Spiced Games


By Texzilla

I don�t even remember how I found out about this party. Glad I came though. Lots of athletes wearing next to nothing and having a ball. Some regular guys like myself too, looking for someone who�d like some companionship tonight. A couple of the guys already looked like they had been clipped. This is going to be great. The looks on their faces when I offered myself up was priceless. Even better when I started stripping. Don�t think they expected someone as furry as me to show up for the fun.

�Dude, you sure about this?� The guy with the clippers asked, turning them on with a CLACK.

�It�ll grow back.�

�Itching like crazy.�

�Some of us enjoy that type of thing.�

�Awesome. Ok, let�s start cutting this forest down first.�

He started down at my feet and slowly worked his way up. A crowd of just about everyone who at the party had gathered around and was already enjoying the show. With short little sweeps he took the hair off my legs from on ankle to knee, and then switched over to the other leg. Guy was pretty good. I was expecting a couple of jabs with the electric clippers but he was smooth with it. Although not leaving me all that smooth yet. Brown hairs still stuck out of my legs like plucked chicken feathers. A reference I hope I don�t mind making later on. One of the other guys would occasionally sweep up the fallen hairs from around my feet as the clipping progressed up my legs. My legs looked a little fuller, a bit more built with the hair gone. I thought they might look smaller.

While he buzzed the hair from around my dick, he left that alone for now as he started on my back down to my ass. There wasn�t that much hair, certainly as compared to my chest, but it was going too. The crowd started whooping as he went for my ass. That forest of fur between my ass cheeks was removed and then my ass spread for a deeper cut. It was only when he was doing this that the vibrations from the clippers really hit me. Everyone in back of me commented how the Man in the Moon tattoo over my ass showed a lot clearer now tat it was out from under all that hair.

That done he started on my chest, removing the hair from each pec and then going in for the cleavage. While not as deep and refined as some of the sports maniacs, without the hair it was clear I had a pretty perky pair of pecs under all that hair. More whoops from the crowd as the clippers went round each nipple clearing them off. My stomach was next, again not as hairy as other places but still needing to be cut down before the next stage. When all was done, just like my legs, my chest looked a little bigger, my abs more of a six pack. One of the guys mentioned it too, but we all passed it off to the hair covering up so much. That had to be it. Still didn�t touch my crotch yet.

My arms were taken over my head and my pits cleaned out. The clippers even got stuck at one point thanks to their denseness. I was kind of surprised when he asked me to extend my arms but, hey, they were furry and all the fur needed to go. This tie it had to be the sweat that I�d broken out into a bit that made my arms look a little bigger, more defined. It was hot in this small room, and with this crowd getting hot and heavy, it�s not a surprise that I wasn�t the only one beginning to drip.

Only thing left below my neck was my crotch.

�Do you want to move you ball up or�?�

�Unless there�s a volunteer in the audience, go for it.�

The guy with the clipper shot a look of death at each and every guy who moved forward, putting them in their place. Which was not with their hands on my balls. He firmly took them and sheered away the hair, not delicately but with caution. Then playing around some he took my bush down a bit little by little. Almost like he was taking me back in time to before all this hair sprouted on me. I�ve heard guys who shave more often that it makes you dick look bigger and I have to say, the effect wasn�t unnoticed by myself or others.

�So�� we lose the beard and hairdo?�

�Leave the beard, but the sooner I�m bald the better.�

Another cheer went up and the clippers were at my forehead in a split second. The clippers again had a tough tie getting though the hair. He had to keep stopping, picking clumps of hair out of the blades and going at it again. Took a lot longer than I would think it should. But that�s OK. The buzzing went though my head causing incredible vibrations.

�You sure about the beard?�

�Take it down to a goat, but that�s all.�

Quickly the clippers were at the sides of my face from ear down to chin, cutting through the facial hair. Wiry strands fell down on my chest but those, like the hair that fell on my back, was nicely brushed away by some helpers. After carefully trimming the bear edges into style, the clippers were turned off. The guy with the clippers and I weren�t the only ones in the room breathing heavy.

�Want to see?�

�Not till we�re done. I might stop you�. or get even more excited.� I said trying desperately to get my half hearted hard on to go down. �Any time you�re ready.�

Like something out of a freaking kids show 10 cans of shaving cream were aimed at me and unloaded. From head to foot I was covered in almost an instant. Then the hands were all over me, rubbing it in. Smoothing it out and leveling it off. Hands on my legs, in my under arms, over my head, between my ass crack. Everywhere. The smell of the shaving cream, the sweat, the guys, it was just incredible. After a few minutes to make sure I was covered, the razors came out.

Some of the guys were ore experienced than others. At shaving that is. Got a few nicks and cuts, nothing close to a hemorrhage though. Fingers everywhere, sometimes pulling the skin tighter so the razor could get in closer. Then the fingers run across the newly shorn skin checking for stubble, and reshaved if needed. A hand goes between my legs to spread the out a bit so they can shave in there too, and my arm go up again of the last bits of stubble in my pits is gone. Razors are whipped off and the shaving starts all over again.

Why did I know the guy doing my cock was really going to make sure that shaving cream was worked in good before he started shaving? Shit, there�s more than one pair of hands down there.

�Going to be easier to shave it we get you hard. At least, that�s our excuses.�

I lost touch with all other shaving sensations when they started taking the stubble off my dick and balls. While the action was going on down on my groin I swear all I could hear was the scrapping of the blades on flesh, and my heavy breathing. Who ever was doing my balls took a handful, stretching the skin over the ball and running the blades over them. For the former bush they went a bit rougher, really pressing the blade against the flesh. Getting it close and smooth as possible. The motion of my hand made it clear I needed a cloth quickly. I was handed a washcloth just in time to shoot out into it. The room was pretty quite but there was enough sounds similar to the grunts I had been making that I wasn�t the only one enjoying the show. Or needing a cum rag.

With that over with, I could go back concentrating on the rest of the shaving being done. The guys doing my head was awesome too. So much care and attention to getting around the ears and the lower parts of the back. That�s always the places I have trouble shaving. Or would have. I don�t shave my head, do I? I wouldn�t have all this hair on the floor if I did. Just seems like I usually did�.

�If he doesn�t want to see till we�re done, cover his eyes and let�s get him into the shower.�

Hands went over my eyes and I was carefully lead back into the shower. They had started it running already so by the time I got in the water was nice and warm. Didn�t take more than a couple of minutes to wash the shaving cream away. I even used the cloth I jacked off into to wash up. It all goes down the drain so, why not? Then a few more hands came in and cleaned up a few missed spots. The water was cut off and I was let out so I could face the mirror.

Unbelievable. Like a grown up 12 year old. Totally bare of hair except for my goatee and, holy shit, they even got my eyebrows. That actually looks kind of cool. All my muscles were not exposed to the light, all the skin without hair. As I thought it looked like I had gained about 10 pounds or more of muscles thanks to the covering being gone. That had to be it. The room was a little quite till I started smiling. That being the sign that I wasn�t going to freak out got a relived cheer from the crowd. Man, did they love me.

----- ----- -----

How much later was it, hours? It had to be hours. Felt like days, doing so much with this group, always something going on. Had to be only hours later. Maybe it was days. All kind of a blur. The hair hadn�t started growing back yet, I was still smooth as can be, so it had to be hours later. There�s nothing that could have made the hair stop growing. Anyway, it�s later and we�re still partying away. Going to see how my new smooth self if loved at this club they want to go to, the Fortress. Sounds familiar but I don�t think I�ve ever been there.

Place was jumping though. Not too bad a wait to get in but it was worth it. Wall to wall guys all getting it on. So many guys that after a couple of seconds, I pretty much lost the group. I�m sure I�ll find them. Even in this big crowd I�m sure we�re still going to hang out. No reason to break up.

----- ----- -----

Well shit this blows. I can�t see to find any of the guys I came with. I mean, I see them and get a glance but they�re off finding new people to hang with. Not that we�d become great friends in the last few� hours? Days? Tried to call out to a couple of them when I saw them but, I can�t even remember if I ever got their names. Or if they ever asked for mine. Anyway, this blows. Maybe if I, yea, that line for the amateur go-go boy tryouts. I�ll wait in line, get on stage and get their attention again. Theirs and everyone else�s.

�Cept, they�re turning a lot of guys away. So many athletes in town they have a better selection to pick from since the last time I was here. Which was� when? Never. That I remember. Man they are picky tonight. Don�t know if a lanky sooth dude like me will be good enough for them. Really need to get on stage. Need to get their eyes on me. To remember why we�re hanging out. If I was stockier, yea, even more muscular than now. Maybe shorter. The muscles would stand out more. Especially if I had ore muscles to stand out. This being hairless is a joke. What was I thinking that people would want to see this? There lights, those spotlights, reflecting off of golden blonde hair would be incredible. A good dusting across my chest and on the lower parts of my legs. Yea. Nice trimmed patch above my cock but my butt�s got to be smooth as it is now. All that golden hair, catching the light. Shining into the guy�s eyes. Like a diamond in the showcase window. Tight, tight curly head of blonde hair, no other facial hair.

Big old dumbfuck in the big city from down south for the first time. Cowboy who could out Brokeback the Brokeback boys. Corn fed southern boy with beefier tits than he should have and a great butt. Like those innocent hunks with dicks to die for that Tom of Finland used to specialize in. A real version of one of those boy like men. That would get me on stage. That and a skin tight pair of jeans, cowboy boots and a micro thong acting like dental floss up my ass.

�DUDE!! Where did you come from!!!� the organizer says suddenly seeing me.

�Just a hangin� out waitin� my fur a chance.� I had to scream over the music.

�You�re perfect!!! And you�d be good on stage too, come with me!!�

Well boy howdy this guy�s taking me back stage. DANG I�m going to get on stage after all.

�So rules are, do what ever you want, you keep what they throw at you, but you got to keep your panties on at all times. You ARE packing some underpants tonight aren�t you?� The backstage help had to scream in my ear.

�Will a brand new white butt floss thong do?�

�Jezus man, expect the managers to offer you a stead gig here if this turns out to be as great as it looks like it�s going to be. OK, let this guy leave, we�re going to wait till the music changes, give them a second of anticipation�. And you�re on.�

With a slight push I was on stage, to the crowd�s cheer. Yea, they were happy to see me. Figured I�d start by acting a little na�ve, play up the innocents. Slowly started dancing to the music, swing my hips around some, arms over my head. Then fumble with the shirt a little as I rip it off with flair that�. Oh yea�. Got the crowd screaming even louder.

Then it�s time to give the crowd what it wants. Some humping and bumping. Being a cowboy means I can remove these boots without tripping and still keep on moving around the stage. Shit, look at all the cash they�re throwing my way. Let�s make it easy for �em. I take my boots and move them to the end of the stage so the guys can fill them up with cash. And they do.

My 501s are shucked like peeling the skin off a grape. I like �em tight. And when they see that thong is the only thing I got left on, my they certainly liked me all the more. Just enough stretchy material in the front to keep my cock housed, but just enough to keep it bouncing when ever I move. I bow my legs slightly, give the sides of the thong a quick tug and turn around for them to see the micro thin string in the back disappearing between my ass cheeks. Only thing else back there is my old Man in the Moon tat. Song�s coming to an end soon so I better start making eye contact with some new buddies in the audience if I want company for the rest of the night.

Well dang lookit those two boys, they really want my attention. That�s what I like.

�What are you dong?!?!� the Asian guy yells at me.

�I�m strippin� darlin�. What�s it look like.� Goofy guy. Been breathing in the air at some tattoo parlor way too much. Man he really needs want me. Callin� me over again.

�We�ve been looking for you!! Where have you been???!!!!�

�Wish I knew what you were talking about fella!! That you�re boyfriend? You into blondes? Hey, hey, I got a tattoo too see!!� I turn around to give these two studs a shot of my ass and that old tattoo I got. They�re going to love it. They must have seen it before when�. Well I�ve been dancing my ass off for a while so they had to see it before. Private viewing wouldn�t hurt. What are they screaming at me? Maybe these two guys aren�t the type I should hook up with. Keep screaming Ice or spice or something at me. Chicago, what a weird town.

------ ------ -----

And shit again. No matter how popular I was after that, no matter how many drinks I got bought for me, I�m going home with my 4th choice for the night. But that�s cool. At least I�m going home with someone. Yea, this Hispanic cutie is hot for my good old boy butt. Even on the train back to my place and the walk back to our apartment he�s all over me. Kind of foggy on where I�m going but my feet seem to know where I live even if I don�t.

Yea, up the stairs, through the front door, shit where�d all this mail on the floor come from. Who gives a shit, my barrio boy has lost all control over his mouth and hands and I�m loving it. Till the gall� damn knocking almost took the door down.

�What the fuck are you doing Spice!?!?!�

Shit it�s the Asian guy from the club and his boyfriend. What did they follow us?

�Get the fuck outta here.� My new buddy says, but the Jap is quicker.

�No you get the fuck out.� And with a quick move my date�s out the door, their standing in my living room and the door�s locked. Guess my guy wasn�t all that inserted since he makes no noise to come back in. �What is going on Spice?!?! We�ve been looking for you for days, no answers to you cell, and no one�s seen you. Then you turn up like some fucking blonde cowboy and coming home with some other guy?!?! Is this how you deal with De� being away?�

�You guys have like, 5 seconds to get the hell out before I call the cops. I don�t know what�s going on or what you think you could��

�Tak I think...� the other boy, sounds like he�s British, says to the Jap, which gives me the break I need. I quickly grab them and in all the confusion get them out the door and it locked again. Quick enough though, they�re knocking it down again.

------ ------ ------

Shit, don�t know how long I�ve been asleep but I don�t usually need someone breaking down my door to wake me up. Taking a peek through the eyehole and, shit its Taka and Rich. It�s too late for them to be fooling around. Going to hear it for the neighbors now.

�Shit Tak keep it down. Do you know how late it is?�


�Will you get in here and keep it quite? What�s the matter, I was sleeping.�

�You were not!!!! Spice, don�t� what the fuck is going on? What do you mean you were sleeping? Were you not just a blonde haired blue eyes cowboy hunk who just came home with some guy who WASN�T DeAndre?�

�You�.. are a mental case Takashi Ito. Rich, you�re the sane one, how much has he been drinking?� I wasn�t in the mood for this, so I got back on the couch and just fell into the cushions.

�Spice, I�m not sure what�s going on. Tak can you leave us alone for a minute? Go use the phone in their bedroom to call Stoney, I think we need him.� Rich said moving Tak out of the room. �Spice, where were you just now, before you answered the door?�

�Ah guess Ah was on the couch sleeping. Feels like Ah�ve been asleep forever but, still just so tired.�

�Alright. Spice I don�t want to upset you but listen carefully. You�ve been missing for a few days. We�ve come by here and the school and there�s been no sign of you. Your mail is piled up by the door from the postman sticking it through the slot and no one moving it from there. It looks like you�ve got over 50 messages on your answering machine, and I know 20 of those are from Tak and me. Something is going on..�

�Stoney is on his way and, I�d like to note, the bed has not been touched in DAYS.� Tak said a bit too triumphantly as he returned from the bedroom.

�Ah�ve been sleeping on the couch if that alright with you. Too lonely to sleep in that bed without De�.�

�Spice, we�re not kidding, we�re not drunk. We saw a guy at the club tonight stripping who had a tattoo like the one you got. The one you designed, so no one else could have it. There was just something about the guy that just made us know it was you. But we couldn�t tell if you we�re kidding or not by not seeing to know us��

"As can see where not knowing you guys would be an advantage right about now. Is it too late to pretend Ah don't?"

�So we followed his sorry ass home to YOUR apartment where we just threw you hook up for the night out the door...�

�Tak stop. Listen Spice, stay awake now buddy, we need you to understand. One second you were this blonde cowboy who didn�t know us, the next you were yourself with no explanation as to where you�ve been other than you�ve been asleep. The cowboy obviously didn't know about Spice and you don't seem to know aobut being this cowboy. Something is going on.�

�Well, what the hell do you want me to do about it? Ah�m so tired guys. Look stress all ya�ll want, Ah�m going to rest ma eyes for a while. Let me know when Stoney get here.� I said leaning my head back and letting it rest on the top of the couch. God this feels good.

�Ok, look let�s just wait till Stoney get here...� was all I heard rich say before I drifted off again.

----- ----- -----

Yea, it was well after 2AM when we left but that�s the best time to take the boys out for their walk. I�m sure we�d find someplace still open to have some fun. They were looking sweet in the moonlight. The soft light making their long platinum dyed hair all but glow. Boy 1 has a few dark root showing. Going to have to get disciplined for not keeping up with his highlights. I swear he does it on purpose. Boy likes his spankings. Their skin looks as pure and white as skin can get short of being albino. Pure innocents without a blemish. Or a hair. They're more than legal age but a few adjustents here and there sure make them look like they're not. Of course taking them out at night means fewer people can see their latest additions, but then taking them out at night mean they don�t have to wear a top or bra over their newly sprouted titties. There�s still that fear that �someone� night see them, which is just the fear they need. So precious. Sweet young guys with A cup tits. And they�re not done growing �em yet. Those pills are working great. Pricy but worth the results. Yea, the boys have been acting up so they need to be put back in their place. They�ll give me the attention they deserve to give me. I tug on the leashes hooked to their collars and get the to move it. We�ve got to get to their car and on the road They now knew their big black daddy is taking them out for a night on the town. Or a spell in a dungeon. •

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