“So…….if you’ve been sleeping next to me, does that mean…..we’re OK?”

“We’re doing fine, you big fucking freak.” He said giving my ass a slap. I was immediately up and wrapped around him crying my eyes out. Guess I am a freak. I’ll leave out how many times I cried ‘I’m sorry’ into his shoulder. “All right, all right.” De’ said trying to calm me down. But it was all coming back to me. The days or weeks?

“I don’t know what happened. It’s all a blur. I remember working late at the studio… and getting sick. But then, but then I remember other things. I think…. I think I was fucking around with other guys. And Tak and Rich……”

“Ok, ok. While you’ve been out of it for a few days, we’ve been trying to piece things together. Your Grandfather checked in and we ran things past him.”

“Was it some type of spell or my not being able to handle the Coyote being’s powers… Can I have a glass of water?”

“Sure baby.” De’ kissed me on the forehead, and then gave it a playful slap. “Still my silly Spice. Happy to say though, it was neither of those things. What happened was a very human reaction augmented by some very superhuman powers.”

“How was that normal?”

“Ever hear of sleepwalking?” He said coming back from the bathroom with my glass of water.

“No fucking way.”

“Well, not totally. But in you we have someone who Tak is correct in calling a silly shit, as much as I love you. After days of togetherness we spent one night wrapped up in the love and companionship of all our friends. Then I left. Everyone hooked up with everyone else. Leaving you alone. You got in a fight with Tak making you feel even more abondonded. You got more upset. I’m guessing you didn’t sleep much either….”

“There’s a bottle of Jack in there somewhere too.”

"Just 'A" bottle?"

"A bottle a day...."

“Ah. Another piece of the puzzle. Even the most mature person would have trouble dealing with that much sudden change, and you’re far from being ma…anyway. But unlike other people who would just have to deal, your subconscious has a whole realm of outlets for your frustrations. Where others might only be able to live out fantasies that resolve inner person crisis in their heads, you’re subconscious had the ability to bring those fantasies into the real world. And since you were so out of it, there was nothing to stop it, or you. You know what I mean.”

“You all must hate me. What I did…”

“Well, we’d be happier if your power fantasies lead you to become Super Native American so you could fight crime, like most people with the emotional level of a 12 year old would do. Or maybe just contend yourself with writing internet fantasy porn stories. But you’re too much of a kinky freakoid. Which is part of the reason we love you despite.”

“Kind of desperate and sad.”

“Kind of? It’s the fucking dictionary entry for desperate and sad. No need for words, just a photo of your sorry ass.” De’ said still sounding supportive if a little more pissed. “I’m not saying, it’s not your fault. But there’s a lot you weren’t in control over the last couple of weeks. And there’s a whole part of this thing called love that makes one want to overlook things from time to time.”

“But I’m not sure I was safe when I was fucking around.”

“True. So you’ll get tested and we’ll play it safe till the results are in, and we’ll go from there.”

“Are Tak and Rich mad?”

“Rich is cool, you know Rich. Tak was pissed for a few days, then worried, then pissed. At last check, I think he was back to worried with a slight embarrassment of having enjoyed having tits again. Even small ones. He might be asking for a favor of a spell for a few days to try them out again.”

“Holy shit.”

“Eh, it’s Tak. Stoney and Ricardo have been out of their minds with worry. I’ll give them a call and let them know you woke up.”

“So….we’re cool?”

“Well, of course we are, Boo.” De’ said coming in for a kiss. “Dumb ass tattoo and all. One of the things I learned over in Africa? Hyenas mate for life. And even if they didn’t, this Hyena Warrior Magician does. Understand though, I’m going to have to head back to Africa at some time very soon. But if I ever needed to prove to you that I’d come back no matter what, I think this whole comedy should be good enough.”

“I would expect no less from Chocolate Perfection.”

“As I would want no less from my silly shit.” •

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